Dreams in Oneiron (Levi and Sky 1x1)

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Dreams in Oneiron (Levi and Sky 1x1)

Post  Akikazemoon on Wed Sep 24, 2014 9:48 pm

Peace was not all that it seemed. It was a land far away that this tale took place--one full of light--and one that was also covered in darkness, in the most unexpected of places. Those who walk in the light may be drawn into the shadow at the speed with which those in the dark strike out at that very light--and yet, there are also those in the dark that might be drawn into the light. Reality is breached by the world of dreams, and nothing is ever quite what it seems--and destiny, no matter what, is in the hands of those that seize it.
Recently, the darkness has been churning--the black market seems to be preparing to make a move. Nobody is sure what this means for the people of the nation. Only time will tell...
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