[New Gotham] - Staten Island // Club Glanz

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[New Gotham] - Staten Island // Club Glanz

Post  Not Manchee on Fri Jun 19, 2015 5:37 pm

This night club is where all the "cool kids" and "cool young adults" go; alien and human alike. The crowd here varies from preppy kids looking to check out the alien cultural scene to hardcore revolutionaries, from newly arrived aliens to the very first immigrants. No matter who it is, the largest probability is that if you find them here, they'll be high as fuck on who knows what. Waiters and waitresses go around the club in roller skates carrying trays of glowing drinks, always wearing bowler hats and suspenders. The back alley of the club is a hotspot for recreational drug dealing, while plushly-decorated back rooms can be reserved for private usage (amazingly enough people normally use these to sleep their high off). The hardcore electronic music that plays here is a mixture of Earth-based tracks and music from all over the galaxy.
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