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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Not Manchee on Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:00 pm


Username: Not Manchee

Name: Inna Dragovich

Codename: "I do not do codenames..."

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Height: Tall

Sexuality: Never thought about it..

Relationship Status: Single

Notable Crimes: Related to Kraven, disturbance of peace (only once, refer to psychological analysis)

Faction: Suicide Squad

Assignment in Faction:

 Fighting Style: Inna uses a mix of Capoeira, originating from Brazil, and Systema, originating from Russia. She uses hand to hand combat, using mainly the joints like the elbows, knees and shoulders, as well as pressure point application to weaken the opponent's own bodily levers. This is mixed with the powerful kicks and dodges from the Capoeira to provide both good attack and defence. She also uses one of Papa's old guns (she claims it was his favorite) as a staff, it isn't loaded. Another weapon used by Inna are Kukri knives. Yeah.

Psychological Analysis: Inna appears normal most of the time, though she is very anti-social and prefers to
remain silent. However, it must be noted that Inna occasionally has random psychotic attacks, in which she becomes hysterical and aggressive; we can assume this comes from some inherited mental illness.

Theme Music

Threat Level: S



(Inna is brought into the room, handcuffed.)
Charles: Please, take a seat! I have been waiting for your for quite some time already...

Inna: (nods and looks around the room, then sits) Da... Should I, ah, apologize for thees waiting?

Charles: Oh, no, heaven forbid no! All is fine... Ms Dragovich! I hope you don't mind the handcuffs- it's all protocol you see. The others in the organization really do want to ensure my safety, even if it discomforts others.

Inna: (looks down at the handcuffs as if she just noticed them) Right. Can I...assume thees weel not always be the case? Weeth these, like you say...handcuffs?

Charles: Not at all. We just have to ensure that you won't try and kill me, which I believe will take much less time than our inmates. So... I know I already said your name, but would you please introduce yourself?

Inna: (nods again, understanding the handcuffs, though she does not seem to like them) I am Inna Dragovich.

Charles: And your current occupation...?

Inna: I... Do not have one of these...occupateeons you speak of... I just train. So I can find Papa.

Charles: Ah yes, your father! Who is your father, Ms Dragovich?

Inna: (her eyes sparkle for a moment when she remembers Papa, but her expression quickly goes back to the cold, guarded one she showed before) Papa ... He ees Yuri Dragovich.

Charles: Yuri Dragovich...? What if I told you I had a lead to his whereabouts, Ms Dragovich?

Inna: (her whole body suddenly tenses, but she keeps her eyes on Charles, looking at him with cool suspicion) Eef that...were true, I would ah...suggest you tell me thees...lead.

Charles: Of course... though I hope you know I am a businessman... nothing is for free. In return for my information I expect something in return. Of course- even if you were to go back on your word, without my help you won't be able to find your father anyways... you see: Yuri Dragovich can be found within these very walls. You father is here.

Inna: (she clenches her fists and is silent for a moment, her jaw tight. After a moment, she speaks up) Whatever you say? Price? Whatever eet ees. I weell do eet.

Charles: Great. We help each other out. You help me, and I assure you, you will find yuri! I'm building a team, Ms Dragovich, Task Force 0... I'm bringing some of the world's most dangerous people together with the sole purpose of keeping order in this city. The last time the order was broken, millions dies, I want to assure that never happens again. I want you to be the first member of my team... one out of seven

Inna: (still looks pretty suspicious) Thees...weell be helpeeng people, da?

Charles: Everything I do, is to help the people, Ms Dragovich. Now I warn you, you'll be working with the inmates...

Inna: (nods but remains tense) What do I need to know, Mr Charles...?

Charles: Task Force 0 is a team of seven who I have chosen... the six criminals in No Man's Land with the highest sentances... and you... who will be pozing as the seventh... I will send you on missions to keep order in No Man's Land... missions that would be suicide for any of my standard agents...

Inna: Oh... (she was surprised for.the smallest fraction of a second, not having expected that she would be working WITH the criminals, but she quickly went back to neutral) I...see. Da, I weell do thees. Now you owe me some...eenformation, da?

Inna: You...said you had called eet a lead? On Papa... I must know anytheeng you know about heem...anytheeng that weell help me find heem.

Charles: He resides in this city... however I don't quite know where he is- exactly. I suppose you'll just have to stick around until either I find him or you two cross paths again. (Charles smiles)

Inna: (nodding slowly) I... O.K. (though her face remains neutral, her eyes seem to be fiercer than before, with newfound determination burning inside)

Charles: Welcome to Task Force 0, Ms Dragovich.

Inna: (attempts to stretch out her hand to shake Charles', but handcuffs happen. Right, those were a thing.) Ah... Thank you, Mr Charles. Thees has been...very helpful, da.

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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Not Manchee on Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:29 pm


Username: Not Manchee

Name: Catherine Repzalina

Codename: The Mosquito

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Height: Average

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: In love with everything (especially Kraven)

Notable Crimes: Assisted in Kraven's (Homicide) and Jade's (Rape) crimes, mass murder, sexual harassment

Faction: The Inquisitor Faction

Assignment in Faction:

 Fighting Style: Cathy just stabs at people with her giant syringe, smaller syringes, daggers, and pink gel pens. She's also stronger than she looks, but still prefers to use her stabbies as well as guns and grenades.

Psychological Analysis: Catherine has a strange obsession with blood and men. She constantly seeks both, seeming to fall in love with any man she meets. Recently, her obsession has been concentrated mostly on mass murders and insane individuals. Cathy also has periods of depression, in which she obsesses over her daughter and Kraven.

Theme Music

Threat Level:B



(Cathy is brought into the room, no handcuffs)
Charles: How did you get into here!? Wait- aren't you supposed to be dead-?

Cathy: (giggles and grabs hold of Charles' hands) Oh suit-guy-whose-name-I-don't-know! (bats eyelashes) I think you're taking the expression 'drop dead gorgeous' a bit too literally when you hear the rumors~!

Charles: (Charles glares) No... i'm pretty sure you died.... Catherine Z- I don't recall your last name- you were killed by Kraven-

Cathy: (her flirty grin quickly turns to an expression of grief) Oh I KNOW that! God, why does everyone feel the need to keep reminding me of that?! (wiping a few tears away, she smiles a little) But you know, he did it cause he loved me ~

Charles: (Raises an eyebrow) He fed you to a horde of killer ostriches because he loved you...?

Cathy: (grinning) Exactly! Isn't he romantic ~? He trained the ostriches to do it slow and everything! (the grin disappears for a fraction of a second, and she looks pained, but she immediately goes back to a mischievous smirk) I bet you've never had someone do that for YOU..

Charles: Ahem... no, nor do I wish for such a thing. This is gettting confusing- how about we move back- tell me about yourself Catherine... and sit down.... also stop touching things-

Cathy: (freezes with her hand about to touch Charles' hair) Ah, playing hard to get.... Cathy likes ~! (rolls her eyes when he asks about herself) Ugh, these interviews are always the same, aren't they? Can't you handsome Paladin people just let me take a blood sample over a glass of champagne or something? (sighs) But fine. I was Jade's nurse a while back, and wow that was amazing! All of the blood and the handsome men~ that's how I met Kravey, you know! Well, yeah I'm just probably the best nurse around here, no matter how much Mocha says I need to work on my...everything. I think I've made it pretty clear that I like blood. A lot. Speaking of which, yours must be great! Could know~?

Charles: No, don't touch me and sit down, no blood for you. Spekaing of which... (Charles pulls out Cathy's old file, with coffee stains on it) you were a horrible nurs- wow Dr Innsmouth was horrible at keeping these files clean- anyways you were a horrible nurse! You killed people! And your work with Jade was- horrific! To say nothing of your work with THAT other man-

Cathy: (giggles) Oh silly Hal! He must have gotten those things wrong, I was amazing! I only killed them when they didn't want to share their blood! Sharing is caring, Charles! Everyone knows that! (plays with her own hair) And we did wonderful things with Jade! You know Dorthy? THAT WAS US! I really miss him...and...her... (tears well up, but the mention of Kraven seems to make her happy this time) That other man was the future... I'd say you have a crush on him if I didn't know any better, I'd say the whole world was in love with him~ But then I'd need to...keep them away somehow.

Cathy: Sure I do! He changed the world, just like he said he would! Or...something like that, yeah.

Charles: He conspired against many of your former comrades, took over the city, and killed millions! Do you have any idea how much damage he did!? Most of PALADIN was destroyed! It was Vulture Team that ended up stopping him, my own corporation was helpless! Do you have ANY idea how much damage he did!?

Cathy: (takes a moment to digest the information) ...Yeah that sounds like him. So he messed with you PALADIN guys? I knew he could do it~ This whole conspiracy thing is a bit much, though...I'm gonna have to tell him off for that or something... (she grows serious) you know what happened to Dorthy...?

Charles: (Rather offput that she seems perfectly fine with everything he said) Dorthy...? She's with Mocha- and with Vulture Team...

Cathy: (smiling) Oh, I know Mocha'll take good care of her, so that's good! I just really hope she won't turn dorky...bad influences, Mr Dude, it worries me...

Cathy: (as if it was obvious) That she'll turn out like RYDER! I mean, he's a cute one, with that goatee and that tight butt of his~! But he's such a dork! What would Jade say?!

Charles: Heh... (Charles just barely breaks a smile) perhaps... I believe your daughter won't be donning a ponytail beard anytime soon... are you aware that Vulture Team basically controls the city now...?

Cathy: (giggles again) Not for long~! Dorks like that can't control things, we'll put them back where they belong. (grins)

Charles: Oh... and who's to challenge him...? (Charles smiles) The Family is demolished... and your pal Kraven is as dead as a doornob... I'd say he's in a pretty strong position right now...

Cathy: (grin widens) The dead are rising, do you really think that it's some sort of coincidence? Great things are coming, I'll be filling up my own blood bank very very soon...

Charles: We'll see about that... I highly doubt we'll see a repeat of the past... you might as well shoot yourself right now. With Conqueror Worm gone... The Family and Vulture Team will be after you the second they hear you're back...

Cathy: Well, I dare them to try and kill me! We'll see how it all turns out for them... (giggles again and holds his hand again) I wouldn't underestimate my enemies, Mr Suit-Guy, even if they're dead...

Charles: I'll underestimate as many dead people as I want... okay, let's try something else... word association... I give you a word, you tell me the first thing that comes to mind.... pink.

Cathy: Lizards.

Charles: Religion.

Cathy: Blood.

Charles: Pain.

Cathy: Love.

Charles: Ugly.

Cathy: Pumpkins.

Charles: You find pumpkins ugly? (He arches an eyebrow to her)

Cathy: (shrugs) Yeah, no one should WEAR orange, let alone BE orange! And they have those weird shapes that are never the same, it kinda creeps me out. (sighs) You think one of your guards would let me take a sample of their blood? The bigger one's pretty cute~!

Charles: Absolutely not- enough guards in this city die as is! Right... will you tell me about Mr. Fentom...?

Cathy: But they look so great after being drained...(glares at Charles for a second) Fiiiine. Jade was so handsome and smart... He's the only one that recognized my amazing nurse abilities! And you know, people just can't help but fall in love with him! He was just inspiring and amazing in bed even though he got mad sometimes and he was no fun when he got mad...

Charles: Very well. And what about Kraven?

Cathy: (her eyes widen) Kraven is He's a genius. And he always knows how to cheer me up! (she seemed to speak about Kraven as if he wasn't dead) He has great blood too~! And and and Kraveykins is just... I love him. Yeah... (sighs dreamily)

Charles: He's dead.

Cathy: (glares at Charles) According to you, so am I.

Charles: And I'll find out who brought you back soon- just in case they're planning to bring back EITHER of your dead boyfriends- no worries, you'll be the last.

Cathy: Whatever you say~! (smiles as if she knows something he doesn't) So what about YOU? Are you seeing anyone? If so, does she own a gun...?

Charles: I'm far too old to put up with women- Why ask about the gun...?

Cathy: I don't wanna get shot if we get caught doing it~! (winks)

Charles: Threat Rating B- get out-!

Cathy: (remains seated, one finger up, gesturing for...anyone to just wait) Charles, are you comfortable with your carnal desires?

Charles: (Charles glares to Cathy) Are you comfortable being shot in the face...?

Cathy: (shrugs) I've had worse. Eaten alive by ostriches, remember? (she gets up and smirks) I'll be waiting when you give in to your little suit-guy~

Charles: Who revived you... (Charles is starting to look rather dismayed)

Cathy: (crossing her arms and grinning) Your mom. (giggles at her own joke) Okay okay, I'm kidding. What about this, I'll tell you if you sleep with me. (she arches an eyebrow)

Charles: Stop playing around! (Charles slams his fist against the table)

Cathy: (grins wider) I'll stop when you start~


Cathy: I gave you my terms~! But hey, you wanted me to leave...with all my valuable information....

Charles: How about you tell me who did this and I tell you where Kraven's grave is...?

Cathy: (raises her eyebrows) OH now we're talking! Except... Others in No Man's Land can help me with that! Any other offers? Like sex?

Charles: How about unicorns...?

Cathy: (raises her eyebrows) I'm not some 7-year-old on a sugar high!

Charles: You certainly act like one...

Cathy: And you act like a character in the beginning of one of my pornos, but so far you have not shown any more evidence of actually being said character! I gave you plenty of chances too!

Charles: (Charles lets out a sigh) This interview is done... I was hoping to get something out of this... but it's fine... the fact that you're hear living tells me plenty about the enemy...

Cathy: (shakes her head) Tsk... You are definitely NOT Mr Thicke. I'm just gonna...go. Yeah. (winks at guards as she leaves) Call me~

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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Emu Queen on Thu Jan 02, 2014 7:20 pm


Emu Queen

Cricket Ulloa


Twenty-three (23)




Relationship Status:

Notable Crimes:


Assignment in Faction:
Direct Intern under Charles Paladin

Fighting Style:
Cricket is not a predominately a fighter. Her skills are, for the most part, entirely mental- and no other kind of prowess is expected of her, considering her position in Paladin. She is rumored to have genius-level intellect, proven by the level of internship she achieved at her age. However, to be safe- she is typically followed by a Paladin issued service robot, which is capable of carrying her about, picking her up, and firing standard bullets. It`s design is rather silly-looking, though- as it was designed and engineered by Cricket herself. It responds to voice commands- but, occasionally slips up.

Psychological Analysis:
Not at all out of the norm. Aside from a few eccentric quirks of her`s, she`s simply put as-- normal, intellectual, and perfectly suited for her job. She`s very clear-minded and intuitive, as well as a naturally born optimist, whom believes anything can be achieved through hard work and dedication. Cricket is exceedingly righteous and values order and control above all else, thus her desire to be enlisted in Paladin. She`d very much like to see the world heal itself, and would like to think she`s doing all she can to help. Aside from a few minor issues with anxiety and stress, Cricket is perfectly reliable and mentally stable.

Theme Music:
Cricket`s Theme - Light Your Heart Up!

Threat Level:


Charles: Hello there, please, make yourself comfortable...


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Jasper Everhart

Post  Skylark-13 on Sat Jan 04, 2014 1:01 am


Username: Skylark-13

Name: Jasper Everhart

Codename: Hemlock

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Height: 5’8”

Sexuality: Pansexual

Relationship Status: Single

Notable Crimes: Jasper, before No Man’s Land, was an independent assassin who made it his business to know who the leaders of every big name corporation were. He studied every detail about their lives, from what clothes they wore to what scent of cologne or perfume they liked- and with that information, he made his plans. With every corporation leader he targeted, he figured out the best plan to seduce them- and then, once he finally made his way to their bedside… he killed them. He did this multiple times, with several leaders, but when he turned his attentions to one of the high up officials of the branch of Paladin concerned with guarding No Man’s Land- well, they’d had enough. He was jailed before he could make another kill, having numerous counts of murder under his belt along with sexual harassment.

Faction: Task Force 0

Assignment in Faction: Member of Suicide Squad

Fighting Style: Jasper, whenever possible, will try to avoid getting into any sort of physical combat himself. This isn’t because he can’t fight- quite the contrary. He’s fast, flexible, and well-practiced with the use of various weapons. He’s able to use guns, knives- even the umbrella he’ll occasionally be seen carrying. He’s skilled at hand-to-hand combat as well as certain types of martial arts, often combining things he knows into completely different styles. He doesn’t really tend to stick to one ‘style’ per say when he does have to fight- he mixes it up, and he’s definitely not afraid to fight dirty. He’s also rather fond of using threats, insults, and flirtation during battle to distract his opponents.
His physical combat isn’t all he has, however. He has a few cybernetics as well, though they’re not recognizable as such at first. These cybernetics, though separate, are linked and work together smoothly. Primarily, he has cybernetics in his eyes- though, they don’t really do anything for his vision. Instead, they can change their color based upon what Jasper wishes to set them to. It’s rather unclear what color his eyes normally are- they change often enough it’s a mystery, as he uses it to help disguise himself. But they also double as a sort of screen- due to who he’s working for, he’s managed to get access to Paladin files on every inmate inside No Man’s Land. At least- those he’s got clearance for. He uses the information he finds to his advantage- whether he’s trying to seduce someone, or enrage them, he has the proper information he needs to study them and figure out just what their weaknesses are. He’s very good at reading people- especially when he knows much more information than he lets on. In addition, he has a program on these cybernetics that allow him to understand and speak multiple different languages- nothing too extremely random, but a good amount of the more common and likely to be found ones. And finally- he has a small cybernetic insertion into his vocal cords that can help him to change his voice even further- whether he be changing pitch, or even the accent with which he speaks. All in the name of disguise and trickery.
All in all, he’s much more reliant on stealth and deceit than physical combat, though he’s not helpless. He’d much rather trick someone into trusting him, then put a knife in their chest than outright fight them to the death. He’s also a big fan of disguises and changing his appearance to fit his own needs, as well as other people’s desires.

Psychological Analysis: Jasper, all in all, seems pretty sane. He does, however, have a very altered sense of perception when sexual actions are involved. Unlike most people, who think of sex as this sort of intimate and special action… Jasper sees it more as a means to getting what you want- almost like a type of currency. This does not, however, mean he approves of rape. He’s very flirtatious and cheerful most of the time- but he reacts to tragedy much like a normal person would. He’s a bit protective of his identity around strangers, causing him to wear a mask or an alternate appearance from his normal one, at least at first. Once he warms up to a person- well, then he’ll slowly reveal the truth.

Theme Music: TBA

Threat Level: S


(Jasper is brought into the room, handcuffed)

Charles: Took you long enough, please, sit down Mr. Everhart…

Jasper: Ah… Charles Paladin, right? *Smirks a little behind his mask, before sitting lazily in the chair* Nice to finally meet you, Charles.

Charles: Likewise. It was very difficult arranging a meeting, it's harder to keep track of you than one would believe... do you know why you're here Mr. Everhart?

Jasper: Hah… I’m glad to hear that. Shows I’m doing things right- and… I could guess that you want something from me- what, I’m not positive, but something. Care to enlighten me?

Charles: (Charles grins) Well, for an interview of course! (The man shows a hint of sarcasm in his words) Care to begin?

Jasper: … *Rolls his eyes, though it’s not really visible* Why of course. It’s only natural- fine, fine… I suppose I have time. What’s your first question then? *Leans the chair back on two legs*

Charles: Alright... how would you describe yourself and your line of work?

Jasper: Ahhh… that question… Well- I guess the closest thing to what I do would be called a spy, but it’s not like I actually work for anyone specific. I basically fuck over major corporations- observe and learn everything I can about a person before seducing them and then killing them. *Shrugs* I deal largely in information but I’m not afraid to kill someone, or get into a fight.

Charles: And what drives you to do such a thing...?

Jasper: … Ah. Right. You want to know what happened in my past to drive me to want to kill someone like I do- you want to know why I became such a fucked up person- *Smirks, though it’s still not visible* It’s fun. I like to trick people into trusting me and then show them just how truly stupid they are- plus… well- everyone has grudges, right? I find those people willing to pay big bucks to take down major players in this fucked up world and I… ‘convince’ them to hire me.

Charles: So you simply do this because you 'like' it?

Jasper: … I like it, yeah. I like it, it pays good money, and it gives me a chance to find revenge upon all those rich snobby fuckers who let people rot out on the streets every day- *Growls a little in frustration, not having meant to say that* … I have a bit of a vendetta, yeah. They pissed me off- so I make sure I enjoy their suffering. Make sure I make them suffer like my mom and I suffered.

Charles: Oh...? Does your hatred for the rich and powerful make originate from some horrid childhood of the sort?

Jasper: Of course you’d assume that- whatever… it’s not like it was that bad. I mean, yeah, my dad was some rich bastard who paid my mom for a good time then ditched us when he learned I was a thing. But it’s more of what I’ve seen happen- of how desperate people get while the privileged rule from their golden palaces. It’s fucked up.

Charles: (leans back on his chair) Then I believe I would be the greatest target of all then... because from what I've seen the people you've killed don't have anywhere near the same amount of influence as me... (The man smiles to Jasper)

Jasper: … Hmph. I’d probably have gotten a hit on you sometimes- but honestly, you’d be pretty hard to fool. I seduce people, come on- I’d have to crossdress for weeks to get to you and although I won’t deny I can fool the straightest men into thinking I’m a woman- *Smirks some* It’s hard work. And there’s very few brave enough to hire me to even try and target you- let alone anyone with the money. And… well, you’re not completely bad. You run the goddamn prison- even if I’m being thrown into it.

Charles: Well you did happen to attack some of my corporations suits... did you not? I won't deny there's some rotten sheep in my herd, but I believe you already know my opinion on your actions, because you're inside these walls rather than out of them…

Jasper: … Ah. Them. *Smirks* They were fun… And yeah, I kinda figured- I fucked up messing with your people. Thought I could get away with it- probably could have if I was more careful. But- *Leans forward suddenly, dropping the chair onto all four legs* I have to say, I was curious. I wanted to see what you’re like- the information I can gather on you is much, much too little.

Charles: (Charles smiles) So I've heard. I have no personal problem with your actions, you killing those men... but I have standards, at least... I have to keep a public face. In truth, there's another reason I brought you here for this interview.

Jasper: … *Seems a little surprised by that response, but grins all the same- before cocking his head to the side* Oh- really? Now this sounds interesting… Please- do tell. *Leans back again, resting his feet on the table*

Charles: (Charles slides six files over the table to Jasper) I'm building a team... Task Force 0... I'm taking the inmates with the highest sentences in the city and using them to regain order in this city. You heard of the incident not too long ago...? When the inmate Kraven took over the city and killed millions...?

Jasper: … *Sits up, his body language alone showing interest as he picks up the files and starts flipping through them* Ahh… *Listens as he looks, though smirking softly* Highest sentences huh?... Impressive… And yeah- of course I remember. I was almost expecting someone to hire me to go after him- never happened though. What about it though…?

Charles: I would rather a situation like that not happen again. Unfortunately there are jobs that my men are either not qualified for... or it just plain isn't legal... you get what I mean...?

Jasper: … So basically you need people, strong fighting people, who can do whatever the hell you want them to without having to worry about being discovered. *Slides the files back, crossing his arms behind his head* … Where do I come into play here? Don’t tell me you’re wanting to include me in this little- what, ‘Task Force 0’?

Charles: Well look through the files... you'll find... a beaf-head... a mercenary... a mass-murderer... not quite the most tactically sound team... I need someone in espionage... someone that can think smart... if my team was just a bunch of enforcers their role would be rather limited, don't you think?

Jasper: … Ah. Yeah- I have them. *Taps the side of his head, chuckling a little* … Hm… I guess you do have a point. Sneaking around is much more my style- *Grins* … So what’s in it for me anyways, hm? Just why should I work for you anyways?

Charles: Well... I am a business man Jasper. If you work for me I can arrange a deal... it can be your freedom, information, riches, anything of the like... and all I want in return is help.

Jasper: … Finally you call me Jasper and not ‘Mr. Everhart’- *Laughs some* … Anything, huh… within reason, I imagine… I… I might have to get back to you on that… *Seems distracted a moment* … You don’t care what happens between members of the team right? *Chuckles softly*

Charles: Of course not! Though you know that if you kill someone on the team I'll have to replace them... and that will be very difficult... I've already recruited three members of the team so far... with you it'll finally be well rounded... the others... they'll be a bit harder to recruit... so we may have to wait until this Holiday Killer business is done first…

Jasper: Ah… good, good- *Stops, seeming to be staring but who can really tell with that mask* … I have no intentions of killing them. The people in this prison have a good enough chance of doing that for me anyways. And three of them hm- which ones? Hopefully some of the cuter ones- *Smirks* … Ah.. Holiday Killer again, hm…? How… boring. Hopefully it’s over soon- I can’t wait to meet the others…

Charles: Ms. Dragovich, Mr. Rommel, and Mr. Rei- darn I forgot his name... the one with the german accent! Anyways, you can expect The Boss, The Valkyrie, and Zombie to be aboard the team in a few days... I expect that recent events won't pan out as I like…

Jasper: This should be fun. *Laughs in amusement, already re-scanning the files with his cybernetics to look them all over* It’s Reinhardt, by the way. And… Very well… Though, I can’t help but wonder how you’re going to get the ladies in that bunch to listen… Seems like you’ve got a very strong bunch here, Charles- I can’t wait to see what you have planned, gathering so many powerful people in one place…

Charles: Reinholden- right! Anyways... no worries about them... I already have a plan set in motion. The man... can be bribed with money. Of course... when the team is fully assembled... there will be a few issues regarding everyone getting along... hopefully you all can grow on each other…

Jasper: … *Just gives up, shaking his head a little* … Ah… I certainly believe you’ll find a way to make them work for you… The offer is hard to refuse, after all. And sure- though I can tell this one chick is going to hate me. *Laughs some, seeming rather unbothered* The rest should be fun… I can try and make them get along. Fighting among us is just going to be a pain in the ass when we actually need to fight someone else.

Charles: Of course... though I believe that once you all get into danger, you'll bond quickly. I'm not sure if they need to make anyone do anything... well anyways, we're done here. My guards will escort you to your new home, sir.

Jasper: Hmph… or try to kill each other. *Laughs dryly* We’ll see. We’ll just have to see… very well. *Stands and stretches before heading on out, though glancing back once he reached the door* … It was nice speaking with you, Charles. Very enlightening. *Grins, before heading out accompanied by the guards*


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  MercutianUnknown on Tue Jan 21, 2014 7:24 pm


Mercutian Unknown

William Arcos

Gonzo the Great





Relationship Status:

Notable Crimes:
Disturbing the Peace, Vandalism, Sexual Harassment, Stalking, Kidnapping, Ransom, Bombing Threats, Trading in Illegal Explosives, Innumerable Cases of Rape, Terrorism, Destruction of Private Property, Public Property, Government Property, Mass Arson, Mass Murder... (Has agreed to confess to his final crime in his Interview)

The Muppets

Assignment in Faction:

Fighting Style:
Gonzo is a Skilled boxer and fought in the ring for several years before joining Kermit in his escapades He is known for his skill in unarmed combat and full willingness to fight dirty, in every sense of the word, he likes using brass knuckles and cheap shots. Gonzo is known for his love of explosives and dangerous chemicals. He's most famous for firing himself out of a cannon at his foes with bombs strapped to his chest setting them off. This tactic is made possible by the nano cybernetics produced in his skin cells and bone structures that make him immune to explosive forces and blunt attacks, the cells in his ears are also immune to the high pressure blasts and if he braces himself on the ground an explosion won't even phase him. He's also accustomed to wearing blast proof clothes. However he is still very vulnerable to electricity, bullets & bladed weapons.

Psychological Analysis:
Gonzo has a crass and perverted mind as well as a sexually dominant psychopathic ego. He's stalked numerous people that fit into a certain character type; Tall Muscular Young Men; Following stalking them for from days to weeks before growing bored with them, encounters with him usually lead anywhere between sexual harassment to breaking into his victim's home threatening to kill his victim followed by aggressive rape and the murder of his victim either through physical and sexual mutilation and torture or from the whole destruction of his home via explosives... Gonzo has a sick love to fill people with terror. He's known for torturing people, intimidating people and dealing out threats. He likes taking people hostage, kidnapping people, making them feel helpless, and inspiring terror in the masses in general, he doesn't care as much about being known for his crimes although he does greatly enjoy the notoriety so long as people are filled with fear and terrorized... He's been labeled The Ideal Terrorist.

Theme Music:
Gonzo's Theme - What You Feel

Gonzo Battle Theme - City

Threat Level:



Gonzo is brought into the room, handcuffed. As he's brought int Charles is just there, sitting, his hands clasped together

Charles: Please... take a seat...

Gonzo: (Gonzo walks into the room looking around at Charles and the room in general...) This is IT!? Well I can see you don't know how to accommodate someone of "REAL" Stature... (As the last guard was about to leave Gonzo smacked him firmly on the bottom of his ass and whistled very promiscuously then winked at the guard... The guard gave him the finger then Gonzo growled sexually at him... Then he looked back to the room and sat down in the chair and put his feet up on the table)... So... I guess you're the big wig huh? Big ol' Charlie P... It's a pretty big name.

Charles: *Charles narrows his eyes into a glare* In between word of mouth, and your record... I think I've seen enough of you already. Your lucky Paladin Industries opposes the death penalty... or I'd try to end your life myself... *Charles looks through Gonzo's dossier* alright... shall we begin this interview...?

Gonzo: I don't see why not... Come on Charlie baby give me your best shot.

Charles: Why don't we adress the elephant in the room...? Your criminal record... care to explain...?

