West City// Grünewald Forest

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West City// Grünewald Forest

Post  Not Manchee on Sun Oct 26, 2014 1:54 pm

The largest forest of Berlin may be a pleasant place to go on for afternoon walks with the family, with its beautiful fauna and flora and organized paths...as long as you remain in the outer circles of it. It becomes quite confusing and maze-like as one goes further into the trees, and one can easily become lost in its vast expanses.
Unknown to most, the forest is actually one of the incarnations of the 'magic forest' of old, the one forest that is all forests. Delve deep enough and you may find that, if you finally make it out, you are no longer in Berlin. Few know the magical nature of the forest and the various other magic forests it connects to, and even fewer know the forest well enough to navigate it properly.
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