Happy Holidays Newts!

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Happy Holidays Newts!

Post  The Hidden Spring on Wed Dec 24, 2014 4:04 pm

To my friends,
I'm not the best with words, I never am. So I'll make this as not sappy and heartfelt as I can. You all mean the world to me, everyone of you. Being here on Newts, and even spreading the love to gaia again, has been a joy. You all are some of my best friends I could ask for, and I know sometimes we fight or argue about things, but we manage to get through it. I mean, we're at four acts of No Man's Land, Mahou Shojo is going strong, and I'm SURE Heroic Era and Satsugai will continue strong as long as we work hard. Thank you for everything, all the smiles, all the RP, and for being friends with me. I love all of you...in a totally not gay way.
Cheers, and Happy Holidays!


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