Concerning personal rival/villain involvement in storylines...

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Concerning personal rival/villain involvement in storylines...

Post  Emu Queen on Sat Nov 29, 2014 4:56 pm

I would like to make it public that the plot of MSI is a highly collaborative project!
If you have a villain mentioned in the biography of your character, or some sort of rival-- you can speak to one of the mods to have that villain/rival exist within a story line. There is already more than one of those planned, and this is a rp that relies on an expansive rogue`s gallery of villains-- we`d love to add more!
All you need to do is contact one of the mods on skype (Emu, Pan, Sky, and Manchee) and talk to them about it! Emu should be your go-to person for everything MSI related-- only bother the others if your plans specifically concern their series.


Things to keep in mind:
- Mods are not required to use your character should you ask them about it, and have the right to reject you. Don`t be disheartened! They probably just couldn`t figure out a way to shove them into their already planned story. It doesn`t mean there is anything wrong with your idea.

- Allow mods to discuss with you any potential changes to the character. Things that could make them fit into the series more, or general creative changes. It being your character, however, you have the right to suggest things as well.

- It`s a good idea to not rp the rival/villain to your own character. Give them to someone else to get the full interaction. It`s funner. If you don`t trust someone else with your rival/villain-- then, like... start trusting them?

- If you give someone else a rival or villain that you made for your character, you are fully handing that villain/rival over to them. It is no longer yours, and you do not have the right to tell them what to do with that character. Do not change any lore regarding your character or theirs without speaking to them first, you MUST allow for creative freedom. No "technically I made the character, I can change whatever I want about them, even if I handed them over to someone else to play." If word of this happens to reach one of the mods, you risk being kicked from the rp, and I will not let you back in. I`m extremely serious about this.

- All story lines must go through Emu ( currently [¤* ♥ Razor Ramon ♥ *¤] on skype) first for approval.

Thank you!
Emu Queen
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