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Re: [New Gotham] - Proletariats // Intergalactic Culture Museum

Post  Xpherix on Wed Jul 22, 2015 1:56 am

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It wouldn't have taken Darius so long to arrive if it weren't for his efforts to switch cars and alter his appearance along the way.  No matter, he arrived on schedule and driving himself in a pretty average and slightly beat up car.  He paid the museum's parking fee and parked his car just like any other guest.  There were still the usual security but any cops and the like had long departed due to Alison diverting their attention back at the pizza place like he had instructed.  Well, he went ahead and got out of the car, locking it, and heading to the museum.  He waited in line at the ticket booth and as he got the ticket, he was told that there was an incident that caused one of the exhibits to be closed down for maintenance.  He pretended to be disappointed before taking his ticket gratefully and entering the museum.  Now, he had set up beforehand by visiting the museum several times in the past as an ordinary guest, attending small events, buying souvenirs, and staying on the better side of the staff.  He would make this time seem no different.  He began to walk around through the various sections and stopping to look at a few of them before moving on.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

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