Rules of Roleplay Making

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Rules of Roleplay Making

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Sat May 05, 2012 1:22 am

Alright, you're allowed to make roleplays, actually, this forum pretty much runs off of people making Roleplays, I can't be doing it alone. So, obviously, there must be some rules to these roleplays you make.

1. Please have your own set of specific rules to your own RP.

2. Please assure some type of quality to whatever you open, it doesn't have to be intricately planned introduction followed by a 5 minute video log, but please make sure you try to atleast give people an idea about what your RP will be about.

3. Ok, no innaproiate content, the most is Pg-17, nothing involving sex, nothing blatant that can get the host to close down the forum.

4. Regardless of the forum, please make sure everyone post atleast 3 sentences and uses a picture.

5. Please nothing bland and rundown, we don't need another Naruto RP or a Monster Academy RP, nice spins on popular franchies or interesting plays on usual cliche RPs are still allowed.
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