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[New Gotham] - The Bronx // Slums

Post  Not Manchee on Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:56 pm

While part of the Bronx is still touristic and well-kept, it is essentially an alien-populated borough, and aliens tend to earn significantly less than humans. It is also widely known that discrimination in labor is very common, so it comes as no surprise that a large portion of the impoverished population is alien. The slums that have formed in the Bronx are a dangerous place for humans and even for aliens of higher classes, but they are an amazing sight to behold. Though the aliens may be poor, they have brought their own technology with them: instead of broken down shacks, one finds the floating tents of glowing, chromed material, hidden entrances to underground residences, plant-like pods attached to old buildings and all sorts of other makeshift alien shelters.
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