The Vanguard's Miscreants

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The Vanguard's Miscreants

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Alternate Appearances:

Name: Atlas Dyavol

Codename: The Failed Experiment

Race: Killer Gene Human/Nanomachine Experiment

Age: 28.

Gender: Male.

Birthday: 9/14

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 238 lb.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Relationship Status: Single.

Goals: Remove all records of whatever triggers the nanomachines within him, kill everyone involved with the experiment, and find some way to control himself.

^ Formal Attire
^ Food
^ Courtesy
^ Firearms
^ Ties
^ Control
^ Organization

V Messes
V Ruined clothes
V Lack of control
V Wastefulness
V Arrogance
V The latest and greatest hip hop trends of 2048

Family: Parents are long gone, siblings are scattered; Atlas hardly remember them anymore.

Occupation: Substitute Bartender, Hitman.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Voice: Rather odd video, but his voice matches his appearance so I'll run with it.

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Part 2

Post  The Vanguard on Sat Jan 17, 2015 8:28 pm

-Criminal Profile-

Faction: N/A

Assignment in Faction: N/A

Vehicle: Old-fashioned motorcycle that seems to be renovated by an unfortunate Nano machine engineer, upon his demise his keys were liberated and his ride stolen. The vehicle has been modified to handle rugged terrain and vast distances, the nano machines within it's engine help to create it's own fuel source.

Relations: (♥=love interest, ☺=friend, ★=in same faction, ✗=enemy, ☠=rival, ♔=boss, ☻=best friend, ☣=opposing faction,  ✿=crush, ♗ =mentor, ♘ = guardian/protector,  ♞=family, ✖=ex love interest, ♙=working under, ♠=ex-friend, ۞=ex-ally)

(Keep the symbols above there as a guide, use these for characters to represent different relations. You may use more than one symbols for one character)

> Multiple accounts of manslaughter
> The theft of countless business suits, ties, and dress shoes
> Supposed cannibalism, but there were wild animals nearby. Maybe they shared a meal?
> Slaughter of an entire nano machine research group, including theft of created material

Defining Characteristics: Atlas always wears some form of formal attire, rather it be a dress shirt button up; a suit and tie, or any combination and variation. He is always well dressed, and tends to act in a superior manner. The nano machines within him have advanced his genetics to a lvl 1 Killer Gene human, so he has ways of retaining his sanity; while stable, his eyes are a vibrant blue, and during his blood lust... If you couldn't tell who he was already, he has vicious crimson iris's.

Threat Rating:

Bounty: 500,000 - Scientists really want their experiment back, they put a lot of nano machines into this bit-h.

Combat Type:
Killer Gene - Blood lust causes his physique's capabilities to expand, sending him into an enraged state that is hellbent on annihilating all of those in his vicinity. While typically restrained towards physical combat at this point, Atlas does posses two firearms; and can be seen shooting them radically through his rage. Precision isn't all that effective in this state however.
Nano machines - Unlike most users of this technology, the nano machines within Atlas are typically for observation. They record his emotional and physical levels and extents, creating research logs that could one day be looked into for further study. In order to keep their test subject alive and well, they provide abnormal regenerative capabilities; sealing a wound from further blood loss from a bullet in ten seconds, leaving no trace of it in just over a minute. Unfortunately, he only receives this benefit while he is enraged; the nano machines won't heal Atlas if he is in a stable state of mind.

Blood Lust: Reckless and powerful, Atlas bursts through his opponents; his mind only thinking of the kill. He'll do anything he needs to, tear their throat out with his teeth, puncture their heart with his bare hand, smash a man's skull against his own till one shatters. Anything. As with other Killer Gene's, his strength, reflexes, and perception are enhanced; this makes his physical capabilities, and his firearms considerably more deadly than before.
Regeneration: While enraged, the wounds that Atlas received will heal exponentially; prolonging the time that he stays in combat. These machines will continue to heal him as he fights, sealing wounds and stopping unnecessary blood loss, even working to restructure his bones from punches he should not be throwing! He's fond of breaking a wall down with his bare fist, breaking nearly every bone in his hand and arm in doing so but watching as it restructures itself from the nano machines.
I'm okay! I'm okay!: The nano machines were initially used to both trigger, and shut down his killer gene. Unfortunately, the shut down doesn't work like it should. The Killer Gene cannot be suppressed, however, the machines have managed to bring the blood lust and adrenaline levels within Atlas down over a period of time as long as he isn't in combat, effectively providing him time that he can remain sane.

