The Meat Locker (A Fanfiction JadexAgan Censored Version)

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The Meat Locker (A Fanfiction JadexAgan Censored Version)

Post  MochaLatte on Sun May 05, 2013 10:09 pm

The Meat Locker
Written for Not Manchee, and deals with some dark concepts, such as torture, sausages, molestation concerning two fictional characters from a RP called Heaven's Treasure though some may find this hilarious. JadexAgan. Read at Own Risk.

Jade was having a good day today, because he was on a ship in the docks, and had some man with a green hat stuck in his meat locker. He licked his lips as he thought about what to do with his new prisoner. He wasn’t part of the Heaven’s Treasure tournament, but he was close to the Russian Woman, and was one of the few awake during this hour of endless sleep. That unfortunately for Agan was a good enough reason for Jade. A woman was within his bed, sleeping for a bit, and Jade clicked his tongue as he crossed his legs. ‘Oh the things I will do… What should I do first? Cut him open? I do have the tools…’ Jade thought as he looked towards his medical bag, and picked it up. He took out his tools, and traced the blade of the sharp instruments. He could see it now… Agan screaming in horror as Jade curt the nerve endings of his legs, maybe even dig his tongue into his wounds. That way the red head won’t run away from him. ‘Or perhaps… I’ll make good of that meat in there and store some inside him… Keep it nice and warm….’ Jade thought with a giggle and a smile. Finally he couldn’t hold it in anymore, he had to see his prisoner, had to torment him. He walked down into the ship, his footsteps making a clacking noise as he went down the metal steps. He rubbed his gloved hands together and paused at the Meat Locker door. He pressed himself against the door tracing the edges, as if he was trying to here and touch Agan at the same time before entering. Slowly Jade unlocked the door, the lock breaking the silence that he and Agan were sharing though they weren’t in the same room, not yet anyway. That’s when Jade saw it. He saw Agan there curled up into a ball, hands tied behind his back along with legs, his green coat shielding him from the cold and his hat still attached to his head. The red head slowly lifted up his head and looked at Jade. Though Agan couldn’t see Jade’s eyes due to the light shining off his glasses giving him a menacing look Jade could see Agan’s expression just fine. He smiled at the man before him and closed the door behind him. The cold didn’t bother him much, but this meat locker obviously had an effect on the red head, a good effect in Jade’s case. Whatever happened in the past with the young smuggler didn’t concern Jade, but it was what was happening in front of him, the fear, the look of defiance that mattered. They stared in silence for a while, Agan was saying something, but Jade wasn’t paying attention as he walked over to lift him from off the ground. “Are you hungry?” he asked and Agan gave him a confused look. Jade chuckled and got in real close to Agan’s ear and whispered ever so gently, “Cause I’ve got a meat stick with your name on it… Open wide…” and with that Agan was trapped under Jade, hand over throat, squeezing, Agan wiggled with such a force that his hat fell off, before Jade got what he wanted. Agan’s mouth left wide open, and his eyes dazed. Agan’s eyes would then tear up when he would feel something very salty and hot enter his mouth and hitting the back of his throat. It was a sausage of massive proportions, and Agan was choking on it. “Do you like it? I thought you might like some sausage before we begin our playdate.”


“I thought you would like it. I can join you if you’d like.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM!” Agan shook his head no, hitting Jade slightly with the sausage.

“Awwwww…. You’re greedy aren’t you… I like that.” Jade said as he licked Agan’s cheek, his tongue trailing up and over Agan’s jaw line and then the shell of his ear. Agan shuddered in response as Jade began rubbing his body with hands, warming up the red head’s body against his will, but does Jade care. Answer. No. Then without warning his bit Agan’s ear, drawing blood, causing a pained response to be on Agan’s face though he tried his best to hide it. Jade chuckled at the attempt, and continued to suck on Agan’s bleeding ear.

“Your delicious… I may think about keeping you, and stuffing you with more meat.” Jade said as he flicked the sausage in Agan’s mouth, and then moved to get his medical bag. Agan was wise to watch Jade as he pulled out a scalpel, the blade glistening in the light. Agan tried to shuffle away from the mad man as Jade began to cut open his orange sweater, cutting the skin in the process. Jade began to laugh as the red beneath him squirmed and choked on the sausage until finally Agan just bit it. Part of the sausage fell on his chest while he was trying to chew the rest, but choking on the bits as Jade cut into his skin. Finally Jade finished what he was doing and began kissing the cuts, and rubbing Agan’s legs as he did so. “GET OFF OF ME YOU FREAK!” Agan screamed out, but Jade kept on licking the wounds, his tongue digging in one, making it deeper. He lifted of mouth off of him, blood dribbling down his face. “So tasty…” Jade said as he began to play with Agan’s pants.

“N-no! Get off of me!”

“Now, now… I’m just looking at what I have to work with. I am a doctor you know.” Jade said as he pulled down Agan’s pants and looked at the man’s legs. “Now this won’t due.” Jade said as he ran his scalpel down Agan’s legs, making a serious of cuts, and a few bit marks. It was almost like he was dining on Agan’s skin before he tried some other things. He then got up and looked at his work. Agan was a twitching, blooding mess. Jade wanted to play with him more, but he didn’t have his whip, which was a shame. So he hoisted Agan on a hook to have him nice and ready for the flogging he was preparing his mind. He kissed Agan on the mouth, keeping his jaw opened his one hand to prevent biting before leaving. When Jade left that room he didn’t know that it was going to be the last time he would see Agan in there because the man escaped, and that’s when the other Heaven’s Treasure Champions came in to help. He lost Agan that day, but he didn’t forget what it felt like to have Agan under him, to cut him, to force feed him, the taste of the blood and skin in that frozen prison. Jade licked his lips as he watched Agan’s fleeing form with Inna on her back. Though he did what he accomplished, to get Inna to come to him to end their fight, he missed the red head already. Plus he never liked unfinished business. ‘Next time… Next time we’ll finish what we started.’ Jade thought as stood out on the dock, looking across the night sky with a smile, and his glasses glistening in the moon light.

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