Miami // South Beach

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Miami // South Beach

Post  Emu Queen on Tue Oct 28, 2014 12:43 pm

Oh, boy- South Beach. Partygoer capital of the world-- South Beach is a neighborhood within Miami, mostly famous for it`s beach and the loud, diverse and eccentric people it attracts. It`s quickly become one of the tourism capitals of the world-- but it`s still mostly famous for the weird people that chill here. It`s well known for it`s controversy and wild parties- that, and it being pretty much a gay mecca. They even hold annual gay pride festivals here!
There`s a beautiful beach that goes for miles, with white sand and almost clear water, surrounded by white skyscrapers. In both daytime and nightfall, South Beach is a major entertainment section equipped with hundreds of booming nightclubs, restaurants, boutiques, and hotels-- it`s honestly hard to ever get real sleep around here. It`s pretty intense.  
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