Activate: His blood lust is easily triggered. While most Killer Gene humans can be triggered through rage, lust, desire, etc. Atlas has a few more reasons to start tearing into the unfortunate soul walking beside him. The nano machines receive frequencies well, and considering how he left the research lab; they haven't been maintained all that well. Certain frequencies and airwaves, even those not specifically planned to activate him can trigger the nano machines; effectively making him go into blood lust at random moments by increasing his adrenaline level.
All out of bullets: His firearms are simple, he lacks efficient weaponry and training; so besides brute strength and an overwhelming regeneration, Atlas has an issue keeping up with ranged attacks and weapon related assaults. However, that doesn't mean a car or lamp post won't become his weapon of choice.
Sanity has a price: While Atlas is sane, he has no benefits. The Killer Gene has been actively suppressed, and his wounds won't heal, the transition between sanity and blood lust takes a few moments; moments he might never have should the engineers subdue him or an assassin choose to take care of him discreetly. When he's sane, he's vulnerable. Nothing but an impeccably dressed human.

Weapons: Two standard firearms - Can be found in his alternate appearances.
Sidenote: Atlas has been sighted using his surroundings as weapons, throwing vehicles, swinging fridges, tearing lamp posts out and using them like bats, beware your environment!

Powers: Killer Gene: Blood Lust, Nano machines: Regeneration

Training: N/A

Strategies: Outlast, outlive, survive. Burst them down with sheer strength and overwhelming rage, and survive through their onslaught with specified healing. Don't give them the chance to retreat or think about the fight, finish it before intelligence and thinking has a chance to get out of bed.

Fighting Style: Reckless Brute, Damage taker, Offensive tank.

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Part 3

Post  The Vanguard on Sat Jan 17, 2015 8:32 pm

Inspiration: Shizuo from Durarara

Theme Music: (Might include an actual theme song later)

Extra Information/Trivia: Atlas truly enjoys looking good, formal attire and maintenance is a decent hobby of his. An easy way to trigger his Killer Gene is to ruin his clothes.

Relationship Journal: X

Charahub: N/A

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Part 4

Post  The Vanguard on Sat Jan 17, 2015 8:33 pm

(The same as Act 3, though changed for the new setting. Your character wakes up, only to find them self sitting on a plan steel chair, surrounded by a dozen identical men. They are all wearing expensive suits, they are bald, and the strange lighting seems to prevent you from seeing their eyes. These men are all identical to each other, and they don't seem to move at all as they stare at you from all corners. They begin to question you, their monotone, alien-like voices are unnerving, but you realize something. There seems to be no way in... and no way out. You have no choice but to answer their questions now...)

???: Subject is Atlas Dyavol, commencing interview.... please introduce yourself...

Atlas: "Introduce myself.. Eh?" Atlas spouts, leaning back in the chair, half expecting constraints to keep him from moving anywhere. "Atlas, Atlas Dyavol." He starts, remarkably with some form of sanity. His eyes wander over the suits each of them wear with a keen interest, as if measuring how they would fit on him if he managed to remove the pesky body currently within. "Care to tell me where I am? This isn't another experiment with miniature robots is it?"

???: You are in our space. You are here to be observed and documented. You will be asked questions, then you may leave...

Atlas: Atlas notably rolls his eyes at that, and attempts to get to his feet. Besides the notion to stand tall with so many individuals surrounding him, he doesn't seem to give off the urge to kill those around him. Or at least, he doesn't make a move to do so. "Next question." He states calmly, he didn't like the idea of having to sit down while the strangers stood around him.

???: Cooperation is welcome. What is your point of origin?

Atlas: "Some shit town on the outskirts of all the major cities, you know, one that would take a while to notice if everyone just.. Disappeared." Atlas comments, he didn't know if he would call them fond memories, but he knew just how well the killer gene worked once activated.

???: Describe your childhood...

