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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Mon Jun 16, 2014 2:05 am



Name: Elliot Payne

Codename: Red Sun

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Height: 6"5

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Not sure

Notable Crimes: Years working as an arsonist for the Irish Mob, killing his boss, the murder of several special forces and vigilante teams.

Faction: Vulture Team

Assignment in Faction: Frontline Division Lt.

Fighting Style: Elliot's fighting style is based around two techniques, his skills at dirty boxing, and his explosives talent. Elliot, despite being well-known for his talent for blowing shit up and lighting things on fire, actually has the physical prowess of an star athlete. He will use quick jabs and heavy hooks to weaken his opponent, stomp on their feet and bite them, he will gouge their eyes, anything to get the job done. As for his explosives knowledge, Elliot has been working with explosives and pyrotechnics since he was a child. Bombs, C4, grenades, Molotovs, and generally just starting fires, Elliot doesn't care about the casualties so long as he gets the job done.

Psychological Analysis: Elliot's life has been a series of tragedies. Following the suspicious murder of his original parents, Elliot was sent to several foster homes, all of which seemed to be abusive. Following an unfortunate run-in with a butcher, Elliot began to go down the path of being a compulsive killer, in particular, he achieved great pleasure from watching anything burn, whether it be a building or a human being. Elliot shows signs of being clinically depressed, he easily obsesses over things, and has a low patience threshold.

Theme Music: Elliot Payne Theme - Red Sun

Threat Level: B

(Here is how the interview works. First of all you need a Skype account. You will need it for this interview. The interview might take anywhere between 10 minutes to, well... a very long time. The length of the interview will also vary. It will be much more interactive and flexible than the interview from acts 1 and 2. In this interview, your character has been forcibly brought in from No Man's Land (if they have been in No Man's Land prior to this RP) or from the outside world (If they are new inmates) to Paladin HQ for an interview. Much to their surprise they find that they are being interviewed by Charles Paladin, the very owner of the prison (Or in some cases his personal assistant). It is a dark room, with only a single damp light in the middle. There are two wooden chairs, a wooden table between them. Charles sits upon the chair on the opposite side of the room. He is holding your characters dosier. You will contact (Adam Severino AKA Pan) on Skype, where you will conduct the interview via Skype. After it is done please copy and paste the entire interview into this profile. Your profile does not need an approval after the interview is done. However, the rest of the profile must be completeled and posted in this thread before you begin the interview.)

(Elliot is brought in, carefully, but also handcuffed. He's brought into a little room with a desk and a chair in it. There, a woman with brown hair and glasses is sitting behind it, with a dossir on the desk)
Carrie: Ah, so the sleeper has awakened. We've been expecting you. Have a seat.

(Elliot raises an eyebrow to Carrie, before sitting down)
Elliot: Expecting me...? Well that's a new one... alright let's get on with this...

Carrie: Of course. How can one not hear about Vultures #1 lapdog, next to that other guy, being incapacitated? Everyone thought you were more then dead, but here you are. Oh miracles do happen, even if it's for miscreats. (she opens the dossir) But, protocol is protocol, state your name and occupation.

Elliot: Elliot Payne... I blow things up...

Carrie: Short, sweet, and to the point. And you are with Vulture Team, and you woke long ago?

Elliot: Meh... can't be more than a few days... at most... I'm pretty sure I was out for a few months..

Carrie: More like more then half a year at the most. Alright, so, I guess you want to know about some Vulture people right? Remember Ryder?

Elliot: Hmmm... (Elliot looks down to his fingers, trying to do math) It was November when I was taken out... it's... February now... nope- your math is off... wait- were you asking a question?

Carrie: Yes, well, I was asking if you remembered one Ryder Mercy?

Elliot: The dork?

Carrie: Yes, the same.

Elliot: I remember him as clear as day.

Carrie: Yes well, he's the leader of Vulture now. (Very blunt)

Elliot: I know this already, you asking my opinion on the matter?

Carrie: Oh, I wasn't aware you were informed. I guess then yes, your opinion?

Elliot: To put it straight... there's only one boss I work for, Josephine Beaumont. Ryder needs to understand he's only on borrowed time, once Jo comes back he's out of his position... the leader ov Vulture Team is Jo, not Ryder.

Carrie: Doubtful. Very doubtful. (she writes some notes down) Are you aware of Miss Beamount's location?

Elliot: I was told. Yes.

Carrie: Oh good. At least your up to date on the things that have been going on. Though I was looking forward to a more clueless bomber to be honest. Already then. (she writes some things down) So, I'm sure you're aware of the former Worm officers hanging around your base of operations. You'll have to work with them too. Do you still hate Worm, even after all this time?

Elliot: Completely... I believe they should be removed from Carrionland... they spent a good year trying to kill us... ruthlessly so. If Jade were to rise from the grave as we speak, they would turn on us without a second thought. So tell me... why let them mooch off our success? They're nothing more than parasites... oh... and let me be specific here... there are officers like Bravery and Ryder who left Conqueror Worm while they were still strong... they left for a reason. Mocha... Matthias... Justus... Jade's daughter... they're only here because we're at the top now...

