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Mahou Shoujo International: FAQ

Post  Emu Queen on Wed Oct 22, 2014 3:00 am

Frequently Asked Questions thread yeee!!

Feel free to post any questions or concerns about the lore, rules, etc here so me or another mod can answer them as soon as possible.

Questions people asked but haven`t put in this thread because they are gay homo fags:

"What do Magical Girls get in exchange for working within MSI?" - Keep in mind that MSI is a corporation. There a job applications they filled out, and they`re paid with basic life amenities. They get food, living space within he headquarters, and paid trips to wherever their missions are. They don`t necessarily get a paycheck- but they get pretty much all their living expenses paid for life. Including insurance-- so go nuts. Show nuts. Whatever. It`s almost assured that fighting for justice is enough of a paycheck.
Also, since MSI is a corporation-- keep in mind that it`s pretty darn morally gray. They`ll kill monsters of the week who don`t necessarily deserve it, have personal grudges against certain areas or people in power, and do a lot of things for generally petty corporate reasons. The company is still owned by magical beings who only want justice and stuff, but yeah. Your character probably shouldn`t have to acknowledge this- but it`s best for the RPer to know that.
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