Gonzo: (Looks down at his watch in some confusion) Damn this thing it's never working properly... Huh? Oh I'm sorry... What's wrong with it? I figured there would be enough there for your guys to put down.

Charles: Ahem... *lets out an annoyed grunt* the mass murder, rape, terrorism, kdinapping... youv'e literally done just about everything... why...? Do you have some reason...?

Gonzo: Ah! That!... Well hmm... how to explain?... (Gonzo thinks to himself still messing with his Phone Watch) ... Well I started as a Boxer in Romania... Then I got a job offer from a very close friend of mine to grab some really rare (illegal) materials... He said he'd pay top dollar and we ended up holding a hotel hostage... it was like an old terrorism movie... well once I got into it I just couldn't stop it was too much fun... Scaring people, inspiring fear, Having Power... Whether it be killing a loved one, blowing up an office building, or breaking into some guys house for some "Late Night Fun"... I was hooked.

Charles: You're a sociopath that's what you are... truly a monster. Your dossier reads like a novel... and a very droll one. And you're affiliated with this 'Muppets' group...? I was under the belief that this organization died out long ago... what do you have to say for yourself...?

Gonzo: Yup! (Smiling very proud of his repetour... When the word Droll came up he was about to commen then Charles used the word affiliated.... Gonzo glared at Charles with one eye) 'Affiliated?'... Charlie m'man?... I don't think you understand... I AM GONZO THE  GREAT! THE NUMBA ONE DIRECTOR OF THE MUPPETS!... And please of course you'd think we were dead... That's what we wanted you to think... (His watched beeped once then powered down...) Aw fuck this broke ass thing!

Charles: Alright... I'll bite... why bother to hide...? I doubt you were afraid of Paladin or the Vigilantes...

Gonzo: *sigh* (Inhales deeply)... OK OK... I'm sorry man, here let's just calm down...  No you're right it wasn't that... the reason we went underground wasn't because of the Vigilantes or you guys... no offense... No no no... you see we were on a high streak, had most of Eurpoe's underground underfoot, easy street got me?... but something happened, our plans made a halt... there was too much crime... too much chaos... Our job was to throw the whole globe into confusion but we couldn't do that without order... so we faked our deaths, sold out most of Europe's mobs at the time to the police, and sat on the cash until you and the European police handled everything.

Charles: *Charles grins* You're going to need to wait a long time before a semblance of order exists in this world... anywhere in the world... especially after the events that transpired a few months ago... crime is on the rise now.

Gonzo: (Gonzo Chuckles Lighly)... Chaaaaaarlie baaaaaaby... don't you get it?... that's why were back, right now is the perfect time to escalate that rise to beyond repair... to where only we rule.

Charles: (Charles grins widens, though he's obviously just pissed off) You're just going around announcing that to one of the world's greatest Is this a challenge?

Gonzo: (Gonzo spreads his arms as if he were on a stage) It wouldn't be fair to the rest of the world if nobody knew what was happening would it?... Not only that but I'm here to talk to you about something else as well.

Charles: (The man raises an eyebrow) And what else would there be? Go on...

Gonzo: I was informed that a number of my friends are here in the prison... Rowlf, Sweetums and Mr. Fozzy?... unless I've been misinformed. (Sounding Like he knows he wasn't)

Charles: (Charles grins again) I'm afraid there are too many inmates in this city for me to keep count... I couldn't tell you...

Gonzo: (Looks legitimately sad) Aww come on Charles?... Nothin'?... Come on man I know you're way too professional to not know who's in here... (Suddenly Gonzo's watch went off again beeping loudly then stopping and a light turning on.)... Aww shit... Charles man could you help me with this thing?

Charles: (Charles glares to the guards) How was this man allowed to bring that infernal contraption in here!? (Charles shoots a glare to Gonzo) Give the guards your watch...

Gonzo: (He pulls up his sleeve and points to the watch... the leather on the watch seems to have been melted into his skin.)... During a job a few years back I let of a couple boom rods and the damn thing fused to my wrist.

Charles: (Charles twitches for a moment, more anger) That's disgusting... turn the damn thing off... and get back to what you were going to tell me... I already deal with enough inmates that sound just like that watch... I don't need another annoying high-pitched sound ringing through my ears for the rest of the day...

Gonzo: Try calling it's number 744-425-8888... that should shut it off.

Charles: (Charles immediately shoots a glare to Gonzo) I swear to god if your watch blows up ANYTHING you're paying for the damages... (Charles fists quickly ball up in anger) I'm serious...

Gonzo: It won't it won't there's nothing in the damn thing... they would have cut it off my wrist and bandaged me up if it had any gun powder or C4 in it.

Just call it so it'll shut off, it's vibrating through my arm and I can hear it even if I plug my ears.

Charles: It doesn't need to be in the watch... but fine... I'll play your game... (Charles shoots a glare to one of his guards, whom quickly pulls out a phone of some sort and calls the number) ...

Gonzo: (The watch blimps its light off and turns silent)... Whoooo!... I'm sorry man... That usually doesn't happen... Thank you so much... (He then looked down at his watch seeing the time)... Oh well where were we?... Right my friends... So you really don't got anything?... C'mon one of 'ems my old partner I was really hoping to see him... (Sounds oddly sincere and caring)

Charles: (Charles readies for some sort of explosion, but nothing happens) Ahem... (He raises an eyebrow again to Gonzo as he listens) I am a senile old man... you couldn't possibly believe that I'd know everyone in this city...

Gonzo: Alrighty then... Anymore you wanna ask? (Grumbles to himself) where did you go Errik

Charles: Erik...?

Gonzo: (Gonzo eyed Charles)... Nevermind you wouldn't care... you already said you don't know where he is... "SWEETUMS"... my ol' boyfriend... Errik Brandr Janith... But anyway why don't you keep asking so we can get this over with. (Looks legitimately disappointed)

Charles: Okay then... do you have a REAL name?

Gonzo: (Gonzo looked at Charles quizzically)... My name is Gonzo the Great, my friends call me Gonzo, Sis calls me Gonzy, my name in the kick boxing ring was Mr.W.M.D.... But I take it you mean the name my parents gave me?

Charles: Indeed... I highly doubt that this is your birthname... its all the same with you scum... you find a colorful name to go by and you throw aside your real name... its a rather laughable notion really...

Gonzo: Sorry Charlie, not all of us like the names our parents give us.

Charles: (Charles glares at Gonzo) It's not a matter of -liking- your name sir...

Gonzo: (Gonzo Glares back at Charles and leans in so their faces were as close as her could make them... then blew Charles a kiss)... Call me Gonzo Charlie or I'm going to be a lot less fun... but if you must know... My parents wanted to name me William Arcos.

Charles: (Charles' glare intensifies) Don't play with me sir... very well then... back on the subject of your list of crimes... I've noticed a particular statement on your dossier...

Gonzo: Really?... Oh You mean that... (Smirks knowingly)

Charles: What is this about a crime you wish to confess to in this interview...?

Gonzo: Well you seeeeeeeeeeee... I just committed it a few minutes ago.

Charles: ...

Gonzo: (Gonzo held up his watch on his arm and the light turned on and off as he pointed to it...) Iiiiiii'm so soooorry Charile dear, but this wouldn't have been half as fun if I called that number myself... although props for catching on sooooooo quickly (Smirks Arrogantly)

Charles: (Charles grins) And what did you just do...? (His fists clench together)

Gonzo: Did you Ever Wonder what happens when your phone's lithium Battery over charges? (Gonzo's watch had just called Charles' phone 3,000 times simultaineously from seperate randomly generated numbers, The battery would be overheating to the point of almost being on fire.)

Charles: (Charles' eyes suddenly widen, he quickly shoots a glare to Gonzo) What in the...!? (He quickly pulls out his phone it begins to overheat, then it just catches fire. Charles quickly tosses it to one of his gaurds' faces) GET RID OF IT! (The guard lets out a scream due to the burning, but then immediately complies to his orders) DO YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST PLAY PRANKS ON ME SIR...!?

Gonzo: (Gonzo Breaks out laughing at Charles' reaction.) HAHAHAHAHAHA JESUS MAN! HAHAHA CHARLIE YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE! (Then The Guard with the Flaming Phone ran off to dispose of it... he then looked up at Charles) Oh Why can't I Charlie?... It's so easy and fun... you even knew it was coming and didn't expect it... You know what?... you remind me a lot of someone Charlie m'man... I think he'd like you.

Charles: (Charles grimaces at Gonzo) And who would that be...?

Gonzo: Oh!... nevermind... it doesn't matter... So what's next Charlie Baby? What else do you need to know of my Grrrrreatness? Come on more questions baby! (Gonzo loves talking about himself)

Charles: Yes... what do you think of the events that unfolded a few months ago? When San Francisco and Chicago were destroyed...?

Gonzo: (smiles in amusement) Ah yeeeeeesssss!... I have heard sooooooo much about the "Kraven Inncident" That guy knew how to REEEEEALLLY PUT THE FEAR INTO THE MASSES YOU KNOW MAN! YOU KNOW THAAAAAT'S WHAT IT"S ALL ABOUT!

Charles: (Charles scowls to Gonzo) Of course... so what is the purpose of your organization, right now?

Gonzo: Purpose?... we really don't have a 'Purpose' per say... Our orriginal job was to make the World a better place... you know grow the World back to what it was before everything 20 years ago... right after the Cataclysm.

Charles: And where did you stray from your original job then sir...? Or are you stil convinced you're somehow fixing everything? (Charles eagerly taps his fingers against the table)

Gonzo: Of course we are... (Gonzo said it like he didn't rape and terrorize people on a daily basis)... Kermit started our philosophy... He and Fozzy... Do you know what a truly free, fair and balanced World looks like Charlie Baby?... ... ... (He sounded like he was reciting something from heart, something someone else had said once) Hatred, Sorrow, Fear, Death, Chaos... These are what fuel the World into Motion and the World needs to move... A fair World is PUUUUUUUURE CHAOS, A balanced World is lead by strength and the will to do, A truly Free World is where noone is better than another save by strength and The Will to Do What Others will not... Those With Strength and Will... Will lead the World, as Gods.

Charles: Heh... I've heard plenty of similar opinions from other inmates before... you'll fit right in. I respectfully disagree, call me old-fashioned, but I long for the days where society still had a semblance of order. Nothing was ever perfect... but this certainly isn't any better. I believe we're done here... I've heard all I needed to hear from you sir...

Gonzo: (Looks Legitimately Sad) Awwwwwwwwwww.... You sure you don't want some prrrrrrrivate fun?!... (Flexes Eybrows and speaks low and seductively) Uhuh Charlie Baaaaaby?

Charles: (Grimaces to Gonzo) No, we're done here. You may leave now... good luck on finding whomever you were looking for.

Gonzo: (The Guards start dragging Gonzo out of the room) Oh come on guys... Please? This is fuuuuun! (He yells once more from down the hall) CAAAAAALL MEEEEE CHARLIE BABY!

Charles: (Charles looks to one of the guards once Gonzo has left) I don't believe it would be wise to let this man free in the city... please contact The Family. There's someone that may want to deal with him...


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  RichNuttyTaste on Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:25 pm



Wei -No last name-

The Vermilion Phoenix  

I don't know. -A few months-
I got that dangling thing. Male
Relationship Status:
Notable Crimes:
I was born...
Faction: Task Force 0/ Suicide Squad

Assignment in Faction: (Look at the lore page if you have a returning character. If no leave blank until your character is assigned.)

Fighting Style:

He innately knows multiple martial arts, most are striking offensive tactics mixed with pseudo-military fighting styles. He exhibits strange and periodical fits of "Instinct", allowing him to react quickly to attacks or dire events. This can give him an educated guess on how one may move and act this compensates for his lack of speed on his own. His body seemed to be genetically modified to move in strange flexible motions that would seem inhuman, this could be a mechanism to get out of restraints and grapple holds easier.  

-----------------------------------------------------THE BLADES-----------------------------------------------------

He incorporates a sword styles, most seem to be a mixed Asian sword styles. It resembles most Chinese Styles and Iaido leading with the tip of blade and slashing motions--also it shows a bit of maneuverability... The style's more advance techniques desires and needs break neck speeds to be fully powerful. The sheathe is a mixture of a gun and a scabbard to house the weapon, when not holding the sword it fires at the speed of a runaway Mack truck, the wielder would need significant strength and speed to catch it--but when one does they get to use the  destructive momentum of the blade.
The Blade vibrates at high frequencies that makes high speed but minor movements that are not really noticeable. In a sense it could be bastardize as a chainsaw blade without the chain...or without a saw...Really it's just a fancy blade that can cut really well, even some metals. The blade is made of carbon alloys
----------------------------------------------------- THE BODY -----------------------------------------------------
His body is heavily genetically modified, using a next generation superdrug. The superdrug is not really a drug, only at it's initial injection. The drug is actually thousands upon hundreds bacteria that manipulate and create systems in the body. These small micro-organisms infects the host, and only provides for that host. The beneficiary, when they activate the bacteria's "Vermilion" state, gains heighten speed, strength, endurance and durability. The drug does allow for some regeneration, but only minor--that's why his facial scarring hasn't healed, in theory it should take months for it to heal.
Whiled designed to have a function similar to this, it turns into a horrible curse for the user. When used at all, the body begins to go through high activity trying to flush out the bacteria, causing a fever, but the bacteria use this to their advantage to give ridiculous amounts inhospitable degree of fiery heat. This is not as deadly to the user as it is for the enemy or those who can resist extreme heat. The heat radiates from him leaving anything near him in a stone's throw in the basking arid heat. The host feels pain, but it's debatable on how much--anywhere to agony to slight discomfort.

Psychological Analysis:
There seems to be amnesiac disorder built upon physical and mental trauma done in the few months. His recovery seems to be going very well.
With his origins unknown to him due to memory loss he has a lot self-doubt about himself, and tends to retract himself from other--He doesn't trust much either, even himself to some extent. He has shown to show interest in the human psyche though, the strange interest has taken him doubt his own existence and way.
He lacks any sort of identity, re-enforced by the loss of his facial skin. In theory his disconnection could lead to multiple disorders and even megalomania...He tends to veer towards more logical assumptions and thoughts than anything poetic, although he does love conceptual thoughts and ideas. Shows minimal regard for those in his way or survival.

More in-depth though he shows to have not a very tactful mind, his mindset is based in the idea of "I am Right, Not Good-Hearted. Being Right is Being Good", he showed this in an experiment where he was punished because he had killed three researchers and was told he couldn't have anything to eat, he made due with the researchers corpses. Shows animal like tendencies, like dominance by physical strength, stalking prey, and many others

He very prone to fits of rage, his rage seems to be almost feel good for him--this included things like hate and even more rage. Also he blacks out for short times, and refers to older memories without knowledge of so--this often leads to him speaking in another voice.

Theme Music: Receive and Slash You

Threat Level: Threat Level C


(Here is how the interview works. First of all you need a Skype account. You will need it for this interview. The interview might take anywhere between 10 minutes to, well... a very long time. The length of the interview will also vary. It will be much more interactive and flexible than the interview from acts 1 and 2. In this interview, your character has been forcibly brought in from No Man's Land (if they have been in No Man's Land prior to this RP) or from the outside world (If they are new inmates) to Paladin HQ for an interview. Much to their surprise they find that they are being interviewed by Charles Paladin, the very owner of the prison (Or in some cases his personal assistant). It is a dark room, with only a single damp light in the middle. There are two wooden chairs, a wooden table between them. Charles sits upon the chair on the opposite side of the room. He is holding your characters dosier. You will contact (Adam Severino AKA Pan) on Skype, where you will conduct the interview via Skype. After it is done please copy and paste the entire interview into this profile. Your profile does not need an approval after the interview is done. However, the rest of the profile must be completeled and posted in this thread before you begin the interview.)

Wei is brought into the room, handcuffed and acompanied by two guards. Once brought into the room, he sees a wooden table with two wooden chairs. At the other side of the table is Charles Paladin.

Wei is brought into the room, handcuffed and acompanied by two guards. Once brought into the room, he sees a wooden table with two wooden chairs. At the other side of the table is Charles Paladin.

Charles: Please, sit down. We have much to talk about...
Wei- I think we don't I'm here because of you. Are you gonna tell me who or what am I...

Wei refused to sit down but stares with his disgusting burned face with teeth bare-

Charles: Of course I will... but perhaps I should introduce myself first, it's only common courtesy. You may call me Charles Paladin. Head of Paladin Industries, builder of the new world, supreme authority... you get the point, right? (Charles grins to Wei)

Wei-You make it seem like I care about those fancy titles -He grimaces and gets close to Charles's Face- I don't care who you are, what your name is, or how big your goddamn ego is!                                               -The room somewhat flares with heat as Wei's rage builds- I don't even know the world your talking about, all I know that world is your little building and my pen....So it seems like you don't rule much

Charles: (Charles grimaces back to Wei) Well perhaps what I have to say next will enlighten you... without me, you would not exist, sir. Or should I call you Wei?

Wei--looks toward Charles in disbelief as he realizes that this man really does know who he is- So that's my name...I don't think I owe you that much anyways, it's your little "kindness" that left in the deplorable state...But I don't have much of a choice here... -Wei still refuses to sit, but stands away from Charles..His eyes still looking at him with a mixture of disbelief and rage-

Charles: Mr Wei... I, am a capitalist. A true businessman... I don't do ANYTHING for anyone unless I know I'll get something back in return. But trust me on this... if you prove to be a competent individual... you'll find yourself to be quite the happy man...

Wei-I don't know much about those, but if I get what I want. -He sighed, he looked as if he was pained to say his next few words- I guess we're in agreement, so I guess I was always planned for this..I should know better. I reluctantly accept you, son of a bitch.

Charles: How direct, I like it! There are few people in this world that'd have the balls to speak to me like that... of course... you could just be foolish. But yes... you will be pleasantly surprised by how your life will change once you are under my employ... it's a symbiotic relationship you see! You help me out... and I help you... as long as we both work together we'll both be happy. So seeing as how you're new to this whole... heh... life thing... how about I explain just what exactly this facility is?

Wei- The most men are just cowards -Wei slowly raises his non-existence eyebrow, his chard facial skin cracks..A demented smile- If it's mutually beneficial I have no wrong against it. I guess this is my purpose...-Wei drew his head back in confusion, he never really thought about the facility purpose before- I feel like your just going to stroke your ego more regardless if I say No -He meant yes-

Charles: Either way I'm going to explain it all! This facility is known as "No Man's Land"... Paladin Industries seeks to make the world a better place you see... it's our mission statement. No Man's Land is just one of many projects we've been working up. Since the rise of the Super Criminals over the past years... we've found that ordinary prisons are quite useless with holding the new, special kind of criminal... No Man's Land on the other hand... it's not only fitted with the greatest technology Paladin has to offer... it's built to hold these criminals for life. YOU... however, have been charged with the gravest crime of all in this facility...

Wei- /Wei stiffens as he hears news of his sentence/ No! No! NO! I'm not a criminal! I didn't do anything! You motherfucker! I just only start living, I can't even believe who I am or what I am. I don't deserve this "No Man's Land" I don't want this! /Another heat wave pass through as Wei rams his head into the guard knocking them out- You lie! Tell me the truth now! /Wei breaks the wooden table as it is lit aflame, he rears his head toward Charles's/ Tell me!

Charles: *Charles stays completely still despite Wei's outburst* You were born here. That was your crime. Once you enter No Man's Land... you can never leave. That is the unfortunate truth about this facility. Every year people are born in this city... and they live and die here. You are no different. Sure... you weren't BORN per say... but close enough. This is your home Wei... get used to it... you'll find it to be most accommodating so long as you stay on my good side.
Wei- Wha...Heh! Hahaha! /Wei begins to laugh hysterically, he collapses to his knees../ HAHAHA! So my nursery is my cell...To be honest...I can't be surprised anymore...Am I human at least? /Wei smiles in grief/ Guess I can't do much! I don't want to be here.....

Charles: Human...? Why would being human be so important...? Well either way... your close enough... I would argue you're MORE than human... an upgrade to be exact, but whatever floats your boat. But let me tell you this Wei... no one wants to be here... I didn't even want to make this facility... but it is a necessity... an old friend of mine convinced me of this long ago. You'll find your situation to be similar... you may find yourself to be born into a cage... but your birth had purpose... and that's more than most of us could ever dream of... purpose...

Wei-/Wei slowly turns his head to Charles, hate was lost, but curiosity/..Hehehaha!/He somberly laughed/ Best one of two right? I have no friends, so I can't say we understand each other that much /He slowly rose to his feet/ Will it allow me to leave this facility? Will I be free?

Charles: Well... how about we make a deal...? You'll meet some new people... possibly friends... and it'll give you the chance to earn your freedom. IF you surive that is...

Wei- /His smile returns if not only for a moment at the idea of freedom/ Yes Yes! I would like that...Freedom...I can really have that? Friends...I would like that too...but the idea of walking on my own...I'll surivive anything, I lived too short for it to end here! What is it that you want?

Charles: I'd like you to join Task Force 0... it's a little extra deal... we can make it if you want... but I won't force you into it. It has been nicknamed the "Suicide Squad" by its members... you'll be given the most dangerous missions Paladin has to offer... ones that normal Paladin Operatives would not survive... the team is made up of those similar to you... inmates trapped within this prison seeking to get another chance at life... if you serve long enough... Paladin will promise to give you anything you wish for... you want freedom? We'll be willing to bend the rules to give you a ticket out of here... provided you're worth bending the rules... and, oh... I'm getting the feeling that you will be...

Wei- You're making it really hard for me not to say no.  I'll do whatever you'd like. So this Suicide Squad, how many are like me...are you like me?

Charles: Oh... you'll have to find out yourself. As for me...? Well.. heh... you're pretty perceptive... but I won't say anything more on the matter.

Wei--/Laughs/ What is my role in this team..?

Charles: Well... how about you tell me about your skills and talents sir...?

Wei--Well you made me. It should be clear, but I'll humor your little query.../Wei looks at his hands/ I'm stronger than most..I can fight...I can really fight. Your men did something to me...injected me with something..Now when I get mad or I want to fight..I feel fire..I burn..and others burn when I desire it and when I don't......Sometimes I have memories..those ones often seem to have me fighting..and I like it......

Charles: Alright... let's dissect what you just said... tell me about how you fight...? Any particular training...?

Wei-/His maw lets out a gust of breath/ Viciously. I feel memories of the military too....You should know. I am more the ready to fight....You made me to fight anyways..what's with questions?!

Charles: (Charles grins for a few moments) Oh you'll fin dout soon enough... so let's talk about this "burning"... care to talk about that in detail...?

Wei-/Wei grimaces at the smirk/ My body sets itself on fire becuase of those drugs your men thought would be nice to give me...My body just makes feels nice and toasty
Charles: And I assume it burns the hell out of anyone near you... heh. Good. So, let's get to the elephant in the room here... your memories. Care to talk about them...?

Wei-I can tell it's me but not me...never hear a name though. I can't tell if there mine, I see disturbing things...things are mutilated, men are torn asunder as the beg for something that will save them. That's another question, whats God? Nevermind. /Wei sits down on the ground and stares at his 'creator'/ I have none of my own. Hell I just learned my name just now so...there's not much to go on

Charles: These memories certainly are interesting though... a shame you didn't hear a name (Charles grins again, he knows something). Perhaps you could learn more about these memories in the future... of course... there's always the chance that experiences in the present will unlock memories of the past... who knows...!

Wei-You get off on this? Are we almost done here...? I guess I have to actually go to work for you now...

Charles: Oh yes of course! I mean... the rest of the team is currently on a mission... they went to deal with an... obstocle... turns out that obstocle was allied with one of the most infamous super criminals in the city... typical day. I'm actually listening to them right now- or their screams of pain- whichever... they'll get out of it though. They always do... well... most of the time. If not then there's no shortage of talented people that want freedom here. I should probably brief you on the current situation, it will make all of this a hell lot easier for you...

Wei--I'm not them, I'm better. Since I'm not human  I guess I wouldn't have have their limitation so don't roll my existence with them...But I need a...tool. Can you give me one?

Charles: Oh... I wouldn't by any stretch of the imagination call these people human either... hell... I woudln't make enemies out of any of them... your fighting skills and talents will make you feel like you're at the top of the world. And then you'll see these people... they'll bring you back down to earth soon enough. As for a tool... ooooh yes, we've got plenty of toys. The best technology we have to offer...

Wei- I want...a blade. Something that cuts. I want to cut rend asunder, like I did in the memories..I wanna feel good, feeling good in the memories. Can you get me a blade?

Charles: The best blade money can buy. You'll be given additional equiptment from your new boss once you're united with the team as well.

Wei-Boss, eh? What are they like. Are they human?

Charles: The one you'll need to get to know... and respect, is Josephine Beaumont. Ex-Paladin Operative, Ex-Boss of Vulture Team, the largest criminal organization in the city, and current leader of the Suicide Squad. While you could make the argument that she's human... I wouldn't call her that. Nevermind her military training... she's ruthless, she kills without mercy, and she knows just about everyone in the city. She can call in favors too. IN other words... she's the person you REALLY don't want to mess with. Though I personally do enjoy pushing her buttons-

Wei-Sounds like you're afraid of her. Seems like she has someone above you, or something that can make have regrets. You don't have much of those do you. The first few days I felt a regret....It didn't feel good. You haven't had that feeling, or your just traumatized by it.../Wei begins to walk toward the back of the room/ Fine. What else is there for me?

Charles: Afraid...? Hardly. She just reminds me of myself when I was a young man. What else is there for you? You mean information? Well how about your first mission... it'll be real simple... or perhaps we should speak about that after this interview? I'd rather I speak to you without the need to treat you like a prisoner... well, too much like a prisoner. We're all prisoners here, don't you agree?

Wei-/Wei cracks mocking, or seemingly mocking smirk, from the skeletal charred ridden flesh/ The old fear the young. I think we're done here.

Charles: If that was true then I'd fear everything. And yes, I believe we are... OH- and about Josephine-...

Wei-/Wei looks toward his owner in curiosity/ No you fear your younger you, because they have the time to get rid of the broken and busted you.....What about her? I won't try anything, I want freedom so no...burning sensations..
Charles: Don't be fooled by how she looks is all I was going to say. Alright, we're done here Mr. Wei... the guards that you haven't horribly screwed over will lead you to the armory..

Wei-I'm not sorry about that

Charles: Of course you aren't- good bye.


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Emu Queen on Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:20 pm


Emu Queen

Meili Zau


Twenty-Five (25)



Lacks reproductive organs, and is therefore devoid of sexuality. Pan-romantic, though.

Relationship Status:

Notable Crimes:
A merage of war crimes-- ranging from killing civilians, usage of chemical weapons, killing prisoners, etc.


Assignment in Faction:

Fighting Style:
After a near death experience on the battlefield at a young age-- most of Meili`s body has been restored and replaced with cybernetics, the most notable addition being the twenty arms perluding from her. After a scuffle with Vulture Team back before the Kraven incident-- her arms had been buffed enough to carry a nuclear charge (via Black Dragon), if only to put her in a position where she could potentially be on par with the super weapon, Armageddon. However-- in recent times, Meili`s nuclear capabilities have been stripped. Her body is still capable of feats far beyond that of a normal human`s, and her knowledge on military tactics and techniques is more expansive than one would guess.

Psychological Analysis:
Meili is trapped in a constant state of melancholy. The past has turned her into a death-worshiping cynic, and her faith in humanity has been diminished to nonexistence. At face value-- Meili is easily intimidated to the point of tears. She is nervous and constantly worries about bothering, boring, or offending others, and is quick to conclude that she is disliked by those around her. Her fragile personality makes her an easy target for cruelty. The source of her crippling, deep-rooted self esteem issues are currently unknown.

Theme Music:
Meili`s Theme - Elephant Explosion

Threat Level:

(Here is how the interview works. First of all you need a Skype account. You will need it for this interview. The interview might take anywhere between 10 minutes to, well... a very long time. The length of the interview will also vary. It will be much more interactive and flexible than the interview from acts 1 and 2. In this interview, your character has been forcibly brought in from No Man's Land (if they have been in No Man's Land prior to this RP) or from the outside world (If they are new inmates) to Paladin HQ for an interview. Much to their surprise they find that they are being interviewed by Charles Paladin, the very owner of the prison (Or in some cases his personal assistant). It is a dark room, with only a single damp light in the middle. There are two wooden chairs, a wooden table between them. Charles sits upon the chair on the opposite side of the room. He is holding your characters dosier. You will contact (Adam Severino AKA Pan) on Skype, where you will conduct the interview via Skype. After it is done please copy and paste the entire interview into this profile. Your profile does not need an approval after the interview is done. However, the rest of the profile must be completeled and posted in this thread before you begin the interview.)

Charles: Hello there, please, make yourself comfortable...


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  LadyNightshade8703 on Tue Mar 04, 2014 12:59 am


Username: LadyNightshade8703

Name: Tallia and Amillia

Codename: The Sisters of Fate

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7"

Sexuality: Unknown

Relationship Status: None

Notable Crimes: Murder, kidnapping, terrorism  

Faction: To The Highest Bidder

Assignment in Faction: Assassin

Fighting Style: Tallia is a master swordsmen and Amillia is a master gunmen and both good at hand-to-hand combat, they are never with out the other close by.   