Carrie: I couldn't agree more. Removing the trash would be highly helpful. Though you're all trash, so I guess it doesn't really now. Now, I understand you had a slight fling with a Ms. Mio correct? After her dirt nap, you decided to zonk out, and lookie here, she was faking again. Surprise. Anyway, anything you want to say about that? Do just don't give a shit anymore?

Elliot: Me and her were simply dating before my unfortunate demise, if she's interested in continuing our relationship then I'm happy- but if she's found someone else I'll respect her decision... what, were you expecting a different answer?

Carrie: No I just adore juicy gossip. You know those awful gossip magenzines, oh I eat those up.

Elliot: Like I care... though it is nice to know Paladin employees have decent enough lives to have time for such things...

Carrie: Why thank you Mr. Payne. I appreciate that. (writes a bit more in the dossier) So, what's the chances you'll fall into another coma again? Or did Ms. Deren not specify?

Elliot: I'll be fine.

Carrie: So, you don't know then?

Elliot: I -just- said I'll be fine...

Carrie: Very well then. If you say so. (writes another note) Now then, about what's going on with the Inquisitor faction. I'm sure you've heard about this then yes? About Kraven?

Elliot: Yes yes... what a lovely mess Vulture Team has gotten themselves into... as usual! This sounds like more of the same. Vulture Team exists to keep this city safe- you know, the job Paladin is supposed to have but doesn't really do? Yeah- Vulture Team are the real protectors of this city... and we'll deal with Kraven like we always do-

Carrie: I beg to differ. Paladin is making great strides in it's defense. They're taking down the Family, and have a handle on Kraven as we speak. Vulture is just another mob of unorganized croonies compared to what Paladin is doing.

Elliot: Heh... (Elliot leans back on his chair) Let's see where that gets yah... if you -do- succeed... then kudos for you. But Paladin has a tendency to underestimate their opponents...

Carrie: You're out of your league here, Mr. Payne. I can assure you. How, do you have any questions?

Elliot: Heh... why would I have any question for -you-? Oh... I know one... did you have a good night's sleep last night...?

Carrie: Why yes I did. Why do you ask?

Elliot: Ah, that's nice to know. Because I don't think I've had a good night's sleep since the day I was born... and I believe I can say the same for many of my friends. Do you know how it's like... laying in bed... if you're lucky enough to have even that much of a commodity in this world.... unable to sleep because you know the second you put down your guard some asshole is going to slit your throat... I was born into this world without parents to raise me... sent to foster home after foster home... when I was no older than 6 I was sent to a butchershop in Ireland- who would have thought I was sent there to be the meat? So... I learned my lesson... I murdered each... and every... one of them... and then I lit it all one fire. It was all gone... and it didn't stop there. I was sick of being abused at home... so I burnt my foster family to a crisp... over... and over again. That's how my life has been since the day I was born. Death... suffering... pain... and it gets to yah... it does... outside these walls... it's hell miss... something no one in Paladin understands... no one knows quite how bad its gotten out there... not just No Man's Land... I'm referring to the whole world. So excuse me when I think it's bullshit when you say Vulture Team is out of its league... as if Paladin knows what to do anymore... I'm not saying we're the good guys... not by a longshot... but we're the only reason this city hasn't gone to hell yet...

Carries: (she listens...and listens...and then begins to laugh) You've been asleep for far too long Mr. Payne. I now, reassure you, that we have this city under control, and the outside world under control. It's better without criminals like you. Slowly, we are weeding away the criminals into one place, and then, time heals all wounds, as they say. Now, if you maybe behaved a little while you were little, you'd not be here, now wouldn't you? (she writes more things down) Due to your (ahem) weapon of choice and other injustices during this inverview, I believe rank...hmmmm, ah yes B. You are a founding member of this...Vulture Team, it's only natural. Now then Mr. Payne, try and get some sleep. Maybe it'll be restful the next night. (smirks)

Elliot: Heh... the typical response... (Elliot stands up) I'll be leaving now... Elliot walks over to the door) Enjoy your sleep... while Paladin is enjoying a good night's sleep... Vulture Team will be awake... standing vigilant against those who endanger our home... (Elliot walks out)


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  MercutianUnknown on Mon Jun 16, 2014 10:49 pm


Mercutian Unknown

Brendan Mortesque

Mr. Morty

Claims 50 (Created 14 years ago)

Male? (Identifies Male - Composite Sex; 4/5 Male, 1/5 Female)



Relationship Status:

Notable Crimes:
Murder, Grave Robbing, Assisting in Illegal Human Experimentation on self and others, Cannibalism

Current: Whatever he and Hazel are doing ...Solo
Former: Muppets

Assignment in Faction:

Fighting Style:
Beaker is a living biological weapon. He has a composite body made of a multitude of extremely athletic humans but his body has added modifications to it including far above the normal human level of strength and durability as well as having 5 extra hearts and an extra brain which enable him to appear to come back to life moments after receiving what would be normally fatal wounds. Beaker is segmented into several major pieces each connected with very strong metallic threads that stitch him together. When he becomes injured he can accelerate his regenerative abilities by consuming MEAT of any kind, however human flesh works the best as it is closer to his own make up... His Nano-cybernetic infests his whole body which makes much of his inner body including his threads, blood, breath, saliva and other bodily fluids highly acidic. His threads are naturally resilient to his acidic body. His body is also heavily resilient to poison and other environmental factors to his health. As for Style of fighting he merely uses his massive strength and feeding habits to overpower his enemies, He prefers not to use weapons except what's around him.

