The Story Thus Far

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The Story Thus Far

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Sun Jun 28, 2015 4:01 pm

Pre-RP 1x1s

It is now 2025, and the presence of aliens and all matter of incredible sights are now common-place. The president has shaken hands with hundreds of leaders from throughout the galaxy, thousands of different species walk through the streets of New Gotham, there are alien Hip Hop artists. However, the world is far from peaceful. Alongside a new wave of interstellar immigrants came a slew of new threats to mankind both small and large. Interstellar criminals, would-be world conquerors, illegal aliens! These are but a few issues that face Earth today. It all started when the Kalem Klub members Mr. Wednesday and Mr. Nankis were on a routine patrol. The Kalem Klub is a government organization based in New Gotham tasked with regulating the alien population of the city. They keep track of who enters and leaves the cities, they deport (literal) illegal aliens, and they combat alien criminal organizations alongside many other threats. Their daily patrol involved a killer telephone booth, and a rather strange visitor: a Soviet Union cosmonaut that also happened to be a dog. That spoke Russian. All in the days work for Kalem Klub, and upon bringing the dog back to Headquarters, New Gotham was suddenly attacked by an army of giant ants! These ants were lead by the sorcerer Lord Schizophora, whom wielded a strange otherworldly book that gave him power. While Nankis and Wednesday made short work of his ants, neither of them succeeded in so much as scratching the sorcerer. However, the EDF soon appeared, absolutely destroying what was left of Schizophora's forces and causing the sorcerer to route. His plans to conquer the Earth had failed, and Schizophora fled into the cosmos...

After a failed stint as a fast-food cook, Lord Schizophora came up with a new plan for conquering the universe. That plan would become Secret Society X, a collection of notorious criminals from throughout the known galaxy. Unfortunately, Schizophora couldn't find those people, so instead he freed Sven, Key Master, and Serova from the prison of Eldritch to form the team. Eldritch as the corpse of a Cosmic Deity converted into a prison, and it was looked after by a Justiciar named Evelyn... whom was then kidnapped by Schizophora in the prison bust. Together they escaped Eldritch and headed to Saturn, where the Cats of Saturn used their Interstellar Trains to travel through the cosmos. They would use these trains to smuggle themselves to Earth, eventually creating Ronny Rockets in New Gotham as a cover for their nefarious plans: to gather the Cosmic Keys, a collection of powerful artifacts that when gathered together could give someone the power to rule the universe with an iron fist.

The Cosmic Keys

A small amount of time passed, and several paths began to cross that would change the fate of Earth forever. Secret Society X, with Evelyn amongst their ranks as a bathroom cleaner, would hide out at Ronny Rockets as they searched for the keys. A young woman named Alison Olmstead would escape from Gotham Asylum, and escape into the city. She would meet a Demonling called Tamara, and they would both run into the Bronx Zoo Crew, led by the Enigmatic Phil. Phil was the last of his race, with ambitions to conquer Earth for himself. The two would join his crew, and work as his followers. Phil would give them the task of stealing a piece of technology on display at the Intergalactic Culture Museum. The Zoo Crew attacked the museum, only to have their attempt to steal the technology foiled by an EDF Ranger: Samara Red. Kalem Klub members Wednesday and Nankis would be on patrol at the same time, searching for an illegal alien. What they instead found was the Flying Polyp Maniea and Jantzen Thretheway, Maniea would drive across the sidewalks of Hours Square, causing the two Kalem Klub officers to chase her. Meanwhile, in their search for the Cosmic Keys, Lord Schizophora would sense an immense power, leading the Society to the first cosmic key. The first Cosmic Key would happen to be in Hours Square, at the same scene as the chase. Paths would cross as Schizophora found the key: a jar of fly eyes. In his escape, he would grow Evelyn to a giant size, causing a battle in Hours Square as entire EDF armies began to attack with the Kalem Klub caught in the crossfire...

To be continued
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