Contact to the Nexus (Mocha, Tyki, Levi, Sky, Emu, Raven)

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Contact to the Nexus (Mocha, Tyki, Levi, Sky, Emu, Raven) Empty Contact to the Nexus (Mocha, Tyki, Levi, Sky, Emu, Raven)

Post  The Hidden Spring on Wed Aug 26, 2015 9:43 pm

Contact to the Nexus (Mocha, Tyki, Levi, Sky, Emu, Raven) Find-Slender-Man


All throughout time, in different dimensions, worlds, places, lay people who are of all different types. Color, race, species even...the Nexus is an unending void. But, when a dark force decides to fuck around with the balance, things go wrong. Looking into different worlds. He plucks someone from their world, any world he wishes, and brings them to a place where Time doesn't move. There is no day, no night, and almost no color. This world is purely his playtoy.
History told of a kingdom that prospered in Heros to protect them from demons. They were keot at bay, and the Heros were celebrated. But when one took form of the Dreaded "Vile"  suddenly this world stopped. No people, no animals, nothing...only monsters. Anything HE sees fit.
Everything is connected...but it falls to those ripped from time to figure out a way home...and find a way to beat the darkness. Welcome to Lucretia, the kingdom lost in time.


1. I'll be controlling various NPCs and such. If I contact you with a question, it's to develop your character.

2. Don't be an asshole.

3. Everyone is a main character, so don't worry about being left out.

4. Invite only, contact Desty to join. All Spots Taken.

5. ONLY 1 CHARACTER PER RPER! (Can be anyone from any RP or a new person. But please try to make them from different RPs. Liek only 1 from NML and 1 from HE. It'll work better that way. The character can be from any time period, from prehistoric to futureistic)
The Hidden Spring
The Hidden Spring
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