Just Once (Fanfiction Diana and Oiche)

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Just Once (Fanfiction Diana and Oiche)

Post  MochaLatte on Mon May 06, 2013 12:14 am

Just Once

This is a fanfic made for fun based on an old rp on Gaia called Heroic Era. This is in no relation to the Heroic Era that is being made on this site because it's a reboot.

'Just once...' Oiche thought as he listened into the conversation that he and the heroes were having in Morwen's Inn. Something big was happening, people were becoming infected by a disease that were turning them into dragons. Still though Oiche was trapped in his own thoughts. 'Just once... I want to be on a team with you... To show you what I can do...' Oiche thought, but as he listened to who was going where he felt rage surge up in her chest. He was going to have to be somewhere else... Again, and Diana had to be with Lloyd... Again. 'Why?' Oiche thought as he hugged himseld, his fingers digging into his arms. 'Why can't I... Just once be with her? I just got back from the desert and now I have to go somewhere else and I barely got to talk to her! Instead she's just... Talking with Lloyd... Stupid... Bland as hell Lloyd...' Oiche thought as his eyes became reptilian at one point when he looked at Lloyd. Being part dragon he was very possessive of things that were not only shiny, but were also close to him. He was possessive of his sister, and one could say that he was possessive of Diana. But Diana was moving away from him with every mission, had her eyes on another fighter, and Oiche didn't like that, oh no... He didn't like it at all. He casted his eyes away from Lloyd, the man caught a glance of his look. The black haired boy with the over-sized t-shirt walked out of the meeting and into the dark. He just didn't want to see Lloyd right now, from the way the blond spoke to Diana, the way he held himself with her, it made Oiche sick. He didn't want to share Diana, but at the same time he couldn't do anything about it because... Diana was Diana. He could never control her, and he wouldn't want to, for it wouldn't be Diana, but for once, just once he wanted to. He kicked some rocks, and then growled at what he smelled, Lloyd had followed him outside, and wanted to talk.

"Oiche..." Lloyd began to say as the young boy turned around to look at the blond know as Lloyd the White Wolf. He was older by Oiche by he didn't know how long, but Oiche was going to be mean in his head and say by 40 years though it might have been 10. He was good with the sword, and obviously had feelings for Diana, and trained with her to boot! Oiche had trained with Diana as well, but not as much as Lloyd. It made sense, she used a sword, he used a sword, and what did Oiche use? His hands. Speaking of which Oiche was making said hands into fists as he listened to Lloyd. About moving on and making peace and whatnot. Then came something that Oiche didn't really expect, Lloyd challenged him to a fight. Oiche blinked once, twice. "What?" the boy asked unsure at what he just heard.

"Lets have a sparring match, to get rid of this air between us. I know your angry at me, and I wish for it to end right here and right now." Lloyd said as he took out his sword, the blade made a ringing noise that echoed throughout Oiche's ears, and before they even knew it the fight began. Oiche didn't say anything as he claws and scales grew. He would hit against the sword with his claws, swipe at Lloyd, the fight went on into the night, and with each passing minute Lloyd would begin to understand that this was not dislike that Oiche was feeling. It was much deeper. It was pure animosity. Oiche was attacking Lloyd with the intent of killing him, he barely had enough time to get out of the way of the claw heading for his throat.

"OICHE!" Lloyd called, but Oiche wouldn't stop attacking. A slap of his tail and Lloyd found himself without a sword, and holding his wrist. He looked in horror as Oiche tackled him to the ground, his eyes reptilian, his teeth growing sharp and claws sizzling with poison poised to strike.

"Stop t'is at once!" yelled a familiar Russian accent. Oiche turned his head to look at Diana along with the heroes staring at them. "'ave you lost you mind? Get off of 'im Oiche. I believe you made your point in t'is fight to settle differences." Diana said and Oiche got off of the roughed up Lloyd. 'No...' Oiche thought as Diana went over to Lloyd. 'I was just about to kill him! Why did you... Why did you look at me like that? Like you did that one time when we first met... Can't I once... Just once...' Oiche began to think as he saw the exchanging of looks between Diana and Lloyd. He felt his heart clench up, the feeling like before but even stronger now. He didn't know why, maybe he can blame the dragon genes but he felt like that if he won that Diana would... Well he didn't really know, pick him over Lloyd? He knew that it wouldn't happen, but in his mind that what he wanted. 'Just once... Can't you look at me like that?'

