[New Gotham] - Kalem Klub Headquarters

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Re: [New Gotham] - Kalem Klub Headquarters

Post  Skylark-13 on Thu Jul 23, 2015 5:52 am


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Serova didn't seem nearly as freaked out about the floating of Ronny Rockets as the Key Master was. She merely sighed and held on, somehow remaining standing as they advanced and hovered over Kalem Klub HQ. While it was impressive magic... she found herself sighing heavily as Schizophora dropped down directly on top of Evelyn. Wow. That... that was healthy. Sighing, she leaped off of Ronny Rockets, rolling as she landed to disperse the force of gravity before she hurried to check on Evelyn. Let the bug man deal with everyone else - though, after glancing over Evelyn a moment, she looked to the Key Master. "You watch her, I'm gonna find Sven-" she instructed, dodging around any Kalem Klub lackeys as she hurried downstairs. It didn't take long to follow the sound of Sven's yelling to where he was fighting Mr. Wednesday. "Heads up lizard brain, don't shoot me- your rescue party has arrived upstairs-" she called out, before pulling a knife and lunging forward.
Serova slashed quickly at Mr. Wednesday, trying to distract him so Sven could get past and flee upstairs where Schizophora and the Key Master were waiting. As soon as she attacked, though, she jolted back, quickly getting some distance between her and the whale so she wouldn't get hurt.

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