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-Robban Caelo
-Some other dude eventually
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Manchee's Monsters RobbanSmileKotomine_zps444790ca

Alternate Appearances:


Name: Robban Caelo

Alias: Brother Robb

Species: Human

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Birthday: July 14th

Height: Tall

Weight: Average

Sexuality: Demisexual

Relationship Status: Single

-To vanquish all evil-doers that seek to stop the quest for knowledge
-To meet the goddess Sparrahli
-To learn all of the things

Yaltsir Caelo (father)
Kolna Gwina (mother)
Mei Caelo (twin sister)
Krant Caelo (older brother)
Tryno Caelo (older brother)
Fyah Caelo (younger sister)
Urah Caelo (younger brother)
Aasdi Caelo (younger sister)
Jonnen Caelo (younger brother)

Class: Holy Seeker

Alignment: (Something) Neutral

Voice: Deep and solemn, yet surprisingly confident.

Guild of Choice: Faith Militant

Character type: Guild Leader


Hero Ranking:

Strengths: Works with what his enemies believe in, turning their faith into a weapon against them, which is fairly effective. Robban is also pretty good at actually avoiding unnecessary violence in the first place, but once it becomes clear that the only way to solve a problem is violence, he will fight mercilessly, his own faith feeding him.

Weaknesses: Relies heavily on his magic, which is very dependent on his opponent- it's all great, as long as people actually believe in soon as a cynical bastard is presented, this magic doesn't work as effectively.
He also doesn't actually do the fighting thing a lot. Despite his potential, he manages to solve things pacifically most of the times, though one can't be sure whether this is what he always wishes, so he's not always at his peak.

Abilities: Good with blades and melee because of the raw culture of his tribe in the Wastelands. Robban is also very good at taking in information, be it from reading a book or studying an opponent, learning how things work and how to make them work to his advantage.

Powers: Having trained Holy Magic intensely, Robban is very skilled in taking the raw energy of people's belief and utilizing it to give himself enhanced strength and endurance. He can also take away this hope that is brought to most through faith, crushing people's spirits as easily as he can comfort them. His own faith and belief provides minor healing powers.

Training: Coming from the Wastelands, it was inevitable that Robban would learn how to fight, even though he was not given as much combat training as his older siblings. He learned the brutal, savage ways of the tribes, which he developed when hunting and training with his sister.
Once he left his home, he constantly strived to learn from every new travel companion, earning either intellectual or physical knowledge from each one, and this mixture of cultures that he got along the way added various skills to his raw tribal fighting. His training was refined after entering the military in Oculus, and so he has a range of background fighting knowledge that combines into a unique style.


Vehicle: N/A

Likes: Books, knowledge, owls, teaching

Dislikes: Idiots, comedy, his superiors

(♥=love interest, ☺=friend, ★=allies / coworker, ✗=enemy, ☠=rival, ❖=nemesis (for when someone is more than an enemy but not a rival)♔=guild leader, ☻=best friend, ☣=neutral (for when you know someone but dont have a strong opinion),  ✿=crush, ♗ =mentor, ♘ = guardian/protector,  ♞=family, ✖=ex love interest, ♙=member of your guild, ♠=ex-friend, ۞=ex-ally)

Crishna Beckett - ★ ♙
Wilhelmina Wingate Striker - ★ ♙
Poet's dude apparently - ★ ♙

Personality: Detached but not unfriendly, Robban is very closed about his past and his personal life, but seems to get along just fine with anyone he talks to. He easily makes people feel comfortable around him and is very trustworthy, seeming to truly believe in the Clergy and what it stands for with a passion. He can, however, come off as imposing and extreme when ideals are discussed. His extreme ambition can also not to go unnoticed, as it is quite evident that he is not one to take 'no' for an answer, and knows how to get his way.

As far as anyone in the Ordinatus Empire knows, Robban was born and raised in Oculus, the single child of gifted artists who devoted themselves to sending their bright little 'Rob' to the Clergy.
Robban's true background strays from this version ever so slightly.. Born to tribe leaders in the Southern Lands, Robban was raised in the savage wastelands of the south, along with his twin sister and seven other siblings. Being neither the oldest or the youngest, Robb got no special attention- the tribe focused the battle training on the oldest, the extra resources on the youngest, and so it was a constant struggle to try and stand out and actually mean something to the parents that seemed to forget half of their children existed most of the time.
Extremely close to his twin, Robb spent most of his days hunting with her, as they could not rely on being fed at home. The two were almost inseparable- hunting together, laughing together, crying together -they even talked of getting married, when they were old enough, an act that was not uncommon among their people. They were, however, young and foolish, and still had not learned that no bond was unbreakable.
When a group of exiled men stumbled upon their camp, Robban, at age 9, took interest in their strange clothing and funny accents. Intrigued, he was the first to approach the group of foreigners, and soon learned that they were from the Empire. The tribe offered its hospitality, as most of the savages were impressed by their tales and their curious attire, and Robb spent increasing amounts of time just listening to what the exiled men had to say. Their tales of the Ordinatus Empire opened the young boy's eyes and imagination- he had never thought that there was life outside of the tribe, that there was a world different to the wasteland he had always known. His sister listened along with him, but her reaction was one of mistrust and almost fear, rather than the wonder and promise that Robb seemed to see in this foreign land, despite the endless hours the boy spent trying to convince her that they should run off together and find this magical land.
When the tribe finally grew uneasy with the foreigners, as they were bound to do eventually, their farewell was violent. In a sudden surge of aggression one night, Robb's parents ordered that the exiles' tents be set on fire, and it was by sheer chance that the young boy managed to scramble out of his and his sister's sleeping furs quick enough to warn the Empire men. As the quicker foreigners fled, leaving most of their group behind to burn, as it was too late to salvage them, Robb reached out to one of them, begging to be taken along.
The men didn't seem to care who came along, as long as they got out of there quickly...but Robb's sister held on to him, pleading for him to stay, saying the men and their land could not be trusted. In act that sealed his fate, Robb yanked his arm away and ran off with the exiles, telling himself that there was no place for his sister in the new life he wanted to chase.
Obviously the men were not going to go back to the Ordinatus Empire, but Robb didn't know where to go. He stuck around with them for a while, but once he had gotten all the information he could get out of them, he headed for the Empire, determined to make something of himself. After months of travelling- sometimes with people he found along the way, sometimes alone, sometimes in caravans, sometimes with animals -he found his way to Oculus. Treated as a beggar, one would expect his wonder at the new world would have been crushed, but he had finally reached his destination, and had his mind set on becoming important.
Robb had learned plenty of things about culture, the arts, even reading, in his months of travelling, and so did not find it all that impossible to fit in. Starting with menial jobs in churches like sweeping and cleaning the windows, he eventually rose, being favored by one of the preachers, and got special education within the Clergy of Owl. A quick learner and hungry for approval, he rose through the academic ranks of the Clergy even quicker, but insisted on being in the military in order to fulfill his duty to the Empire. At some point in his service, his mentor, who was then the leader of the Council of Enlightenment, retired, requesting that a non-leadership seat be given to Robban in his place. Robban went on to use this influence to start the Faith Militant, with the purpose of protecting the ideals of the goddess they worship.

♜ 【 MISC 】 ♜

Inspirations: "Sudden mindBOMB attacked me with inspiration, I don't even know. " - Chee on Fri Nov 21, 2014 7:05 pm

Theme Music:

Extra Information/Trivia:

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