[New Gotham] - The Brook // Nuala Monument

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[New Gotham] - The Brook // Nuala Monument

Post  Not Manchee on Fri Jun 19, 2015 5:14 pm

Built by those commonly referred to "crazy hippies", this collection of knick-knacks and handmade statuettes is as large as any important statue, and all the small pieces come together to form something somewhat similar to the Cosmic Deity that destroyed the city so long ago. Other objects are constantly being added to it, as people leave good luck charms or renditions of what they say the Deity looks like.
This has become a popular meeting place of the alternative cultural movements, ranging from the Nuala Worshippers- who have given the name of "Nuala" to the day of the awakening of the Cosmic Deity -to youth movements like the Living Things United, fighting for peace between humans and aliens. This is the heart of the Festival of Nuala, but even on regular days one will always find some sort of oddball hanging around.
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