Battle Report: Skirmish at The Bunker // February 14th 2043

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Battle Report: Skirmish at The Bunker // February 14th 2043

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Sun Jul 27, 2014 1:21 pm

Skirmish at The Bunker
Date: February 14th
Factions: Black Dragon vs The Deathworshippers
Officers: Jolyne Beaumont, Killer Queen, Orane Riviere vs Cassius Xiong, Lutria, and Elisa Hardey
- Deathworshippers Est 500
- Black Dragon: Est 300
- Deeathworshippers: Est 200
- Black Dragon: Est 150
Result: Deathworshippers capture The Bunker

Description: Following the escalation of The Great Crime War, The Deathworshippers would work on expanding their territory. Following a prior skirmish at Baker Street, the same faction that retreated from battle after only a few minutes would go on to take control of the entirety of the slums, led by Jolyne Beaumont. Following their success in taking over one of the largest territories in the city, the same sect of The Deathworshippers would move closer towards Vulture Team territory to take more land. At the same time, Black Dragon, fresh off its victory against Paladin at Conqueror Town, took to taking more control of more territories. Their first move was to send two different armies, one to Baker Street, and the other to The Bunker. Both territories were prime regions that could be used to stage an attack against Carrion Land. This led to two of the most powerful factions in No Man's Land colliding for the first time. Both factions walked into the territory not expecting ant conflict. This was apparent due to the lightly armed, small armies both officers brought. Black Dragon arrived first on the scene, taking control of the bunker before The Deathworshippers quickly arrived. Both factions would combat each other almost immediately. This scuffle only lasted about 20 minutes before Black Dragon called for a retreat. The conflict within the bunker and the areas around it claimed about 350 footmen in total, casualties that could have been avoided, and it was likely that both factions would have suffered more casualties if the battle continued. Thus, Black Dragon pulled back before the battle could escalate. Due to the fact that they were completely out numbered, it is believed that Black Dragon would have eventually been eradicated if the battle continued.
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