Mahou Shoujo International: Lore

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Mahou Shoujo International: Lore

Post  Emu Queen on Fri Sep 26, 2014 10:22 pm

It is the year 2016, the world is not much different from the one you or I know, however, there is one key difference. In this world, the strange, surreal, and supernatural not only exist, but are common knowledge. Magic, science far beyond the capabilities of our own, and even beings from across the universe have all become public knowledge to human civilization. Yet, they are far from common sight, and very few among humanity can truly control these forces. They are often used for selfish and evil purposes, and for a brief period of time it seemed like the evils of the world would triumph. That was when Mahou Shoujo International appeared, a large, multi-national organization of super-powered females stepped up to protect the world from the forces of evil. The Mahou Shoujo are still an enigma to humanity, whether they gain their abilities from magic, technology, or both… those among the defenders of humanity have almost always been women, often developing their powers in adolescence.

There are many theories as to why this is the case, some believe that the fantastical and supernatural is more adept to the female sex, that the first generation Earth’s protectors being all-female has led to a self-fulfilling prophecy in which only females are seen as capable in such a job, some even believe that this is some powerful, omniscient being behind it all… guiding humanity.  Despite the initial poor reception, and laughable reputation, the organization grew into a force that had saved the world countless times before against evil sorcerers, ancient death gods, and alien invasions. MSI now has teams all over the world, protecting humanity and the forces of good to this very day. Yet, the MSI has faced its greatest challenge, not in the form of an eternal evil… but in the very nature of humanity. Humans get sick, grow old, and die The original members of Mahou Shoujo International have grown old, and slowly they have begun to retire, many Mahou Shoujo who lost their lives protecting humanity were never replaced. And now, the MSI has become a shell of its former self. Now, it falls upon a new generation of Mahou Shoujo to defend Earth around the globe and return the organization to its former glory. If they fail, the planet may very well be doomed.

Lore written by The Amazing Pan-Sensei

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