Names to run away from really fast (AKA starred characters)

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Names to run away from really fast (AKA starred characters)

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Sun Dec 21, 2014 4:07 pm

Here is a compiled list of characters which are starred. They do not count towards the RPers' character limit and they are more powerful than the average character. All normal characters should be around the same power level, but starred characters should be more difficult than your average character. For a fair fight, you're going to need to gang up on these characters and out number them. Defeating them one on one is a great accomplishment.

Josephine "Queen Calamity" Beaumont - Emu

Yuri "Father Death" Dragovich - Pan

Marcus "Infamous Eccentric" Pragel - Desty

Isabella "Eclipse" Heartnet - Raven

Ishbel "Poison Serpent" Wissenchaft - Pan

Nathan "Zombie" Crockett - Pan

Santana "Espada de Justicia" Pejoves - Levi

Kylie "Pink Mamba" Deorio - Levi
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