MSI - The Brave and the Bold

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MSI - The Brave and the Bold

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Sun Nov 16, 2014 8:35 pm

The Brave and the Bold

It's a big world out there, a world of marvels and wonders. Magic exists in its purest forms throughout the world, mutants and aliens travel throughout Earth without disguise, and sketchy corporations plan in the shadows. In this world, Magical Girls are a phenomenon, no one knows how they came into existence, what started it all, but they are now the chief protectors in a world that is threatened on a daily basis. They work within an organization known as MSI, which serves as the top protectorate of the world. However, these are the tales that slipped past the MSI, the ones not involving the organization but the individual members that filled its ranks. This is the story of the team ups the magical girls formed against threats that would be too great for one of them alone.


Basically, this is an episodic series of independent stories focusing on team ups between two magical girls. I intend for the series to be more personal and character focused than the larger series. There will be no over-arching story, as the cast and plot will change every episode. I'm basically going to be making pairs based off what I can make a story around, so if you're interested please post what character you'd like to to use in this thread. I will not make pairing off of the order or what teams their in. Depending on how active everything else is I'll also do multiple episodes at the same time.

Episode List

BatB Theme - Light my Life by FELT

Episode 1 - "Of Fish and Men"
- Before joining MSI, Alison Olmstead and Elspeth Cerio were friends, but this wasn't always the case. One year before the events of MSI, Elspeth is on vacation in the shore side town of Sundale, when she discovers the dark secrets within it. Deep in the depths of this seemingly happy town is a murderous mutated cult known as the Esoteric Cult of Dagon, whom is engaged in a never-ending war with a mysterious creature known as "Parasite".

Episode 2 - "Only YOU Can Prevent City Fires!"
- A peaceful protest takes a turn for the worst when the mayor with connections to the Mystical Mafia hires an assassin to put the city to silence. The Burning Soldier of the Phoenix and Nature's Warden must team up against The Phoenix of Jersey, Tiger McKenzie.

Episode 3 - "All You Need is Death"
- Ostermark Romania is a small little backwards town Europe, but it's always been peaceful. When a Necromancer intent on using the spirits of the dead to power himself up, Lady Scythe and Death's Angel must stop him.

Episode 4

Episode 5

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