Character and profile expectations

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Character and profile expectations

Post  Emu Queen on Fri Oct 17, 2014 6:14 pm

● MSI will follow the same format as Destiny`s Way and IKL as far as profiles go- please make your own independant thread in the profile subforum and leave all your profiles there for approval.

I reserve the right to reject profiles for whatever reason I see fit. Once your profiles are up and completed, I will post in your thread telling you whether it is approved or not. If I choose to not approve your profile- I will be sure to give you the reasons why it was not approved in order to help you correct it. You may mention to me when you have made your corrections, and I will go back and reevaluate it. Reasons for a profile being rejected can include but are not limited to:
- Similarities to another already posted profile
- Clash with the lore
- Over-exuberant, or "OP" fighting style (this is by MSI standards-- don`t let this scare you out of not giving your character a creative fighting style.)
- Incompletion (as in "???" in the place of required fields of information)
- Does not follow "Magical Girl" format (no transformation, magical girl alias, etc. Keep in mind that a girl who uses magic is not necessarily a magical girl.)
- Character does not at all fit into the Series you chose for them

● MSI includes a a lot genres (including fantasy, sci-fi, horror, superhero elements, etc) stuffed into one story- please do not feel in any way limited when working on your character, for there are not many ideas that would not fit into the RP some way or another. Magical Girls are stated to draw their powers from a large array of places- be they magical, technological, inherited, etc. You are welcome and even urged to get as unorthodox as you possibly can.

● If you are confused about the lore, unsure where to start with a character, unsure about what you can or can`t do with a character, or simply want to run an idea by-- feel free to contact me (Emu, or [¤* ♥ Razor Ramon ♥ *¤]) on Skype. I can help with faceclaim hunting, too! Skype messages do at times have trouble sending privately for me, so it may be better to grab my attention on the Newts Chat first if I`m not answering but active there. Once you do, I`ll find a way to contact you privately.

Recommended reading:
Magical Girl TV Tropes page - for a better understanding of the magical girl genre
In The Name Of The Moon TV Tropes page - for help with a magical girl creed
Master Character Heroines TV Tropes page - a list of basic commonly used female archetypes in fiction to help with basic character building foundations

This page may be subject to change later on.
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