Battle Report: Attack on Chinatown // February 13th 2043

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Battle Report: Attack on Chinatown // February 13th 2043

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Sat Jul 26, 2014 5:25 am

Attack on Chinatown
Date: February 14th
Factions: Vulture Team vs Black Dragon
Officers: Isaac Harvey and Daisy vs The Mistress, Lao Jiu, and Lutria
- Vulture Team: 200 bears
- Black Dragon: Est 2000
- Vulture Team: 200 Bears
- Black Dragon: Est 490
Result: Pugsy Marcone is retrieved, all bears self destruct

Description: In the Battle for The Crater, Vulture Team suffered an incredible loss, including the capture of the Captain of their Enforce Regime, Pugsy Marcone. In response to the backlash received by command back at Carrion Land, Isaac would leave Vulture Team's base of operations. Immediately after, he would meet up with Pugsy's "daughter", Daisy. The two would make a partnership, and with her newly minted army of robotic bears, they would capture Funland (Or what remained of it following Kraven's attack on the region earlier) for Vulture Team. After Isaac's defeat against Lao, he was poisoned, and given a month to live. The assassin that poisoned him promised a cure if he could defeat him, thus began to young officer's struggle to defeat Black Dragon's eldest enforcer. While Daisy and Isaac did work to together for some time, they agreed that to defeat Lao, they would need the help of Pugsy Marcone, whom had been captured earlier. Thus, the two created a long contrived plan to attack Chinatown and retrieve their lost ally. Unfortunately, Daisy would immediately botch the plan and charge into Black Dragon's HQ, alongside an army of anamatronic killer teddy bears. Daisy and Isaac did in fact manage to retrieve Pugsy, though it is unknown just how they did so with Black Dragon's own leader being in the building at the time. The bears did manage to get a very casualties in on Black Dragon, however, by the end of the battle most of the robotic bears would self destruct for an unknown reason. In the end, this was a minor victory for Vulture Team. It wouldn't change the tides of war, but they would get back one of their officers before any further harm could be done to their leadership.
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