Psychological Analysis:
Beaker is very odd. He has a strong sense of Faith and Religion. While his faith to any one God of any particular religion seems unknown however he has a strong sense of Faith and Divine power. He sees the acts of the Muppets and their leader as a sending from the almighty. He speaks often of his family, God and his 'hunger'... He believes that there is a fated flow of events in history that are caused by peoples actions like ripples in a stream, involving karma and omens.... also... Beaker has a... well the only thing to describe it as is Hunger... Beaker has a voracious and ravenous instinct for devouring flesh, particularly human, rather than have a sex drive, when he was recreated his pleasure center was fixed around consumption. He describes it in very vague terms but ultimately it is a very aggressive addiction to cannibalism.

Theme Music:
Beaker's Theme - Red Meat

Threat Level: A


(Beaker is escorted by two guards, handcuffed, into a room that has a desk with an empty chair in front it. Behind the desk is sitting a young man who is leafting through a dossier as Beaker enters.)

Cinna: Ah, welcome! Please, take a seat.
(Beaker is wheeled in on a loft trolly by half a dozen Paladin agents, bound with metal clamps all over his body is restricted from movement besides his head and hands which are strapped to his sides... The guards push him in slowly then bolt him down to his steel chair)
Beaker: Thank you, guards... Sorry to be such a bother, quite kind of you... (The guards leave waiting outside the closed door for the interview to conclude)
Beaker: Pardon me, young sir. I was dubbed too imposing to be allowed the opportunity to harm anyone.
Cinna: *his eyes widen slightly and seem to almost sparkle a bit, staring for a moment* ...Wow--! You certainly are imposing! And so tall! You certainly do make an impression! Not many criminals can be so threatening without even doing anything! Oh--but--I'm getting too off-track here-- *looks down at the dossier again, then up at Beaker* Name and occupation, please!
Beaker: Brendan Mortesque... Call me Beaker... Occupation?... Oh Actor for The Muppets.
Cinna: *jots down the name, then looks at Beaker inquisitively* And...this is the criminal organization The Muppets, yes? What sort of duties do you have an "actor"?
Beaker: Actors, "Act"... I perform the actions and duties needed by my superiors... Actors maintain most of the combat postitions among the ranks... Personally I head the ranks of the larger, more complex experimental footmen among us.
Cinna: I see--my, so many questions to ask on this--alright, let's begin do you, yourself, fight?
Beaker: Ah.... this always comes up... Well, against numerous opponents the tactic is usually that I use my size and bodily modifications to break apart the ranks while our lesser forces take down the enemy forces in small sets..... Against fewer opponents, well it depends on whether I'm hungry or not.
Cinna: Whether you're...hungry? *tilts his head slightly, seeming somewhat confused*
Beaker: yes...... (he looks down and away slightly, as if ashamed by some part of himself he'd rather not talk about).... I suppose I should inform you... at times an instinct relating to blood and gore will arise in me. A voracious hunger to consume human flesh, or really anything I can get my hands on... It happens in prolonged combat or sometimes just at random.
Cinna: Oh! *smiles at Beaker* So, you're a cannibal, then! Okay, what you said makes sense now. *writes down a few notes* You shouldn't be ashamed of it, though! Part of being a criminal is being loud and proud, right?
Beaker: (Beaker looks down at Cinna with odd suspicion then narrows his eyes)... Ah, you're that kind of man... I prefer to keep a balance within my life, sir... May the great one watch your mind stranger... Strayers from the path can get lost very easily.
Cinna: *looks at Beaker with a certain degree of confusion* "That kind of man"? I just like criminals, that's all! I find you all really fascinating! But anyway--from what you said there, I can guess that you're a religious sort of person?
Beaker: "Fascinating"... You very much are like him... I don't really consider myself one, usually... but I suppose to most, yes I am Religious.
Cinna: I--I don't mean to get off track again, but like who?
Beaker:...The Frog, our leader... He has an... Obsession, really... With those who stray from the path, careful you do not end up like him, He is now more of a monster than even I.
Cinna: Oh, not to worry! I could never be a criminal myself, nor do I want to--I just find you all interesting, is all! So--earlier, you mentioned "experimental footmen"? Could you tell me a bit more about them?
Beaker: Ah... Them... My co-worker, Dr. Bunsun Honeydew is a professed Necro-Biologist. Let's just say that unless you obtain a Name amongst the Muppets, you don't stay yourself for very long. While we do use the normal transfiguration of simple undead minions they are far far inferior to the other creatures found in the Muppet Labs.
Cinna: So--by undead minions, do you mean zombies? I did hear that there were zombie sightings over in the battle in Highend that just took place, after all.
Beaker: Yes, zombies are the normal small scale servants... We rarely use them for combat unless there is nothing else to use... Quite less effective than our other minions
Cinna: And can you tell me a bit about those "other minions"?
Beaker: If you truly insist.... They are a culmination of 4 human bodies surgically stitched and sown together with metallic thread. They usually have numerous sharp metal weapons and pieces of armor grafted into their skin. Our most common specialty has 6 limbs and walks much like a spider with a human torso attached... They all share a very similar hunger to me.