Psychological Analysis: do to the traumatizing past both girls show different signs of mental unhealth.These girls have been broken in so many ways they had to find a way to over come, deal with and survive the brutality they had to deal with. Tallia seems to be in denial about what is happening around her most of the time and has and weird happy out look on everything as Amillia on the other hand is the complete opposite of her twin sister. Where Tallia is mostly happy Amillia is very depressive and cold. Amillia chooses to only see the bad and the horror with in the world and doesnt let anyone get close to her, the only one she accepts is her sister Tallia

Theme Music:

Threat Level:


Tallia and Amillia are brought into the room, both handcuffed. Before them is a wooden table, with wooden chairs on both sides. At the opposite side of the table sits Charles Paladin.
Charles: Ah, you've arrived! Unfortunately we only have on chair at the moment for the interview... very sorry for the inconvenience.

Tallia and Amillia looks at each other and Tallia smiles as Amillia sits first then she sits down on her sisters lap
Tallia: Oh its okay Mister we know how to share
she says with a cute giggle

Charles: Oookay then... very well. Please, introduce yourselves.

Tallia smiles
Taillia: Hi Hi my name is Tallia and this is my sister Amillia, say hi Amillia
Amillia: ........

Charles: And are you aware of what crimes you have been charged with...?

Tallia: Sorry she doesnt really talk much but a lot of people say I take to much so I guess it balances out
Tallia giggles
Tallia: Ummm I think so

Charles: Very well then. Your occupations are listed as "Assassin", would you please explain yourselves in this regard?

Tallia keeps smiling like nothing is wrong
Tallia: Sure Mister
she leans forward a bit
Tallia: Well times are tough really and my sister and I just love to play with people but usually they die
she giggles a little again
Amillia:.....don't act like you don't know already Mister
Amillia says an emotionaless expression on her face

Charles: And you do this... for money? Correct?

Tallia sits up straight being chreefull
Tallia: Yep Yep, why is something the matter Mister?
then she looks very confused

Charles: Nothing is wrong, this is exactly as expected from an inmate in my facility. And what clients have you had before? Whom have you worked for?

Tallia smiles and winks at Charles
Tallia: Sorry Mister I simply can not give such info, you of all people should know about client  confidentiality

Charles: You'd be surprised how much assassins like to brag about their clients in these interviews... very well then, so you two are twins? What about the rest of your family?

Amillia looks away with disgust
Tallia: well thats not very nice of them to do so, oh well not our problem. Oh our family ya there long dead
she said that without even blinking but just keeps smiling

Charles: Ahem... I see then. And where do you primarily operate as assassins?

Amillia: that's a stupid question
Tallia looks at her sister
Taliia: Sister be nice, its not our fault he doesn't know anything
she said with a giggle at the end then she looks back at Charles
Tallia: What my sister means is well we go anywhere we're nedded

Charles: *Narrows his glare towards the two* I see... and just ow do you go about your jobs? Any particular favorite form of killing?

Amillia glares are back at Charles while Tallia just keeps smiling
Tallia: Oh we play games with them, do you wanna play with us Mister? we're getting bored here there is nothing to do
Amillia: My sister loves anything with a blade and she loves to get close and cut them into ribbons while I on the other hand like things that go bang bang bang
she said it so coldly and with out emotions

Charles: Ah, how refresing to see killers go back to the basics- it's been awhile since an assassin hasn't been a cyborg or anything else in that degree of craziness... so, are you aware of the various factions within No Man's Land?

Tallia: Well its more fun this way and we are very skilled with playing with others
Amillia: You wanna play Mister?
Tallia: Oh yes that would be some much fun, Mister you wanna come play with us?
Tallia looks so cheerful

Charles: No.  Keep in mind that you're both handcuffed, on camera, and there are guards right outside this room. Don't try anything...

Tallia: Oh please please Mister we're so bored
Amillia leans closer to her sister
Tallia: Oh the more the marrier and we dont mind if people watch

Charles: NO. Now back to the interview at hand. I will ask again, are you familiar with this facility? It is no ordinary prison...

Amillia: You'r no fun Mister, no fun at all
Tallia: Wow really?!
Tallia perks right up
Tallia: Whats so special about this place?

Charles: You didn't notice already...? It's a whole, massive, decayed city located in the middle of the desert... no one gets in, no one gets out. The inmates aren't put into cells, they're just let into the city to live their own lives... sealed off from teh rest of humanity.

Amillia: If no one gets in how did we get here? there is a faul in your logic Mister
Tallia: Oh wow so thats what the big wall thingys for

Charles: (Sighs) You're taking me too literally here miss, save for the prisoners that are sent in and a few specifically designated personel, no one leaves or enters- not even the prison's guards can leave...

Amillia: if that is not what you meant then you shouldn't have said such a stupid thing Mister
Tallia: Hey Mister is everyone here nice? I hope we can find someone to play with, wouldn't that be nice sister?
Taillia looks at Amillia
Amillia looks at her sister
Amillia: Yes it would

Charles: No, people here are NOT nice- you will fit in perfectly. Though chances are plenty of inmates will be gunning for your heads-

looking back at Charles Tallia tilts her head in confusion
Tallia: Why would they do that Mister?

Charles: That's just how No Man's Land is... kill or be killed... if you want to live, you better learn how it works... for better or worse, that's the onlyw ay to live here.
Tallia looks excited
Tallia: Oh wow really?! thats so cool, i hope we can make some friends

Charles: Ugh... and so I assume you have not heard of Vulture Team and The Family?

Tallia and Amillia: No, who's that?
they spoke at the same time

Charles: Those are the two largest factions within my facility... chances are, you'll run into them, and eventually you'll be forced to join or oppose one of them...

Tallia: Either way it sounds like we're gonna make friends so yay
she had on a big smile and giggles
Amillia: don't forget sister our friendship does come with a price

Charles: A price...? Now you're talking like assassins... speaking of which... how many years have you been in the business?

Amillia glares at Charles
Amillia: And how does a Assassin talk like usually Mister
Tallia: Oh my sister and I have been doing this for a very long time Mister, now that I think about it it's been around 10years or so now

Charles: So since you were barely teenagers...? Just HOW did that come about...?

Amillia looks away
Amillia: Don't act like you care Mister
Tallia: Now sister be nice, well you see we were 8 years old and orphins, this man came and got us, we thought we were going to a nice home finally but then he sold us to this other man and then we became sex slaves for him. Years passed by and one day things got a little to rough and well you know it is one thing leid to another and next thing we know he's dead. Well we ran and ran and people came and we fought back and next thing you know its 10 years later
Tallia said this with a smile and a few giggles here and there as Amillia still looks emotionless

Charles: A recurring story in these dark times... it's starting to sound like a broken record... with how many times I hear stories like this. You have my sympathy... but that doesn't account for anything really. Not in this world. This is a dark age where suffering begets suffering... in a never ending cycle. I believe we are pretty much done with this interview..

Amillia: Sympathy not needed
Tallia: Oh its okay, like look at us now we're just fine and okay can we go play now Mister?

Charles: Soon you may leave... is there anything else you may wish to put on record before this interview is concluded?

Tallia and Amllia look at each other for a second then they both look at Charles
Tallia and Amillia: No

Charles: Very well then... you may both leave the room. The guards will lead you out and uncuff you-

Tallia smiles
Tallia: Thank you Mister

Tallia and Amillia both get up and make there way to the guards

Taliia: Bye Mister, hope to see you again real soon
She waves at Charles

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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  RichNuttyTaste on Tue Mar 04, 2014 8:10 am


Name:  Zhuge Chang

Codename: "

Age: 42

Gender: Male

Height: 6'6 feet / Weight 265 lbs

Sexuality: Hetero

Relationship Status: Unknown

Notable Crimes Assisting in Anti-Governmental Rallies, Various War-Crimes,


Assignment in Faction: (Look at the lore page if you have a returning character. If no leave blank until your character is assigned.)

Fighting Style: Zhuge despite his massive size is a man of the scientific nature. Fighting while seen not as a strong suit for him is perhaps stronger than the average foot soldier. He utilizes various weaponry--this includes the hulking masses of metal on his body. The cybernetics he has seem almost primitive at first glance, but that's to the naked eye and the limitation of NML's black market cybernetics he's accustomed to. Weapons located on his body are a multifaceted arm attachment with main weapons being it's dual high speed construction cutters, that with ease cut through metal supports and armaments -or flesh-. Located on his knee lies a high speed chaingun with mini HEAT rounds that add an explosive punch. Zhuge has little complex military training--He actually is part of the R&D sections.

Psychological Analysis:

Theme Music: Joey Bada$$--Hardknock

Threat Level: (Leave blank, this threat level will be assigned to your character in the interview)

(Here is how the interview works. First of all you need a Skype account. You will need it for this interview. The interview might take anywhere between 10 minutes to, well... a very long time. The length of the interview will also vary. It will be much more interactive and flexible than the interview from acts 1 and 2. In this interview, your character has been forcibly brought in from No Man's Land (if they have been in No Man's Land prior to this RP) or from the outside world (If they are new inmates) to Paladin HQ for an interview. Much to their surprise they find that they are being interviewed by Charles Paladin, the very owner of the prison (Or in some cases his personal assistant). It is a dark room, with only a single damp light in the middle. There are two wooden chairs, a wooden table between them. Charles sits upon the chair on the opposite side of the room. He is holding your characters dosier. You will contact (Adam Severino AKA Pan) on Skype, where you will conduct the interview via Skype. After it is done please copy and paste the entire interview into this profile. Your profile does not need an approval after the interview is done. However, the rest of the profile must be completeled and posted in this thread before you begin the interview.)

Charles: Hello there, please, make yourself comfortable...


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Tue Mar 11, 2014 4:18 am


Username: Pan-Sensei

Name: Barbara Flamingo

Codename: Killer Queen, 7th Ranked Assassin, Thanatos

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Height: 5"3

Sexuality: Pansexual

Relationship Status: Single

Notable Crimes: Assassination of 32 high-profile targets. Public nuisance.

Faction: The Inquisitor Faction

Assignment in Faction: Assassin

Fighting Style: Killer Queen physically relies on her guitar gun, which she uses to shoot and whack her targets with. It can also be used to deflects bullets and block attacks. It has poor accuracy and cannot be used as a sniper rifle, its accuracy is more akin to a sub-machine gun. As far as her psychic powers are concerned, this is where her true danger lies. Killer Queen's psychic powers have been nicknamed "Endless Night" by the girl, it has the ability to trap her foes in their dreams and memories. She has no control over what dreams and memories she can use, so its effectiveness varies, but the side effect is usually startling enough for her to move in with her firearm to kill the target in most cases. Endless Night also has the ability to create psychic constructs of memories or dreams. Said constructs are based solely on the dreams and memories of her target, not an exact recreation of whomever or whatever the construct is.

Psychological Analysis: Killer Queen, by all means, does not fit in the assassin business. Despite being incredibly foul-mouthed and somewhat chaotic with her attitude, she seemed to genuinely have a distaste for killing in many cases. Having become an assassin only a few years ago, Killer Queen is new to her ranked position along with her own profession as an assassin. In most assassination jobs, Killer Queen will always spare the lives of everyone but the target, in the case of the target, her targets are always criminals or corrupt officials. She seemed to live by a particular code in which she only takes hits on those whom she thinks deserve it. All her targets have murdered over a dozen people at least and are often other assassins. Killer Queen also seems rather open to friendships with others, and seems to daydream a lot when left alone.

Theme Music: Killer Queen Theme - Dawn of Destiny

Threat Level: S

(Here is how the interview works. First of all you need a Skype account. You will need it for this interview. The interview might take anywhere between 10 minutes to, well... a very long time. The length of the interview will also vary. It will be much more interactive and flexible than the interview from acts 1 and 2. In this interview, your character has been forcibly brought in from No Man's Land (if they have been in No Man's Land prior to this RP) or from the outside world (If they are new inmates) to Paladin HQ for an interview. Much to their surprise they find that they are being interviewed by Charles Paladin, the very owner of the prison (Or in some cases his personal assistant). It is a dark room, with only a single damp light in the middle. There are two wooden chairs, a wooden table between them. Charles sits upon the chair on the opposite side of the room. He is holding your characters dosier. You will contact (Adam Severino AKA Pan) on Skype, where you will conduct the interview via Skype. After it is done please copy and paste the entire interview into this profile. Your profile does not need an approval after the interview is done. However, the rest of the profile must be completeled and posted in this thread before you begin the interview.)

Cricket: Hello, hello--! Would you mind having a seat? I`ve just got a few quick questions-- this`ll be over in a bit.

Killer Queen: (Barbara sits down, an unamused expression on her face) Yo, I dig the hood-

Cricket: Ah-- thank you! Gift from a friend. *She smiles politely.* Could you please state your name and occupation--?

Killer Queen: From a friend? Oh! Who would that friend be? (She asks with a friendly expression on her face) Coworker? Boss? Boyfriend?

Cricket: *Looks satisfied for a second upon receiving her name-- but then wow back on the subject of the friend--* Ah-- it`s a her. And- she`s engaged, so I doubt it`s anything like that. But-- enough about me-- this is about you! You work as an assassin, yes--?

Killer Queen: *Looks disappointed) Uh... yeah... I do some assassin work here and there...

Cricket: Enough to place you seven in the World Assassin`s Rankings? That`s quite impressive... especially at your age...

Killer Queen: Well yeah- heheh- *looks somewhat embarrassed) I guess it's pretty cool. I never really thought much about it at first... I mean- I'm not doing it for the money-

Cricket: Ah- I see- if not for money, then what-?

Killer Queen: To kill the bad guys.

Cricket: Oh...? That`s quite the motive... there is word about your targeting a certain Bunny Mio- is there anything you`d like to say about that...?

Killer Queen: She's one of the bad guys I was talking about... she's killed so many people... she's a heartless killer... and word is she's been pretty active in all the chaos that's been hanging around No Man's Land as of late... I can't say I'm not surprised....

Cricket: Mm, I see... it`s surprising to say-- but, more of the inmates than not have been involved in the chaos in one way or another. Bunny`s recently made her way into the rankings as well... do you have any particular opinions on the rankings...? How it works, the other assassins, all that-

Killer Queen: The Rankings...? Well... usually they'd be something I'd work against... I mean... celebrating killers? That's not cool- except I realized something... The Rankings aren't a being... they're simply a force of nature that we humans created, a neutral being that can be manipulated easily... and that's what I do. As far as the other assassins go... Bunny and Zombie are absolute trash. Kylie... it's hard to explain... she's my friend, okay!? There's my dad... I don't need to say anything about him. Then there's numbers five through one... my father says that I should stay away from them for now-

Cricket: Ah... my, you`re above your years, aren`t you...? How old were you again--? Seventeen? Gosh-- and-- uh-- you` I`ll---get on that later. On the same subject- would you mind sharing how exactly you got into the rankings?

Killer Queen: (Super happy face) My dad let me kill the 7th Ranked Assassin for my Birthday! He was a super evil dude so my dad didn't have a problem!

Cricket: ... Oh. That`s... interesting. Yes. I... guess now`s a better time than ever to ask-- your father is...?

Killer Queen: Number 6- he's super cool and amazing and his muscles have muscles- but he's relly strict... did you know I still have a bed time!? I'm 18 years old... and I LIVE IN A PRISON CITY NOW! WHY SHOULD I HAVE A BED TIME!? HE SHOULD-!

Cricket: ...Interesting. *She writes something on her clipboard--* He`s, ah... not your /biological/ father, though, is he...?

Killer Queen" Ah- no... not really- lost my real pa when I was small- Ashley has been taking care of me since then...

Cricket: *She nods, slowly.* My... condolences. Moving on... could you tell me about your first professional kill...? Was it the hit against the previous seventh...?

Killer Queen: I mean- technically my first professional kill was the 7th... yeah. But I did some work waaaay before that- it started out as self defense, yah know? Being a psychic- people have been after me since I was a tiny tiny girl- my first kill in general was like... I dunno- when I was 6... I think?

Cricket: Ah, yes-- you`ve quite the particular psychic abilities, right--? Both a blessing and a curse, I suppose... can`t say you`ve done bad at all, though! Could you describe to me the particulars of your abilities--? Or how you work them into your assassination method--?

Killer Queen: I call it "Endless Night".... I have since I was like- 13- I don't remember why I gave my abilities a name... though I feel like my pa had something to do with it. But yeah... I can make psychoc constructs from the dreams and memories of other people... I don't really got a choice WHAT I draw out- I can generally just kinda get a feel around for dreams and memories that invoke certain emotions... you get what I mean? I mean- I generally use it to make sure I keep bloodshed to a minimum. I use illusions to disable any of my target's cornies or friends... then I simply break my targets mind and shoot him... simple, yeah?

Cricket: Clean-- very efficient. And unique, too... stuff like that really draws hits in more than just regular guns and tricks. Surprise Bunny Mio and Zombie even made it this far... *She clears her throat.* And... I was told about it beforehand-- but, you use this to make up for your... bluntly put, muteness, yes--?

Killer Queen: Yeah- I was born with my vocal chords all fucked up- to put it simply... I just also happen to have telepathy... I'm not very gifted at it... but I'm good enough to get people to hear my voice up until a certain distance... I can even limit who hears my words too-

Cricket: So- are your psychic abilities limited to the telepathy and illusions-? Anything else to that?

Killer Queen: They aren't illusions... god... I jsut said they're mental constructs... think... like... do you know Green Lantern!? It's like that- except instead of a cool green energy thingy it's using MY MIND- oh... and my constructs can actually look real... it's like that!

Cricket: Illusion is a much simpler term-- you should use illusion--

Killer Queen: But that isn't right! Illusions aren't real! They can't hurt you! Constructs are real! They hurt! Illusions are just your mind playing tricks on you... ugh- just take my word for it okay!?

Cricket: Illusions can totally hurt-- but, er, yeah-- we`re close to being finished here, so bare with me, alright--? Word is you`ve allied yourself with the Inquisitor... the new one, that is. Any particular reason for that...?

Killer Queen: My friends are there... that's really kind of it... I don't need a complicated reason...

Cricket: Any opinion on the Inquisitor him- ... herself--?

Killer Queen: The Inquisitor is dumb. And gay. That is all-

Cricket: Homosexual, you say- very well-- then... by friends, I`m assuming you mean Kylie--? The... 8th ranked assassin, right--? Could you tell me about her--?

Killer Queen: She's a friend... a good one... I'm just looking out for her. I don't want her to get hurt, yah know?

Cricket: I know the feeling... you`re a very unique person, Barbara-- in a good way, this time. This about concludes our interview-- ... though-- I-- did have... one more question... I wanted sure if you`d be comfortable with it or not...

Killer Queen: (Raises an eyebrow to Cricket) And what'd that be... look- you dont' seem like a bad gal- ask away- I don't get offended easily...

Cricket: ... Your... skin... is--that a side effect of your powers--? Or...?

Killer Queen: *Sigh* I thought that'd be the question... the blue skin is a real pain in the ass... hell... it's kinda hard to make friends when everyone screams "It's a ghost!" the first time they see you... the skin is a side effect of a super drug I take to keep my psychic powers under control. Believe it or not... they could be a lot worse... enough to do some serious harm to myself and the people around me... the drug keeps me from going hay wire... it just happens to turn my skin blue-

Cricket: Ah- those super drugs are nasty things. I see- er- so, that`ll be all, I suppose. Thank you for your time-- anything you`d like to add--?

Killer Queen: That as long as Paladin stays out of my way... I'll stay out of there's. I have NO intention to kill any cops... I'm here to deal with a hit on someone that isn't affiliated with Paladin... there's no need to get in my way...

Cricket: This hit is... confidential?

Killer Queen: Nothing that would concern you guys anyways... just someone who's currently in the city...

Cricket: A minor someone? Or a recognizable name, perhaps?

Killer Queen: You wouldn't know him...

Cricket: Are you certain?

Killer Queen: You spend a lot of time walking inside the city, girl?

Cricket: I spend a lot of time hearing about it.

Killer Queen: There's a big difference between hearing about something and living it... so tell me then miss, have you ever heard of "The Trust"?

Cricket: Perhaps...

Killer Queen: Heh... then maybe I should be checking up on Paladin for info...

Cricket: You haven`t located them, then--?

Killer Queen: If I did they'd be dead and I'd be gone...

Cricket: ... Very well then- now, this actually does conclude the interview. *She smiles some.* Thank you for being so... cooperative. The guards will show you out-

Killer Queen: Great... I can get back to Kylie now! See yah later girl! (Killer Queen walks off casually)


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  MercutianUnknown on Thu Mar 20, 2014 3:44 am


Mercutian Unknown

James Henson
(Alias: Jim Hardey)

Kermit The Frog

43 (Hasn't aged physically from 28)




Relationship Status:

Notable Crimes:
Disturbing the Peace, Bribing his way into No Man's Land, Leading Protests Against Paladin Industries ........ Creating and Leading "The Muppets", Assassination and Impersonation of High Class Government Officials throughout Europe, Corruption, Extortion, Mass Serial Murder, Illegal Human Experimentation.

The Muppets

Assignment in Faction:

Fighting Style:
Kermit has the pinnacle of the Muppets Nano-cybernetics his nanos infest every cell of his body and operate as an advanced nucleus directed to his brain. In other words Kermit has the ability to mentally control his body on an unnatural level... Simply by thinking something his body will react in any way he sees fit... He can command his skin and bones and hair to transform into the guises of other people, as well as make himself act identically to another person he sees... He can make his skin and muscles open up and fit an arsenal of weapons inside his body mostly consisting of sword blades and saw blades... He is a master of nearly every form of sword play and with his ability he can wield more blades than any other person could... The flip side to his ability is that he can also use his ability on other people by sending signals through their nervous system so long as he's in physical contact to them.... Allowing him to control someone like a puppet down to their muscles, breathing, heart beat, and even allowing him to manipulate the persons inner mind... The most applied use of this is his potential to alter someone's memories, although not used in combat very often he had been known to use it for interrogation, torture and black mailing.

Psychological Analysis:
Kermit has a kind of delusional God Complex in which he believes he is in control of virtually everything all the time. He claims to be the World's Writer. His mind seems set not on conquering or gaining power but rather seeking a balance... He is under the belief that the World has always been controlled by a corrupt imbalance of Good over Evil and therefore He needs to supply the necessary quota of Evil in the World. He seems very erratic but dedicated to his allies and treats others well even though he constantly considers himself higher than them by factoid of him being God-Like.

Theme Music:
Kermit's Theme - Amon

Jim's Theme - Words I Never Said

Threat Level:


Jim Hardey is led into the interview room by two gaurds, handcuffed. Charles awaits him, sitting on his chair as he sips a cup of coffee
Charles: Ah, so you're here, I'm honestly surprised you'd get this far Mr. Hardey... I trust the guards have been treating you well...?
(Jim walks into the room a little disheveled but otherwise content)
Jim: Personally Sir I didn't expect to get this far either
(Jim sat down and smiled politely)
Jim: Nevertheless Being interview by YOU of all people personally
Charles: By me of all people-? Yes, quite. You should by all means by minor fodder for the little demons that inhabit my little playground of monsters here... yet you get an interview. How fortunate! I'm sure we'll have MUCH to discuss, and SO MUCH to agree upon (Charles shows a hint of sarcasm in his words)
Jim: Oh?... I'm sure sir... I'm sure... I've had to prepare myself for surviving in our "Playground" (mutters something under his breath)... Yes well why don't we get started (Jim sat up straight looking determined... as if he had been waiting for this for a long time)
Charles: Alright... why don't you introduce yourself? State your name and former occupation before being sent to this factility.
Jim: Alright then... My name is James Hardey, Jim... And most recently I've occupied myself with driving and detailing resources to and from different walled off communities... I'm a peddler really.
Charles: I see... and what exactly got you into No Man's Land...? That is not a grave enough crime to be sent to my facility...
Jim: (Jim bit his lip for a second and looked down at his hands before looking back at Charles) I'm here on a chore really from my sister Bridget Hardey... She was imprisoned here nearly twenty years ago and... She died recently... She has two children still in the prison she asked me to look after, as her final wish.
Charles: (Charles grins to Jim) Oh, so you're here because of some street rats then...? How amusing... looking at your surname... I believe I could guess who you're here for...
Jim: (Jim rolls his eyes at streetrats but then) Really!... I uhhh... You wouldn't be willing to tell me where they would be, would you?
Charles: Well... I do consider myself a kind man. I do believe I know of one boy you may be interested in... he's with Vulture Team... the most high profile gang in the prison. Oh does the apple fall far from the tree... well I do suppose you're just his uncle...
(Jim Smirked just a little, like he knew a joke Charles wasn't keen to)
Jim: Bridget was a bit of a trouble-maker... Actually... I think I saw a transmission of something happening around Christmas? That wouldn't have been him would it?
Charles: Oh there was quite an epidemic around the Holidays. A Deathworshipper masquaraded as one of my men and caused chaos... he was targeting Vulture Team, I'm sure the boy was involved.
Jim: Really?!... I'm so sorry, yikes... Well I hope he's alright... Bridget sent me some letters. (Shuffles through his pockets) This... Was the.. Only thing the guards let me keep on my person (Pulls out a note with some neat hand writing on it) His name's Nate and he apparently resembles me quite a lot?... The other is her daughter Elisa who looks a lot like her, I figured they wouldn't be too hard to find.... Aside from being in a CITY!... Wait... Only the boy is with Vulture Team?! Where could the girl be?
Charles: Ah yes the girl... I woudl tell you but... (Charles grins to Jim) alas, spoilers...
Jim: .... ???.... Spoilers? Wait but... Nein Herr Paladin Ich muss sie finden bitte!... (Jim bit his lip as he slipped into his native tongue) Pardon me....
Charles: (Charles' grin grew as Jim spoke in German) Oh I'm sure you'll find her on your own Mr. Hardey. Now...s hal we move on to a different subject?
Jim: ....... ugh, Of course... I'm not here to ask you questions... Please let's continue
Charles: Let us see... why don't we talk about your "differences" with my corporation?
Jim: Differences?... Oh yes that... Well to start, I don't wholly agree with your standards for imprisionment here... Particularly when considering people who have done more good than bad who are in here.
Charles: Ah yes, well... you do realize my corporation does MORE than house a prison, right? The weapons you've seen... the buildings... possibly even the food... are all likely of Paladin Design. Without Paladin Industries this world would be far worse off than it is now... do you seriously believe in opposing my organization simply because it doesn't fit around your simple 'philosophy'? I am well aware that half-decent men and women are here... even those born in the city are fated to live out the rest of their lives here... but its all for the greater good. The last time Paladin softened its approach to the inmates here it ended in the Kraven Incident... and we all know how that ended, do we not Mr. Hardey?
Jim: No no no I do not disagree with your entire corporation's success... and it most certainly is success... That's wherein our difference lies Charles... You're not open for change... You know that there are at least half-decent people in this place, people who could do good on the outside... and you're not willing to augment your position even the slightest... I say lease the innocent and harshen down on those who REALLY deserve it... I think if you had less people in this city and didn't have to sift through the ones who do or could do actual good then you could have more control on people like Kraven... even if unstable I'm sure you've found some who are able to be influenced by you... given the right incentive, The Family for instance.
Charles: Hmph... (Charles lets out a smirk) easier said than done. Millions live in No Man's Land... it started as a mere city of hundreds... and now look at it. It is nearly impossible to control to the degree I first thought possible. However... when you think about it... is my facility really that bad? The world around us is getting worse by the day... entire cities slaughtered, families murdered, warlords rising... we're enterting a new dark ages Mr. Hardey. Perhaps life in this prison is nto really so bad for the average worm... no? I mean sure... for people like me... we can do SO MUCH better in the world... but the average man in this day and age can do nothing but go to sleep at night hoping they're not slaughtered like cattle the next morning. No... I do no believe in change... if anything I should be harsher on ALL denizens of this prison... if not the world...
Jim: Have you ever thought Charles... that the reason the world is so piss poor outside your walls is because you're not performing as well as you think you are?... and your tactics aren't working?... You're picking up every little gangbanger and store robber from Maine to Texas and from Germany to Japan and only getting SOME of those Warlords... When you could be converting them and rather than sending out good men to their deaths trying to drag monsters from the brink to your little bird cage here... when you could be using them on each other... and I don't just mean in the prison, I'm sure there are some in this prison who would gladly run around the World for you and kill your future potential prisoners... and who knows some of the worse ones you enlist might end up dying on said missions.
Charles: Ah... it seems you do not understand who I am... I do not CONVERT anyone... I exist in this world to EXTERMINATE evil... not control it... those warlords...? I would NEVER have them side with Paladin... at most they would be pawns that I would soon eradicate... which I assure you I do oh so very often. I find it so entertaining... that a mere man like you would believe he knows what he's spekaing of... where in reality... he is just mere cattle like the rest of humanity...
Jim: (Jim smirked as if this was just the reaction he expected) I find it entertaining that someone who considers themselves higher than the rest of us MERE MEN could know anything about what EVIL really is... Especially someone who obviously thinks he's above his own laws... YOU CAN'T EXTERMINATE EVIL CHARLES!... It's as much a part of human nature as everything you aspire in your FANTASTIC utopia you seem to have imagined yourself creating.
Charles: (Charles glares to Jim) You dare... you fat nasty trash... look at you... pretending to know about human nature. I know human nature Mr. Hardey... evil is a disease... a parasite that has latched onto humanity. Human nature is pure and innocent at its heart... crime, free-will, the knowledge of good and evil... all are but parasites that humanity has been entrapped by... I will be the one to free humanity from sin... your philosophy is at best a failed compromise... it may give someone success at first... but eventually the evil you try to hard to manipulate will turn and control you...
Jim: (Jim looks up a Charles confused) H-How has no one opposed you?... How have you gotten this far on such a backwards half-assed philosophy... NO CHARLES... I KNOW MAN... I studied man's nature... Crime! is a result of NEED or WANT that is not satisfied... Under Need we have Desperation... Under Want we have Evil... They aren't parasites Charles! They're basic components of human beings... People Deserve Free-will and the ability to act on it and you can't just throw morality aside so you can think everyone's happy and safe in your own sick little dream world!... The evil I would manipulate will always surface and NEED'S to be controlled or else you'll risk throwing everything that makes People People!... And Evil won't be able to Manipulate you if you know how to balance it out... GOOD and EVIL are opposites everything even Good and Innocence have opposites in order to balance them out and keep them in check, you need both or you're going to make something unnatural and backwards!
Charles: Free will...? Hah. A mere gift... one that I should wisk away from mankind efore it destroys this planet. Mankind was given free will, and all it led to was complete and utter chaos... my 'sick little dream world' is the only world that leads to the salvation of humanity! There must be order, there must be strength, for true peace individuality and free will must be eliminated... and I will do ANYTHING for an end to this chaos. It really is quite laughable... I was once like you, and I fought a group that sought out the exact same goal I seek today... I thought they were wrong. Turns out... they were right...
Jim: (Jim just sat there and shook his head) Sir... A poison is something so pure it taints all around it; order can be just as harmful as chaos....... Es tut mir leid für Sie, Herr Paladin. Ich wünsche Ihnen wusste, wie krank du warst... I'm done with you, Let's just continue this interview (Jim's face merely showed sad confusion)
Charles: Very well... since you are so keen on evil... why I ask you about the various factions in this city? I believe that would be fair... they're all already famous as of late-
Jim: I do know a fair deal outside of what most of the public would... Bridgette liked sending me letters about current events in here... I know of Vulture team but I don't know the names of any of their members... I know of the Family, Bridgette was a footman for them up until the 'Kraven Incident'... and well... But I heard one of their leaders died recently or something... It was a few months ago
Charles: Well... I suppose Mario's death was quite a tragedy, the poor man. I was at his wedding, the poor poor idiotic fool. At least his daughter makes for an easier tool than he... how do you feel about Black Dragon and The Inquisitor Faction...?
Jim: I don't know much about Black Dragon... Hush hush kinda people I suppose... and I didn't know the Inquisitor Faction was still operational...
Charles: Hmmm... so you've heard of Black Dragon have you...? That is quite a feat... even knowing of their existence...
Jim: Not much at all really, just the name and something with them having to do with something inside the prison here and something about China but that's really it.
Charles: How interesting... you know... there is another criminal organization that has been amassing in my prison as of late... they've all been admitted into No Man's Land... one by one... at a steady pace. How convienient, am I right?
Jim: ... Convienient? ... That sounds like an inconvienence ... who?
Charles: I believe they call themselves The Muppets... hmph... well at least they didn't name themselves Sesame Street...
Jim: (Jim looks up at the security cameras in the room... then looks over at the guards by the door) Sir... I know you wouldn't be trying to pull a joke on someone for just leading some coroprate protests in his college days would you?
Jim: I'm sure this'll be very funny to talk about back at the office... Right?
Charles: (Charles grins to Jim) Oh I am not joking... do you see me as the type that would make jokes?
Jim: (Jim looks very confused but then busts out laughing) HAHAHAHA! I'm going to have to tell my wife about this! You're SERIOUS!... I mean I knew some people here were Weird and I mean Weirder beyond Weird but this .... This takes the cake in my book.
Charles: (Charles smiles to Jim) Well I suppose that reaction of yours is as good a reply as any... so I presumse you've never heard of them sir?
Jim: OK... OK... to be fair... I think Iremember I heard something about a group of goofballs running around Europe about the time my wife, Lizzie and I were moving to America with my sister and her fiance... but I didn't think they actually existed!!... Am I on the right track?
Charles: Perhaps you are, well I suppose there's no point in probing you for information if you know so little about them! Is there something we haven't covered yet...?
Jim: umm... I don't Know... Oh!... (Jim Turns Solemn) I uhh... I wanted to ask... is there anyway you would know, where Bridgette might be buried
Charles: (Charles glares to Jim) Try your luck at the graveyard... if she's not there... then I'm afraid she's in an unmarked grave or a mass burial... the latter two are MUCH more common than the prior... there's far too much death in this city for proper burials.
Jim: (Glares Back) Well sorry if I feel for my losses Charles... Don't you have family... relatives, children, grandchildren... A Wife?... Anyone you'd care if you lost?
Charles: I've lived a very long life Mr. Hardey.
Jim: (Jim looks up and down at Charles) ... ... ... Hmmhmmhmm Well... considering everything... that doesn't surprise me... But... Let's get this on with already... Have anymore Questions?
Charles: I believe I'm all out of inquiries... we are done with this interview.
Jim: Alright then... I have to say Charles... I'm a little surprised, It wasn't all unpleasant meeting you.
Charles: (Charles raises an eyebrow to Jim) Is that so...? Those are hardly words I often hear...
Jim: Well I'm not your normal passerby... Actually I know this sounds weird considering our argument earlier... I have to say I at least respect your dedication Mr. Paladin.
Charles: Dedication you say...? Hmph... I suppose so... we are done here mr. Hardey... my guards will escort you out...
Jim: Thank you... sir... (Jim sung a little tune on his way out in German... An old German Lullaby or something)... Die Liebenden ... Die Träumer ... und ich.

