Top 10 Favorite Antagonists

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Top 10 Favorite Antagonists

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Thu Aug 21, 2014 11:42 pm

So now that we've gone through three acts, and we've gone through a ton of villains in No Man's Land, so I'm wondering what everyone's top 10 No Man's Land antagonists are now. We did something like this back in Act 2 I believe, but a lot has changed since then so I'm going to ask again after more than 6 months worth of new enemies being introduced and killed off.

What do you all think?
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Antagonists

Post  Emu Queen on Thu Aug 21, 2014 11:48 pm

dis me being a bias mofo. Inquisitor may have made old Jo-- but Charles made new Jo, and the Jo I`ll be writing for the next several acts. His rivalry with Jo is probably tied for my favorite in the rp, they`re both fucking insane bitter smart people with nothing better to do but to play chess and argue about morality like nerds. They`re fucking nerds. And also a good example that a rivalry can be written in completely different ways, and that the format of the rivalry should be changed to reflect the characters in it. They`ve known each other for a whole act-- and haven`t fought once. But, that doesn`t make the rivalry any less intense or real-- it`s just... written differently.
BIAS ASIDE- holy fuck. Charles is a stealthy motherfucker- I bet you all actually thought he was a good guy for the whole two seconds when he was dead, ye? NAW. He`s a twisted, smart as all hell, strong son of a bitch-- and as morality upright as he is, he doesn`t have a single problem cutting down anyone who gets in the way of JUSTICE. He`s a really... needed villain for this kind of rp, that I`m surprised we haven`t had yet- we really needed a "greater good" obsessed authority figure for all our rebellious little supercriminals to hate on because of his suit and tie. He`s resourceful, powerful, and cunning- makes for a pretty insane combination.

The first real NML villain to me. This here is the first villain to actually be like... woah, it`s a villain. Went from "lol im just gonna fuq with all of u" to "iMMA DESTROY THE WORLD" overnight because the goodie goods fucked him up. And shit, I always try to argue that the Inquisitor should have lived way longer-- but every time, someone brings the hammer of truth on me. IF HE LIVED, EVERYONE WOULD BE DEAD. FUCKER WON TOO MUCH.
Additionally- I`ve got a bias toward the Inquisitor too, since his rivalry with Jo basically made her as a character for me. Nowadays, she`s probably my favorite character I`ve ever written, and I have a blast rping her-- and it`s because of the Inquisitor. He set her in stone- they, like a bunch of other rivals, contrasted each other as "crazy emotional human-y bitch" and "crazy emotional not-human-y bitch"-- AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. And, if you keep in mind a few key points from his background and newer revelations in act 3-- his actions in act 2 start making a lot more sense. His run was short, but sweet- and Inquisitor may have actually been my number one because he is my child, but-- I think his death was really unfitting for a villain of his caliber and potential. But, what happens, happens!

If Kraven ain`t on yo list, you either dumb or delusional. This is the reoccurring baddie of all baddies, from act 1 to act 69 probably-- he can`t be allies to Vulture Team without butting heads with them. The cool thing about Kraven doe is that he`s Pan`s main-- so outside of being a villain, he... has a life???? He`s got friends and feelings and lord knows he has enemies (sorry Ryder--), his life surprisingly isn`t all about SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.
His concept is a fucking awesome and deep one once you look past it`s face value. His life revolves around the concept of Social Darwinism-- and he adapts for the situation. His beliefs, when he says them out loud- are written by a fucker who takes philosophy, so IT SOMEHOW MAKES CRAZY RANTING MAKE SENSE. Kraven`s an enigma, man. He`s a character I hope never goes away- and his rivalry with Ryder is like... THE RIVALRY. It`s intense, they contrast each other flawlessly, can actually get along like normal people when they aren`t trying to kill each other-- it`s one of my favorite interactions to read in the whole rp, tbh. That`s saying something.

So-- a few months back, I was writing a TV tropes page for Jo. It was super in-def and super long and still in progress, and one of the tropes on it was named "Broken Pedestal" ( found here! )-- and my description described her relationship with Hal. Soon enough, I got to the part where I was describing every horrid thing he did to her-- and... it ended up being a good five paragraphs...?
Hal doesn`t get the proper appreciation around here. He`s such a colossal DICK and it`s BEAUTIFUL AND IMPORTANT. The fact that he`s a misogynistic, scheming, brutalizing asshole was never covered up-- and his devotion to the Mistress wasn`t written in a way that tried to make him sympathetic, or excuse his awful actions. He was just a dick by nature- and that`s how it was. No one realizes how close he was to actually winning and getting everything he wanted-- and how fucking awful it would have been if he had.
Hal would have actually been higher on this list i love him so damn much-- but, his devotion to Xiu sort of... limits what he can do as a character. We can`t regret killing him off when we did-- because if he lived, Tate would have never come to take his place. His run was short, sure-- but lord knows he didn`t waste his time, and he played his part as Xiu`s Harley Quinn to a perfect T.

