Rules; read them, losers.

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Rules; read them, losers.

Post  Not Manchee on Mon Jun 15, 2015 10:48 pm

Basic rules to keep in mind in this RP. let's not pretend we don't know them already. HERE WE GO

1. Explicitness is limited. We can have loads of violence and gore and even sexual suggestions, but the explicit sex things should be done privately.

2. God-modding is not cool. We have cool aliens and some futuristic weaponry going on, but no one is indestructible, so take a hit from time to time and don't have constantly overpowered characters going on.

3. Killing other people's characters without their consent is never okay. Not only will you get a bunch of people angry, but your killing of that character will be totally ignored and you'll be considered a dick, so don't do it.

4. Ignoring posts is not fun. Read all the posts in whatever thread you're in, even if it's just skim-reading to make sure that you're not overlooking something that involves your characters. People work hard on their posts so reading anf acknowledging these posts is important.

5. Reading the Lore is as important as reading posts. You have to know the universe your character is in, and the more you become familiar with it, the more ideas you'll have about how to make your characters fit into the roleplay. Also Pan actually works really hard on it, so hug him after gaining all that understanding.

6. World building is GREAT, so do it! This is a huge universe, so it's cool to make planets and regions in space for your characters to come from or be involved with, but this stuff needs to be presented to mods in profiles or private chats, not made up suddenly. If you added something Lore-related to your profile and it's approved, that means whatever you made up is approved, but if you're bringing up something huge (eg: some enemy the Earth has been at war with for 50 years) in the middle of the RP, consult with a mod.

7. Profiles must be approved before you can post with your character. If not approved for any reason, you speak to the mod and make any changes necessary- getting angry and blaming the universe for hating you because a mod thinks your character is overpowered or somehow confusing isn't going to help, but taking the constructive criticism of mods is likely to do so.

8. If you are inactive, people aren't going to wait for you. It's nice to keep posting orders or some sort of nice arrangement, but if that dynamic is endangered by someone that takes a week to post once, people will move on without them. If you're going to be gone for a while, tell someone and whoever you're RPing with can consider what can be done, but if the RP moves on without you, it's no one's fault.

9. Character limit is two. That's you, Lebs.

10. Don't be a dick.
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