Cinna: Whoa...that's so cool! *grins* How did you all even think of that?! It's like something out of a horror game! Like, I remember there was this one old game called Dead Spa--oh wait--sorry, getting off track again! Let's see--how did you first join up with the Muppets, Mr. Mortesque?
Beaker: Oh dear young man... That is merely the tip of the iceberg in comparison to some of the other ones Bunsun and I have concocted.... Uh-Uhhhh *sigh* A rather long time ago my Family and I banded together with a number of other Family's to stave off the local gangs... After an attack my wife and most of my children save 3 were murdered in an attack... At first I thought I was dead too but a few hours later Dr. Honeydew and The Frog came walking around looking for test subjects to work their New surgical cybernetics on.... I was Trial-1.
Cinna: Ah-- *seems to actually tear up a bit* But...that's really sad...!
Beaker: (Looks slightly alarmed) W-well yes... Sir... why do you think I'm covered in stitches?
Cinna: *still kind of teary-eyed* Dramatic effect...?
Beaker: (Raises an eyebrow), unfortunately not... I do appreciate the sympathy though... Thank you.
Cinna: Ahem-- *manages to compose himself, clearing his throat a bit* Well then--let's you have any opinion on the happenings in the prison lately? Such as...the new Inquisitor faction rising? Or perhaps the large-scale battle that happened in Highend?
Beaker: Not particularly... We had dealings with a man under the Inquisitor name some time ago... Unnfortunately we lost one of our only other good men in that fiasco, something to do with Assassins in Brazil? Something... I have heard news that there was quite a calamity within the city recently... I was called in by my allies just prior to their involvement in it... Other than that I have no news of recent events.
Cinna: Did your allies in the Muppets call you in because they felt that they needed extra manpower to reach their goals in the prison?
Beaker: Hahahahaha!... I think you may be a little confused as to how The Muppets really work.
Cinna: *seems a little bit surprised at the laughter* W-Well, you are a criminal organization that only just recently showed up in the prison...and you're the only one of the Muppets that I've spoken, no, I don't really know how you guys work at all.
Beaker: Let me let you in on a little secret then... The Muppets... (He looked to the door then back to Cinna as if sharing a great joke)... The Muppets have NEVER had a goal here... NEVER.
Cinna: *his eyes widen slightly, seeming very surprised by this information* Then...why is it that the Muppets are here...?
Beaker: The reason they've ever done anything... You see the Muppets have never looked for conquest or power or even money to that great of an extent!... They're here really for one reason... Enjoyment!... Personal Enjoyment!... Why do you think I'm here with them? If it were not for my hunger and their nature to fulfill ones earthly desires, I would have left the Muppets a long time ago.
Cinna: Huh... *quickly writes down a few notes* I thought that criminals usually formed organizations because they had some common goal in mind. So, all of you just love to have fun, then?
Beaker: If we didn't would we go around with code names based off of THE MUPPETS, Lord Almighty that would be Stupid.
Cinna: Huh...well you feel like you have any specific motives that are driving you now that you've entered the prison?
Beaker: I don't know?... The Frog has always had a fascination with the Criminally minded, Good vs Evil and those kinds of things... Knowing him, they'll be turning up trouble anywhere they want....... However, I heard Fozzy was in the City, poor old man, he's likely the only reason they've decided to reunite here... Most of the group has a vendetta out against the Old man due to something he stole from us a long time ago.
Cinna: Something he stole from you? Do you know what that thing is?
Beaker: Our key weapon for our leaders are Nano-Cybernetics... Small viles of grey machines smaller than the cells of your body that when injected or ingested infest the person and magnify a single part of their body to do something better based upon their personality... He stole all of our only supply and he's the only person who knows the full formula to produce them.
Cinna: I know, you're remarkably calm! I interviewed one of your comrades--and he nearly blew a gasket! It's actually very nce getting to have a civil conversation with one of you!
Beaker: (Beaker gave a half smile)... I'm quite the oddity come to think of it amongst the Muppets... I'm much more reserved than the rest and... well except my hunger I'm really much more normal than the rest... Honestly if it wasn't that I owed The Muppets for saving my life I'd be outside right now with the rest of my Children.
Cinna: *seems to be on the verge of tearing up again* I hope that you get back to your children some day...!
Beaker: Hehehe, I'm not so sure but your sympathy is well appreciated.
Cinna: Alright, well--I think that we've covered all of the basics. you have any particular opinions on your fellow Muppets members?
Beaker: Not really... Rowlf likes money, Waldorf is a dick, Statler rapes pets, Bunsun's Frankenstein, Animal's a Coke addict, Gonzo's Freddy Mercury if he were a rapist, Piggy's the Bondage Queen, and Kermit's a Mummy with a God complex... Is there anything else?
Cinna: Hm...I guess not...that should be about it...oh, and your threat level is B, by the way! You may go now.
Beaker: Nice Meeting you, Stranger... (Beaker Nodded his head... Then the guards put him back on the trolly and pushed him out bound to the metal bars)


