Mierdo Culo Puta Fight Club (Unowned)

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Mierdo Culo Puta Fight Club (Unowned) Empty Mierdo Culo Puta Fight Club (Unowned)

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Thu Jan 01, 2015 4:06 pm

A Lucha Libre fight club owned by the enigmatic Papa Senior. In this club, masked wrestlers are paid to literally murder each other for the amusement of the audience. They serve Tanglefoot here as well (Read the saloon thread), indicating that if you want to drink in the Wild West, you better get used to that shit. The owner of this club, Papa Senior, is also the one that owns this club. He is seven foot tall, muscle bound, and wearing a puma mask. The name of this club in fact originates from what his foes scream out when Papa Senior literally pulls their spines from out of their ass as his finishing move. Papa Senior will agree to train the footmen of whichever faction owns this thread, though some may not survive.

Bonuses: fight club revenue, tougher footmen.
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Mierdo Culo Puta Fight Club (Unowned) Empty Re: Mierdo Culo Puta Fight Club (Unowned)

Post  RichNuttyTaste on Sat Aug 01, 2015 9:51 pm

---┦ Λ S H E N----S Θ L D | E R┢---

\/\/ E |---X | Λ O Η Λ N

───【E N G A G E】───

"The Fires of Perdition |She calls to me in my dreams
Haunting me in false memories|and Servitude are Now Embers"

Mierdo Culo Puta Fight Club (Unowned) 1352de26-ec8d-4188-9a97-db41be2c2197_zps1b90fb01

"The Ashes became My Remains|With the little time I have I will live it.
The Ashen Remains will heal the world| But My Will is Stronger Than Ever!"

───【E L I M I N A T E】───


It was an all out brawl in the fight club, both Krieg soldiers and "normal" people crowded around the fighting area with clamorous applause. A brutal challenge for any man. A fight with the top men of the ring. There in the brightly lit ring stood Wei Xiaohan. His coat now adorning golden tassels and ranked medals of the "Krieg Army" as the westerners have taken to calling it. He had been given the honorary title of Colonel, Cao had begun to slyly force his ideals on to the clone. However it would be a long way till Wei was actually IN the Krieg army Cao had begun to train Wei constantly during these few months. For Cao it was Heirship, for Wei it was a means to an end. To have a reason to continue. However he still sought the fighting ability of those who were now leading Nowhere.
Wei cigars crunched under his iron grip of a jaw. It was annoyance as he witnessed two burly behemoths, around the 6'9 height range--one of the Papa Senior's home grown boys take the stage.
A strange sight was that Wei didn't bring his blade, a staple of who he was. No Wei had trained both with that tool and without it enough to feel at home in both styles.
He already had the innate knowledge that Cao was blessed with. His strength. His genetics. His memories. Yet Wei felt that he was slowly becoming different. However the lingering thoughts of another berated his mind

"Are you done daydreaming?" The female's voice called to him within his mind "HEY! WAKE UP! LOOK ALIVE!" One threw a near instant kick while the other threw a hefty Punch. As both raced towards Wei, he stood there. Waiting.

"Weak!" He grimaced as he clutched both attacks, his arms viciously locked around the two men's limbs--the strain of the power constricting them was audible as Wei crushed their bones harder. "Paltry to the strength needed to kill me! " He flung the kicker into the his friend. They stumbled into each other--faces reddened as they watch Wei stand their with a single. Undeniable. Haughty smirk.
"It's not over yet!"

"Get up! We aren't done yet! Show me your true strength!" The Colonel commanded the fighters, the intensity of his roar struck them with fear, fear soon turn to paranoia, thus turning into rage. With these raging monsters of men, they charged at Wei. Snarling and sending out a battle roar of their own.

"This is not a game, this is whether or not you are seen as weakling or a warrior!" He shouted with his newly found authoritative voice, they rushed him with a barrage of kicks and missed grabs. Sudden Wei had shown himself under one man's flank. A straightened palm jabbed into the man's ribs--the hand broken skin and sunk between the man's ribs. Wei griped the rib cage with cold hands and even colder dagger like eyes. With his hand firmly planted into the man's side he slammed a might kick into his cohort--forcing him down. A large indent of a boot was left on his sternum

With the other in his clutches, and his friend on the ground, Wei slammed his prey's head onto the others. Knocking both out. A bloody spectacle for the Krieg Forces as they shout "Young Master!" over and over. Wei listened to the chant as he looked at papa senior. The man was annoyed by the hostile takeover, but agreed that the fight was won fair and square.

Somehow Wei felt unsatisfied by it all. They would be nowhere near his true goal. Wei wondered if the takeover was even necessary for the Krieg forces as the all trained with Cao and Wei. They had grown to be more stronger than before. more vicious and more tactical. They were beyond mere men.

Wei sat in the ring waiting, maybe he should leave....


"I t ' d -- b e -- e a s i e r -- i f -- y o u -- r a n"

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