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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Emu Queen on Sun Mar 23, 2014 11:25 pm


Emu Queen

Jolyne “Beaumont”

The Inquisitor, The Mastermind





Relationship Status:

Notable Crimes:

The Inquisitor Faction

Assignment in Faction:
The Inquisitor

Fighting Style:

Psychological Analysis:
Jolyne`s existence thrives on nothing but chaos, death, and destruction-- which stems from an unexplained, but very deep loathing of humanity. She seeks to make changes through pointing out humanity`s own cancerous, toxic nature-- these changes being nothing but to cause trouble and shake things up further. Jolyne`s personality and mannerisms have a tendency to be extremely erratic and unstable. Exhibiting signs of psychosis, she`ll frequently change moods, with no real pattern behind it. When she`s not putting on one of her faces-- she`s a generally apathetic and unimpressed person. She doesn`t care much for signs of affection-- making her, in a sense, something of a loner-- although, she greatly appreciated her partnership with Citizen Ross-- and, by extension, anyone willing to help her on her bring about more chaos. In fact, she seems to think that it's her duty to fix the world-- to give it the proper treatment of despair. In her opinion, she's living in a world full of black and white, and all she wants to do is paint it all a lovely blood red. Being a biological clone of Josephine Beaumont, she shares memories with Inmate-0, but holds no personal accounting for them. Her personality, mannerisms, physical capabilities, and psyche were meant to mirror Josephine`s-- however, this attempt at recreating her seems to have gone terribly awry…

Theme Music:
The Inquisitor`s Theme - I Want You

Threat Level:

(Here is how the interview works. First of all you need a Skype account. You will need it for this interview. The interview might take anywhere between 10 minutes to, well... a very long time. The length of the interview will also vary. It will be much more interactive and flexible than the interview from acts 1 and 2. In this interview, your character has been forcibly brought in from No Man's Land (if they have been in No Man's Land prior to this RP) or from the outside world (If they are new inmates) to Paladin HQ for an interview. Much to their surprise they find that they are being interviewed by Charles Paladin, the very owner of the prison (Or in some cases his personal assistant). It is a dark room, with only a single damp light in the middle. There are two wooden chairs, a wooden table between them. Charles sits upon the chair on the opposite side of the room. He is holding your characters dosier. You will contact (Adam Severino AKA Pan) on Skype, where you will conduct the interview via Skype. After it is done please copy and paste the entire interview into this profile. Your profile does not need an approval after the interview is done. However, the rest of the profile must be completeled and posted in this thread before you begin the interview.)

Jolyne is brought into the room, handcuffed. Charles awaits Jolyne, sitting across the room behind a table

Charles: Ah, you've arrived! Very good, please... sit down!

Jolyne: *Stands next to chair.* I refuse.

Charles: I am fine with this. Shall we begin this interview? I am quite a busy man, I don't have time for your sass-

Jolyne: I`M A VERY BUSY WOMAN. Make time for my sass! The interview will begin in five minutes.

Charles: So let's get down to the root of your problem... I believe all of your issues stem from an abusive childhood... opps! My bad... I forgot, you didn't have a childhood did you!? Oh right... you were born in a lab... no?

Jolyne: *Sloooowly sits down, eyeing Charles with squinty eyes.* No, no-- you know... my dad used to beat me up pretty badly. Every time I got out of line-- BAM! Or sometimes I'd just be just sitting there-- doing nothing. POW! Pops tended to favor the grape, you see--! Man-- only saw that guy laugh /one time/-- when we were at the circus... somethin` about clowns dropping their pants-- Iuno, but, he broke my nose when we got home. THAT was an experience, amirite--?! But, hey-- geniuses like me always take shots from folk who don`t get the joke-- like you. Or-- or... like Vulture Team. Real thorn in our side, yeah--?! *She leaned over on the table separating them a bit, grinning as rested her head on her palm.* ... I`m full of shit. But, yeah-- I don`t angst. Don`t look for that here-- you`ll be reeeeally disappointed~! Howzabout we cut this interview short and get to the part where you bend me over this table, yeah--?

Charles: *Charles grimaces to Jolyne* You are the creation of Paladin Scientists... you're owned by the corporation, a belonging, not a person. Just like the rest of the clones... you go about with such an attitude like you have a modicum of freedom. You don't…

Jolyne: If I don`t have a modicum-- aHAHAHA CUM-- *Srsfaec* OF FREEDOM, then... explain... *She pauses* ... I forgot where I was going with that... YOU`RE THE ONE THAT BROUGHT CUM INTO THIS. I FEEL VIOLATED, CHARLIE.

Charles: You're clearly insane... *Lets out a sigh* so let us get on to your... ahem... name. Jolyne Beaumont...? Why gvie yourself a name...? I certainly woudln't have given you such a disgusting name…

Jolyne: Ahaha--! *Srsfaec* Yeah, I`m batshit. BUT I HAVE A DOCTOR`S NOTE. *She leans forward more.* Because you can`t moan out 'J7324859169' in bed. Jolyneee~ ... has a much better ring to it. You know WHY I picked the last name, right--? *She smirks.* You wanna talk about THAT...? One of your favorite subjects, amirite...?

Charles: You named yourself after your source... you are but a copy. Just a copy, freak. Let us go into that... why name yourself after HER...?

Jolyne: Dirty talk WILL get you places, Charlie. Keep that up. *She leans back into her chair, crossing her arms over her chest.* I suppoooose.... like, if you WANNA make a big deal out if like that--- that I`m making a statement! Like in everything else I do that totally has a purpose. All these clones are so worked up with their sources-- and, I mean, I just don`t GET IT. Clone liberation and shit, you know--?! ...... Maybe it`s just `cause MY source happens to be just-- so... disappointing--? Pfch-- Daisy`s cloned after a munchkin with a brain the size of jupiter, Jackal`s cloned after a REAL ex-Paladin agent, and me---? *She scoffs* I`m stuck with some broad who was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Taaaaalk about boooooring... but, don`t tell anyone that part--- it`s a secreeet................ ALSO. I want people to get us confused with each other. So I can strip in public and have people totally think it`s her. tHAT`D BE HILARIOUS--

Charles: You have very impractical plans... has anyone every told you that? Yes... the other clones... they've all slipped out of Paladin's hands... disappointing... well, I still have ONE, I suppose he counts. They were originally going to be my team... such a pain that you clones became so problematic. No matter... it would have been a bad decision to keep you all around... be happy that I do not believe in the death penalty... we could have disposed of you and the rest of the clones... but instead you all just ended up in No Man's Land…

Jolyne: YOU know about my plans---? Because, honestly, I don`t even know about my plans. *Scoffs, kicking one leg over the other.* You gonna keep acting like capital punishment and No Man`s Land aren`t the same thing, or what...? Either way--- I`m happy, in case you couldn`t tell~! Me working for you would`ve totally bitten you in the booty-- so, thank Chee for that, amirite--? Or, rather-- thank Citizen for that...!

Charles: Thank Citizen...? *Charles raises an eyebrow to Jolyne*

Jolyne: You haven`t heard--?! *She bounces in her seat a bit* He`s my NEW partner in crime--! Everything you`re NOT. You wish you were my partner in crime, Charlieee...

Charles: I wish for nothing. And you're mad- now who is your NEW partner...? You're starting to sound like a raving lunatic- actually, no, you are a raving lunatic.

Jolyne: AND YOU`RE REDUNDANT, CHARLIE. I`m stark slavering bonkers--! And it ain`t a secret, either! But, in a world like this-- who can blame me...? Life`s a bowl `o cherries-- and humanity is the pit. *All smiles over here--* BUT. Citizen is my super mega bestie. He`s also trash and I would like to step on him. Next question.

Charles: I- what? Argh... nevermind. Let's talk about your codename... you've picked a rather... unsettling one…

Jolyne: I AM... THE INQUISITORRRR--!! *She makes some lightning sound effects, flailing about a lil.* ... Fitting. I like to fuck people in the brain, is all. Me and Davey--dave have that in common. I think he`d like me. AT LEAST HE WOULD, IF SOME BITCH WITH A REVOLVER DIDN`T HAVE TO GO MURDER HIM IN COLD BLOOD. But, yeah-- no, isn`t it obvious---? I took it to scare people! Added bonus with the fact that it`s kind of really hot...

Charles: What's with the obsession with scaring and manipulating others...? You seem very concerned with getting in the minds' of others... why is that? Do you fancy yourself a sociopath?

Jolyne: Because it`s what humans respond best to. Humans are flawed. Isn`t it obvious? Fear is powerful, Charlie.

Charles: And what... you seem power? Is that all? You do all of this because you want to invoke a reaction from others...? Heh.. how pathetic...!

Jolyne: Oh, pish-posh--! I`m making a point! The point being everything sucks aND WE SHOULD BE BLOWING UP MORE STUFF. You`re following, riiiight--?

Charles: No- I'm not following. Why would you have such views...? Do you even know what the world is like...? You haven't lived a particularly long life…

Jolyne: ... Whyyyy do you wear your hair like that--??? Is it a combover? Are you BALDING...?

Charles: You didn't answer my question-

Jolyne: I`m tiredddd...

Charles: Answer my questions and I'll be glad to order the guards to throw you out into the city where you can sleep- right now I need you focused on this interview.

Jolyne: GUH. I don`t DO focused... but-- yeah okay--- don`t try to preach to me about human nature. I`ve wasted enough time trying to comprehend it. Everyone should die. oH-- tHAT`S WHY I WANT KRAVEN BACK. *She sneers, leaning forward again.* Me and Citizen are planning on bringing back the guy who nuked two cities---- like, I`m pretty sure Citizen has legit reasons bUT THE GUY WHO NUKED TWO CITIES. What do YOU think of that---?!

Charles: Are you insane!? Kraven isn't the type of man you could control-! Chances are if you were to run into you, he'd rather kill you both than ever work with you...! Have you fully thought this through...? Of course... it's absolute poppycock that you and Citizen could bring that man to life... but it's still a rather foolish plan regardless…

Jolyne: ... Did you just say poppycock--

Charles: You disgust me…


Charles: Could we get back to the interview? We're steering quite off course here-

Jolyne: You said poppycock and you expect the interview to be on course?

Charles: Just, quiet- you. So you've apparently actually managed to take over The Inquisitor Faction... or rather what's left of it... which is very little... but it's quite an accomplishment none the less... just how did you do that?

Jolyne: You DON`T wanna talk about Kraven more? I got the poppycock out of my system, I promise--

Charles: What more could be said about Kraven...? He killed millions of people and you're an idiot for wanting to bring him back-

Jolyne: The person who wants to kill millions of people is an idiot for wanting to bring back the person who killed millions of people--? C`mon, Charlie-- some perspective would help you out a lil--

Charles: He'll kill you too, you know that right? He's dangerous, unstable-

Jolyne: ARE YOU IMPLYING I`M NOT EQUALLY DANGEROUS AND UNSTABLE...? You`re slooooooooow today, Charlie. I DON`T CARE. I just want wreckage--! Total destruction! Something this world will never forget--! Me an` Kraveykins are gonna be the messiahs that bring this world to it`s knees...~! ... Also Ross. But-- yeah, on the Inqui-qui faction-- basically, I just... said I was the Inquisitor. *She shrugs, looking quite perplexed.* Like, they all saw me and everything. It`s... 90% Slums lunatics-- you really think they`ll be that picky--? They just need SOMEONE to lead them! Like the rest of the world does!

Charles: Of course they need someone to lead them... but they're rather violent in their demeanor... you might as well want to lead a tribe of cavemen. I'd figured they'd want a strong leader... and- well... you're no Jo, I highly doubt you can handle yourself in a fight. Just how did you manage to get them to follow you? And on the record for Kraven- you're still insane.

Jolyne: I`d think scrawny-mc-srawnerson of all people would know that prowess isn`t all-- AS IF they`d be led by a nasty she-male like Jo! Sometimes-- all you need to shake the world is some natural charisma and charm--! You`d know something about that, right--?! And on the record for Kraven- YOU`RE REDUNDANT.

Charles: I dont' care if I sound redundent- you're still insane and stupid. Alright... so you don't just have the slums maniacs following you... you brought in two assassins... somehow... and high profile ones too-

Jolyne: *Eyebrow raise--* Stupid...? Does the word 'Mastermind' mean nothing to you...? Guh- I can`t work under these conditions-- and, yeah--? Your point--?

Charles: Could you tell me about them...? In particular HOW you managed to get two of the highest ranked assassins in the WORLD working for you...? You've only been around for a few months for heaven's sake…

Jolyne: *gASP!!* Have you never heard of customer`s confidentiality--?! ... I`m just that good. *She smirks.* No, no-- lessee... there`s Kylie-- just the cutest thing. I feel like we relate on a SPIRITUAL level. And-- uh-- Queenieee................. she`s one of those people who just-- needs a friend-- y`know--?? I`m her friend-- I`m everyone`s friend-- d`wanna hug--??

Charles: Where did you get the money to PAY them...? Or are they doing it for free- no... unlikely. They're being paid in peanuts aren't they...?

Jolyne: *Just smiles--*

Charles: Answer me child!


Charles: She told you-!?


Charles: Highly unlikely-knowing everything would be quite a difficult reality to live. You would probably lose grip on reality- lose your mind. And more importantly, I don't know everything- and you must always know less than I-

Jolyne: POPPYCOCK. ... I just wanted to say it again. No, but-- like I was saying earlier, Charlie-- /insanity/ is the peak of human evolution! More So an inevitability, though. Look-- if the mere existence of people like Kraven, Josephine, /the Mistress/-- doesn`t prove my point, then what else will--? ... What I`m getting at is that there isn`t really anything to lose. Reality`s overrated.

Charles: Would you just stop? You're testing my nerves here woman... and last time I checked all of the individuals you've named are safely within the walls of No Man's Land... or dead. So I'd hardly list them as the peak of human evolution…

Jolyne: That`s what I do. *Eyebrowwaggle-* and tHAT`S THE POINT--?? Humans are at their best either in captivity, dead, or near dead! People are made to be broken! Like buildings! And rules! ... Guh-- now I`M being redundant. Gosh, Charlie-- you sure do bring out the worst in me! *She just flatout faceplants onto the table between them.* Can I touch your suit--???

Charles: No, you CANNOT touch my suit. Keep your distance child. Also- buildings and rules are both infrastructures for society... the layout for humanity to flourish. They exist for a reason. Your philosophy is entirely foolish! And speaking of tomfoolery- what do you think of Vulture Team and The Family?

Jolyne: Yoooou`re a stereotype. I like that! *She lifts her head, resting her cin on the table and smiling up at Charles gleefully.* TOMFOOLERY INDEED. Ah-- The Family`s... irrelevant. I don`t care- VULTURE TEAM, ON THE OTHER HAND... Got my eyes on a few eggs over there-- you could probably guess that, though. Smarty pants you are…

Charles: Smart pants indeed... I'm going to single out Mr. Mercy and the other clone... anyone else?

Jolyne: Those would be my babies, yes-- Ry-ry has a cute butt and Jackal has... stuff. Maybe a cute butt. I dunno. You`ll see. AS FOR EVERYONE ELSE... like, I`d say I have a beef with Bunny-- because wow look at the bitchy on that one amirite-- but, Queen`s got that one... maybe Emilia...? She`d be fun...~ Honestly, my aim switches-- don`t count on me being too caught up on one thing--orperson--for too long. Oh, or Yv--

Charles: Ahem... of course... why would this... "Queen" was it-? Why would she have a "beef" with Bunny?

Jolyne: Who needs an /excuse/ to wanna beat up /Bunny/...?

Charles: Dully noted... but looking at her record... she usually only singles out targets whom she has a personal problem with... though I suppose ANY of the inmates in No Man's Land are fair game... well then, next question. You have the entire Inquisitor Faction under your control... which is to say- very little, but you have the tower and The Inquisitor's array of gadgets... do you have any idea how to use them?

Jolyne: *She nods tediously as Charles speaks, looking interested.* ... Welcome to snoresville, Charlie-- population: you. ANYWHORE-- I literally cannot stress the "I`M AN EVIL MASTERMIND" thing enough. What do YOU think--?? At least we all know I can do the blimp thing right- that`s all that matters-

Charles: The "blimp thing"? Is that some sort of passage of rights for you crazies? Either way I believe we're close to done here... is there anything in particular you wish to put on record before we conclude this interview?

Jolyne: *Nods, seeming a bit sure on the whole blimp right of passage thing.* No, iceberg lettuces aren't cold. They're green.

Charles: I- what!? Please make sense for a single moment woman... I wish to get back to my office and you are impeding on my rather acceptable day...!

Jolyne: Ontario in 2005! Smash the patriarchy! Fuck you, gumby! *She gives a rather satisfied look, before sloooowly beginning to lean forward toward the table, the look in her eyes flashing to... something else entirely in a matter of moments.* ... Lemme speak a language you`ll understand, then. Letting me out of your facilities is the worst mistake you`ve ever made, or ever will. Your days--- not just your`s, /everyone`s/ days--- are numbered. And they`ll thank me for it. *She sits back up again-- and her demeanour flips back to normal.* Aardvarks!

Charles: We'll just see about that... freak... you may leave now... we are done with this interview…

Jolyne: Whaaa-? No need to get so defensive about Aardvarks, man-- *She doesn`t really make a move to leave yet.*

Charles: Listen you...! Let me tell you what you are... you're a failure. You were made, but now you no longer have a reason to exist. So do me a favor and disappear! Okay...!?

Jolyne: All I said was Aardvarks... *Seems rather hurt all of a sudden--*

Charles: Get. Out.

Jolyne: ... Aardvarks…

Charles: *Glares at Jolyne*

Jolyne: *All smiles over here--*

Charles: You may leave now…

Jolyne: *She stands up stiffly, turns, grabs the chair with cuffed hands, and proceeds to drag it out of the room.* THIS IS MINE NOW. I CONQUER.

Charles: ... Okay then…

Jolyne: ... I`m taking your chair! ... You`re not gonna---retaliate--? Against my fiendish chair stealing--?!

Charles: Nope. We have more chairs in storage…
Jolyne: ... And if I told you I was heading there nEXT...?

Charles: You have handcuffs... you couldn't possibly get all of the chairs... also- there's security... you'd be shot-


Charles: You're immune to bullets? Oh, how interesting, why don't we test that notion out?

Jolyne: *She attempts to spread her arms out in a 'come at me bro' stance, but kinda can`t---because handcuffs-- she kinda keeps trying anyway---*

Charles: Please go away... *sighs*

Jolyne: I`m taking your chair-

Charles: I am fine with this.

Jolyne: ... NEXT, I TAKE YOUR PANDA WENCH. *She makes an abruptly loud sound with the chair, but doesn`t move much-- she`s just trying to get a reaction--*

Charles: *yawns*

Jolyne: ... *Places the chair down, walks back to the table, and sits on it, staring at Charles intently.*

Charles: What do you want woman?

Jolyne: Your tie.

Charles: You can have the chair.

Jolyne: Why not the tie.

Charles: Because it's my tie-

Jolyne: Why can`t it be my tie.


Jolyne: I`ll make really annoying sounds until you give me the tie-

Charles: I'm going to call my guards-

Jolyne: ... You`ve forced my hand. *She just starts screeching--*

Charles: GUARDS! *Guards immediately walk in and grab Jolyne, trying to dag her out*

Jolyne: sCREEE-- *She tries to thrash away from the guards-- when one tazes her. She doesn`t respond for a moment-- then, a beat later, collapses limply onto the table. She`s dragged off by her ankles-- but, apparently, she isn`t /too/ unconscious, considering she reaches and drags along the chair from earlier by one of it`s legs. Weird--*


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  RichNuttyTaste on Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:08 pm




Name: Conan Lupe

Codename: "Beowulf" or "Beo" or Wulf"

Age: 32

Gender: Male--Duh Man! You think an woman is gonna have gruff and soothing voice like ol' Beowulf!? Them's be Fightin' words BROTHER!

Height: 6'7

Sexuality: That's not in the job description. I AIN'T GOTTA DO IT THEN. WOOOOHAH!

Relationship Status: I love my chair, her name is Chair. I love the Dame so much!

Notable Crimes: I uh....What? BEOWULF AIN"T DONE NUTHIN'! BEOWULF IS A UPSTANDING INDIVIDUAL! BEOWULF JUST PUNCHES PUNKS LIKE YOU FOR THE KIDS! Nah man I think like...the Federation for Wrastlin' is mad at ol' Beowulf for cleanin' their little ring of any fools
--Beowulf has unintentionally has caused many. many. MANY. Murders and literal Massacres in his wake due to Rumbles in the Ring and other events. Other crimes he has committed is Disturbing the peace, public urination, Endangerment of Wildlife -I HEAD-LOCKED A BEAR ONCE! ONCE! IT WAS NEEDED-, choke holding an officer of the law, power-bombing a mayor off a top rope, destruction of government property -MAN, WHEN I KICKED THE MAYOR'S AID INTO A SCHOOL IT WAS RADICAL AS HELL MAN!-. The list goes on for the man's.....excessive "force"

Faction: (Vulture Team or The Family)

Assignment in Faction: (Look at the lore page if you have a returning character. If no leave blank until your character is assigned.)

Fighting Style: This beautiful Adonis of male power has a hand in every martial art he could get his hands on. Beowulf loves the fighting world and never stuck to one style, therefore this man seems to more Jack of Trades than just a simple wrestler. -DAMN RIGHT WHOOAAAAH, BEOWULF IS A CULTURED MAN!-. Most of what he knows are-  Krav Maga, Muy Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, and Etc. Beowulf never fights with weaponry such as guns, rifles, or anything long range, he is a man dedicated to the art of using one's body to fight. The only "weapon" Beowulf uses is a folding Chair. Beowulf and this chair share a strange "marriage" like relationship.
A second offensive buff to the man's strange super powered strength is the cloth he where around his neck. It was made from an actual mutant that he fought--his once eternal rival BIG BAD. He tore the hide off of BIG BAD and wore it as a prize, but little to his knowledge the pelt forces a crazed frenzy that he can tap into for a bit more leverage in more heated battles--When this is activates though damage is ignored but still sustained.

Psychological Analysis: Beowulf's sanity is mostly configured by years of mental and physical training. Beowulf descent to where he is now starts at his childhood where he was raised among a family troop of acrobats in a wandering circus. Beowulf was the youngest out of this family, he grew to be the most ambitious out of anyone in the family. While he did stay for awhile with his family, after his sixteenth birthday Beowulf had gotten himself into a local Mercenary unit where he was praised in his ability to out maneuver heavily armored enemies without much trouble. Strangely Beowulf never used a gun due to the fact that he is personally scared of them.
Beowulf after his military life he spent much of his time following his greatest joy--Fighting. He often fought in underground MMA fights where we grew extremely and began referring to himself third person. His addiction to adrenaline is also a problem due to the fact he needs bigger hype than the last thing that got him off.

In short Beowulf -THE ONE AND ONLY- is an Adrenaline Junkie who is eccentric, has a phobia of guns, has a chair for a wife -HER NAME IS , and is extremely delusional to the point where the whole world is just one big ring for him to claim a win in
Theme Music:

Threat Level: (Leave blank, this threat level will be assigned to your character in the interview)

(Here is how the interview works. First of all you need a Skype account. You will need it for this interview. The interview might take anywhere between 10 minutes to, well... a very long time. The length of the interview will also vary. It will be much more interactive and flexible than the interview from acts 1 and 2. In this interview, your character has been forcibly brought in from No Man's Land (if they have been in No Man's Land prior to this RP) or from the outside world (If they are new inmates) to Paladin HQ for an interview. Much to their surprise they find that they are being interviewed by Charles Paladin, the very owner of the prison (Or in some cases his personal assistant). It is a dark room, with only a single damp light in the middle. There are two wooden chairs, a wooden table between them. Charles sits upon the chair on the opposite side of the room. He is holding your characters dosier. You will contact (Adam Severino AKA Pan) on Skype, where you will conduct the interview via Skype. After it is done please copy and paste the entire interview into this profile. Your profile does not need an approval after the interview is done. However, the rest of the profile must be completeled and posted in this thread before you begin the interview.)

Charles: Hello there, please, make yourself comfortable...