Atlas: "Decent enough," Atlas speaks with a shrug. Something is wrong with his mind, he doesn't feel threatened anymore. Instead, he's begun to build the nerve to challenge the strangers. He paces around the chair idly as he speaks. "Two parents that lived long enough to see me grow, a brother and a sister, nothing remarkable from either of them. No idea what they're up to now. My childhood was boring by all standards, raised by an owner of a bar and a housewife; you start learning the real  issues of the world pretty quick. From the lips of drunk men and women too, now that's proper education." Atlas goes on, the smallest twinge of his lips curling as his eyes focus on one of the strangers in particular. "How about you, how were your parents? They give you enough attention as a child?" Atlas inquires, he was typically rather courteous towards others; but this entire situation was making him feel uneasy. Like he should be doing something besides following orders.

???: The collective was not raised, we just are. Next question. Your answer seems to indicate that your parents passed, is this true?

Atlas: "Passed. Murdered. Do you know the difference? Can you tell me the difference without being raised?"

???: And what of the town you were raised in?

Atlas: "I think some people are still alive."

???: Was the town attacked?

Atlas: "Attack typically implies that an outside force acts upon it, with that description in mind. No, it was not attacked."

???: Then what happened...?

Atlas: "How familiar are you with the Killer Gene?" Atlas asks, at this he turns his full attention to the stranger that spoke last; or at least the one closest to him. Atlas has vibrant blue eyes, bright and beautiful, in no way do they fit the topic that he's talking about. It's like seeing a child discussing death as a practical thing and a necessary part of life.

???: The Killer Gene is an anomaly. It must be documented and studied. We have information on this anomaly, but not enough.

Atlas: "Well then. This, anomaly; is what happened to my town. One day, a kid around fifteen began to show signs of it. Pretty young, right? I wonder if it always starts that young.." Atlas wanders for a second, eyes drifting away as he begins pacing again. "Anyway, that anomaly annihilated over 75% of that small town." He went on, almost as if that statement was an afterthought. "I hear some people escaped, reported the incident. Last I heard the town was abandoned."

???: Interesting. Documented. And what did you do next...?\

Atlas: "Me? Well, by the time that I stopped killing everyone the reports had gone through. Apparently officials were supposed to come from the neighboring city, instead it seems some team from a research facility beat them to it. Or paid them off. In short, I was brought to a research facility." Atlas shrugs, earlier he hadn't bothered to mention who the kid was in his story. Of course it was him; but that fact didn't matter, did it? "Do you like interesting things? I do. Would you like to see one?"

???: Yes, we would like to see...

Atlas: "Good." Atlas spoke, smiling; but his eyes closed at that moment. His nostrils flared as he took in the scent of the room, his earlier thought of those suits... Oh how he liked nice suits. He would hate to ruin them. They were well trimmed, well made, he had half a mind to ask them where they got them; but that was soon gone. His mind was already filled with killing each and every last one of them, tearing the suits apart and covering them in blood. He'd leave one, he'd leave one of these strangers with a mercy kill; shatter the skull, leave the rest untouched. After all, he only needed one suit. His eyes opened wide, the vibrant blue now becoming a crimson red; color actually shifting in his iris, as if someone had begun to drip blood into a glass of water. Watching the two mix was the same as watching his eyes shift, but before long he was already charging the first stranger; hell bent on smashing his skull against the wall behind him.

???: The Killer Gene... it seems you have a matter of degree of control over it too... interesting... (The collective did not seem worried about Atlas' newfound blood lust, any attacks would go right through them as if they were ghosts.)

Atlas: Atlas's charge was led with his hand, which started with his fingers towards the target; but as it drew near he opened his palm to catch the stranger's face and smash it into the wall behind it. You could imagine his surprise as his palm smacked the wall behind him, the sound bouncing through the otherwise closed off room. This failure infuriated him, and within the next moment he tried again; his body swiveling in an unpredictable manner as his hand balled into a fist, aiming for the next bald man a few steps away. This time, the sound was deafening. His fist went through all the same, but the hit was much louder; the force phenomenal, unpredictable. The force of such a blow on hard surface however was dangerous; as Atlas pulled his hand away, it bled. Drops of blood dripped down his fingers, and parts of his bone could be seen where the punch rubbed off all of his skin; the gleaming white bone was soon smothered in blood, and then quickly clots and skin as nano machines went to work to sew his fist up. Fixing his bones that cracked within, and having new skin fill in the hole that was left behind. "Looks like you're all trickier than I expected.." Atlas spoke, smirking to himself as he paced towards the middle of the room once more. With one quick kick he sent the chair flying towards another of the collective, and his eyes went straight to the walls. Did he leave a crack? Where in the hell was he? He went on moving, deranged as he smashed wall after wall; but eventually he just made his way back to the middle of the room. He had stopped breaking his own hands, and the nano machines began to rest now that they didn't need to repair their host. "Next question." Atlas growled, taking a breath as he closed his eyes and tilted his head upwards.

