[S-Rank] - Liberate Avalon

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[S-Rank] - Liberate Avalon

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Fri Jul 31, 2015 12:04 am


Quest Rank: S

Quest Size: 3

Private: No

[From Aurumian General Rynstath]
They call it Avalon, The Kingdom in the Sky. A massive city state that hovers over Sol itself. It is widely known for its neutrality, in the face of war it has always stayed out. That all changed when the city abruptly declared war on Aurum, decimating a couple of towns using advanced aircraft. That was the first sign that something went terribly wrong. Aurumian intelligence eventually discovered that the city has been taken over by none other than King Ariel, one of the 9 Immortal Kings of the Caelestis Era. Aurum isn't entirely sure how he's alive and what his reasoning is, but he once ruled the city of Avalon with an iron fist. Many believe the royal family has been executed and the entire city is on lock down. Aurum is helpless against Avalon's attacks, and we need their new king out of power before more innocent people die. The objective of this Quest is to put an end to King Ariel's reign by any means necessary.

- Free Avalon
- Deal with King Ariel

King Ariel - Pan
King Ariel's Knight - Open
Surviving Royal Family Member - Open

Heroes: (Heroes signed up for the Quest already)

- Crishna Beckett (Desty)
- Sol'dat (Poet)
- Isadora Leofsteel (Emu)

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