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Vladislavich on Fri Apr 18, 2014 4:46 pm


Username: Vladislavich

Name: Sir Wallace Astoria IV/Pete Ritz

Codename: Statler and Waldorf

Age: 39

Gender: Male

Height: 5’6”

Sexuality: Heterosexual/Omnisexual

Relationship Status: Single/Single

Notable Crimes: Embezzlement/48 counts of armed robbery, possession of a weapon of mass destruction, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit arson, conspiracy to commit terrorism, conspiracy to incite a riot, inciting a riot, disturbing the peace, drunk and disorderly conduct, 108 counts of murder, 17 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, 4 counts of grant theft boat, 2 counts of airjacking, indecent exposure, necrophilia, zoophilia

Faction: Muppets

Assignment in Faction: Producer

Fighting Style: Sir Astoria is a very unskilled combatant, but as a wealthy person, he does know how to dispatch a basic mugger (which he has only had to do twice, thank the lord – he stained his suit!). He keeps a gilded .38 special snubnose revolver with an ivory handle in his inside jacket pocket and an asp baton for disciplining filthy peasants.
Pete Ritz is a dangerous man. He is known to use a UMP submachine gun for wholesale slaughter. He also uses his counterpart’s baton, but more for the sake of bludgeoning people to death – which he finds very, very fun.
As for cybernetic implants, their shared vocal cords are coordinated with their endocrine system. As they emit more catecholamines, epinephrine, and norepinephrine, their voice takes on frightening characteristics. When fully enraged, it acts essentially as a blast from a punt gun. The efficiency decreases with range and duration, of course. This can be utilized at will; what sort of gentleman would spend every moment bringing someone to their knees? No good man from York!
A Liverpudlian madman, definitely.

Psychological Analysis: Sir Astoria appears to be somewhat stable. Born into privilege in York, UK, he has never known a bank account lower than a million quid. However, his congenital mental disorders have always held him back. Eternally plagued by a dissociative identity known as “Pete Ritz,” and during the downtime from that stricken with extreme depression when undistracted, he has never been able to properly enjoy his life. However, this does not prevent him from his disdain for everyone he sees as “lower,” which includes most everyone. He harbors a strong belief that only those who are wealthy ought to have anything, and everyone else should serve as slave labor for the elite.
Mr. Ritz, however, is an unstable monster. His endless hatred and death drive know no bounds. Where his counterpart knows disdain for those lower, Ritz desires to destroy and sow the seeds of chaos. He first exhibited this at age three when he convinced his cousins to kill one another over a toy train. He is also well known for being what’s called “a depraved son of a bitch,” be it when he goes on his drunken streaks or his trips to the dog park, or even when he ambushes the first person he sees to slit their throat and pleasure himself with their corpse. Recently, he has diverted multiple air and ship transports to various locations in both North Ireland and the Republic, in the hopes of triggering another all-out civil war. He was captured in the process last time, however: he had placed small anti-matter charges throughout the city of Belfast, and multiple smaller charges. His intention was to level the entire city and blame it on the South.

Theme Music: Statler and Waldorf's theme - Marked By Shadows

Threat Level: B


Sir Wallace is brought into the interrogation room, led by two guards and handcuffed. Charles is already in the room with Wallace's file, he looks to the inmate.

Charles: So you've arrived... please, sit down sir.

Wallace: What kind of noble wouldn't. I don't understand why in the world I'm being put here for embezzling money that is rightfully mine anyway! Those disgusting peons ought to thank me for not embezzling the land right out from under them, as it all belongs to the Astoria family! *sits down*

Charles: *The man grins to Wallace* Please settle down Sir Wallace... you shall learn why you've beenplaced in my institution soon enough...

Wallace: *examines his clothing* I see you're of an affluent background as well... People like us ought stay together, not harm one another! Why on EARTH are you detaining ME?!

Charles: *Charles smiles to Wallace, though his smile clashes with his piercing glare* I see you have an eye for wealth. Well then... why not learn why I'm detaining you? Before I can answer your own question... you must answer mine. Of course... why don't we start simple... could you tell my about yourself Sir Wallace?

Wallace: My name is Sir Wallace Astoria IV, of a long line of nobles from York. I am thirty-nine years of age, and one of the bloody richest men still on the planet! I took a little extra money, money that I would normally use for further improving living conditions for the disgusting peasants (for which they ought be thankful). I can't recall why, I must have thought it and written it in a half-asleep daze or something. And frankly,  I can't remember where it went. Never mind, though, the peasants can work twice the hours for their food and there'll be no harm to my conscience.

Charles: Heh... your words, they bring a degree of nostalgia to me. Its entertaining to say the least. So tell me sir, York... how does it fare...?

Wallace: It's in better condition than any other city in the Isles, I can say that with the utmost of certainty. It is constantly being repaired and improved so I don't have an eyesore every time I go to my window. The poor remain in their hideous slum and work in the best factories and other sorts of plants I daresay I've seen. Those especially useful work at my hotel, where my family's fortune originated from. Those serfs imbecilic enough to look at me, though, quickly find themselves back in the streets, unwelcome to even pick scraps from the sewers beneath the plants.

Charles: I see.. how... typical. It seems the more things change the more they stay the same. Very well then... on to the next question. Just how much did you embezzle sir...?

Wallace: Four hundred million pounds sterling. Pocket change, really.

Charles: Certainly sounds like pocket change to me... anyways... could you tell me about who you associate yourself with? Have any acquaintances?

Wallace: I occasionally make the business deal here and there with that one group... Oh, what are they called...

Charles: Oh do tell...! *Charles leans back on his chair*

Wallace: The one is Romanian... Then there's the old man... Muugica, I think they called him? Oh, what on EARTH do they call themselves. *looks up at Charles* You would know, wouldn't you? I imagine you have a few of them here.

Charles: Of course I know about them... The Muppets, was it? I had a charming meeting with one of them just recently... caused a little bit of chaos within these walls...

Wallace: Yes! The Muppets! That's their name! Thank you. For some reason they refer to me as Waldorf.

Charles: *Charles grins* I have absolutely no idea why they would refer to you as such... how did you come to know these people...?

Wallace: I haven't the slightest recollection. You see, I have the occasional blackout...

Charles: Ah of course... blackouts... I hear they're quite common these days... *Charles continues with his grin* And what do you know of The Muppets...? Besides that they are your associates...

Wallace: They're conquerors, in the traditional sense. Some might call it "terrorism," but what would we call the Mongols these days but terrorists? Their empire astounds even me. It's actually quite refreshing to see someone with ambition that isn't some filthy American in a gaudy hat.

Charles: Gaudy hat...? Anyways... I believe that this facility is fit for a kind of criminal beyond mere terrorists... and you should know this as well... so... let's talk about these blackouts.. shall we?

Wallace: They always seem to wear ridiculous top hats. I say Booth was right to shoot the one off of Lincoln. But yes, anyway. These blackouts, as far as I am aware, have always plagued me. It may have something to do with the chronic bronchitis I've been diagnosed with, though. I break into a violent coughing fit and fall unconscious.

Charles: I see... and how common are these violent coughing fits...?

Wallace: It varies. In York I try to make sure the factories run clean so nothing irritates my throat or lungs too badly. I imagine I won't exactly have such luck here, though, will I?

Charles: *Charles seems to be on the verge of laughter* Oh you will not have the same luck here! I'm afraid the air in America is the worst... we didn't take care of the Earth at all you could say. Further more... when No Man's Land was first founded it had plenty of clean facilities... sure was a shame the inmates didn't bother to keep those facilities up... they were far too focused on acquiring land... it was quite amusing...

Wallace: Disgusting, peasant, savages.

Charles: Oh do have fun in the facility... I fear you'll see quite a few savages...

Wallace: I can only... *cough* Fffuc*violent coughing* God fucking damn*violent hacking to the point that Sir Wallace hunches forward in pain*

Charles: *Charles leans back on his chair and waits* Perfect...

Pete: Pete. Er statler, among de Mups. Sorry 'bout dat fe de entrance thuz. and de lack o' information. Ay try ter prevent Wally from know'n about me.

Charles: What fun would it be if I told him...? I've seen plenty of cases like this before in my history of running this facility.. and I've found it most fun to just watch and see how this plays out... so... what do you call yourself?

Pete: Pete.

Charles: Pete...? Just Pete...?

Pete: Yis indeed. Er Statler, among de Mups. And tar fe keep'n it a secret. I'd rather not 'uv 'im try 'arder ter kill oself. I've stepped in wi' a rope ed me neck, stand'n onna ch more times than ay tinnie count.

Charles: Ahem... very... well then. Where shall we begin? I believe I'd like to know about your relationship with Sir Wallace... other than you wanting your presence being kept... a secret

Pete: Ay popped in 'is barnet same time 'e did. Ay try ter keep 'im safe and keep myself entitained. Ever see doz blewdy micks at each other's throats over fuck'n nowt? Prime shit.

Charles: Uhuh... and... are you the one who established a meeting with The Muppets...? Wallace didn't seem to know as much about them I was led to believe...

Pete: Yous bet yer bottle and glass ay wuz. Any people wi' de same lust fe kill'n I've got ay sound by me. I'd rather associate wi' Gonzo and 'is fella nutcases than any stuffy nobles anyroad.

Charles: Heh... if that's the type of company you like... you'll be plenty happy here...

Pete: Ay kun. ay juss 'uv one regret, one th'n ay wish ay could've done ed de outside. *laughs heartily* Bowl 'ed, ask me wa' it wuz. [mockingly] Ay soak o' thee.

Charles: Okay then... what is that 'one' regret...?

Pete: Bright, dat embezzled rips? It wuz fe a blind bit o' de beesknees. *leans in very close and whispers* Antimatti. *leans back and grins madly* Wa' scutty way ter make all de micks timinate themselves than ter blow Belfast sky blocked and blame de south?

Charles: That's what the embezzlement was about...? Are you really that obssessed with that silly conflict in Ireland...? Both halves of that island could be blown to hell and I still wouldn't bat an eye...

Pete: Nah no nah, it's laughin', yous see? Dee kill each uvver and all ay 'uv ter do is start it and kettle. Saves me a blind bit o' time and ammo from 'av'n ter mow dem all down ed me bill.

Charles: So then... are you just doing this... because it amuses you...?

Pete:  O' cose. it's 'ilarious. O' cose sometimes ay need ter get me mitts dirty so ay decrease de population o' York and some o' de uvver areas. And o' cose sometimes ay need me buzz bomb wet, so ay fuck dem as ay kill dem. And their pets make generous lovers tew.

Pete: W's de matti Charlie, moggy got yer chopper?

Charles: Heh... your kind always amuses me... it is unbelievable how easy it is to manipulate the masses into just killing themselves... isn't it? And... chopper?

Pete: Chopper's yer chopper. Yer buzz bomb. Yer manhewd. And yeah, that's de beesknees th'n about shar'n a corpy wi' a minted shit. Thrrer rips until dee kill each uvver. It's a weerk o' art ay could winge ter.

Charles: I wonder if I used to sound like this when I first moved stateside... *sighs* Let's jsut say I'm a -very- old man Pete... perhaps we should change the subject?

Pete: Be me guest. Wa' else do yous wanna kun?

Charles: You've got a long stream of murders under your belt... care to comment on how you kill people...?

Pete: Most o' de time ay use a 'eckler & koch UMP 45. Start squeez'n de trigger, move side ter side, kill dem all at blocked speed. O' cose ay also tinnie enjoy a sound as a pound clubb'n wi' minted boy's asp. One th'n that's dead fun is airjack'n. Dat close-quartis carnage, and dun watch'n de th'n fly into a freighti? It's scutty than any fuck'n drug, ay tinnie tell yous dat.

Charles: Hmmm... I see, so... what do you think of The Muppets...?

Pete: They're a fun little operation. Gonzo especially. Ay dun want Wally show'n in de middle o' combat mind yous, but ay se as shit love it all. Afti all, wuz it not fe dem, ay wuddun 'uv reason ter... raise me voice, as it wuz.

Charles: If it wasn't for them...? Why did you join The Muppets...?

Pete: Fun. but nah, Am especially made up ay joined fe this. 'old up fe me firkin yous dun mind gett'n embedded in de wall, could yous?

Charles: I can't help but feel you're getting difficult... and that's fine... you can answer wrong as many times as you want... that accent is particularly nerve racking... the last time I heard someone speak like that I was in the Moors... oh well... so... what are your plans, now that you've been admitted into my prison...?

Pete: Fairst, yous claptrap, ay want yous ter 'old up firkin fe me ter show me cybernetics.

Charles: *Charles raises an eyebrow to Pete* You want me to show you -WHAT- cybernetics...?

Pete: Mine. Not yos. Blimp yous fuck'n piece o' shit, 'old firkin up, and i'll do a little small-scale demonstration. I'd rather not get in any up ther shute ed me fairst dee o' primary schewl, cotton ed? Yous gorra plaque er picte frame er any o' dat bullshit?

Charles: *Charles rubs his temples* Do... do we have a translator...? CAN WE PLEASE HAVE A TRANSLATOR!? Okay... you want to show your cybernetics...? You... want me to hold "firkin" up... show you can hold a dmonstration...? Well I'd certainly be excited for a show of your cybernetics... they are a vast interest of mine... but... I have no idea what a "firkin" is... *Charles leans back on his chair*

Pete: Yous thick fuck'n claptrap. 'old up a piece o' metal er uvver th'n along doz lines.

Charles: *Charles lets out a laugh* What if I hold up my watch...? Will that suffice...?

Pete: *visibly angry* So long as yous dun need it anymore. May wanna 'uv it at de end o' a puncil in case yer fingers gerra little deck.

Charles: Very well... I have plenty... *Charles -slowly- takes off his watch then glares to one of the gaurds* I've got a better idea. You... soldier... hold up the watch. *The soldier hesitantly salutes before taking the watch and holding it up* Better than a pencil... no?

Pete: Ay like 'ow yous think. *takes in a deep breath, looks intently at the watch, puts mouth into an O shape, and shouts, firing out a jet of air that penetrates cleanly through the clock face and into the soldier's wrist, leaving a hole not unlike that from a bullet*

Charles: *The guard is immediately shocked by the wound he recieved and falls on the floor screaming, Charles claps* How entertaining... I do love to see the latest tricks Cybernetics has to offer...! *Charles looks down to the guard* Oh poppycock... get up you fool! I'll make you a new wrist... maybe a new arm... stop embaressing yourself. *Charles looks back up to Pete* Where were we? Right, that was entertaining! A shame such entertaining technology is put to work by criminals... then again... you scum always do come up with the most imaginative works... I would know... *Charles gives an obviously fake smile to Pete*

Pete: [sarcastically] Tar sweetie-pie. Yous should see it at chocker power point blank. *returns the smile and then immediately drops it* Did yous 'uv any uvver questions, dun?

Charles: Not really... oh, I think I've got one... what do the Muppets want with No Man's Land...?

Pete: You're fuck'n 'ystiical. Any real questions?

Charles: *Charles smirks* I thought so... no... we are quite done. You may take your leave... don't let the door hit you on your way out...!

Pete: Sounds sound as a pound ter me. 'ere's a little part'n gift. *screams at the ceiling directly above, punching a hole in it* So long, Charlie-boy! *saunters out*

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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Colorful Columbina on Thu May 08, 2014 9:27 pm


Username: Colorful Columbina

Name: Malena Lezaeta

Codename: The Engineer

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7''

Sexuality: Bisexual

Relationship Status: Single

Notable Crimes: Treason, killing important crime lords and their associates

Faction: Suicide Squad

Assignment in Faction: Squad Member

Fighting Style: Malena prefers to be providing support than going head on against someone, but if she has to, she uses her gadgets or hand to hand combat.

Psychological Analysis: Malena shows strong sociopathic tendencies,which allows her to remain high functioning and efficient even though she does betray some emotion when dealing with family or people who shes made a bond with.

Theme Music:

Threat Level:  C

(Here is how the interview works. First of all you need a Skype account. You will need it for this interview. The interview might take anywhere between 10 minutes to, well... a very long time. The length of the interview will also vary. It will be much more interactive and flexible than the interview from acts 1 and 2. In this interview, your character has been forcibly brought in from No Man's Land (if they have been in No Man's Land prior to this RP) or from the outside world (If they are new inmates) to Paladin HQ for an interview. Much to their surprise they find that they are being interviewed by Charles Paladin, the very owner of the prison (Or in some cases his personal assistant). It is a dark room, with only a single damp light in the middle. There are two wooden chairs, a wooden table between them. Charles sits upon the chair on the opposite side of the room. He is holding your characters dosier. You will contact (Adam Severino AKA Pan) on Skype, where you will conduct the interview via Skype. After it is done please copy and paste the entire interview into this profile. Your profile does not need an approval after the interview is done. However, the rest of the profile must be completeled and posted in this thread before you begin the interview.)

*Two guards lead Malena into the interview room, handcuffed. Charles waits in the room with her file, sitting down as he gazes over it*

Charles: Ah, you've arrived... please, sit down.

Malena: *Looks at the guards and tries to shrug them off, unsuccessfully. They set her down forcefully on a chair and Malena nods at them as they back away* Always a pleasure, gentlemen. *She looks at Charles* You must be the big man in charge.

Charles: Surely you've heard of the name Charles Paladin? Paladin Industries, the company that runs this facility... its even in my name...! So yes... yes I am in charge here. This is MY city... now... shall we begin this interview? I am oh-so-curious about you.

Malena: *Her eyes conveyed a bit of surprise, but she quickly recovered* Oh yes, THE Charles Paladin. Nice to match the name to a face. I was not expecting my interview to be conducted by a man of such importance. Yes, lets begin! Interview-away!

Charles: *Charles grins to Malena* Alas! Someone with manners...! Ahem, yes, we shall begin. Why don't you introduce yourself? State your name... and what exactly you did before being sent to this prison...

Malena: I was born Malena Lezaeta, although people seem to like to call me Mal. I was born before the Cataclysm, but my first memories are of the Cartels and being brought up by my brother in the drug cartel territory down south. I'm not 100% certain of what he really did, I never gave it much thought, but his position was high enough to secure me a comfortable lifestyle. That is, until I started going out, doing field work, if you will. But it wasn't really field work, I'm good with machines, gadgets, gizmos; I create, invent, innovate. I was useful, so they used me. They put me in a rival Cartel, I was supposed to infiltrate, then when I was already trusted, I would begin killing people off. *Malena grinned* Which I did! Wonderfully, oh you should have seen the ways they went, though I suppose you have, since I'm here.
Anyways, it became boring, where was the fun? After I finished with that cartel they'd send me to another, and another. But taking over my brother's cartel? And the one they sent me to infiltrate? That was a challenge. Nobody had to know, a simple change in administration, nobody really knew who was in charge. *Malena leans forward, an unsettling smile creeping across her face*
My brother apparently did. And he sent me here as punishment for my treason.

Charles: *Charles raises an eyebrow to Malena* Wellll then... let's back up a little. You claim and I've seen that you have quite a bit of knowledge on engineering... such talent is rare these days. How did you come to be so affluent with machines?

Malena: Ah yes, my brother wasn't really present much, so I spent a good amount of time in the nicer area of this... compound, it was really home base for the cartel. In the nicer areas was where the labs and the more educated people were. We didn't have a formal school or anything of the sort, but I thought my time was better spent learning from the engineers than becoming a punching bag for the other kids. Eventually though, the engineers went away, I was never told what happened to them, and I started to make my own discoveries. That is when I really developed my talent.

Charles: I see... very interesting... is there anything else you could tell me about The Cartels? That entire region is largely cut off from the rest of the world these days... even Paladin Industries hasn't heard much from the Cartels in some time...

Malena: I was not... told much. *Malena seemed uncomfortable that there was something she didn't know* Cartels fighing, people dying, repeat. Not much changed in the  23 years I spent there, as far as I'm... *Malena chose her words carefully* aware.

Charles: I see... *Charles glares to Malena* Perhaps we can go into more detail at another time. Is tehre anything more you can speak of on your brother?

Malena: Nothing at all! The last time I had a conversation longer than 10 minutes with him, I was 8 years old, the man is almost a stranger to me. *She met his glare with her own*

Charles: Interesting... so... what have you heard about this facility Malena? Surely youv'e heard -something-...

Malena: You are right, I've heard some things. You place super criminals in here, its a city, worse than death, if my brother sent me here instead of killing me, so this facility must be quite something.

Charles: Ah yes... usually it would be a fate worse than death... I agree. Of course... none of that is my doing... the inmates have as much freedom as they want within the city... it just so happens that they choose to leave it a hellhole in ignorance... its really something... *Charles smiles* But, alas, no... I have something different in mind for you...

Malena: Of course, criminals will be... criminal. *she nodded* Oh?

Charles: Your talents are... rare, in this day and age. I have a team, you see... a team of criminals that have "volunteered" to work for Paladin Industries... taking on missions that my normal agents could neve rhope to accomplish. You're here right now because I'm giving you a chance to "volunteer" for this team... in return for your services you will eventually be given your freedom, and Paladin Industries will be in your debt...

Malena: *Malena waits a while before answering* I suppose a dental plan is out of the question? Nevertheless, I am honored to be invited to this team, and I will graciously... volunteer.

Charles: *Charles' grin grows* Good... I was worried you might pick the wrong answer. However... I should warn you... there are some... risks... to joining this team. Besides the usual risking your life with the job thing... *A guard hands Charles a glass of water, Charles then slides it over to Malena* Would you care for some water? I'm afraid the walls of this prison are the only place where you can find clean water around these parts... expect no such luxuries while out on the field...

Malena: Risks are not unfamiliar, I'll deal with them. *She slides the glass to the side* I'm not very thirst at the moment. Can I get it in a to-go bag? May be useful later.

Charles: Hmph... do whatever you want with the water... anyways... the additional risk... you're going to need t undertake surgery... *Charles glares to Malena* just some leverage... we'll be putting a bomb in you to... secure loyalty...

Malena: Do what you must. I assume it'll be removed once- if, I'm released? And is it safe? It wont go off unexpectantly? I'm sure that isn't a major inconvenience to you but I quite like being alive.

Charles: Oh trust me its been tested... heh... it won't go off so long as I say so... and yes, it will be removed when you gain your freedom. Speaking of which... *Charles slides a few files over to Malena* these are teh dossiers of your teammates... feel free to read over them... it will only benefit you...

Malena: *She takes the files and flips through them* New reading material, wonderful, I'll have these memorized before I get there.... So! When do I start?

Charles: Posthaste... half teh team is currently out on a mission... the other half is still within the walls. You'll be taken to the surgery room for the.. ahem... leverage. When the drugs wear off the guards will lead you to the barracks wher eyou can meet the rest of the team...

Malena: *Malena salutes unsincerely* Yessir. I suppose I'll have that water now. *She reaches for the glass and takes two large gulps after eyeing Charles*

Charles: *Charles lets out a laugh* Oh excuse me... alright I finally got you to drink the water...

Malena: *Malena puts the glass down and politely wipes her mouth with the back of her hand* So it wasn't a trap? *Her eyes move rapidly, calculating*

Charles: What, were you expecting something else!? Afraid your head was going to explode!? Haha... no... it was merely water... ordinary and simple water... albeit purified... you may leave now... the guards will escort you to where you need to be.

Malena: *Malena shakes her head* Good stuff. Its been a pleasure, Charles Paladin. *She gets up and offeres her arms to the guards, which they take silently and lead her out of the interview room*


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Emu Queen on Sat May 10, 2014 6:27 pm


Emu Queen

Dianhua Nanhai


Nineteen (19)




Relationship Status:

Notable Crimes:
Association with the Black Dragon Clan, numerous assassinations, extortion, murder, assault and money laundering-- all from orders given to him by the leader of the Black Dragon Clan.

Black Dragon Clan

Assignment in Faction:
Black Dragon Clan Member

Fighting Style:
Dianhua is a very support-based fighter. He`s a very potent psychic--however, his psychic abilities are limited to his ability to read people`s thoughts; a talent very rare amount natural-born psychics. In order for this to be achievable, he must first utilize a solid object for his focused target`s thoughts to resound into, no matter what the object may be. Through this, he is able to inform his comrades on their opponent's next move, assuring them a clear victory. On top of this, he`s a highly trained martial artist---as expected of an esteemed member of the Black Dragon Clan. What he lacks in muscle, he makes up for with nimble speed, quick thinking, and strategic advantages.

Psychological Analysis:
At a glance- one could perceive Dianhua as a perfectly stable, if not a bit overly enthusiastic and slightly flamboyant young man. He`s a cheerful and optimistic person- seemingly kind-hearted and determined. Again, he does seem awfully sane-- up until his fierce loyalty toward the Black Dragon Clan is brought up. More specifically- his fierce loyalty to the Clan`s leader, Tate Amaranth. Despite his time working under the other- Dianhua is absurdly oblivious to Tate`s nature, as well as his obvious lack of affection. He is-- by all meaning of the words-- completely and utterly in love with and devoted to the Clan`s leader, to the point of obsession. It`s believed that he`s dealt with some level of extreme loss in his life-- and has... some very questionable coping methods.

Theme Music:
Dianhua`s Theme - Ping Pong Circulate

Threat Level:

(Here is how the interview works. First of all you need a Skype account. You will need it for this interview. The interview might take anywhere between 10 minutes to, well... a very long time. The length of the interview will also vary. It will be much more interactive and flexible than the interview from acts 1 and 2. In this interview, your character has been forcibly brought in from No Man's Land (if they have been in No Man's Land prior to this RP) or from the outside world (If they are new inmates) to Paladin HQ for an interview. Much to their surprise they find that they are being interviewed by Charles Paladin, the very owner of the prison (Or in some cases his personal assistant). It is a dark room, with only a single damp light in the middle. There are two wooden chairs, a wooden table between them. Charles sits upon the chair on the opposite side of the room. He is holding your characters dosier. You will contact (Adam Severino AKA Pan) on Skype, where you will conduct the interview via Skype. After it is done please copy and paste the entire interview into this profile. Your profile does not need an approval after the interview is done. However, the rest of the profile must be completed and posted in this thread before you begin the interview.)

Charles: Hello there, please, make yourself comfortable...


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Akikazemoon on Sat May 10, 2014 6:56 pm



Tate Amaranth

The Black Cat





Relationship Status:
"In a relationship" with the Mistress--or at least that's what he leads everyone to believe, including the Mistress herself.

Notable Crimes:
Being a high-raking member in a criminal organization, for one thing. And on top of that, he has countless accounts of assault, murder, arson, forgery, bribery, extortion, and many other unsavory things. He seems to have done this all in his own interest--only committing crimes that would benefit him in some way.

Black Dragon (Black Dragon Clan) / The Trust

Assignment in Faction:
Black Dragon Clan - Leader
The Trust - Member

Fighting Style:
Tate's fighting style is varied and dangerous in the way that it combines physical abilities with his psychic abilities. Physically, Tate isn't the strongest person around, but he's fast as all hell--and flighty/dodgy to boot. His weapon of choice are hand-mounted metallic claws, and his specialty in battle is hit-and-run, coming in to strike the opponent, then dodging out of the way of any counter attacks. He has cybernetics in his hands and feet, also, that allow him to land safely from large falls, because after all--cats always land on their feet. Furthermore, to follow the cat pattern, he also has cybernetics in his heart, that will jumpstart his heart a total of nine times--because we all know that cats have nine lives.
On top of his physical abilities, Tate also has some pretty powerful psychic abilities. Using his psychic power, he's able to summon up dark, snake-like creatures made of pure psychic energy, which can move either independently, or by his own control. These snakes have fangs that hurt very much like real fangs when a person is bit by them--and they inject a certain type of psychic "venom." There are two kinds of venom--one of them, will inject the person with sudden insanity, which could very well send their mind spiraling in any sort of direction, depending on the person and their current state of mind. The other type of venom is that of sheer rage--and this is usually used when Tate is in hiding somewhere--because who knows what a rageful person could do to the people around them--especially their allies.

Psychological Analysis:
Just being around Tate tends to make one feel uncomfortable. While around other people, he's always quite complimentary towards them, always sure to people-please and keep everyone happy and under control. He's a very sly manipulator, and is very good at keeping people on his side. He makes it a rule to never show his true nature in front of other people--and no one seems to have detected this true nature of his, but for the feeling of being quite uncomfortable around him, for whatever reason. He seems to be really quite ambitious, and also seems to have big goals for himself and the Clan. Nobody has quite managed to figure him out yet, but he does definitely seem to have his own self-serving agenda.

Theme Music:
Tate's Theme - The Big Gundown

Threat Level: SSS

(Here is how the interview works. First of all you need a Skype account. You will need it for this interview. The interview might take anywhere between 10 minutes to, well... a very long time. The length of the interview will also vary. It will be much more interactive and flexible than the interview from acts 1 and 2. In this interview, your character has been forcibly brought in from No Man's Land (if they have been in No Man's Land prior to this RP) or from the outside world (If they are new inmates) to Paladin HQ for an interview. Much to their surprise they find that they are being interviewed by Charles Paladin, the very owner of the prison (Or in some cases his personal assistant). It is a dark room, with only a single damp light in the middle. There are two wooden chairs, a wooden table between them. Charles sits upon the chair on the opposite side of the room. He is holding your characters dosier. You will contact (Adam Severino AKA Pan) on Skype, where you will conduct the interview via Skype. After it is done please copy and paste the entire interview into this profile. Your profile does not need an approval after the interview is done. However, the rest of the profile must be completed and posted in this thread before you begin the interview.)

(Tate is lead into the interview room by two Paladin guards, no handcuffs. Charles is waiting in the interview room, a smile on his face)

Charles: Well well... if it isn't the stray cat... it's been awhile.

Tate: *he saunters on into the room and looks over at Charles as he speaks to him, smiling as well* Paladin...! Long time no see. *takes a seat in the chair on the other side of the table* Really, though, how've you been? You look like you've aged about ten years--stress keeping you down?

