Mahou Shoujo International: Getting Started (Go here first!)

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Mahou Shoujo International: Getting Started (Go here first!)

Post  Emu Queen on Fri Sep 26, 2014 10:23 pm

`KAY HI NEWTSICLES. The format for MSI isn`t quite as complicated as it seems, just a bit new- and I`m gonna use this page to explain all the scary new things and stuff. The format was taken from the old Heroic Era RP, Incursio Vir-- so if you`re familiar with that one, you probably already got the gist of this bullshit.

Basically, there`s pretty much like three different layers of the RP. I`m gonna explain them in bullet points.


Social zones - Exactly the same as the location threads in any other RP. More along the lines of chill, though a lot of occassional plot stuff will happen here too considering all the characters from the different series come together here. There`s different social zones for the locations of all the series- currently including Detroit, Miami, and Germany.

Series - I`d compare these more to small RPs in the Roleplay subforum. Essentially, they`re pretty much where the plot will be forwarded the most-- they`re divided into 'Episodes', each their own thread with their own mini story that contribute to an overarching story. Characters you use in a series can be used in the social zones at the same time- but it should be treated as if the events of the series and the events of the social zone are taking place at different times.

Independent Stories - More akin to 1x1s, though they can be with any amount of people. Anyone can start them (though it would be cool to talk to me first), there can be any amount of them, and they can be used at the same time as the series or social zones. They`re essentially much smaller scale versions of the series. You have the right to make them invite only should you choose.

Other basic rules and guideline things:

• To start, every RPer will be allowed three characters total. And as it stands, only MSI workers are playable. (Those being the Magical Girls themselves...)
• You are allowed one character per series. This rule may or may be subject to change, and of course does not apply if you have been asked to play a villain in a series.
• Mahou Shoujo are all of the female sex.
• Refer to the No Man`s Land Act 4 Rules thread for the general rules of Newts, and stick to those.


If you have any other questions regarding the RP itself or the format or the plot or whatever, contact Emu (redsucking-monarch) on skype!
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