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    Humor : Gan Ning leads the charge!
    Rank: Rookie Hero
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    Humor : Wait a second...where am I?!
    Rank: Newt Citizen
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    Humor : Pickles Haz uh Hat!
    Rank: E-Rank Super Criminal
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    Humor : Slapstick, bickering, random, insanity, Dark, witty
    Usergroups: Founder
    Rank: B-Rank Super Criminal
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    Humor : I beleive the best way to deal with this problem would be.......Nyu!
    Rank: D-Rank Super Criminal
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    Humor : his name is Susan and he wants you to respect his life choices
    Rank: Magical Girl
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The Hidden Spring

Rank: Champion of Newts
Champion of Newts