[Normal] - Retake Willsden's Supplies

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[Normal] - Retake Willsden's Supplies

Post  Akikazemoon on Tue Aug 18, 2015 6:55 pm

- Retake Willsden's Supplies -

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No (Just message Levi on Skype to get a position.)

The town of Willsden is in need of your help! Over the past few years, the town's been living in serious poverty--it was just fine before, but a few years back, a noble came in and extorted all of the money from the villagers! People are going hungry, they can't afford new clothes, and on top of that, the noble even took all of the medical supplies--we have many sick and elderly who are suffering because of this, and they might die if it continues. This can't go on any longer. I am in need of a group of heroes from one of the guilds to come and help take back what rightfully belongs to the people of the town. It will have to be a covert mission, and it will probably be dangerous, but there's no other choice! For those of you who sign up, I'll meet you in the woods just at the south edge of Willsden to give you the rest of the details of the quest. Please come soon--this is urgent!

-Covertly sneak into the noble's mansion at the center of town
-Grab as many of the stolen supplies as possible
-Escape from the mansion without attracting suspicion and return the supplies to the citizens they rightfully belong to

-Jan Cilas, Thief (Levi)
-Selfish Nobleman/Noblewoman (Role Open, name up to player)
-Head Guard of the Estate (Role Open, name up to player)
-Generic Guards (Levi)

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