The End[center]
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Just Once...in my eyes

Post  The Hidden Spring on Mon May 06, 2013 2:32 pm

Lily was going crazy. Oiche had his eyes on a human, and not her. She was dragon, she was PERFECT! Wasn't she? Diana had put up a formidable fight against Lily, but a dragon verse a demi god could only go so far. Lily and Diana knew this had to end...it was a matter of who was going to end it, and who was going to come out the victor.
Diana made the first move and slashed her sword on Lily's arm, the sword barely piercing the scales. Lily laughed and pounced on the Russian woman, jamming her claws into her. Diana screamed, but with it slashed Lily back. They both took damage and both were still fighting.
With a powerful charge, Lily slammed into Diana and sent her skidding to the ground. Lily laughed at the pitiful human. With her new powers, she started to lift up the Russian girl.
"I don't understand why Oiche holds in above me...you are a weak human...but it doesn't matter now...you're dead..."
Diana grit her teeth and managed to cast a Yin attack at Lily, which flashed and caused Lily to roar and rub her eyes. Diana fell, but landed and recoiled, dashing in and slashing her sword at Lily, no mercy being held.
"Oiche is someone I care about. I don't know why you 'old malice toward ME! What 'ave I, done to you?!" she yelled.
"You are taking MY Oiche away!"
"YOUR OICHE?! What does that even mean?!"
"OICHE IS MINE! HE'S MINE AND NOT YOURS! YOU SHOULD LEARN YOUR PLACE HUMAN!" with that, Lily released dark energy from her new powers at Diana, from close range. Diana tried to protect herself, but still was on her knees, panting. Lily stood over her, and grabbed her neck. "Oiche will be my mate...not yours...your a human and he's a dragon...HE'S MINE!" she lifted Diana into the air, still having power over her. Shocks of the dark energy were being channeled into her, making her scream out more. This pain Diana was feeling...she didn't know why she was being treated with such malice.
"LILY! STOP!" another voice called. Lily turned and saw Oiche. A smile grew on her face.
"Oiche!" she chirped, and ran over, tackling his mate. "Oh I mis-" this was followed with a swift punch in the face by an angry dragon boy. "OWWIE! Oiche, that was mean!"
"LET HER DOWN!" Oiche commanded.
"W-what?" Lily asked, rubbing her nose.
"Let Diana down! You're killing her!"
"Yeah so? Sol has a lot of humans. This one is just...added to the pile."
"NO! YOU'RE MI-" Oiche didn't care at this point. His claws went straight threw Lily's chest, and out the other side of her body. She coughed up blood, looking at Oiche. "W...why...did...you......." Lily fell limp, and so did her magic. Diana started falling. Oiche threw Lily away off his claw, and caught Diana. She was mortally wounded. She didn't look like she was going to make it.
"D-diana...." Oiche asked, looking at the woman. "C-come on...wake up...everything is okay now...you need to wake up...please...just once...look at me..." he said to her, tears welling in his eyes. Diana slowly came to, looking at Oiche.
"....'ey...Oiche....you...s-save...ed...me..." she muttered, coughing some, a little blood got on Oiche, but he didn't care.
"Lily...did this to you...I....I saved you...come on...let's go back to the inn. Everyone is waiting there."
"I...am...not....g-gonna.....m-m-make...it...Oiche...I....I'm sorry..."
"No! You will make it! Don't be sorry Diana, you're gonna-"
"N-no...I'm...sorry...I...'urt you..."
"Oiche....I...I knew....your....feelings...I...w-was confused....a-as well...when...I-I f-fought....Lloyd...I...'ated 'im...but.....t-things are...different....you...O-oiche...I...care...for you..."
"What? But...you look at Lloyd so differently then you do at me! I never get to see you! Diana...I..." he stopped, as the tears were blocking his words.
"I...I know...Oiche...I l...love you too...but...i-in a different...way..."
Oiche's eyes widened at this. "Y-YOU DO!?"
Diana smiled and nodded. "O-of course....you're...a...a...family...member....and...f-family...love....each other...a lot..." she coughed again. Slowly, she leaned up and kissed Oiche's cheek. "Remember...t-that..." Diana slowly then faded, as her body went limp, her eyes shut, and she said nothing else. Oiche looked in horror.
"No....NO! HOLD ON DIANA! HOLD ON! I...I'll get you back to the inn and they'll fix you up...I...I promise...Please! Please....D-don't...don't go...just once....please just once...look at me...PLEASE! DIANA! DIANAAAAAAA!"

Oiche ran back to Morwen's inn, with Diana in his arms. He explained what happened to Rift and Lloyd, who went with him to their room. Morwen treated all she could, but said that her chances were still low. She was a tough girl, but even she had her limits. Everyone took turns waiting...hoping...and waiting over her. Lloyd and Oiche were by her bedside, not minding each other. Lloyd held her hand, Oiche rubbed her arm a bit, Rift watched over them. After a few hours, they left her alone, and came back the next morning, where her body felt cold. The feared the worst, but weren't giving up. They stayed there, this time through the night, Lloyd still holding her hand.

It was during the night....she held his hand back, and drew breath once more. The legend lived on.
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