[Escort (Normal)] - Mandra Root Run!

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[Escort (Normal)] - Mandra Root Run!

Post  Akikazemoon on Fri Jul 31, 2015 3:59 am

- Mandra Root Run! -

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No. (But please contact Levi on skype if you're interested in being added to the Hero list.)

[Quest issued by Sinead Saffron]
Hello there! I’m an aspiring alchemist, and I’m in a bit of a pickle! You see, I am in need of a sort of rare ingredient for one of my synthesizing projects. This ingredient is known as Mandra Root, and it only grows atop a very particular tall mountain. The difficult part is that this mountain in question is actually inhabited by several very aggressive boars. Oh, also, did I mention that they’re undead boars? Apparently a necromancer had a bit of a field day up there at some point. Either way, these undead boars are actually quite dangerous—and seeing as how I’ll be unarmed, and I don’t know how to fight, I’m in serious need of an escort to get up there and collect some Mandra Roots! And this is a serious problem, too—if I don’t get these roots, my teacher will have my head for sure when she sees that I haven’t finished my studies for the week! I’ll only need a few heroes I think—but then again, I’m not too sure how tough the boars are, so make sure you don’t come unprepared! The coordinates for the mountain are included at the end of this note—I’ll meet the heroes signed up at the foot of the mountain! Thank you all very much!

-Escort Sinead safely up the mountain to harvest some Mandra Roots
-Defeat any undead boars that might attack along the way
-Acquire Mandra Roots
-Escort Sinead safely down the mountain, then receive your reward!

-Sinead Saffron, Aspiring Alchemist (Levi)
-(Mountain Necromancer -- Please contact Levi on Skype if you're interested in the role.)

-Kady Frost-
-(Reserved for Auryon Redford)-
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