Battle Report: Battle of Conqueror Town // February 13th 2043

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Battle Report: Battle of Conqueror Town // February 13th 2043

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Sun Jul 13, 2014 10:01 pm

Battle of Conqueror Town
Date: February 13th
Factions: Paladin Industries vs Black Dragon
Officers: Josephine Beaumont, Jasper Everhart, Nathan Crockett, Wei, El Rommel, Inna Dragovich, and Smile vs Tate Amaranth, Dianhua Nanhai, Lao Jiu, The Black Knight, Elisa Hardey, and Cassius Xiong,
- Paladin Industries: Est 800
- Black Dragon: Est 370
- Paladin Industries: Est 500 killed, about 100 injured
- Black Dragon: Under 100
Result: Major victory for Black Dragon, heavy casualties for Paladin. El Rommel and Inna Dragovich are wounded

Description: In one of the earliest battles of the Great Crime War, Black Dragon gained yet another victory, this time a much more concrete win that would cement their territory in No Man's Land. A few days after the two battles that started this conflict, Paladin Industries would deploy its soldiers, quickly capturing the Black Market thus controlling No Man's Land's economy. Paladin Industries managed to take control of the location without any interference, and with no losses. Immediately following this territory gain, Josephine Beaumont made the decision to continue to take territory within No Man's Land. As a result, she quickly moved most of Paladin's guardsmen towards Conqueror Town. This location was once the base of operations for Conqueror Town, and the scene of the infamous Siege of Conqueror Town in which Jade Fentom was killed and the original Conqueror Worm was ultimately destroyed. Josephine Beaumont no doubt knew this. Almost immediately upon reaching Conqueror Town however, they'd run into Black Dragon, particularly the Clan, a large army led by Tate Amaranth. It only took a few moments before both armies clashed.

Only a few minutes into the battle it was clear that this was a disaster for Paladin Industries. Inna Dragovich would be critically injured in the battle by Tate, El Rommel would also be critically injured in a duel against Elisa Hardey. Along with an unprecedented 300 man loss within the first half of the battle for Paladin, it was clear that this was an uphill battle for Paladin. Despite Paladin's best efforts to combat Black Dragon, the Clan's footmen were much better trained, and even with Paladin's superior numbers, they were crushed. The loss of officers also hit Paladin's morale quickly, as soldiers routed from the battle before Paladin even sounded his retreat. In the end, Charles Paladin was forced to call a retreat back to the Black Market. With injured and dead everywhere, this was yet another strike against Paladin Industries and its dwindling control over the city. It would only take a few more losses for Paladin Industries to be destroyed in No Man's Land if this continued. Meanwhile, Black Dragon gained momentum, and was growing in power within the city.
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