???: You have... control... this is usually reserved for level twos... but you are clearly a level one... how?

Atlas: "Control?" Atlas asks, "No, this isn't control. This is exhaustion." Atlas goes on, opening his eyes; they had red tints still but blue specks shone true through them. He raised his hand idly and began to lick his knuckles, drops of blood catching on his tongue. The machines repaired him, but the blood that was lost remained lost and on the outside. He could only make so much, it helped to drink some that he lost. Thankfully the nano machines helped subdue any contaminants. He was tired, the nano machines have managed to start draining his adrenaline and testosterone levels; subduing their creation now that he was out of combat. "What do you mean level two?" Atlas went on, clearly not as aware of the levels associated with his anomaly.

???: Nothing... next subject. Your dossier states that you are not currently employed under any major organizations... is this correct?

Atlas: "Correct." Atlas states bored, disappointed with  how the walls seemed to withstand his punches. What were those walls made of? Over time, his eyes begin to resemble their original blue.

???: That kept in mind... what is your current occupation?

Atlas: "I get commissions really. If there are openings at this local bar, I can sometimes find work as a bartender there." Atlas goes on, "Remember that from my story earlier or do you need to get your notes?" He inquires, seeing if the man reacts but moving on again. "Aside from that, back to commissions. I'm not opposed to doing a lot of questionable things, as long as it keeps a paycheck on it's way."

???: Questionable you say...? It states here you have a Threat Rating of B and a bounty of 500,000... it seems Paladin is searching for you and wants you dead... what do you make of this?

Atlas: "B..." Atlas states, taking a few moments to mull that over. The bounty itself however makes him smirk. "Dead? Well that's new, I wonder if they think it's the only way." Atlas goes on, raising his hand and turning the front of it towards the collective. "They filled me with quite a bit of these machines.. If I'm really serious, I wonder how easy it would be for Paladin to kill me. I wonder who would run out of resources first.."

Atlas: "I'm sure they want it back. Something to test on that is, if they plan on altering a Killer Gene's physique even more and filling them with even more.. Maybe it's best that they kill me first."

???: Interesting response.. you would accept death so easily?

Atlas: "No. When push comes to shove, the choice to just die won't even be a possibility."

???: Why so... because you won't have control...?

Atlas: "You really don't know much about the Killer Gene, do you?" Atlas sighs, crossing his arms for a moment. "The thought of dying should be enough to trigger a response, personally I don't want to die; and as long as there's a chance that I survive I'll take it. Those experiments... Well, they were painful. Scarring for a youth, it probably wouldn't be so bad now." 'And I know these machines need a tune up.. These random activation's are ridiculous.' Atlas thought to himself, continuing a bit after. "But in essence, yes. Once the fight starts, I won't be in control."

???: As assumed... yes. Do you have any goals you currently wish to accomplish...?

Atlas: "Get some control in my life. As for Paladin, and those that worked on me.. Find them. Kill them. The usual revenge story I believe." Atlas finishes, goals.. Surviving is his only constant. Currently, he has no higher aspirations.

???: Response noted... we believe this interview has come to an end... you have been chosen...

Atlas: "Chosen?"

???: You have been chosen... everything will change...

Atlas: "What will change?" Atlas goes on, his arms uncrossing as he moves closer to one of the collective. "Answer some of my questions at least.." He goes on, exasperated by now.

???: Everything will change... you will be part of this change. This interview has come to an end...

Atlas: As the collective starts to go on and on about the change, repeatedly mentioning the end of the interview Atlas grows even more restless. At the end of his speech he makes one last attempt at punching the strange apparition; his knuckles smacking the wall once more, but his eyes remained blue. It didn't have the same force, and merely stung now as part of his arm remained within the strange man. "Then get me out of here." He finishes, taking a breath as he calms himself down.

???: Very well- ... goodbye.

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Re: The Vanguard's Miscreants

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