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Social Zones

Post  Emu Queen on Sat Sep 27, 2014 3:39 pm

This here thread is to explain the ever-complicated Social Zones!
Essentially, they work exactly the same as the location threads in any other RP. They`re for your characters to hang out namely, but will include the occasional story line. This is where the characters from different Series can meet-- so you don`t need to worry about craving interaction with any particular character that`s in a different Series from yours. They can meet in the Social Zones.

You are allowed to move from one Social Zone to another (from Miami, to Detroit, to Germany)- so long as you explain how they got there, include a mode of transportation. They still do correspond directly to the Series, and you are allowed to rp as a character you`re using in a Series at the same time in the Social Zones. However- they should be treated as if they are happening at different times (probably before the events of the Series, so you can be spared from having to reference the Series if it`s still going on). Please don`t act like your character is in two places at once.

(more info may be added, check frequently!)
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