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Vladislavich on Mon Jun 16, 2014 10:59 pm


Username: Vladislavich

Name: Akharo Khadiev

Codename: Animal

Age: 35


Height: 6’8”

Sexuality: Aromantic whateversexual (will not pursue, but will not resist)

Relationship Status: Single

Notable Crimes: 41 counts of possession of stimulants, 50 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, 89 counts of murder, 22 counts of malicious destruction of property, 10 counts of armed robbery, 982 counts of assault, 8 counts of cannibalism

Faction: The Muppets

Assignment in Faction: #1 Actor

Fighting Style: Animal has cybernetics in his skin that, when activated, cover him in a full-body armor that works like super-resistant chain mail. He basically hits things a lot, with a lot of crazy moves that are tough to follow, though he can be quiet and skillful when necessary, being the most experienced assassin of The Muppets. When not using his cybernetics, he is known to improvise with whatever heavy blunt object is nearby.

Psychological Analysis: Chechen criminal Akharo "Animal" Khadiev has some serious anger management issues. He seems to explode every time he is provoked even slightly; he also seems to be EASILY provoked, as in he considers a person walking by him enough reason to bash them to death. He is also extremely hyperactive and has been known to only get 1 hour of sleep a day, probably caused by his serious addiction to any stimulant he can get his hands on.

Theme Music:  Animal’s Theme – HAMMER SMASHED FACE

Threat Level: B


(Animal is escorted, handcuffed, into a room by a few guards. In the room there is a desk with an empty chair at it. On the other side of the desk, there sits a young man who is leafing through a dossier as Animal comes in.)

Cinna: Ah, there you are! Please, sit down.

Animal: *kicks over the chair* I will stand.

Cinna: *looks at Animal in slight surprise* ...Wouldn't you be more comfortable sitting down, though?

Animal: *leans across the table, nostrils flaring, showing a white, powdery crust throughout* I WILL STAND.

Cinna: *stares for a moment more before quickly looking down at the dossier* A-Alright--well--name and occupation, please?

Animal: Akharo Khadiev. Killer. Akharo meaning "Animal" in glorious Chechen tongue.

Cinna: *looks at Animal expectantly, as if expecting him to continue* And you work for...?

Animal: *growling* He is called Kermit.

Cinna: *seems almost a little bit disappointed in the answer, his shoulders drooping a bit* So, you're with the Muppets. Right. I knew that already--but I'm kind of required to ask. *pauses for a moment, then continues, seeming to brighten up a bit* So! What's your job in The Muppets?

Animal: Actor. I kill.

Cinna: *seems further disappointed by Animal's bluntness and sighs* Could you maybe...elaborate on that a little bit...?

Animal: I am the head actor. And I am the chief assassin of the group. It is my job. To kill. To maim. To destroy.

Cinna: *seems almost satisfied by the answer--but moves on anyway*, when did you first start working with The Muppets? How did you join?

Animal: They knew of my violent past. They sent me a message. They promised stimulants as pay for killing. *smirks* How could I say no? *remembers something* Actually, on that topic. Guard. I have a small bag in my pocket. Get it for me.

Cinna: Wh-- *blinks a few times, glancing at one of the guards, then back at Animal in surprise* Um...I don't think that he can take out what's in your pocket unless we're sure of what it is...we don't want any unnecessary injuries...

Animal: I say stimulant and ask for a bag from my pocket. What the FUCK do you think it is.

Cinna: *frowns* And why do you want him to take out that stimulant...? A-As interesting as I find criminals, we're not going to let you rampage, I hope you know...

Animal: Without my fix, I get more angry. Cuffs are no use. *smashes the chair that is lying on the ground*

Cinna: *kind of stares at the chair for a moment, eyes wide* I-I...don't know if that's exactly procedure...maybe we could just try to finish the interview quickly, then you can do your thing--?

Animal: Get me my FUCKING COKE out of my pocket. *with cuffed hands, lifts the sharpest broken chair leg and heaves it at a guard*

Cinna: *frantically looks at one of the guards* J-Just get him his drugs--! *as the guard who was attacked dodges out of the way, looking quite terrified, another guard comes over and quickly tugs the bag out of Animal's pocket, offering it to him* This really isn't proper procedure, though...!

Animal: *puts the bag on the table, gets to his knees, and tears a small  hole in it with his teeth* THANK YOU. *sniffs the full gram of cocaine through the hole* Now... *shivers a bit* Speak. *rises to feet again*

Cinna: *is kind of clutching at the dossier for dear life and looking a bit horrified* you have any...motives for being here...? I-In the prison, I mean--

Animal: *sneers* Kill.