Charles: (Charles raises an eyebrow to Tate as he hears his voice) I've been well, you know, the usual. Forwarding the human race, keeping world peace, Charles things. (Charles seems to be ready to keep on talking, but Tate's age comment sends Charles into a fit of laughter) Oh how humorous of you! Then I suppose Xiu has aged 50 years, no?

Tate: Charles things, hm...? Sounds like a busy life... *gives a chuckle and grins* Oh, please. She, at the very least, knows the secrets to looking young, unlike certain other old-timers I know--not naming any names. *shrugs* So--want to get started?

Charles: Heh... of course. So why don't we start with an introduction. Your name and occupation please.

Tate: Tate Amaranth, head of the Black Dragon Clan, working directly under Xiu and more recently with all you fine people in The Trust. It's a pleasure, really.

Charles: Likewise... and what exactly does the Black Dragon Clan do...? As compared to... you know... Xiu's typical cronies, or Heavenly Truth...

Tate: *smiles at Charles, resting his elbows on the desk* And you're asking just for interview purposes, right...? I could just keep it simple and say that we follow Xiu's orders...

Charles: Sure... let's keep it at that. And just how high up in Black Dragon's hierarchy do you all fall...?

Tate: Wow--you just accepted that--? *chuckles* Didn't see that one coming...thought that you'd pry until the end... *shifts his position a bit, getting more comfortable* High enough. Xiu seems to really have faith in us all--and that's a good sign, right?

Charles: (Charles seems to let out yet another laugh) No, no it isn't... ahem... and how exactly did you become the leader of the Black Dragon Clan? That seems to be quite an important role within the organization, does it not?

Tate: Oh, well, that one's a bit of a long story...You see, when I first joined the Clan, I was nothing but a normal took me quite a while to rise up through the ranks. But then, quite suddenly one day, the current head of the clan fell ill--and passed away. Very sad, very sad. *shakes his head slightly, looking pensive* It was because of my tireless efforts to help the clan--along with my physical and mental skills--that brought me to the spot that I am today, when the position needed to be filled.

Charles: Mental skills, huh...? Shall we talk about your so called 'mental skills'...? You of course know what I'm referring to, don't you?

Tate: That would be my psychic abilities, yeah? *gives Charles a big smile* You want to hear about them?

Charles: This interview would be incomplete without an explanation for them, would it not?

Tate: True enough...! Would you...maybe like a demonstration? *grins, leaning forward just slightly*

Charles: (Charles raises an eyebrow to Tate) So long as you realize where you are and that you must contain yourself, sure...

Tate: What, you doubt that I can keep it under control? *gives a small chuckle* Trust me,'s easy. *his eyes drift down towards his arm, where a small, pitch black snake had materialized, slowly slithering down the appendage* I can make any number of these guys, in any size...and you /don't/ want to get bitten by one. The psychological venom they dish out is just about as harmful mentally as normal venom is physically.

Charles: Ah yes the snakes... we really should havethose on record. The previous institution failed to even have Mr. Innsmouth's psychic abilities on record, I shall make sure we do not make the same mistake with you. And of course these abilities are an apt fit for your occupation. And when did you first develop your psychic potential...?

Tate: Pff--Hal was pretty pathetic anyway. Nothing big to worry about. *shrugs, shifting the snake up to his shoulder with his hand* As for when the powers developed--I was eleven years old. Back then, it was just whisps of negative energy, but I could tell that there was something there. And, after a lot of became pretty dangerous. To others, of course. I was just having fun.

Charles: Fun...? Oh I can imagine what type of 'fun' someone like you would have... and as always Xiu has a talent for finding true monsters... speaking of which... how did Black Dragon find you? I know the organization has a huge interest in psychics, but that doens't explain everything...

Tate: *lets out a laugh and grins* Aw, you give me too much credit, Charles! Such a flatterer. Let's see...well, you already know probably that Black Dragon seeks out promising people with nowhere else to go. Let's just say that I caused quite a ruckus back where I was from--you know, mass terror, lots of blood and guts, all that fun stuff. And, I guess that it caught Black Dragon's notice--they came and found me. And when given such a golden opportunity, who would refuse, huh?

Charles: Of course I wouldn't... (Charles seems taken back by Tate's question) so let us continue then. How's your relationship with your boss...? Xiu I mean... (Charles suddenly shoots a glare to Tate) And oh boy, do be honest... I'm better at reading humans than you think-

Tate: *just gives Charles a beaming smile* What, you think that I doubt your abilities? I thought that you thought better of me, Charles. Xiu is very important to me, of course. I couldn't possibly be where I am today if not for her. We're very close--and my whole future depends on her. And oh /man/ have we done some /intense/ stuff. In bed, I mean. Plenty of things that any of her /previous/ suitors probably couldn't even /dream/ of.

Charles: (Charles glares to Tate) I can't help but feel you're dodging my question, the -real- question that is... (Charles fists ball up) so what you're saying is... (Charles smirks to Tate) you're basically Xiu's bitch?

Tate: *his expression doesn't seem to waver--if anything, the smile intensifies* Oh, please. I couldn't care less about the sex. I do it for her sake--out of the goodness of my heart--because she so clearly needs a stress reliever. I'm not too keen on sex myself--but if it's to make her day better, then why not? I wouldn't say "bitch"...I'd consider myself more a...physical therapist. A relief from a day of dealing with corporate leaders with sticks up their asses. That's all.

Charles: (Charles looks at tate with a dull, unamused expression) You're disgusting... has anyone ever told you that? I'm sure -many- people have. And since Xiu has called you here... I assume that means the rest of your team will be arriving at any time as well, am I correct?

Tate: Actually yeah, people have. *grins and chuckles, reaching a hand up to pet the snake on his shoulder* It's all about taking these things in stride, Charles. As for the rest of the people I brought here--they'll be arriving very soon now. We have a few tasks that we need to carry out, as well, so I'm glad that they're getting here so quick.

Charles: Ahem... (Charles keeps his sour expression as he continues to speak with Tate) I'd like to know how you run the Clan... what is your relationship with the other clan members... as their leader, how do you treat them? I'd like to see how you stack up to Xiu...

Tate: Oh, I treat them /very/ nicely, of course. I find it much more useful when your followers love you, rather than hate you. Much less chance of traitors, you see. So, I follow Xiu's example--my followers are friends in every sense of the word, and I do all that I can to make sure that they're comfortable. Because of this, they all seem to look up to or admire me--some...quite a lot more than others...

Charles: Ahem- (Charles seems to clear his throat when Tate talks about some people admiring him more than others) there's -always- someone like that... so then... I've got a more important question next... the -real- reason i brought you here... (Charles looks to one of his guards, who immediately walks to the camera in the room and shuts it down) I believe its time I speak to you as a member of The Trust...

Tate: *he glances over to watch the guard turn off the camera, then looks back Charles and smirks* Fancy. Alright. Go on ahead.

Charles: So... as equals... just how happy are you constantly being in the shadows of The Mistress...? By all means as a member of The Trust... you should be considered an equal member of the organization... like Red Masque and I... yet Xiu doesn't seem to see you as your -real- equal... she constantly seems to be holding you back... and I'd like ot hear your opinion on the matter...

Tate: *once Charles finishes asking his question, Tate's smile seems to quickly drop to an expression of cold neutrality* ...And what reassurance do I have that this information won't reach any ears but yours?

Charles: I'm sure you're well aware of my task force... my actions to destroy Xiu's hold over my city... Red Masque's return... is it not obvious what I'm trying to do here? That should answer your question...

Tate: *pauses for a moment, then folds his hands together on the desk, his expression remaining largely neutral, though it does seem as if he's holding something back at this point*...I can't say that I'm very happy with the situation.

Charles: I can imagine... after all, I can relate... it has been decades since I've left the Black Dragon, I've formed my own organization, I am an equal member of The Trust... yet to this day Xiu still treats my like a suboordinate... I have been with Xiu FAR longer than you have... tell me, are you content with your fate?

Tate:...I don't think I'd ever be content with a fate of being seen as less than a woman that I'm actually not too crazy about. However, of course, expressing thoughts like that never got anyone anywhere--but that's why I'm working at bettering my position.

Charles: Oh...? And how do you plan on bettering your position...? I can assure you being the loyal little boy will only get you as far as Hal...

Tate: Trust me--I'm not being some "loyal little boy." All I need to do is bide my time...unless you've got some brighter idea, Paladin?

Charles: (Charles grins to Tate) As a matter of fact... I believe you won't need to bide your time much longer... so long as you don't move a finger when the time is right... you need not even risk your own position in the organization...

Tate: Is this...some kind of proposition?

Charles: I am first and foremost a businessman, Tate. I make deals, I bargain with others, I may wear the mask of an uncompromising old man... but I can assure you that I've been in this world far too long to be the fool I try to play myself as. Understand this... I don't like you, nor do I find a semblance of your personality and attitude even remotely pleasant.. but I could care less abotu any of that. I see an oppurtunity... one where we both make profit, and in the end, its all about getting ahead in life isn't it...? That's exactly what we're doing... getting ahead in life...

Tate: Well then, while we're at it, let me just get it out there that I kind of despise you, too. So it's mutual. *he gives a faint smile, letting the snake on his shoulder dissolve away* So...tell me about this idea of yours.

Charles: (Charles lets out a smirk when tate expression his disliking for him, he's fine with this) We don't need to like each other, you need not worry about that. As for my idea... well... I'm sure you're -quite- aware of Xiu's uncanny... ability.... to well, not die. I just happen to think that she's lived a long.... tiring life... and maybe its time for her to retire... permanently... and neither of us will need to get personally involved... after all... I've got a whole city of puppets that will do whatever I want on a whim... they don't even know it yet, but they've all been pawns in the longest game of wits the world has ever seen. We cannot discuss my plan in full here... we will save that for another time... but I can tell you this... we must both keep following Xiu's plan for now... if she wants Heavenly Treasure so much, she can have it...

Tate: much as I hate to admit it, I'm liking this idea. Alright--I'll bite. But keep in mind--I still don't trust you, and I probably never will. *he smiles and shrugs* But, if you've got some sort of plan of action to get that /hag/ out of the way...then sure, why not work with you. We'll have to meet up sometime later to talk about it, then.

Charles: Trust is not something I will need out of you from this plan, you need not worry. Good, we shall meet at another time. As for Red Masque... I believe it would be best to leave him out of this...

Tate: I'd prefer that, actually. The less people in on the plans that I'm involved in, the better. I just...don't really play well with others.

Charles: I've noticed... anyways... this is quite bellow him anyways, he won't so much as bat an eye when this plan goes into action.

Tate: Good. I can't stand him, anyway. *shrugs*

Charles: (Charles seems to actually smile at Tate's comment, as if he finds something humorous about his words) Heh...

Tate: *frowns, raising an eyebrow at Charles* What's so funny?

Charles: Heh... it's just... you just made me realize you haven't ever relaly been properly introduced to Red Masque... it is understandable, after all, he's a bit before your time, but... its just made me realize how new you are to this game! I do believe that Red Masque should properly speak to you once this nonsense is done and over with.

Tate: Whether I'm new to the game or not doesn't really matter, does it--? It's the fact that I've got the ambition to win this "game" that matters. And... *frowns, seeming less than enthused about getting to talk to the Red Masque* Fine...I guess that I should talk to him.

Charles: You'll probably hate him more! Hahahaha! Ahem... very well then I suppose our interview has concluded! You may escort yourself out.

Tate: Hm... *glances back at the guard who had turned the camera off earlier* ...What about him?

Charles: Both guards...? You need not fear them... after all... (Charles stands up, walking over to one of the guards tapping his knuckle against his arm, letting out a loud metallic echo) they aren't human... far from it actually...

Tate:...Oh. Well. That's nice, I guess... *pauses* Ugh...that reminds me...I need to go pick up that stupid robot girl that Xiu had created...

Charles: Ah right... her... I interviewed her earlier... she may be a blunder in our plan...

Tate: Really...I was concerned about her from the get go...I swear, if Xiu made her to monitor me... *sighs, standing up* Well, she won't catch even the slightest hint of this. If there's one thing I know how to do, it's keep people fooled.

Charles: Of course... I doubt she'll pose a threat... if anything... she could be of use to us... an artificial human programmed to learn- she's quite impressionable.

Tate: True enough...but I don't want to risk anything. I don't trust Xiu any further than I could throw her--and I don't want to take any risks. I'll just act as normal towards that girl, and keep her in the dark...unless you want me to try to impression her in some certain way?

Charles: As long as she doesn't miss Xiu when she's gone... I could care less.

Tate: *smirks faintly, crossing his arms* Easy enough. Twisting people's opinions of others is a pretty easy thing.

Charles: Oh I know... I know... ahem, very well then, we are done here. I believe we dont' want Xiu to get too suspicious of your absence, do we?

Tate: Fair enough. *pauses for a moment, putting back on his usual character and smiling at Charles* So, do I get one of those threat levels, or what?

Charles: Sure... why not? You've got SSS...

Tate: Oh, nice--that's pretty damn impressive. Alright then--I guess we're done here, right? If that's the case, then I guess that I should get going. *moves to the door, giving Charles a half-wave* See ya, Paladin. *and with that--moves out of the door and exits*


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Raven Todd on Sun May 11, 2014 3:20 am


Username: Raven Todd

Name:Elisa Hardey

Codename: Valda Jr.

Age: 18

Gender: Female



Relationship Status:Single

Notable Crimes:Born in No Man's Land, Murder of neighbors and black market sellers, Robbery, breaking and entering,many cases of destruction of private property, and  an unknown number of cases of theft of Paladin and Faction weaponry

Faction: Black Dragon

Assignment in Faction: Member

Fighting Style: Elisa has been trained to fight with various forms of weapons from a young age. As her mother was an assassin, Elisa knows how to use any form of weapon she could get her hands on. As she grew older, however, Elisa would begin collecting weapons through alternative means, resulting in her developing a quick and efficient fighting style, when calm, as well as giving her experience with many different types of weapons. So there are very few weapons Elisa does not have personally or has not had experience with, up to an including weapons like heating seeking missile launchers and explosives . She will most commonly use some kind of gun, typically shot guns or a rifle, though she has been known to pull assorted weapons seemingly out of nowhere, so it is quite difficult to fully tell all of the weapons she may have on hand at one time.
On top of this, Elisa is quick on her feet and will typically find some way to use her environment to her advantage, which tends to result in a lot of property damage.

Psychological Analysis: Elisa is undoubtedly a product of her environment. Despite her mothers attempts to instill morals in the girl, and there does appear to have been some success in that goal, she has shown a willingness to do less than savory things for the sake of survival and bettering her circumstances. This nature is shown in how Elisa has begun to refer to weapons as "toys."
Despite this, Elisa still functions among other people well for the most part, as she has developed good instincts  when it comes to people. This perception is most adept with weapons and combat, but it can extend to social situations. Though the fact that she has an easily provoked temper can hamper her in this department. She normally has enough restraint to not physically hurt someone however, unless the person she is mad at has proven himself to not be worthy of this restraint.  

Theme Music: Red Fraction

Threat Level: B


(Elisa is brought into the interview, escorted by two guards, no handcuffs. Charles is awaiting her alreayd, reading through her dossier as she enters)
Charles: Ah, you've arrived, please, take a seat...
Elisa is escorted into the room, looking at the two guards as if she expects them to change their minds and hand cuff her. Her expression clouds as she sees Charles but it clears after a moments and she sits.
Charles: How polite. Now, why dont' you introduce yourself? State your name and occupation
Elisa smirked at Charles choice of words. Elisa: Not really. My name is Elisa Hardey. I work for the Black Dragon Clan.
Charles: Ah, of course... and you were born here... were you not...?
Elisa: Yeah, I was born here.
Charles: Why not speak of your life here...? Your kind rarely get to this age after all... you must be one hell of a survivor...
Elisa looked at the man, not seeming entirely happy with something he's said, before addressing him bluntly. Smirking at his last sentence.
Elisa: Damn right I am! My mom fought like hell to make sure we learned how to take down anyone who tried to do the same to us. You learn how to pick things up quickly in the slums, especially how to use all sorts of weapons. After a little while it just became instinct, second nature y'know, I can pick up almost anything at this point and swing or shoot it as good as someone trained with it.
Charles: I see... Black Dragon doesn't usually hire from this city... how did you end up joining the organization...?
Elisa: Yeah, I've gathered that. l Before I sold weapons on the black market. One day after I dealt with someone who didn't want to pay, Black Dragon approached me and I didn't see a reason to say no. They really just took me from there.
Charles: Were you immediately drafted into the Clan, or did you have to move through their ranks?
Elisa: I was drafted pretty immediately.
Charles: And why exactly were you brought into the clan immediately as compared to a lower division?
Elisa looked at Charles, speaking seriously, her eyes almost angry. Elisa : you already said it, Mr. Paladin. I'm a damn good survivor. I found a better situation and I sure as hell was going to make the most of it. That's why I was put in the clan.
Charles: Understandable... and what do you think of your fellow clan members? Your boss...? And what about the others?
Elisa: I like them for the most part. Tate's..a bit weird but he acts nice enough. Dionhua is the same. He needs to get his head out of Tates ass though. I really like my boss. She's very interesting. I'm still trying to understand Lao. But I do like him. I like everyone else well enough.
Charles: I see... so I suppose that the clan gets along much better than I originally thought... I'm well aware of the clan's status of being Black Dragon's elite... so then, I'm well aware of the Clan's members being quite dangerous, what of your fighting style?
Elisa smiled excitedly at Charles question.
Elisa: My fighting style tends to vary depending on the weapons I'm using at the time. I use guns, sniper rifles, hand guns, and weapons like that typically. Though I can use basically anything, up to an including missile launchers and explosives. I depends on what toys I'm able to keep on hand.
Charles: I see... I'm surprised... you seem to be the only gunman of the Clan members I have dossiers on... quite interesting. Why don't we move on to a new subject then? Enough about the Clan... what are your own personal goals?
Elisa seemed less comfortable with this change of topic. Elisa: I'm aiming on surviving as long as possible. I'm going to make something out of my life, even if it is in a prison. My other goals, you don't really need to know.
Charles: Oh... so you won't' tell? How... disappointing, I suppose it can't be helped. What do you think of the other factions in No Man's Land...?
Elisa raised an eyebrow.
Elisa: Why do you care that much about it? You're smart enough to understand the meaning of personal so it shouldn't be that surprising. Elisa sighed. Elisa: The Family is an over blown mafia group that needs to pull the stick out of their asses and realize how little power they actually have. Vulture I'm okay with. They seem to be mostly decent people. I don't know as much about the new inquisitor faction, but I really didn't like the old one, so I wouldn't mind if the new one was taken down too.
Charles: Heh... predictable answers I suppose... actually while we're on that subject... I happen to have interviewed a young man with a similar surname to your own... who was also born in this city... any relation?
Elisa looked at Charles, annoyed.
Elisa: Well, so sorry to disappoint. You asked my opinion. That's what you're getting.
She analyzed him before answering reluctantly but still bluntly.
Elisa: So you did see him.... Yeah, we're related.
Charles: How ironic that neither of you ended up staying with The Family, I suppose you were both lucky with your choices, all things considered. So I suppose you two no longer talk?
Elisa: Both of us lost any reason to want to stay with those bastards a while ago. I know I don't regret it. I'm willing to bet he doesn't either.
Elisa looked at Charles, unhappy by his question.
Elisa: No, we haven't. But I'm going to change that.
Charles: Oh... so perhaps you do have -some- personal goals... are you both on good terms? What do you intend to do...? Kill him? Or perhaps something a bit nicer? At this point I've come to expect the worst from your bunch.
Elisa: Screw you. You don't know jack shit about us. I never said I didn't have personal goals. I said you didn't need to know what they were. I don't intend to kill him and that's all you need to know.
Charles: Aw, no killing? Well there goes my interest in this little soap opera, I didn't know The Mistress had any interest in subordinates that WEREN'T complete monsters-
Elisa glares at Charles.
Elisa: Great. The further your fucked up ass stays away from my business the better things will be for me. Don't think just because I don't particularly want to kill one person in a city of millions that I'm not a threat. She sneers at him. Elisa: Jesus, with that attitude, it's no wonder kraven was able to blow everything to hell.
Charles: (Charles hlares to Elisa) No, Kraven was able to 'blow everything to hell' because BLACK DRAGON, the organization YOU'RE in... decided it would be a good idea to give a man of that nature power. We would still be dealing with the fallout of his rule if not for my organization, the lords know Vulture Team certainly wouldn't have been any better...
Elisa seems happy to have gotten a rise out of Charles. Elisa: Even if that is what happened, the fact that you all couldn't stop him ,even if Black Dragon was helping him, shows Paladin isn't as powerful as you'd like to think. Yeah, you helped with the fall out, but you weren't able to prevent anything. The inmates that you think you're so much better than did more to stop him from causing future damage, so what you did really doesn't count for much. And Paladin industries continues to give a man of your nature power so do you really think you have the right to judge anyone on that matter, Mr. Paladin?
Charles: Oh, it seems you don't understand something... NOTHING happens in this city without my approval. Black Dragon is left on its own, after all, that is the nature of this city, they are given a certain degree of trust as I was previously led to believe that your leader did not have the mind of a grade-schooler. I was wrong however, severely wrong. Kraven got away with what he did because Paladin simply chose not to take action, not because it was out of our power. Don't pretend you're in the place to criticize MY organization Ms. Hardey... you obviously don't know what you're talking about...!
Elisa: I can criticize you as much as I want when you blatantly admit that you knew a madman was on the loose in the prison you pretend to care so much about maintaining and chose to do nothing. I might have been able to respect you the tiniest bit if you had fucking tried. Vulture may not always be successful, but at least they try. I saw what Kraven did! I know what I'm talking about, you pompous asshole. You killed any respect left for your organization when you decided to sit on your ass and do nothing while the prisoners who actually didn't want to threaten your control as well as people not even housed in your prison died!
Charles: Oh? Yet your belong to the organization that put THAT MAN in power...
Elisa: By the time, I joined, they'd already stopped working with him. Yeah, giving him power was a fucked up decision, but they backed out. They freaking did something. That's more than you can say about Paladin. And I'm not going to let an opportunity get away. Not if it will help me better my situation.
Charles: Ha... once again you're using faulty logic... but I suppose that's to be expected from your kind, isn't it? Since the Kraven Incident Paladin Industries has been working on preventing an event like that from ever happening again... and more importantly... we've been getting rid of YOUR FACTION'S influence on the city. What has Black Dragon been doing? Oh right... you'ree causing chaos and generally doing EXACTLY what you did before the Kraven Incident. In other words, the reality of the situation is just about the opposite of what you're saying, girl.
Elisa: You know, you really should stop talking about "my kind" like we're a diease. We're alot more fucking capable than you give us credit for, old man. If you actually took the time to get off your high horse and look at the place we had to grow up in, you might see that. I think that massive ego of yours is getting in the way of you actually being able to analyze people
Charles: Ah... so it seems your kind does have a modcum of brain tissue within your heads... well... only a bit it seems! Enough to realize what I refer to you as... a disease. Yes... that is apt... oh, dont' take it personally... you're -all- scum... not even human. Your just that... a disease. And I'm simply the cure to your kind. That's simply how this world works, Ms. Hardey
Elisa glowered at Charles, incredulity mixing with anger.
Elisa: You wouldn't take being called a disease well either, asshole. What the hell gives you the right to be the cure to anything? Even if you don't see it that way, you're just as human as "My kind" and everyone else in your prison. You run Paladin Industries not the world. -You aren't god.-
Charles: Well, as far as your concerned... I am a god. At least compared to scum like you. Well... your threat level is B. I believe it's time we put this interview to an end. My guards -will- escort you out...
Elisa glares at him, looking him right in the eyes.
Elisa: -No, you aren't- You can be taken down just as easily as any other human. You would be wise to remember that.
She stands up as he announces the interview is over.
Elisa: About fucking time. I can escort myself out. Elisa walks to the door, pulling two guns seemingly out of nowhere and shots the guards, stepping over their corpses as she walks out.
Elisa: Have a good day, Mr. Paladin. Hopefully we won't be seeing each other soon.
Charles: I fear that will not be the case, Ms Hardey... (Charles lets out a sigh and leans back on his seat)
Elisa: Well I don't know who to feel more sorry for then. Until then, Mr. Paladin.
Then she put her guns back wherever she had gotten them from and walked out, muttering something Germanic sounding.


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Wed May 14, 2014 2:25 pm


Username: Pan-Sensei

Name: Lao Jiu

Codename: Mr. Lao

Age: 160

Gender: Male

Height: 6"11

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Widowed

Notable Crimes: An untold amount of murders (Its really hard to document a killer that's been working since the late 1800s), blackmailing, human trafficking, smuggling, and robbery

Faction: Black Dragon

Assignment in Faction: Black Dragon Clan member

Fighting Style: Lao has had over a century to hone his fighting style. Lao's fighting style appears in the form of deadly weapons disguised as mere cards, the most basic type being designed in a special sharpened alloy capable of cuttings straight trough metal. Other types of cards include explosive cards, cards laced with poison, cards that act as boomerangs, cards that explode into a mass of ice, and cards that burn away after they're thrown. Lao is also a master of Pray-Mantis style Kung Fu.

Psychological Analysis: Lao has lived for a century and a half, and he seems both mentally and physically healthy. While there were many records of people living well over 100 before the Cataclysm, to find someone of his age around in the world today is a rarity. Lao is completely loyal to Black Dragon, which is to be expected for such a long time member of the clan, he is eccentric, somewhat hyperactive, but seems to know more than he often lets on. Lao is also obsessed with finding death in battle, he knows he won't live much longer, and he actively searches for a worthy opponent to put an end to his life in battle, rather than perish due to age and disease.

Theme Music: Lao Theme - Silent Rumble

Threat Level: A

(Here is how the interview works. First of all you need a Skype account. You will need it for this interview. The interview might take anywhere between 10 minutes to, well... a very long time. The length of the interview will also vary. It will be much more interactive and flexible than the interview from acts 1 and 2. In this interview, your character has been forcibly brought in from No Man's Land (if they have been in No Man's Land prior to this RP) or from the outside world (If they are new inmates) to Paladin HQ for an interview. Much to their surprise they find that they are being interviewed by Charles Paladin, the very owner of the prison (Or in some cases his personal assistant). It is a dark room, with only a single damp light in the middle. There are two wooden chairs, a wooden table between them. Charles sits upon the chair on the opposite side of the room. He is holding your characters dosier. You will contact (Adam Severino AKA Pan) on Skype, where you will conduct the interview via Skype. After it is done please copy and paste the entire interview into this profile. Your profile does not need an approval after the interview is done. However, the rest of the profile must be completeled and posted in this thread before you begin the interview.)

(Lao is escorted into the interview room by a few guards, with no handcuffs present. A young man is seated at a desk positioned in the center of the room, straightening up the pages of the dossier on the desk--and as Lao enters, he looks up, and smiles at him.)

Cinna: Ah, welcome! Please, take a seat.

Lao: Fancy place you've got here.... veeery nice... (Lao looks around before sitting down)

Cinna: Oh--you really think so? I was actually a bit worried that the room wasn't well furnished enough-- *he cuts himself off before he starts rambling, then quickly takes a peek at Lao's dossier before smiling at the man again* Alright, well, we should probably get started. Name and occupation, please?

Lao: You may call me Mr. Lao... I am in the Black Dragon Clan... I'm sure you've heard of them... (Giggles)

Cinna: Oh, but of course. *nods* Black Dragon has quite the reputation. Though...I'm not so sure if I'd refer to you all as being 'famous' or 'infamous'...And--pardon me if you find this question rude, but you've been with that organization for /quite/ some time, yes--?

Lao: Over a hundred years. Yes.

Cinna: That's certainly impresssive, Mr. Lao! Both the amount of time, and the fact that you've remained loyal to one organization all this time--it's quite a feat! Tell me--can you maybe tell me how it is that you came to be a part of the organization?

Lao: My family has been serving Black Dragon for... er- generations... yes. Practically as long as the organization has existed.

Cinna: Does that mean that you were born into the business? How young were you when you first started working with them?

Lao: Ah yes... I was born in the business as you say. I was about... eeeeeeh.... 14 when I joined the Clan... yes.

Cinna: I see... *jots some notes down in Lao's dossier, then pauses for a moment, as if thinking on his next question* must be a very valuable asset to the organization, then. What sort of things do you do to help them? Fighting--? Or maybe recon--? What would you say is your main skill?

Lao: Hehehee... it's simple... I kill people.

Cinna: *seems...almost disappointed a bit by the simpleness of the answer--but, perks up again soon after* And how do you do that? Have any kind of special technique?

Lao: Oh! You want to know -how- I kill people? Ah yes... where do I begin- well... (Lao pulls out a few cards, their backs to Cinna, he holds them out in front of her) Pick a card, any card...! (He says smiling to her)

Cinna: Ah-- *pauses for a moment--looking very intrigued and tempted to just go ahead and pick a card, but still hesitates in order to ask* Those...aren't armed right now, are they--?

Lao: Well, they won't blow up...!
You know
Kill you.

Cinna: *seems to be highly conflicted--get to touch cool criminal card things--or possibly die in the process--decisions decisions--either way, goes ahead and takes one* Alright....I'll go with this one, then.

Lao: (The edge of Lao's card makes a cut on Cinna's fingers) They're sharp... (Grins) oh... and they DO blow up, just not the one you have. Or you know... do other cool things- they can start fires, work as flares or flashbangs... electrocute you, water the plants, walk the dog... you name it!

