Battle Report: Skirmish at Baker Street // February 13th-14th 2043

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Battle Report: Skirmish at Baker Street // February 13th-14th 2043

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Sat Jul 19, 2014 8:45 pm

Skirmish at Baker Street
Date: February 13th-14th
Factions: Vulture Team vs The Deathworshippers
Officers: Bunny Mio, Elliot Payne, Bravery Valentine, Gabriel Winters, Lezlie Sybilla, Doctor Jack vs Citizen Ross, Gunnar Maverick, Holden Krauss, Willow Sinclair
- Vulture Team: Est 2000
- Deathworshippiers: Est 890
- Vulture Team: Est 250
- Deathworshippers: Est 300
Result: Deathworshippers pushed back, baker Street still under Vulture Team control.

Description: Whilst Vulture Team was under siege at The Crater, its other garrison, located in the infamous Baker Street, also had its own troubles. Vulture Team had many enemies in this war, and while Black Dragon certainly proved itself a dangerous enemy, The Deathworshippers proved to be a more personal opponent. Led by Vulture Team's longest living opponent, Kraven, with officers that held personal grudges against those in Vulture Team such as Jolyne Beaumont and Killer Queen, The Deathworshippers would prove to be a very different kind of opponent. Among the opponents whom are often not thought about this opponent: there is Citizen Ross. A clown from Scarlet City, a former actor, wrestler, boxer, football player... the list goes on... but he never really made a name for himself as a Super Criminal. At least not like his contemporaries, infamous for being the generation that spawned quite a few ruthless criminals. Citizen Ross was obsessed with becoming a Super Criminal of the same caliber as his generation... a generation known for creating some of the most ruthless Super Criminals such as Kraven, Mario Falcone, and Kermit. The Skirmish at baker Street was the first part of a plan by Ross to bring down Vulture Team and give himself some fame. Using blimps to rapidly deploy Patriots footmen into Baker Street, he began an immediate attack, challenging Vulture Team officers into combat as his footmen tried to ''zerg rush'' Baker Street. The problem? Vulture Team had A LOT more footmen than the Patriots, and The Patriots just weren't used to seeing combat in No Man's Land, which included a lot of close quarters combat. Said Patriots footmen were mostly armed with rifles that proved ineffective in such close quarters. In the end, Ross seemed to retreat as quickly as they attacked. This only served as an attack to test Vulture Team for an attack that followed this one on Valentines Day, but it still proved to be detrimental to The Patriots on a small scale.
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