Cinna: That's...really your only reason for being around? Honestly? No dark past driving you onwards or anything like that?

Animal: I am not to be more specific. *snorts roughly*

Cinna: This really isn't much of an interview if you don't give us more to work with than that, you know...

Animal: *sneers* And it won't be fun if you know what's coming.

Cinna: If we know what's coming...? *suddenly smiles and gives a little laugh* Are you trying to pull a fast one over on us? You really think it will work? Criminals are cool and all, but the law is the law, you know. It's kind of absolute and unwavering.

Animal: There are many laws. There is the law of physics. There is the law of nature. Then there is imposed human law. One of these is absolute and unwavering. One changes over time. *leans across, flaring nostrils* One is nonexistent.

Cinna: *chuckles again, grinning* Okay, I gotta admit, that line was pretty cool. Maybe you do have a flair for drama, after all--even if you don't know what you're talking about. So...let's you have any particular opinion on the others in your organization?

Animal: Rowlf is ineffective. Waldorf is worthless. Gonzo is good, but too showy. Fozzy must be eliminated. Statler is too cocksure and not good enough with his own hands. Camilla is funny. She has potential. Beaker I like. Bunsen is okay. Piggy is entertaining.
But most of all... Kermit is fucking terrifying.

Cinna: *jots down a few more notes* Well...from this...sadly limited information you've given me, I can't really conclude much, but...threat level B. You may go now. And take the chair with you--you break it, you buy it--

Animal: *takes the remaining two chair legs and jabs them at the guard that didn't have a chair leg thrown at him with immense force* Keep it. It's my gift.

Cinna: *just kind of stares at the now-impaled guard with wide eyes* ...Mr. Paladin is going to kill meee-- *looks back at Animal* Please--just go--shoo, shoo--

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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Raven Todd on Tue Jun 24, 2014 2:56 am


Username: Raven Todd

Name: Angela Arcos Henson

Codename: Mrs. Piggy


Gender: Female

Height: 5'11

Sexuality: Omnisexual

Relationship Status :Married

Notable Crimes: Murder, extortion of public officials, kidnapping, torture, rape, known malicious castration of over 100 men, estimated to be in the 300s, and public indecency

Faction: The Muppets

Assignment in Faction: Director

Fighting Style: Mrs. Henson fights using a variety of binding and long range weapons, such as reinforced chains, some with daggers attached at the end, whips, and  extended riding crops. When fighting someone close range, she tends to use weapons like knives, daggers, and normal sized riding crops to inflict damage on her opponent.
In addition to this, the woman is also quick on her feet and has developed an almost unnatural flexibility through reasons best not questioned. She can use guns as a last resort, though she typically will prefer not to as she views guns as less amusing to fight with.
Her Nano-cybernetic makes her emit a pheromone into the air in a concentrated gas around her as well as her sweat and saliva. The pheromones carry nanos of its own that infect people through inhalation or skin contact and begin causing intense hallucinations and arousal towards Mrs. Henson. The nanos warp the persons mind to make them believe she is the ideal sexual figure even within heterosexual women and homosexual men and other sexualities where she would normally not apply. This hallucination remains constant so long as the victim is within her presence no matter what she does or says to the other person. High Concentrations of the Pheromones; sweat and saliva, cause incredibly pain like an intense burning rash.

Psychological Analysis: Mrs. Arcos is a particularly dangerous individual. The woman has an insatiable sexual appetite with a desire to dominate her partners, body and mind. Her cybernetic making this goal all too attainable. Even if she were without her cybernetic, the woman displays an uncanny ability to read people through their body language and facial expression, seemingly a result of her various sexual encounters and an education in fields like psychology.
Despite this desire to dominate, Mrs. Arcos shows a dangerous amount of loyalty to her husband, bordering on obsession. To the point she will work to eliminate any foreseeable threat to her husband's plans out of love for him. Despite this strong love, the woman seems content with seeking partners other than her husband. A habit he seems to encourage. As a result of this and her naturally dominating mindset, the woman has absolute confidence in herself and her abilities, in her organization, inn battle, and ...elsewhere

Theme Music:

Threat Level: A

(Piggy is lead into a room, handcuffed, by two guards, who are in fact wearing gas masks--however, they are otherwise unprotected, and are thusly doing their best not to touch the woman, due to what they had heard about her from her dossier. In the room, there is a desk with an empty chair at it, and on the other side of the desk sits a young man, also wearing a gas mask, leafing through a dossier as Piggy is led in.)
Cinna: Ah, welcome! Please, take a seat.
Piggy smiles at the guards, more amused than anything else by these precautions. Upon seeing Cinna in a mask she chuckles, quickly stroking one of the guards wrists out of Cinna's viewpoint as she walks forward and sits down.
Piggy: Well, Paladin is  being cautious indeed. It's a real shame. I'll bet you're cute under that mask.
Cinna: *actually smiles a bit, though it's not very apparent--because gas mask--* Oh! You really think so, ma'am? That's really nice of you! It's--oh--whoops--right--interview-- *looks down at the dossier again, not having noticed Piggy touching one of the guards at all as he looks at the papers, then looks back up at the woman* Name and occupation, please!
Piggy nods.
Piggy: But of course! I am typically a good judge of matters like that. She chuckles. Piggy: Right. Paladin does love its formalities. She straightens in her chair, her confidence showing while also providing a good look at her boobs, seemingly accidently. Piggy: My name is Mrs. Piggy. I'm a director with The Muppets.
Cinna: Ah--well, we already know your code name! Could you perhaps tell me your real name? *doesn't seem even the slightest phased by the boobs--mostly because the gas mask helps to protect from the nanos--*
Piggy notes the lack of a reaction with a smirk, still more amused than anything else.
Piggy: Oh, but my code name is my name, as far as I see it. It suits me much more than my-other-name. After all my kermy gave it to me. She smiles happily at her husband's name.
Cinna: Hm...alright-- *jots down a few quick notes, then looks back up at Piggy* "Kermy," who exactly do you mean...?
Piggy smiles at his question.
Piggy: It's funny that you have to ask that. If you knew my name I assumed you would know his. Piggy's smile grows. Piggy: Silly, I'm talking about my husband of course! James Henson, though you probably know him better as Kermit. Her smile seems to become slightly twisted as she speaks. Piggy: Kermit the Frog
Cinna: Oh! Yes, your--he's your leader, right? And wow--he's your husband? *seems to be smiling* How long have you two been married--?
Piggy nods.
Piggy: Oh yes! He's our leader. It's impossible to imagine anyone else leading us really. Her smile widens. She seems to sense Cinna smiling. Piggy: Of course, we're married! I'm the Ms. Piggy to his Kermit. It's been a heavenly 16 years.
Cinna: 16 years! That's certainly impressive--congratulations to you two! Oh--but, I should probably get back on the track of the interview--so! How did you originally join up with The Muppets?
Piggy smiles at Cinna.
Piggy: Thank you! I'd like to think so Especially with how the world is now. She chuckles. Piggy: Oh feel free to dawdle as much as you want! You're certainly much more social than the rest of your co workers have been. Ah, yes. I joined in the beginning  when we were a little group with the dream of making the world a  better place. It was such a lovely idea and James and the others were so enthusiastic about it. How could I not get involved!
[4:20:20 AM] BaseballDerp: Cinna: Oh--well, that's certainly an unexpected beginning to your faction! *seems quite surprised as he jots down a few more notes, then looks back at Piggy and smiles again* And, well--I'm more social because I just really love criminals! I think that you all are just fascinating, you know? Getting to talk to the ones of you who don't try to kill me during the interview is a real treat!
Piggy smiles at Cinna's surprise.
Piggy: People give that reaction a lot actually . It's funny. Our goal didn't change that much for a while, just how we were planning on changing the world. She seems pleased with his response. Piggy: That's good.  I've always found a healthy sense of -curiosity- in a person exciting. With your work you must come across the most fascinating people. hehe Judging from that response, I'm assuming you've met Animal?
Cinna: Oh, yes, I really do meet a lot of really cool people every day! I love my job! And--yes, I have met Mr. Khadiev, but you know, he isn't the only one who's tried to be violent before--that's why we have the guards around. *chuckles quietly, then considers the first thing she said* know, it's say that your goal is to change the world, and yet, one of your teammates...I believe that you know him as Beaker? He said that you were all simply trying to have fun, and that you all didn't really have any goal. Then again, he might have just been referring to you all entering the prison...but...can you give me some insight on that?
Piggy smiles, amused by Cinna's enthusiasm.
Piggy: Well let's hope your guards are up to par then. It would be unfortunate if something happened to someone as cute as you. She raises an eyebrow, before chuckling, smiling at Cinna as if he has told a joke.
Piggy: Oh, Beaker, he was always one to put things bluntly. He's right. While The Muppets do have goals outside of the prison, we have no major goals for No Mans Land. We're simply here to play in Paladins playground of the damned! Though we do intend to find someone housed here before we really start letting loose.
Cinna: Aw, thanks! *grins at the compliment, then listens to the rest of what she has to say* I then...who is this person that you're looking for?
Piggy's smile faded as her expression darkened. Visible malice could be heard in her voice.
Piggy: Muugica Omnison. You also may know him as Fozzy.
Cinna: *he seems a bit surprised by her sudden changed in demeanor* Wow--you certainly seem to dislike him. Why are you all looking for him?
Piggy: Yes, I very much dislike him. Several years ago, he stole something from us as well as hurting someone very close to me. I'd like to give him my regards for that.
: Cinna: Is this thing that he stole something that you're trying to get back now? What is it that he stole?
Piggy nodded.
Piggy: Yes, the old man certainly wouldn't have gotten rid of them. They're too dangerous to do that. He stole nano cybernetics my husband had made. These cybernetics once injected give a person a particular cybernetic suited to their personality in one way or another.
Cinna: Oh, I you're trying to get those back, then. Well, that makes sense--anyway, I'm way off track here-- *chuckles, straightening the papers in the dossier a bit* Why not get back to the standard questions before we go any further?
Piggy: Yes, I'd like to get those back from him very soon. Piggy smiles darkly for a moment before seemingly reurning to normal. Piggy: Yes, that would be nice. Talking about-that man-never brings out my best side.
Cinna: Alright, well, let's see...can you tell me a bit more about your position in the Muppets, and what you need to do for it?
Piggy straightens in her seat.
Piggy: I am a director in The Muppets. I'm specifically in charge of the producers. We handle information, money, experimentation, and things of that matter.
Cinna: Ah, yes--some of your other people mentioned the experimentation part, too. Tell me--do you ever take part in combat?
Piggy: I imagine they would have. Piggy smiles. Piggy: But of course. I take my role very seriously. I always do what I can to help my Kermy's plans. You see, I'm quite skilled at dealing damage to those who-displease me.-Particularly where it matters most.
Cinna: *seems to grow a bit awkward* Y-Yes, your dossier states that you have a liking for...erm...domination...?
Piggy senses this and smiles.
Piggy: Yes, I suppose it does. hehe. Paladin really has done its research. I'm flattered. Yes, I prefer when my partners are more..compliant then they tend to be when I'm not in complete control. It's really not all that unnatural. Even if they don't agree at first, they're always happy in the end. I make sure of that. They're so happy they never want to leave my side. She smiles at Cinna as if everything she just said is perfectly reasonable.
Cinna: *clears his throat more, seeming to grow further awkward* W-Well...that' how do you fight in battle--? *obviously just wanted to get off the subject*
Piggy laughs, fully aware of how uncomfortable he is.
Piggy: I fight using weapons with a long range or that bind, such as chains or whips. Though when I fight someone close range, I like using knives. I'm also quite flexible. That helps me work quickly in a fight.
Cinna: I see...alright, let's see you have any opinions on the recent activities going on within the prison, such as the big battle that took place in Highend?
Piggy: oh yes that. Paladin has the quite situation on its hands if fights like that keep breaking out. It's a shame that I've missed it. I've heard some of my comrades were involved.
Cinna: Ah, yes, so I heard. So, do you feel that you have any immediate motives that you would like to act on while in the prison? Besides the thing with Mr. Omnison.
Piggy: Besides dealing with-him-, I'm certain there is a plan. My Kermy always has a plan.
Cinna: Hm...alright. *nods, then looks through the dossier again* I think that we're almost done...
Piggy: Well, that's a shame. I was having such fun with you. Piggy smiles at him amused.
[8:49:32 PM] BaseballDerp: Cinna: *actually seems very happy to hear that* You thought that the interview was fun--?
Piggy nods, smiling.
Piggy: I did. Like I said, you're far more sociable than the rest of your colleagues have been. It's nice to see there are some people working for Paladin with a healthy sense of curiosity!
Cinna: *smiles, nodding* Well, thank you very much! Anyway...I'm setting your threat level at A. And, with that...I believe that we're done here.
Piggy smiles at Cinna.
Piggy: You're very welcome! Well, that sounds appropriate. I'm glad Paladin is taking note where they should. It was certainly -fun- talking to you.
Cinna: Well, I'm very glad that you had a nice time! *smiles again* Best of luck to you out in the prison, ma'am!
Piggy smiles at him, chuckling a bit.
Piggy: You really are cute. Thank you! Best of you luck to you too. with all that's happening, whom know whom you may be encountering. That will likely be exciting for you.
Then she stood up and walked over to the guards, stroking the other guards wrist out of Cinna's line of vision. She smiled at Cinna and exited, the two guards following, both enthralled.