Cinna: Ow--! *lets the card drop to the desk, staring at the cut on his finger for a moment before looking up at Lao again, falling silent for a moment before grinning* That's so COOL! ...I mean--ahem--that's--highly dangerous--and probably very effective in battle--yes--

Lao: Oh yes, believe it or not its quite an old way of killing targets... sure, they weren't playing cards, but cards nonetheless. You see, its rather easy to hide playing cards, no one expects them to lethal. That makes them the perfect Assassin's weapon... much easier to use for assassinations than a clumsy gun, or sword. My family has been using cards for generations, you see.

Cinna: *is jotting down notes as Lao explains, nodding occasionally and seeming overall highly intrigued by the conversation* I see...! Oh--so, I hear tell that you all were in a different location prior to coming here--but you got called over to the prison for some reason or other. Can you maybe tell me what that reason is?

Lao: Ah yes, I usually work in my homeland, China. Why am I here... ooooohhhh... well! Because The Mistress demanded it! We are, after all, The Mistress' most loyal followers!

Cinna: Oh. Well--that would make sense. *nods* Does it have anything to do with the current going-ons in the prison--?

Lao: Oh I'm sure it does! I do not know the specifics... but... I am quite sure its because of recent events. Yes.

Cinna: Do you have any opinions on these recent events? Like, the appearance of that new Inquisitor faction, or that big battle that just went down over in Highend, for example?

Lao: Ah yes... this prison has been quite busy... to be honest I don't care. All of this is really bellow me.

Cinna: I, does that mean that your main motive is simply to serve Black Dragon? Or do you have any other goals besides that?

Lao: Ah well... yes, that is my -main- motive I suppose. I do however have another reason for being here. The son of one of my students is here, I must inform him that his father has passed away. It will be simple- I doubt it will take very long to do.

Cinna: *seems actually surprised by Lao's answer--and suddenly actually starts tearing up a little bit* That's...That's so sad...!

Lao: Oh? You think so-? I guess- it was kinda funny how he died- Nah- I'm doing it because I want to see his son cry. That'll be funnier-

Cinna: *is busy wiping the tears away with his sleeve when Lao answers--and then just kind of stares at him over his still-raised arm for a moment* ...Oh--wow-- *lowers his arm again and jots down a few more notes--seems to have completely returned to normal at this point* You guys sure know how to be ruthless and all--but I guess that that's just part of being a criminal, right?

Lao: I suppose it is- though even other criminals say I am- how you say? Fucked up?

Cinna: *smiles at Lao* Oh, trust me, I've interviewed a lot of fucked up people before! Don't worry--you're not the only one. Anyway... *looks at the dossier again* I wonder if I missed anything...

Lao: Yeah, you're kinda dumb, you probably did...

Cinna: *looks up from the dossier at Lao--actually looking really quite dejected at the comment* Well...I don't think that there's anything else that we need to go over. Except your threat level--which is A, by the way.

Lao: A? A? AAAAAAAAAAA!? (Lao looks offended)

Cinna: *flinches slightly, seeming surprised by the outburst* I-I mean--! Y-Yeah...? I can give you an A+ if you want...? I don't really know if that's a thing though--

Lao: What's a threat level again?

Cinna: Huh...? *looks at Lao in surprise, pausing for a moment* It's...essentially the sort of threat that you pose against the world and society as a whole...I thought about raising it a bit just because you seem kind thought that might be kind of rude, or I might get chewed out for it, so...

Lao: Ageless? Why thank you! It's the skin isn't it? I really do work on keeping my youthful appearance...!

Cinna: Uh--y-yes--well--you certainly don't /look/ A okay, or--? Actually wait I don't need to ask if it's okay--pshh--It's A--

Lao: You westerners sure are obsessed with your letters... can I leave now?

Cinna: *kind of just opens as his mouth as if to speak--then kind of just closes it again, pausing a moment before speaking* Er--yes. You may go now.

Lao: Great...!(*Lao starts to walk out, before suddenly turning back to Cinna) Oh- (He then bows to Cinna) It has been a fun conversation! Thank you for having me as you guest! (He then finally walks out)


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Vladislavich on Wed May 28, 2014 10:21 pm


Username: Vladislavich

Name: Marko Cuthbert

Codename: Marky Mark, Marko, M.C.

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11"

Sexuality: Pansexual

Relationship Status: Single

Notable Crimes: Accessory in a terrorist conspiracy, grand theft auto, accessory to breaking and entering, breaking and entering, possession of a weapon of mass destruction, accessory to the taking of hostages, accessory to murder

Faction: Vulture Team

Assignment in Faction: [this space intentionally left blank]

Fighting Style: Has a small buckler on his left arm that he uses to block the occasional melee strike. Main weapon is a Browning M1911A1 semi-automatic pistol.

Psychological Analysis:  Subject appears to be extremely gullible. He believes that his associate was actually planning a peaceful demonstration and wanted fireworks so people would be interested. He seems to have a good heart, but a penchant for getting himself involved with ungood people. He genuinely likes and cares about people. It's a shame that he got wrapped up in such awful affairs. He seems to need to be around friends to function properly.

Theme Music: Marko's Theme - Dead End

Threat Level: D

[i](Marko is brought into the room, led by two guards and handcuffed. Charles Paladin waits in the room, with Marko's file in hand, sitting down.)

Charles: Ah, you've arrived... please... take a seat.

Marko: Okay... I'm sorry... *sits down*

Charles: (Charles raises an eyebrow to Mark) Sorry...? Well then- please state your name and former-occupation.

Marko: Well... My name is Marko Cuthbert... I was sort of a drifter, before...

Charles: Well we won't be doing that much drifting anymore, will we Mr. Cuthbert? Very well... why don't we start with your background. Where do you come from? Talk about yourself a little...

Marko: I was born as part of a traveller caravan... Both of my parents were travellers, which meant that I could never really make lasting friends besides my siblings and cousins... I think we were in Belgium when I was born? I think so at least.

Charles: Ah, Europe. They're not faring much better than us... and how is it you got sent to my facility?

Marko: Well... I had thought I'd made a friend... I was sort of drifting around the UK at the time and a guy that called himself Pete took me under his wing... I thought he was a decent enough guy, even though half the time I couldn't understand his accent... He said he was an activist, which I thought was great! I saw so many injustices, both with the caravan and when I started drifting on my own... but apparently it turns out that he was just a terrorist and wanted to hurt and kill people...

Charles: Aaaaand...?

Marko: He tried to blow up the city of Belfast...

Charles: Sounds like every other day in my life- so I assume your'e here because you helped with that?

Marko: I swear, it's not what it sounds like! I really thought he was a good person... I thought he was getting fireworks so people would notice the demonstration, not to kill people... But he told me, "Ler rus tell yous firkin. whun ay deck this switch, de oole damn city gets blown sky blocked. Tar fe yer ellp, Marky Mark." So I panicked. I ran and got all the police I could find to stop him, I even turned myself in. I was scared.

Charles: Firkin you say? Well that word has just earned you some more jail time in my prison! That word is banned in this facility! Anyways, that sounds idiotic, natural selection at its best. You probably deserve to be here... (Charles looks through Marko's dossier, a bored look on his face)

Marko: I-I-I... *looks downward sadly* I was just quoting him...

Charles: (Charles smirks to Marko) Ignorance to the law does not abstain you from it... oh well. So, shall we talk about that buckler of yours...? I've read it on your dossier...

Marko: Oh, sure.. *holds it up* It's an old heirloom... They say our family first picked it up back in Romania in the 1300s...

Charles: (Charles raises an eyebrow to Marko) Woah- why did my guards let that into this room-?

Marko: Well, it isn't a weapon... It's just a shield...

Charles: I don't know about you, child, but I could kill a man with that shield quite easily-

Marko: I'm not exactly a trained fighter... I'm an okay shot with a pistol, but the best I can do in close quarters is block and run...

Charles: How interesting... hold on good sir, may we put this interview on pause for just a second...? (Charles reaches for something in his jacket)

Marko: Oh, um... of course...

Charles: (Charles suddenly pulls a handgun from his jacket. He immediately stands up and shoots both guards dead. It all happened in a flash, and almost immediately after, Charles put his gun away and sat back down as if nothing happened) Paladin Industries does not tolerate failure... ahem. Anyways, shall we get back to the interview? You seem like a good man Mr. Cuthbert...

Marko: *is huddled on floor, terrified*

Charles: (Charles arched an eyebrow to Marko) Oh come on Mr Cuthbert... ITS JUST A GUN! Nothing dangerous-

Marko: *climbs back up into chair* I just... I just didn't expect that... at all...

Charles: Ah well (Charles leans to the side to see the dead guards) I've seen worse. Anyways, are you part of any organizations in No Man's Land?

Marko: Um... yeah... I was recruited by Vulture Team... They seem like good people, and they don't seem like they'd try to do super bad things like Pete... Plus I think they'll be good friends...

Charles: Hm... well I suppose you could fall into a worse crowd, you are aware of their status in the city as the largest organization with the most power, yes?

Marko: Yes, they said something about that.

Charles: So besides not seeming like murderous psychopaths... what do you make of them...? Anyone in specific you wish to point out?

Marko: No, not yet... I don't know them all well enough yet... Oh, um... something I left out earlier i'msorryi'msorryi'msorry

Charles: Oh... what did you leave out...? (Charles asks as he reaches into his jacket again)

Marko: No no no! Please no shooting! But... while drifting... I did kind of... stealawholebunchofcarsandbreakintohousesandstealstuff

Charles: (Charles grins to Mark) Speak more clear, could you please?

Marko: I... stole cars... a lot of cars... and broke into a lot of houses... and stole a lot of stuff...

Charles: I see... well to be fair, that isn't really much of a sin compared to what everyone else has done in this prison... (Charles take his hand out of his jacket) I feel like I'm missing a question...

Marko: You don't understand how much stuff I stole though... I know it's a stereotype for Romani to steal, but I took it to an extreme... I hate it but I just have this compulsion, you know?

Charles: A kleptomaniac? Would that define you pretty well-?

Marko: Yeah, I've used the term myself...

Charles: Oh lovely, I'm sure everyone will love that-

Marko: Y-you said it was a small thing though!

Charles: Oh yes, to I, the lord and master of this prison. But I'm sure that my lowly subjects won't be too keen on you stealing their stuff.

Marko: I can try to resist... or only steal from people Vulture doesn't like...

Charles: I suppose that works out well too... alright then... any opinions on the people that 'Vulture doesn't like' while we're on that subject?

Marko: Well... I really really don't like the Muppets... Mainly because I know that the guy that I thought was my friend, Pete, is one...

Charles: Oh of course, totally understandable... anyone else?

Marko: No one yet...

Marko: But I'm sure as people are mean to my friends I'll grow to dislike people...

Charles: Why of course... well... I believe we're quite done here sir... I beleive there's nothing more to speak about...

Marko: I guess... Um... *looks around* Are you not going to have someone escort me out...?

Charles: Oh there will be guards outside of this interview room, ready and waiting. They will escort you out.

Marko: Oh, okay... *waves awkwardly* Bye, then... *stands up and walks out, taking the chair with him*

Charles: You're taking the chair Mister- (Charles sighs)

Marko: Oh, oops... *sets it down and scurries out embarrassedly*

Charles: Yes yes, be on your way-! (Charles waves Marko off with an agigated expression)

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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Emu Queen on Sat May 31, 2014 9:57 am


Emu Queen

Ashley Kims

Bloodshot, The 6th Ranked Assassin

Twenty-nine (29)




Relationship Status:

Notable Crimes:
Confirmed assassination of nearly 2,987 targets. Took down an entire country`s military force. More kills estimated.

The Patriots

Assignment in Faction:
Hired assassin

Fighting Style:
A notable oddity for someone as influential in the supercriminal world as him-- is that he outright refuses any offered cybernetics, and is entirely devoid of any kind of natural born advantage. Ashley Kims is the result of copious amounts of concentrated military training- he is the very peak of physical human conditioning, capable of feats easily deemed as superhuman. Not only is he physically capable- but, trained in a very, very vast number of weaponry, including numerous kinds of guns, knives, blades, bombs-- most everything. He`s somehow able to keep his lengthy arsenal on his person at all times- carrying dozens of varied weapons at once. His strategic mind is well honed, and he seems to have taken a liking to traps of different kinds- namely explosives. He`ll often think several moves above his opponent- and combining quick thinking and battle experience, easily gain an upper hand. While by all means, he should be called unimpressive in comparison to other assassins-- he`s the exact opposite, capable of taking down entire armies of trained soldiers on his own.

Psychological Analysis:
Bloodshot, while a very known name in the assassin business-- is best described as rather eccentric for his profession. He has a rather innate desire for conflict- this stemming from the fact that despite his expansive life experience, it is one of the only things he truly knows, having been exposed to it at a very young age. However, despite what was certainly a very violent upbringing- Bloodshot is namely famous for his high moral standing, humane nature, and code of honor. All of his targets are and have been of the supercriminal or corrupt variety-- in some cases, even other assassins he deemed too corrupt. He`s known to be very compassionate and forgiving of his enemies- to the point of attempting to save them when in need. Consequentially, his compassion to both his allies and his enemies resulted in a amble amount of respect for him in the assassin community- hailed as a hero by admirers, and feared as a force of nature by enemies. Within the ranked assassins- he`s renowned as a mentor to more than one of them, having trained several of his equals. He`s quite literally a father to his men, and is known to have settled multiple conflicts within the rankings with his presence alone. Bloodshot is quite close to the majority of him- specifically the lower ranked assassins, going as far as to offer them access to his outside connections.
He`s passed down his complex code of honor to his own adopted daughter, Barbara Flamingo. Whom, it should be noted-- he has a very strong attachment to. It`s stated she being here is a huge chunk of the reason for him coming to No Man`s Land-- he didn`t feel comfortable sending her off on her own.

Theme Music:
Bloodshot`s Theme - No More Riot

Threat Level:

(Here is how the interview works. First of all you need a Skype account. You will need it for this interview. The interview might take anywhere between 10 minutes to, well... a very long time. The length of the interview will also vary. It will be much more interactive and flexible than the interview from acts 1 and 2. In this interview, your character has been forcibly brought in from No Man's Land (if they have been in No Man's Land prior to this RP) or from the outside world (If they are new inmates) to Paladin HQ for an interview. Much to their surprise they find that they are being interviewed by Charles Paladin, the very owner of the prison (Or in some cases his personal assistant). It is a dark room, with only a single damp light in the middle. There are two wooden chairs, a wooden table between them. Charles sits upon the chair on the opposite side of the room. He is holding your characters dosier. You will contact (Adam Severino AKA Pan) on Skype, where you will conduct the interview via Skype. After it is done please copy and paste the entire interview into this profile. Your profile does not need an approval after the interview is done. However, the rest of the profile must be completeled and posted in this thread before you begin the interview.)

(Ashley is lead into the interview room, held in hi-tech handcuffs and escorted by a legion of Paladin guards. Charles awaits Ashley, holding his dossier when he notices the man brought in)
Charles: So its true... my men really -did- find you... to think the oh-so-great 6th Ranked Assassin would fall so low as to be imprisoned in my faciltiy!

Ashley: (Without so much as glancing back at the dozens of guards who had leaded him in, the assassin calmly lumbers over to his available seat-- leaning back onto the chair so it was standing only on it`s back legs, and proceeding to kick his feet up onto the table between them.) ...Listen, Paladin. Don`t try to berate me- I ain`t here to stroke your ego, I`ve got things to do, alright? Let`s get on with this all civilized like-- if ya can handle that...

Charles: Civilized way? And what would YOU know about civilization!? Last time I checked you were the heartless killer here! I am the great paragon of justice, the sole protector of this world, and you... you're that monster that kills for money. Shall we go down a list of your crimes? You've killed nearly 3000 targets, wiped out an entire Assassin League division, SINGLE-HANDIDLY DESTROYED AN ENTIRE NATION'S MILITARY... shall we go on? Ashley Kims...

Ashley: (Looks at Charles quite neutrally-- cracking a shadow of a smile as the other male went on.) You--? Justice--? (He spits the word out like disgusting venom on his tongue, even grimacing some.) Please, don`t make me laugh. You wouldn`t know justice if someone shoved it down your throat and made you swallow it. Money doesn`t hurt, yeah-- but, that`s... not really my main priority,  yeah? Don`t really appreciate you implyin` otherwise.

Charles: Oh? That's a lot coming from a mass murderer... why dont' you put your money where your mouth is? Because all I see before me is a killer... someone that's taken far from his fair share of lives...

Ashley: ... This /is/ an interview, I guess- (He murmured, almost talking to himself-) ... Lives from the same kinda scum that`re all rotting away in this fair city of yours. (He gestures to the wall with his head, inferring No Man`s Land) Hardly a life at all. I kinda thought there wasn`t a man alive who hadn`t heard of my claims to fame...

Charles: Oh, as far as i care your only claim to fame is being a mass-murdered Mr. Kims. you're possibly the most high-profile criminal in this whole city, a monster to monsters, and you'd judge the inmates of this city? Look in a mirror... you're nothing but scum... no, scum would be a gross-underestimation! You're a hellspawn, even the most hardened criminals of this city shudder when hearing your name... why think you're any better than the rest of the inmates here...?

Ashley: (Can`t help but roll his eyes some- resists the urge to scoff.) Didn`t say I was better. Said I had morals. Said I`ve got a code. Killing`s just-- something that gets easier the more you do it. Inherently evil, but necessary-- it`s innate. Human nature. Dog eat dog. In my genes. How does one a little above the rest make killing a little more humane--? By taking out the trash every once in a while, if you follow-- and, shit, am I gonna have some fun in your nifty establishment here... (He finally grins, looking off distractedly.)

Charles: (Charles eye narrow, arching up into an intense glare once Ashley starts talking about 'fun') What did you just say...? Don't talk like you own the place sir, this is MY city, I will not have you disrupting the balance-of-power in MY city...! Just what are you planning...?

Ashley: (His grin only becomes more pronounced- though, it`s somewhat unclear if he truly means what he says or not.) Planning to do whatever I feel like. Your fair city looks like it could need some control, Paladin... who better than me to get that going...? Heard another gang war`s coming- doesn`t sound like something you`d be too crazy about...

Charles: (Charles seems enraged by Ashley's words) THIS CITY IS PERFECTLY UNDER MY CONTROL...! This is not your territory Mr. Kims... I was perfectly intent on keeping Paladin and the vigilantes OUT of your way... because after all you're simply trash exterminating more trash, I have no reason to stop you. But this is -my- flock... you have no place to disperse your justice here...!

Ashley: Can`t hear you over the sound of all the nukes that came blarin` outta this place a few months back. You honestly think you`re doing all that you have to in this city--? You even know what`s growing in here? I mean, yeah- nothin` compared to the shit outside- but maybe insteada buying another yachet, you should work on containing your goddamn inmates...

Charles: Oh like you would have handled Kraven any better than I, how dare you imply I am substandard in my role as the owner of this facility! Furthermore... I am WELL aware of the world outside of this city! I am no inmate! And for your information my organization operates FAR outside the confounds of this city, thus why we know of your idiocies! So why don't you shut your mouth you FAT NASTY TRASH!

Ashley: (His smile sombers out- and he finally removed his feet from the desk, adopting a comfier position in his chair. He lets out a small, shallow laugh, shaking his head some.) Hey, hey... no need to get so riled up, Paladin. Take it easy, alright? Don`t need you croaking on me or anything- I`m yanking your chain. Just here to be with my daughter. Nothing inherently evil about that, yeah...? Completely innocent... I`ve got no other intentions- cross my heart and hope to die.

Charles: (Charles only seems to grow angrier the more Ashley speaks, the man's calm demeanor just seems to rile Charles up) Oh RIGHT, your daughter! Why don't we change the subject, shall we!? You KIDNAPPED a little girl from Peru, and you made her a child soldier, lest we not forget she's the- what? 7th RANKED ASSASSIN?

Ashley: (His smile disappears. The assassin glared at Charles from across the table- quite the deadly aura exuding off his person.) ... Maybe it`s time for you to shut the fuck up.

Charles: (Charles seems taken aback by Ashley's sudden threat) Oh it seems I found your weak spot... so talking about the children you kidnap and raise as soldiers is what pushes your buttons? I am VERY glad to know this!

Ashley: (He`s certainly frustrated now- even moreso at Charles` phrasing.) Look here, guy-- I didn`t KIDNAP anyone, there aren`t any child soldiers involved, don`t throw those words around like-- I-- fuck, I can`t believe-- I don`t need to be told this shit by some goddamn corporate lapdog, alright? Why don`t we get back on the subject of all your failures in the past year, yeah? We could go on for hours with that-

Charles: OH!? No! I insist! Why don't we STAY on the subject of all the monstrosities you've committed, all the people you've hurt, all the injustices you've caused!? We could go on for YEARS with that-

Ashley: Real funny, Paladin- real fuckin` funny. No need to get your panties in a bunch over how much /better/ I am at /your/ job-- I don`t needa hear your butt-hurt whining. If you`ve really got that much of a problem, I`m sure one of the many thousands of /fucking nukes/ you`ve got stowed away will solve yer issues. That`s how you fix things, right? What`s the entire city of Chicago worth to you, anyway? Certainly not worth gettin` yer fucking suit dirty, I guess-

Charles: Oh!? ONE TIME! ONE TIME! One psychopath is let loose ONE TIME and everyone flups out! Well sure, Chicago, San Francisco... sure... horrible things happened. I'm here to prevent another situation like that from happening again... BUT WHY DON'T WE BRING UP THE ENTIRE SOUTH AMERICAN CONTINENT SHALL WE!? LET'S NOT FORGET YOUR ROLE THERE!

Ashley: Yeah, one time- you know how many OTHER times there could`ve been if not for the fuckin` scum you`ve got living in here--?! The world`s got THEM to thank more than you-- AND IT`S A GOOD THING WE AREN`T TALKIN` ABOUT SOUTH AMERICA RIGHT NOW, I THINK YOUR BEING ABSOLUTELY USELESS ON A WORLDWIDE SCALE ARE MUCH MORE IMPRESSIVE--


Ashley: Taking care of some real shit in-- y`know-- THE REST OF THE FUCKIN` WORLD? You know, the thing surrounding your shithole of a city? Earth? That shit? Yeah. I was there. Didn`t think I`d have to be stressing over the small timers you`ve got stowed away in here-- but /apparently/ you aren`t even competent enough to look after /those fuckers/. You good for anything aside from wine tasting, or what...?




Ashley: YOU DON`T-- ...(He sighs, taking some visible effort to calm himself.) ...Pipe the fuck down, will ya--?! Let`s agree to disagree. You got any OTHER questions or can I just get on my merry goddamn way?

Charles: Ahem... (Charles continues to shoot a hateful glare to Ashley) Alright then... I do have other questions... who's employing you right now...?

Ashley: C`mon now, Paladin- what professional assassin is just gonna go about waving around the name of their employer all willy-nilly...? I`ll leave that one for you to decipher, yeah?

Charles: Hmph... fine... be as difficult as you want... Paladin has eyes everywhere, my organization will find out who your employer is... we will discover why you're here... I swear... first Santana comes inspecting my city, now you're here... I thought this city was -bellow- you two...

Ashley: (Seems to be back to being nonchalant as Charles speaks- at least, until mention of Santana comes along.) ...Hm. Guess I`m not the only one who sees something wrong with this place, then. I mean, it /was/ below us... (His voices lowers to a guttural grumble.) ... below you slops started letting yer psychopaths annihilate cities an` shit...

Charles: Stop acting so high and mighty! You're an assassin...! If you're here, that only means there's profit to gain! Your type makes me sick! You act like you're -remotely- in the same league as Paladin! Like you're a paragon of justice! But you're just a hired killer! Nothing more!

Ashley: (Slowly, a rather off-kilter grin spreads out on his features as Charles speaks.) And you`re nothing but a white-colar crook with his head stuck up his ass. See- I can dish out low blows too. Much as it pains me, I gotta ask you some shit, though- (He gives the room another once over, glaring as he notes the camera-- he looks back at Charles then, arching an eyebrow and gesturing to it with his head.)

Charles: Why you-! (Charles seems about ready to flip the table, but then Ashleyc ontinues) You have questions...? (Charles grins to Ashley) Are you kidding me!? You have some nerves... saying things like that then pleading for answers. Why SHOULD I answer your questions?

Ashley: You keep goin` on about yer justice and order bullshit... I figured maybe a few words from someone as involved as /I/ am might be of some interest to ya... (He smirks) What if I said there was a profit involved--? Do I have your attention /then/--? Maybe if I threw in a few expensive cheeses-

Charles: Don't you fool around me with me! ANd of course profit is involved, you wouldn't be here unless SOMEONE is paying money for something- so, what of it?

Ashley: Cameras first-- those gotta go.

Charles: ... (Charles glares at Ashley before giving a look to his guards, whom quickly turn off the camera) What...?

Ashley: (Glares at the camera for another long couple of seconds, just to be sure it`s truly off, before turning back to Charles and leaning a little closer to the table between them.) ...So- that Mistress lady was involved in the Kraven incident a few months back, am I right...?

Charles: ... How do you know this...?

Ashley: Focus. Mistress was involved, or no? Black Dragon had a part in it, didn`t they?

Charles: You shouldn't know this... the Black Dragon's part in that incident was covered up...!

Ashley: And with the Mistress getting her hands dirty, then... the Trust is active, too, aren`t they...?

Charles: Who told you about The Trust...?

Ashley: What`s hiding in this city...? ... /Who`s/ hiding in this city...?!

Charles: None of this has to do with you... I don't know -who- told you about the Trust, but heed my words. You're tangling with powers far out of your league... if you know what's better for you, stay out of this.

Ashley: ... You`re making me real wary here, Paladin. Tell me what you /know/...

Charles: I only know that the Trust is not an organization to be trifled with... you're going to be making - a lot- of enemies in this city if you try anything...

Ashley: I`ve already got more enemies than you can count-- trust me, if I cared about that, I would`ve faked my death /years/ ago. While I`m here... I`m gonna make things right. ... (He pauses, settling back into his seat.) ... That being said, I`m a very busy man... best if I head out now...

Charles: ... (Charles glares to Ashley, once he states that he intends to leave, Charles stands up from his seat, his glare intensifying) I'm afraid I can't let you leave these walls...

Ashley: (Remains seated, his previously intensity gone.) ... I beg your pardon?

Charles: You're too dangerous to be let loose in this city.... (Suddenly, two dozen Paladin guards burst into the room, surrounding Ashley) You'll be sent to Floor 0... imprisoned and left to rot for teh rest of your life...

Ashley: (For a few moments, he just stares, his eyes half lidded and uncaring-- before finally, he laughs. A somewhat unnerving, angered husk of a laugh.) ...Please, Paladin-- David`s floor? ... Man... (He glances about, inspecting the newly entered guards.) ... You must really think your men are pretty expendable...

Charles: You're unarmed... it's about two dozen to one... you're right, they are expendable. But the odds are stacked against you... either they capture you, or they kill you... either way the job is done...

Ashley: (Again, he smirks.) ... Paladin, the odds are never against me. Barbie`s waiting for me in the city- so, I`m afraid I can`t agree with your arrangements... (In one sudden movement, he lurches out of his chair, standing absolutely straight- and startling several guards behind him with the movement. Slowly, very slowly- he turns, glaring over his shoulder-- and then fully faces the crowd, still handcuffed as he gently pushed the chair out of the way with one foot. He lunged out at one guard, the one closest, pressing his cuffs against his throat-- prompting the rest of the guards to trample him. However- in the minutes that followed, the assassin would proceed to lay waste to each and every one of them. He stood in the aftermath, virtually untouched as from a few tousled hairs in his mohawk- and looking at Charles with an arched eyebrow.)

Charles: (Charles looks at Ashley with an expression of complete disbelief) You... no way... there's no way you could have taken so many of my guards like that-

Ashley: ... Not the best way to welcome your guest. I`ve got things I`ve gotta do-- been a pleasure. (Without waiting for a response, he hurriedly dashes out of the interview room, wishing to avoid another clash.)

Charles: (Charles balls up his fists, his anger showing visibly on his face) You- DON'T YOU DARE- GET BACK HERE YOU-! (Ashley dashes out of the interview room, Charles just in shock) That... vagabond... I'll find him... he's made a powerful enemy today... those who dare oppose The Trust, they all share the same fate...


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  The Hidden Spring on Sun Jun 01, 2014 3:15 am


Username: Hidden Spring

Name: Test Subject #3071

Codename: Lutria

Age: 5 Months

Gender: Female

Height: 4'5"

Sexuality: Demisexual

Relationship Status: Single

Notable Crimes: Proof of experimentation of some kind, Hacking, Data Desemation

Faction: Black Dragon Clan

Assignment in Faction: Super Computer

Fighting Style: Test Subject #3071 is a humanoid android with little human emotions and personality. Her main purpose is to be a computer for the team, and to relay information about any opposing threat. There is nothing that isn't on her data files. She is durable but doesn't have any fighting ability, only that she can hack into a cybernetic and make it screw up, sometimes even blow up. She has been programmed to be nearly impossible to hack without a proper set up. She mostly hides when a fight happens.

Psychological Analysis: The Mistress has ordered people to take her on missions, and give her a personality. Right now, she is bland and has no emotions.

Theme Music: Lutria's Theme- Inside Her Wild Mind

Threat Level: B


(Lutria is lead into the interview room by two guards, no handcuffs. As she enters the room Charles is waiting, looking through her dossier)
Charles: Test Subject #3071.... I didn't think Xiu would come to use you so soon...
(Charles looks deep in thought as he inspects her dossier)

Lutria: (sit down in the chair provided) Good Morning Charles Paladin.  (her voice is emotionless and robotic) I am ready to commence the interview sir (looks up, expression is a little frightened, but there is no shaking)

Charles: Good, you've at least learned your proper manners, everything done by the book before I even bark an order... well then.... state your name and occupationn...

