The Great Crime War Arc (Rules)

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The Great Crime War Arc (Rules)

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Wed Jun 25, 2014 3:57 am

No Man's Land has erupted into war, Vulture Team, The Family, Paladin Industries, Black Dragon, The Muppets, The Deathworshippers, six factions are now warring over control of the city. Lives will be lost, alliances will rise and fall, history will be made. Whomever wins this war has control over the future of the world itself. Will Vulture Team restore order to the city, once again triumphing over their enemies? Will The Family finally reclaim their lost glory and live on as Mario Falcone's legacy? Will Paladin Industries triumph, and use this victory as a jumping point to restore Charles' own brand of order onto the world? Will The Muppets bring about complete chaos to this city, continuing their streak of carnage? Will The Deathworshippers succeed in their holy crusade, and continue to ravage the world, ensuring only the most fit survive? And just what are Black Dragon's intentions?

This is the penultimate arc of Act 3, the actions you make in this act will decide the future of No Man's Land.

No Man's Land Factions

The link above leads to the No Man's Land factions, listing the footmen, officers, leaders, and strategists of their respective factions. IN-RP, the leader is the boss of the RP, while the strategist is the character that comes serves as a sort of commander or general to the factions' forces. The characters with the stars next to their names are the characters with the real leadership roles in the faction. The RPers on the characters with the stars are the RPers that will be running their respective factions in the war arc.

Ryder Mercy (Leviderp) - Vulture Team
Paul McAllister (DBZ) - The Family
The Mistress (Desty) - Black Dragon
Charles Paladin (Pan) - Paladin Industries
Kermit (Merc) - The Muppets
Jolyne Beaumont (Emu) - The Deathworshippers

These are the RPers that will be running the factions, who will have their characters ordering specific characters (And their footmen) to take territory. Every territory in the RP is up for grabs, if a territory is owned by a faction, that means footmen are currently guarding that location, if it is listed as vacant, then the location thread is empty. The goal for the factions is for one faction to own most of the location threads.


Every battle in the war arc is part of a conflict known as The Great Crime War, in which several organizations feuded over No Man's Land. Scores of footmen will almost always be present in every battle unless SPECIFICALLY noted otherwise. The leader of the faction serves as the public face of the organization, the strategist is in charge of the over-all plans for their faction in the war arc. As noted above however, whomever has the star is the REAL leader orchestrating the factions. When a battle becomes skewed in favor of one faction, it is the starred character's job to call in the the retreat of the faction through some form of communication, however, if the starred character is killed, the faction is officially in a state of turmoil.


Firstly, it is advised that all factions come up with ways to communicate with each other over threads, whether it be through communicators or using NPC messengers. Using the starred characters in every battle is risky and ineffective. Come up with easy ways for the starred characters to give out orders and call retreats. Second, NEVER send all of a faction's characters into one thread, is that is the quickest way for a faction to lose most of its territory. If Vulture Team leaves Carrion Land undefended, Carrion Land isn't going to last long and Vulture Team is without a base of operations. Third, do not be afraid to kill off your characters, the next Act of No Man's Land will be a light reboot and chances are many of your characters will not be available for use, treat this arc as if the RP is about to end, because Act 3's ending is the end of the RP that started in the beginning of Act 1. Act 4 is the beginning of a new RP. So don't be afraid to kill off your characters, this is the time to do it. However, pressuring an RPer into killing off a character is considering bullying and is grounds for being banned, do NOT bully/get angry/yell at anyone for not killing off a character your character is fighting. You do not under ANY circumstances have to kill ANY characters unless you have been informed by Pan-sensei to kill off the character. On a lighter note, it is recommended that factions only send a few officers (Read: characters) into battle. It is also recommended that factions use tacticians to come up with strategies for individual battles, at least one for battle. While strategists make plans for the war as a whole, for the big picture, strategists make plans to win individual battles, both should work in tandem to make a solid push. Lastly, and most importantly, this is the RP where you should improvise! Let battles play out as they go, give credit where credit is due, if you see a character doing something cool, let them do it, if you see that a faction is doing well in battle, don't throw a tantrum just because you're not winning. THIS is the arc where nothing should be off limits, anything can happen, and the most enjoyment will be achieved only if we all let it be that way.
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