That awkward First Date (A NML Fanfiction)

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That awkward First Date (A NML Fanfiction)

Post  The Hidden Spring on Mon Aug 05, 2013 9:27 pm

This is the first date Elliot Payne and Bunny Mio went on during the month timeskip. At this time, Bunny has been no one too be seen, and Elliot treked around looking for her.

Elliot was speeding around on his motorcycle, heading for the Highland edge. Rumors finally reached him that their old comrade Bunny Mio has secured an apartment near Highend. Smart, seeing as Vulture wasn't really welcome there anymore. He stopped in front of the building, and walked in. He started knocking on all the doors, but each one was either someone wanting to kill him, or no one. Soon, on the top floor, he knocked on the door, and Bunny opened it, looking surprised. She pulled him in and shut the door, deadbolting it.
"That was a surprise." he said, looking around the place.
"What are you doing here? How'd you know I was here?" she asked, still in a robe. She had obviously just taken a shower. Elliot rubbing his neck and shrugged.
"Rumors mostly." he said. "Why? Is that a big deal?" Bunny shook her head.
"No, not at all, it's just...I'm impressed you found me." she said, and went into the bathroom. She started to brush her hair out. "So, now the question is, why are you here?" she asked. Elliot looked toward the bathroom.
"I wanna go for a ride?" he asked. Bunny poked her head out.
"A ride? Is that what you said?" she asked, chuckling. "What, do you have a car? In this place?" Elliot shook his head.
"I have a bike actually. It's real nice." he said. Bunny was shocked. She retreated into the bathroom. Was this the same guy? When she left Vulture, Elliot was a terrible with social interaction...and now he was here, talking in full stuttering...and asking her out? No...can't be. "Alright, who are you?" she asked, brushing her hair still.
"Excuse me?" Elliot asked.
"You're not Elliot. The man can't speak a full sentences without a stutter. Who are you?"
"Bunny, I am Elliot."
"Prove it then."
"Ivy died because the blimp crashed on her. Jade shot it down." he said. Bunny was almost convinced.
"What was Pimp's nickname?"
"Feather Flavored Mother Fucker." he said, without hesitation. Bunny couldn't believe it. That WAS Elliot. Bunny came her, her hair all brushed. She looked over to him, and smiled.
"Hi Elliot...I'm sorry...I'm just..."
"Surprised?" he asked.
"Yeah...pleasantly." she replied. " were saying you wanted to take me out?" she started to head back to the bathroom. "As in, is this a date?"
"" Elliot hadn't really thought about it. "I...I mean....I haven't really thought about that..." he said, in honesty.
"Oh really?" Bunny seemed disappointed as she put on her fake skin. "It sure sounded like it."
"W-well..." Elliot was starting to get flustered. Was this a date? He had been on dates before, but not for a VERY long time. Bunny came out wearing some casual wear.
"How about we call this an outing then? Make things less awkward." she said, looking at him. He shook his head, blushing.
"N-no...this...this is a date..." he said, flustered. "I'm making it a date." Bunny looked surprised. Elliot was taking her on a date. She liked him sure, but this was just weird.
"Alright. It's a date. I'll grab my coat."


Bunny and Elliot rode around for a while, traveling along the highways of No Man's Land. Bunny held on tight as they rode.
"So...I'm assuming you guys have a new base yeah?" she asked. "I mean, Baker Street was destroyed...the hotel would have been good, but that's destroyed too."
"We have a base in the outlands here." he said. "It's big." Bunny nodded.
"I see..." the talking never really lasted that long. Bunny didn't know what to talk about and Elliot was too shy to say anything. He tried to think of something to do or say.
"Let's head to the gate." he said. "We'll relax there..."
"What about a bar? We can go to Heaven's Again." she suggested.
"I...don't really like bars..." he said. "But...we can go there."
"Let's try it.." she said with a smile "You had the confidence to ask me let's make it proper yeah?" she asked. Elliot blushed, but in the end, yeah, she was right. A bar would be an idle place.
"Let's go." he said, and sped up, heading for the bar.


At the bar, Elliot and Bunny seemed to be the only ones there. The bartender asked what they wanted.
"I'll take a melon ball." Bunny said.
"Kettle one and tonic." Elliot said, giving his order. Bunny looked surprised.
"I didn't know you had a drink of preference. I'll keep that in mind." Elliot chuckled.
"Well, I used to not be here, ya know. Ordering a drink isn't completely new to me." Bunny smiled.
"I's just pleasantly human you are." Both of them blushed at that comment. They then looked at each other, seeing the blush, and Elliot instantly looked away. Bunny couldn't help but smile. Their drinks arrived and they started to drink them. Elliot drank his down in one gulp, which was a little awkward. He ordered another. Bunny wasn't sure what to talk about. She didn't want to ask about
"So...what inspired the change in personality? You hated talking before." she said. Elliot let out a sigh.
"Because of how the recent deaths changed Jo and Ryder...I kind of had to take charge. So...I needed to build up my social skills..." he said. "Why?" Bunny shrugged.
"Well, you're making great strides. You managed to ask me out on a date, and we're holding up a conversation somewhat." she said. "It's good to see." she smiled. Elliot blushed.
"W-well..." he cleared his throat. "I had to do what I had to do." he drank down a second drink. "I don't regret it." Bunny smiled and ordered another melon ball. She looked around the bar, and saw they had a jukebox. She smiled and got up. Elliot looked at her oddly.
"What's going on?" he asked. Bunny kicked it and some music started to play. She started to dance, by herself mostly, but she beckoned Elliot to join. Of course he refused.
"I uh...can't dance." he said, but Bunny wouldn't have it. She pulled him in, smiling.
"Find the beat...and move...easy. You don't have to be good." she said. As the song continued to play, Elliot started to try and dance, while Bunny was dance pro. He felt embarassed, but in an...okay sort of way. He was dancing with a girl, and it felt different toward him. Soon, they were dancing together, and when the song ended, they were in each others arms. Both of them were blushing.
" wanna get out of here?"
"Why not? It's getting late." she said, looking outside. She looked at her arm. "" she said. Soon, they were on Elliot's bike, and sped home.


Elliot dropped Bunny off in front of her building. She crossed her arms.
"I had a good time." she said, brushing the hair from her face. "Thanks for seeing me." Elliot nodded and blushed.
"Yeah...I had fun...we should do this again."
"You mean...a second date?" Elliot nodded. "Alright then...I accept." Bunny grinned. There was a small silence between them. Elliot mentally prepared himself.
"H-hey...Bunny?" he asked, which caught the woman's attention.
"Yeah?" she asked.
"I had a...really...good time and...I was wondering...maybe...we" he asked. Bunny blushed, flinching.
"You mean like...becoming an item?" she asked. Elliot nodded quickly.
"Y-yeah." Bunny looked around, a little flustered. But, she smiled and nodded.
"I'd like that Elliot..." she replied to him. Elliot mentally fist pumped, and smiled.
"Alright...then we're an item. When are you coming back?" he asked. "We could go out again when you get back." Bunny thought for a moment.
"I'd like to be by myself for another week or two." she said. "I'll come find you, is that okay?" Elliot nodded and gave her a piece of paper.
"That's where we are now. I'll see you then." he said, and pulled her into his arms, holding her. Bunny held him back, enjoying the warmth he had. She didn't wake up this morning and say "I'm getting a boyfriend" was say the least. They hugged for a while, but then Elliot got on the bike and sped off. Bunny went back to her apartment and looked around. Now...she had something to look forward to.

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