Lutria: I am test subject #3071, lab #12 experiment #42. My 'name' is Lutria, if I were to go into the field. I am an android from Black Dragon, one of many tinkerings to create artificial human life. (said very matter-a-fact, no emotion. She doesn’t blink and is looking Charles in the eye)

Charles: Heh... (Charles grins to Lutria) Seeing you... I can see Black Dragon has a long way to go- Xiu should have asked to share notes with me... very well... and state your mission statement for entering my facility, child.

Lutria: I am to present myself and answer any question I am able, and observe you to gain more human emotions sir.

Charles: Heh... I'm afraid you'll gain no such emotions here child. No... I do not mean to ask why you are at this interview... why has The Mistress summoned you for duty in my city?

Lutria: ...(looks around) not sure I am allowed to share that with you sir. But...I was ordered to answer any question...I...(she looks around more, but then looks at Charles) I am to help the coming members of Black Dragon with their mission sir. I am to be tested in the field.

Charles: Of course... do not hesitate to answer my questions... I am well aware of The Mistress' agenda already... you could say we're business associates... now, could you explain how you were made... the lab you were made in... your purpose...?

Lutria: (nods) Thank you sir...(she looks down) I was made by splicing several test subjects DNA to create a human entity. I am the third one who was produced from a capsule with working lungs, and with speech, the others did not breathe when they came out. I was programed to the purpose of holding all information, profiles, factions, and files of the...activities in No Man's Land. My Mistress called me "A walking filing cabinent with hair" She gave me my own goal which is to gain human emotions through human interaction and body language, in hopes of becoming more human. I am unsure if I will be able to complete that task...humans are difficult to understand...(looks at Charles) was that a sufficient answer?

Charles: So you're not a machine then...? (Charles raises an eyebrow to Lutria, his interest suddenly piqued)

Lutria: No sir. I am not a machine. I am classified humanoid android.

Charles: I see... how capable of free thought are you then...? I'd imaginee more-so than a machine, am I right...?

Lutria: I am able to make decisions on my own...I am not told to do this very often, but I can.

Charles: I see... and what role do you have in the organization? What are your skills?

Lutria: Well...I know just about everything about everyone in this place. Who they are related to, the weapons they use, all the intel gathered by Black Dragon about the operatives in this facinity are in my memory bank, and I can recall it if needed. I also hack cybernetics with my mind, making them unopperable or have the reserve effect. I can also hack normal computer database systems and destroy them from the inside, encryptic messages and codes, and I serve tea.

Charles: I see, admirable. And are you an official member of the Black Dragon Clan...?

Lutria: My Mistress didn't say I was going to be a member, but I was to follow them and observe their personalities, and create one of my own, based on them. My Mistress said I "needed to expand my horizons" in order to achieve this goal. (looks down a little)

Charles: I see... well leave it to Xiu to have you expand your horizons by putting you with a manajore of hardened killers... have you met any other members of the Black Dragon yet...?

Lutria: No. not yet.

Charles: I see then... and what about The Mistress... what do you think of her?

Lutria: Umm...eccentric? I met her only a few times...

Charles: Eccentric? A simple yet apt description I suppose... so tell me... what are your own goals...? What do you hope to achieve besides the mission of your own organization...?

Lutria: I don't know...

Charles: I see... amusing. I suppose, you'll just have to find one won't you? Born without a purpose, with only a goal of learning human nature from others... that reminds me of the good old days... Xiu always had something up her sleaves... so, what else do we have left to discuss...? Any way to defend yourself if you come under attack on a mission?

Lutria: I don't have any way to defend myself except counter hacking if the enemy attempts to take me down...on multiple levels...but physically no.

Charles: I see... alright then. Are we missing any details here...? I believe I've covered all the bases I need to...

Lutria: I believe so to...but...may I ask a question sir?

Charles: Of course, you may.

Lutria: I don't have any data on the outside world...what is it like? (looks at Charles with big eyes)

Charles: A wretched hive of scum and villainy... you'll fine nothing but suffering out there....

Lutria: I said the outside world, Mister Paladin sir.

Charles: I'm fully aware of what you said Subject #3071.

Lutria: I see...Alright.

Charles: Indeed, now, are we done now?

Lutria: Yes sir.

Charles: Very well then, you may leave now. I am happy with what we accomplished in this interview.

Lutria: It was a pleasure to meet you Charles Paladin

Charles: Likewise. My guards will escort you out-

Lutria: (gets up, bows, and walks out)


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Akikazemoon on Tue Jun 03, 2014 1:54 am



Orane Riviere






Relationship Status:

Notable Crimes:
Several accounts of abduction, several accounts of murder, incest, association and participation in the old Inquisitor faction.

The Neo-Inquisitor Faction
Vulture Team

Assignment in Faction:
No official assignment yet.

Fighting Style:
Orane's fighting style revolves around a combination of rhythmic gymnastics, and now figure skating. His shoes have installed in them a special sort of hover device, that lets him glide around whatever area he's in, as if he were ice skating. His weapon of choice is a pink rhythmic gymnastics ribbon. This ribbon in particular is reinforced so that it won't rip, and is also laced with wires so that it can course with electricity as well. The electricity can be turned on and off by using a button on the handle. Orane is highly acrobatic, and is adept at gymnastics, making him highly flexible and agile. He has only recently incorporated the figure skating into his fighting style, but this has made him much more mobile and has raised his speed somewhat. While not exactly a powerhouse, his agility and precision can make him an unexpected threat on the battlefield.

Psychological Analysis:
Orane's psyche actually seems far improved now than it did the last time it was analyzed. He no longer believes the world to be a large play, and now accepts things more for what they are. Instead, he seems to view life now more as a struggle that he intends to win--a struggle to find "true strength" and obtain it for himself, whatever he might believe this "true strength" to be. It seems that the death of his sister still haunts him, but he doesn't want to let this be a controlling factor in his life. While he still feels somewhat repressed, he seems to truly want to express himself for what he really is. He seems far more stable and grounded now than he once did.

Theme Music:
Orane's Theme - Divenire

Threat Level: C

(Here is how the interview works. First of all you need a Skype account. You will need it for this interview. The interview might take anywhere between 10 minutes to, well... a very long time. The length of the interview will also vary. It will be much more interactive and flexible than the interview from acts 1 and 2. In this interview, your character has been forcibly brought in from No Man's Land (if they have been in No Man's Land prior to this RP) or from the outside world (If they are new inmates) to Paladin HQ for an interview. Much to their surprise they find that they are being interviewed by Charles Paladin, the very owner of the prison (Or in some cases his personal assistant). It is a dark room, with only a single damp light in the middle. There are two wooden chairs, a wooden table between them. Charles sits upon the chair on the opposite side of the room. He is holding your characters dosier. You will contact (Adam Severino AKA Pan) on Skype, where you will conduct the interview via Skype. After it is done please copy and paste the entire interview into this profile. Your profile does not need an approval after the interview is done. However, the rest of the profile must be completeled and posted in this thread before you begin the interview.)

(Orane is lead into the interview room handcuffed, escorted by two guards. As he is brought in, Charles is waiting there, reading over Orane's dossier)

Charles: You've arrived... good, good, sit down.

Orane: *he glances around the room a bit as he comes in, his eyes eventually falling onto the empty chair at the desk--whcih he promptly sits in, not saying anything yet and apparently slightly nervous*

Charles: So... please introduce yourself mister... miss...?

Orane: *pauses to clear his throat before speaking* I'm Orane. Orane Riviere. *seems to just--ignore that question there at the end--*

Charles: Very well then... so let me get this straight. You died, correct?

Orane: *gives a sort of weak, humorless chuckle, shrugging just slightly* get right to the point...I guess that I did. I felt almost like falling asleep and then waking up it's a bit hard to believe. But, as far as I know...I'm pretty sure that I did.

Charles: And now you're alive...? I find that -very- hard to believe...

Orane: But I'm sitting right here in front of you, aren't I...?

Charles: What I'm saying is that I believe you didn't die... you're trying to hide something... aren't you?

Orane: I mean...there was a coffin and a gravestone and everything, I'm pretty sure it happened, as weird as it sounds...and as for you thinking that I'm hiding something--if I'm hiding something, it's really not anything having to do with this conversation...?

Charles: (Charles lets out a sigh) It has everything to do wit this conversation... and considering your work history... I believe my concerns are quite acceptable...

Orane: Work history? You mean working with the Inquisitor Faction...?

Charles: You worked for David Krueger... I'm sure you're aware of that organization's reputation... and what you've all done...

Orane: But...he's dead. The Inquisitor is dead. I'm totally aware of what I've done, yes, but...I don't see why it should apply to now. The entire faction is gone, after all. be honest, the whole hidden thing has nothing to do with that either-- *sighs, frowning*

Charles: The Inquisitor Faction has plans hidden within plans... and considering how many times he's come back from the 'dead'... I'll stay a sceptic... as a matter of fact... why dont' we discuss your current employer... someone else going under the moniker 'The Inquisitor'....

Orane: knew about that? I mean--it was a bit of an unexpected change...and to be honest, I really don't feel like she deserves the code name...

Charles: Oh... then why would you work for her...? (Charles grins to Orane)

Orane: *frowns, tweaking an eyebrow slightly* Because she brought me back to life...I didn't really have a choice, you know. If somebody revives you from the dead, you don't exactly waltz right on out their door. As much as I don't like her, doing that would be a bit ridiculous...

Charles: Oh, so you're going to keep with the dying story then...? Very well then... shall we discuss something a bit more personal...?

Orane: *sighs again, looking Charles right in the eye* When somebody you think is your friend shoots you in the chest, then you stab yourself before your sister's murderer tries to treat you, you can be pretty sure that you're dead. So yes--I'm going to keep with the dying story. *shakes his head a bit, then looks at Charles again* And fine. Go ahead. It's not as if I can say no.

Charles:  Very true. You have no choice, now on to the next subject: your sister.

Orane:...What about her?

Charles: How about we go back to the beginning... how about you talk about your family life...?

Orane: Family life...? *seems almost surprised at the question* ...We were born in France. Just me, my sister, and our parents in our house. And our parents were simply thrilled about their two...daughters.

Charles: Why don't we go into that...? Why dress like a woman?

Orane: Well, right now, it's because Jolyne threatened to kill me if I didn't... *sighs, shaking his head a bit* But back then, it was because my parents raised me like that. They were obsessed with the ideas of daughters, and detested the idea of a son. Of course, I didn't /want/ to dress that way, but back then, just like now, I didn't have a choice. After we left home, I was so used to it by that point, that I didn't really feel like there was any point in least, up until a certain point...

Charles: (Charles lets out a loud laugh) Oh that is simply hilarious! Alright then... and how did you two sisters get into No Man's Land...?

Orane: *grimaces and glares at Charles* I'm sorry--I'd rather you not make fun of other people's issues. You asked me to talk about this, and I won't really feel inclined to talk to you at all in general if you laugh at me.

Charles: Oh... please, feel free to make the wrong decisions as long as you want- I can keep you here until you make the right decision!

Orane: *stares at Charles for a moment before speaking again* ...And here I came in here feeling nervous. You're just making an ass out of yourself, aren't you?

Charles: (Charles leans back on his chair) Now, are you going to answer my question or not? Because we're going to be here for a looooong time if you feel the need to be difficult.

Orane: I could say the same for were the one who seemed to think that antagonizing people would get your work done... *shifts his position slightly in his chair, seeming less anxious than before* We got into No Man's Land probably like most other people did--we were arrested. For murder, if you need specifics. Murder, and lots of it. Among other things...

Charles: Oh... (Charles smirks) and why exactly did you murder people?

Orane: ...At the time, it only seemed natural. After we left home, we joined up with a small criminal circus group...and, the time, I would say that Renate and I weren't the right state of mind, really. We kind of viewed the world in a weird way--which probably led up to what we did.

Charles: Alright then... makes just about as much sense as anything else one of our inmates would say... and how did you two end up in the Inquisitor Faction...?

Orane: *rolls his eyes, deciding to not verbally acknowledge the first comment, moving straight on to the question* Renate and I had nowhere to go when we were brought here. We only had each other, and we were all alone in a new place full of the most dangerous people in the world. But, apparently, we showed potential. We were taken in by the Carnival of Crime when we had nothing--and they gave us a new life.

Charles: And eventually the both of you were lead into the gang war... let's go down the checklist, shall we? The Inquisitor... Conqueror Worm... Vulture Team... The Family... even Black Dragon! Oh how charming, how did that go for you two...?

Orane: *pauses for a moment, frowning a bit* ...Our entire faction got destroyed and we both died.

Charles: I see... care to explain exactly how that happened...?

Orane: How the faction fell apart, or how we each died...?

Charles: Both.

Orane: Well, let's see...for how the faction fell apart...first, a good deal of our officers were killed during an attack by The Family...and after that, both The Inquisitor and Akuryo died over in Vulture Team's base...Atticus decided to defect to The Family, by the end, there were only three officers left. There would have been four, but...Renate had already died by that point...because of Fentom...

Charles: Fentom? Jade Fentom...? Ah, The Mistresses' puppet, so he's the one that offed your sister then?

Orane: *seems irked by the way that Charles put that, his tone darkening just slightly* Don't put it like that. He didn't "off her." She had to sacrifice herself. She wasn't about to let herself be used for information and who knows what else by that disgusting man...

Charles: Ah, I understand. So she was a loyal follower to the end, quite an aadmirable trait among criminals, you don't see that often. So when in the war did you supposedly 'die'?

Orane: *pauses for a moment, taking a breath to compose himself again, then continuing* It was following the collapse of the faction...I was getting training from Figaro's nephew, and...actually doing pretty well. But, right after that, Buddi, Isaac, and I ended up getting wrapped up in the issue of The Don chasing down a little was around then that I died.

Charles: Ah... (Charles seems to be holding back his laughter) rather early on then? So... are you aware of what has transpired after your supposed death then?

Orane: Of course not. I was dead. And it's not as if anyone's filled me in. I've got no idea what happened.

Charles: Oh how amusing! I shoudl have assumed no one would have filled you in! So... did you at least figure out who Figaro was really loyal to? Do you have any clue of what happened to your friends? You know none of it?

Orane: *frowns, his tone becoming slightly sharper* No, I have no idea about what happened to Buddi and Isaac, or any idea of anything else that might have happened while I was gone. And I've got no idea what you're talking about with Figaro--he was loyal to The Inquisitor. That should be obvious.

Charles: (Charles grins to Orane) Figaro was loyal to Black Dragon... and he had a part in the Inquisitor's death... as for your friends... well... you'll just have to figure that out... spoilers.

Orane: *seems a bit taken aback by the information at first, but doesn't reply immediately. After a moment, though, he speaks again* ...That's a lie, isn't it? You're just trying to push my buttons again. Just like before. No more of that--I came here for an interview, not to get messed with.

Charles: Oh... I am not lying to you...! Why ever would I make up a story like that... if I wanted to lie to you... well... I could have made up a better lie.

Orane: Can we just move on with the questions...? I don't want to be here any longer than I have to...

Charles: (Charles looks disappointed) Very well... why not discuss a less heavy subject? How do you defend yourself?

Orane: *seems somewhat more at ease now that the subject has been changed* Rhythmic gymnastics with armed tools. ...Don't you dare laugh again--

Charles: (Charles once again seems to be on teh verge of laughter) I see... how threatening...! Should I expect pink ribbons as well!?

Orane:...Yes. Yes, it's pink. And it's also full of volts of electricity, and is very capable of being used to suffocate people. *glares at Charles again before grumbling quietly* J'aimerais vous voir faire mieux...

Charles: REALLY!? OH MY GOD- HAHAHA! I WAS JUST JOKING! I WASN'T SERIOUS-! Okay... Okay... ahem... I'm better now... I'm bette- HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Orane: *flushes slightly in embarrassment, turtle-facing--* Fermez votre bouche, cochon! Do you have something against pink?! What's so bad about pink, huh--?! Pink is just a lighter version of red! Is red /manly/ enough for you--?! Stop laughing!

Charles: Oh- hHAHAHA- excuse me. That was simply HILARIOUS. I shall attempt to hold back my laughter... heh... so.. now that you're apparently 'alive' again... what are your current goals?

Orane: *grumbles under his breath* Vous êtes un abruti... *returns to normal volume* main goal hasn't changed. I guess that I can add on other smaller goals of finding my friends and figuring out what I've missed...but my big goal is still to become stronger.

Charles: Become stronger...? Heh... (Charles holds back his laughter once again) what are you... some sort of comic book hero? Your goal is really to become 'stronger'?

Orane: It's not about becoming stronger just for the muscles or anything like that...I want to be strong for a lot of reasons. Protecting my friends, not letting any other loved ones die...and most importantly, expressing who I am without being held back by old habits or insecurities. Is that really so stupid?

Charles: Stupid? I'm not so sure... but it is quite pathetic... (Charles grins to Orane) however, I suppose it can't be helped. You're only human after all... now now now.... I believe I'm qout of questions... is there anything I missed?

Orane: *remains quiet for a moment, seemingly thinking about something, then finally speaks* Have you ever heard of the proverb "Juge hâtif est périlleux"?

Charles: Why would I care for the words of a Frenchman...? You're good for nothing-

Orane: *smirks faintly* And there you go you know what that saying means? It means that a quick judgment is a terrible judgment. And with how quick you put people into categories, I'm thinking that you fall right into that "terrible judgment" territory, you know? I couldn't help but notice while we were talking. What's with the insults, hm? Trying to make yourself feel better?

Charles: Hahahaha! You've got balls kid... no... I simply speak what I see... and I see a weak pathetic man before my eyes...

Orane: *smiles at Charles* That makes two of us, then. Now you know why I'm aiming to get stronger.

Charles: HAH! I highly doubt you'll succeed in such a goal past an superficial level... you're obviously a weakling by nature... oh well... now, I believe ths interview is done frenchy...

Orane: Well--/someone's/ negative. Like I said earlier--you're just making an ass of yourself. You're acting like an elementary school bully. Find a weakness and jab at it...Plus, don't I need a threat level...? As much as I'd like to get you out of my sight, I don't think we're done until I get one of those.

Charles: Threat level? Sure- C, you're nothing special, but hey, two Inquisitor's seem to find use of you... so you must some sort of skillset-

Orane:...And no response to the first thing I said. *gives a small laugh* You're almost as pathetic as I am, you know? The last guy who interviewed me like this sure made a better impression than you.

Charles: The last guy? He died, a foolish boy, with a fitting foolish end. If he really made a better impression on you, you have a very poor taste in character. Now, you may leave this room, my guards will lead you out....

Orane: Right, right, I'll get out of your've obviously got a /very/ busy schedule. *speaks with a tinge of sarcasm, standing up* If you'll excuse me. *moves towards the door, pausing in the doorway as if planning to say something, but then changes his mind, following the guards out of the room*


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Cassius Xiong

Post  Skylark-13 on Fri Jun 13, 2014 10:39 pm


Username: Skylark-13

Name: Cassius Xiong

Codename: Narcissus

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Height: 6’1”

Sexuality: Bisexual

Relationship Status: Single

Notable Crimes: Association with Black Dragon, assassination, murder, assault, theft- and quite a few others as well, though not as noteworthy- as well as some from before his time with Black Dragon. Almost all are per order of his leader.

Faction: Black Dragon Clan

Assignment in Faction: Black Dragon Clan Member

Fighting Style: Having been born to full Chinese parents, yet raised in America, Cassius managed to get the best of both worlds, in a way. His parents insisted upon teaching him traditional Chinese culture- including how to wield a sword, along with many other weapons, and martial arts. His favored weapon now, however, is simply a rather large sword- and he’s practiced so much with it that it’s quite easy for him to use it. Strong, fast, and determined- Cassius makes for quite a deadly opponent.

Psychological Analysis: The subject appears to be, quite simply- a rather sadistic individual. He quite enjoys inflicting pain upon others, and rather despises any sort of painless kill. He’s fond of torture, and somehow firmly believes beauty is pain. His own tattoos are a sign of that- and in order to help others become more ‘beautiful’ he often likes to do his own sort of ‘surgery’ on them- basically, if they aren’t pretty enough for them, he kills them in a rather painful way.

Theme Music: TBA

Threat Level: A

(Cassius is brought unto the interview room, not handcuffed but lead by two Paladin Guards)

Charles: Ah, so you've arrived. What fortunate timing. Please, sit down.

Cassius: … Huh? What’s so fortunate about the timing? *Chuckles as he moves to sit, crossing his arms behind his head* Charles, right-?

Charles: Charles Paladin, yes, I own this facility, but I’m sure you know that. As for the timing... well... you're just the last interview of the day, and I still have plenty of time to work on my many other projects. You'd be surprised with how time-consuming these are. Anyways, why don't' we get on with this interview, shall we? State your name and occupation.

Cassius: Yeah, not exactly a secret- … And it’s so nice to hear I’m not docking too much of your oh so very important time, mister Paladin-! You need your beauty sleep, of course. *Smiles like he knows something Charles doesn’t, before rolling his eyes a little and nodding* Cassius Xiong, member of Black Dragon Clan~

Charles: Ah yes the Black Dragon Clan... quite a lot of you are troublemakers... anyways. That's an interesting combination of names there... an oriental last name... yet your first name... well... isn't. Care to explain?

Cassius: *Snorts softly, grinning* Aren’t we just the best? *Listens calmly, nodding as he realized what he was asking* Full Chinese parents, but they moved to America- or, that region, at least. Wanted to help me fit in, all that- so, Cassius. Still got their last name, though. It’s kinda weird, but… beautiful, in it’s own way, isn’t it?

Charles: Its interesting to say the least... well... I do know that the Black Dragon Clan mainly recruits from China... yet you just mentioned moving to the West... so just how were you recruited into the organization?

Cassius: *Chuckles a little, before smiling as he cocked his head to the side* Well-! My parents were… somewhat involved- I actually don’t know how much so. They didn’t tell me much- but when they… ‘disappeared’... Someone came and found me- said they couldn’t let a security risk run free. And my parents had taught me stuff since I was young… So I guess they just didn’t feel the need to kill me, when I could already fight decently- so they sorta… raised me and trained me further. I dunno if you call that recruiting, really- but it’s how I got involved, at least.

Charles: I see... interesting... I'd heard of the Clan operating like that before... how long have you been Black Dragon? Based off what you just said... it sounds like you've been with them for a rather long time…

Cassius: *Nods some, humming as he started to think* Well, lets see… It has been quite some time, now… My parents left when I was around, say fourteen- and I’m twenty three now, so… nine or ten years, now? *Smiles*

Charles: Well, I suppose that means you've lasted longer on the job than most criminals. And... how is it like being within that organization...? What do you think of your fellow clan members?

Cassius: *Chuckles, leaning back and balancing on the back legs of the chair* You bet- and it’s fine. They let me do what I want, so long as I get the job done-- as for the people… Well, the people are fucking crazy- but if we weren’t, would we even be a part of this whole thing? *Grins* They’re great-

Charles: Heh... at least you admit Black Dragon is full of lunatics. Three cheers to honesty! And what do you think of your boss...? Not Tate... the -other- one…

Cassius: *Grins, nodding a bit* We wouldn’t be nearly as dangerous if we were sane… *Hums, blinking softly* Ah-- Mistress? Why, she’s just wonderful… *Smiles* Not a single bad thing to say~

Charles: Not a -single- bad thing to say...? My word! You must be the most patient man to walk this earth. Well then... shall we move on to your fighting style... the... sword... thing, yeah.

Cassius: *Laughs a little, shaking his head* No, of course not-! And I wouldn’t say that, of course not, but I do have talent handling people… *Cocks his head to the side, looking innocent* My sword? What about it?~ Isn’t it beautiful…?

Charles: I'm pretty sure you know how to use that... you wouldn't be in the position you're in otherwise. So... is -that- what you use when you need someone- well- dead?

Cassius: … Of course I do~ *Grins a little* It’s certainly what I like to use most, yeah, but I can kill people in lots of different ways!! The more painful, the better… Beauty is pain, after all!! And I just want to help people be more beautiful, even if it’s just for moments before they die… Everyone deserves to be beautiful, once~

Charles: Well then... (Charles is immediately put off by Cassius' words, showing an expression of disgust) what... is death and bloodshed considered 'beautiful' in your eyes...?

Cassius: … In a way, sure-- *His grin turns a little maniacal* I love the smell of blood with my coffee in the morning, don’t you know? Dead bodies make the best decorations--

Charles: Ahem... of... of course you do... (Charles grows increasingly uncomfortable) I suppose -this- is why you've been chosen by the clan... well then... it seems I've forgotten my next interview question…

Cassius: *Chuckles at the seeming discomfort from the other, grinning rather happily* Oh, I’m not bothering you, am I?... *Laughs softly, before shrugging* Does that mean you’re done? This place really is quite drab- could use a good coating of… well- scarlet, should I say? Or crimson...

Charles: Your obsession with shades of red is noted... no... we're almost done... and trust me... the sooner we're done the better. What do you think of the other factions operating in No Man's Land...?

Cassius: Aw, damn- *Smirks, calming some as Charles asks his next question* Ah- the others? … They’re pathetic- none have the strength or finesse of Black Dragon… None will be able to stand up to us, should we decide they stand in our way.

Charles: Ah... typical response... so... any personal goals? Besides what your faction wants…

Cassius: Ahh… Does making the world a more beautiful place count? *Flashes a smirk*

Charles: I... I suppose it does... that does sound somewhat like a goal... ahem... very well... I will accept  that as an answer- so... last question... why is the Black Dragon Clan here... just what is Xiu planning...?

Cassius: … *Chuckles, but remains quiet until Charles asks him another question- but upon hearing it, he adopted an innocent smile* What Mistress is planning…? I’m afraid I’m not allowed to tell anyone that- you should know that…! Confidentiality, all that fun stuff. It’s really too sad- you’ve been so kind!

Charles: Ahem... of course you couldn't answer that... (Charles lets out a sigh) no no no, you've been too kind. At least, much more kind than expected from an inmate of this city. But I suppose it is to be expected... anyways... I believe we are done... you have been assigned threat level A based off your interview and the crimes you have committed…

Cassius: *Grins some, nodding before standing as the other finally said they were done* Thank goodness, I really would love to get out of here… this was a nice chat, and all, Charles- have a nice day! *Smirks as he gives a short bow, then turns to go- not even commenting on the threat level*


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

Post  Emu Queen on Sun Jun 15, 2014 5:04 am


(With mask)

(Without mask)

Emu Queen

Lezlee Sybilla


Twenty-one (21)

Genderfluid (She/her or they/them pronouns)



Relationship Status:

Notable Crimes:
Drug dealing, drug usage, association with the Assassin League, several assassinations, driving under influence

Vulture Team

Assignment in Faction:
Intelligence Division Lieutenant

Fighting Style:
Having been trained in the Assassin`s League from a young age-- Lezlee is no stranger to combat, but tends to prefer to refrain from it, purely out of choice. She is quite competent, however- being a highly skilled and athletic gymnast, capable of near superhuman feats of flexibility and speed due to very small cybernetic implants throughout her body. Her weapon of choice would be a wide array of pins, needles, syringes, and at times small blades. She`s known to carry several hallucinogens on her person near constantly- and while those actually belong to her, she has no problem using them in combat, especially if she needs to distract an enemy long enough to make a speedy getaway. She has quite the expansive knowledge on acupuncture- and typically leaves her foes disabled by moving about their person quickly and skillfully, and striking them in precisely the right places to leave them old cold. She feels just a tad more comfortable in a group setting during confrontations, as opposed to one on one-- seeing as how she is certainly not the most well-muscled of assassins, and crumbles quickly under pressure. Excels somewhat in stealth and espionage, fancying herself something of a spy.

Psychological Analysis:
Lezlee, while intelligent and undoubtedly skilled at information gathering, critical thinking, and strategic planning-- is, for lack of a better word, off-kilter. It`s clear that her drug usage has taken a slight toll on her mentality, consequentially granting her with more generally lethargic movements and an odd speech pattern. She`s said to be hallucinating often-- although, it`s a thing she`s learned not to be too outwardly obvious about. She`s somewhat jittery and inwardly paranoid, and lacks-- well-- reactions to most things that most people typically have reactions to. She pales in comparison to plenty of other inmates, however-- and has no problem interacting socially within her faction. Despite her eccentricities, she`s quite the useful asset for the Intelligence Division, and wields a very honed and strategic mind.

Theme Music:
Lezlee`s Theme - Tenga Step

Threat Level:

(Here is how the interview works. First of all you need a Skype account. You will need it for this interview. The interview might take anywhere between 10 minutes to, well... a very long time. The length of the interview will also vary. It will be much more interactive and flexible than the interview from acts 1 and 2. In this interview, your character has been forcibly brought in from No Man's Land (if they have been in No Man's Land prior to this RP) or from the outside world (If they are new inmates) to Paladin HQ for an interview. Much to their surprise they find that they are being interviewed by Charles Paladin, the very owner of the prison (Or in some cases his personal assistant). It is a dark room, with only a single damp light in the middle. There are two wooden chairs, a wooden table between them. Charles sits upon the chair on the opposite side of the room. He is holding your characters dosier. You will contact (Adam Severino AKA Pan) on Skype, where you will conduct the interview via Skype. After it is done please copy and paste the entire interview into this profile. Your profile does not need an approval after the interview is done. However, the rest of the profile must be completeled and posted in this thread before you begin the interview.)

Charles: Hello there, please, make yourself comfortable...


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Re: Profile Layout and Profiles

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