Battle Report: Battle of The Crater // February 13th 2043

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Battle Report: Battle of The Crater // February 13th 2043

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Sun Jul 13, 2014 10:18 pm

Battle of The Crater
Date: February 13th
Factions: Vulture Team vs Black Dragon
Officers: Pugsy Marcone, Ivy, Isaac Harvey, and Buddi vs Xiu and Lao Jiu
- Vulture Team: Est 600
- Black Dragon: Est 500
- Vulture Team: Est 200
- Black Dragon: Under 100
Result: Major victory for Black Dragon, Pugsy Marcone captured, Ivy is MIA, Buddi is injured

Description: Around the time Paladin Industries began to move out to capture the Black Market, Vulture Team moved out half its manpower to set up two garrisons in The Crater and Baker Street. This plan, devised by Jackal, ordered by Ryder Mercy, was to set up a clear defensive line to keep control over No Man's Land, which was completely under their control before the start of this war. Thus, Vulture Team created two garrisons, one led by Frontline Division Captain Bunny Mio, and another by Enforcer Pugsy Marcone. Pugsy was the one in charge of The Crater. They quickly took control of the desolate region, setting up camp and laying out solid groundwork for a defense. The Crater was of high strategic importance, from this location they could mount a proper attack on the Black Market, Conqueror Town, Highend, or even Chinatown. Unfortunately, before VUlture Team could even set up camp completely, they found themselves surrounded by Black Dragon.

Led by the leader of Black Dragon herself, The Mistress, and accompanied by Lao Jiu, this army of 500 strong had Vulture Team surrounded, and quickly attacked. Vulture Team was cuaght off guard, many of them weren't even armed or ready for such a battle. In fact, nearly half of Black Dragon's casualties were inflicted by Buddi. Vulture Team's footmen were not armed, or even well trained enough to deal with this. Following Buddi's injury at the hands of Lao Jiu, and Pugsy Marcone's capture by The Mistress, Isaac Harvey called for a full retreat. This call for retreat was a life saver for Vulture Team, if Isaac had not called for a retreat, Vulture Team might have been massacred at the Crater and lost all 600 of its personnel. Also of note, ivy went missing during this battle, her whereabouts were unknown following this retreat, one could only assume the worst. With this defeat, whomever was left from this garrison retreated back to Carrion Land, Vulture Team had suffered its first major defeat. Black Dragon on the other hand continued to gain momentum, this alongside with their victory in Conqueror Town set up Black Dragon as the strongest contender for this war. It became more and more likely that Black Dragon would be the victor of this conflict.
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