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Sun Jul 13, 2014 5:06 am



Name: Yuri Dragovich

Codename: Kraven, Father Death

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Height: 10''

Sexuality: Heterosexual(?)

Relationship Status: Whatever he's doing with Cathy

Notable Crimes: Crimes against humanity

Faction: The Deathworshippers

Assignment in Faction: Father Death

Fighting Style: Father Death is a man that has refined his skills over the years, once a weak and frail man, after receiving a super soldier serum as a member of a top secret military project, he grew physically. He became tall, muscular, and his strength and durability was far beyond what a normal human was capable of. Combined with the Killer Gene, a strange disorder that constantly drives Kraven towards the brink of utter insanity but also increases his blood lust and pure brutal behavior. Along with his military training and weaponry, Father Death now uses the "Paragon Serum" an upgraded super soldier serum created by Dr. Faust nearly a hundred years ago. With this, Kraven is a giant, his muscles are unnaturally strong, his strength, durability, speed, and dexterity are near superhuman.

Psychological Analysis: Kraven's psychological well-being is ab absolute and total mess. Kraven has no set personality, rather, to continually evolve and be the most fit to survive, Kraven seems to change mentally based off his current situation. One day, he's a raving lunatic who can barely speak. Other days, he a harmless clown. His psyche is constantly changing and it seems he sometimes loses his own memories when doing so. He most often doesn't remember his more crazed moments. Because of this, Kraven is absolutely impossible to predict, his entire life is based upon the "Survival of the Fittest".

Theme Music: Kraven Theme - Holy Diver

Threat Level: EX


(Interview not applicable)

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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

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