HRK. Here`s a sympathetic villain done right- Mario was... in the long run, kinda just out to make everyone stop killing each other? But, Vulture and Worm continued to paint him as another crazy world-destroyer-- when in reality, No Man`s Land was his property. And they were fucking up his property.
Pay attention to the flashbacks, and it`s obvious that age decayed his morality. He don`t got no problem with kidnapping and maybe killing a little girl if it makes the tyrannical rapist calm his shit, he`ll kill seemingly unarmed people who are in his way and berate them while he does-- he`s a goddamn force of nature, and he knows it. Also- since he`s Chee`s character, HE ALSO HAPPENS TO BE REALLY HILARIOUS.
Dude was a business man- a professional, knowing when and when not to get his hands dirty. His relationship with Eve was probably one of my favorites to write in the rp, too-- everyone loves to see a big tough antagonist coddle and love his little daughter. That made me really happy. Again, the Don would be higher on this list-- but, I feel like his run was shortened, and he had a metric buttload more potential.

IS HE EVEN A VILLAIN? He opposed Vulture Team, sure-- BUT WAS HE A VILLAIN?
Honestly I don`t even think so?? When you understand the lore and background of the RP, him wanting to bring back the ever so peaceful (and controlled by Doublethink) AMURICA might sound like a good idea to anyone. He was a gigantic sweetie who invited strippers to his house just to have nice conversations with him, also he was still fucking psychotic and able to destroy a building in one punch probably
Not the psychotic you`d think of when you say psychotic, but just a--delusional kind of psychotic? Even then, he had some realistic standards- he knew that if he did change the world and make it how he wanted, that, well-- he just wouldn`t fit into it. Because he`s how he is by conditioning and nature, and nothing can reverse that-- in the society he wanted, he`d just be another supercriminal, and he can`t change that. He`s real like dat, Ross knows whats up. It`s worth mentioning that I adore his interactions with Jolyne-- he sympathized and humanized her, and her shit only really hit the fan when she thought he was dead. Ross was the only person Jolyne really liked, her first real human connection-- and losing him made her totally willing to be struck down by Jackal at the end of their fight.
Ross is adorable,

husband. I know it`s a little weird that he`s on here, considering that he was a real minor villain-- but, he`s so important. His interaction with Bunny was really cool- and he was just kinda... genuinely funny? His humor was a really nice mix of vulgar and goofy, and it was really refreshing. Henry`s a whole other thing entirely-- Henry is a character you probably wouldn`t expect from his RPer-- but he was flawless, and his relationship with Ghoul was born endearing and funny.
I do think him and Henry should have lived longer, of course-- they`re a clump of missed potential for me. As kind of tragic and awful as Henry`s death was-- all it did was build up a villain who was going to lose to Kraven soon after, anyway. Either way, his run was cool-- and I miss him a bunch-- #BringbackGhoulandHenry2042

bECAUSE SHE SHOULD. Raiko, though she hasn`t gotten her chance to shine just yet-- is a boss ass bitch with her own code of conduct and a way to go about it. She`s an evil dictator student council president with all of Satsugai Academy wrapped around her finger, and all her plans, like many other villains-- are in the name of the greater good.
It`s hinted that she`s dealt with a fair amount of abuse and loss in her life, but she`s obviously moved passed it-- and her experiences definetely have no effect on her BAMF self esteem. She`s amazing, and I loved writing Eirin with her-- I think once she really gets to business, she`ll climb up this list pretty quickly.

NAW, but it`s so fucking refreshing to see a dicky dick villain played by someone who isn`t Pan. He`s a dick, out for power and blood-- and like plenty of others, he`s willing to do whatever to get there. Including sleep with the Mistress. When he`s asexual. HARDCORE.
I think his two-faced quality is beautifully written and potrayed- Tate knows that in life, you can`t go about everything with moar snakes. Sometimes you need to play people to get what you want. And that`s totally villainous and awful yeah but-- Tate knows whats up.
A thing that makes him a bit more impressive than Hal (from the character`s perspective, at least--) is probably his prowess. He`s sneaky, yeah- but if he`s caught? HE`LL JUST MURDER EVERYONE IN THE ROOM AND BE VERY HAPPY ABOUT IT. That`s admirable to me.

The Mistress doesn`t get proper credit, either-- she`s a huge part of the lore, and delusional, yeah-- but, good-hearted and strong as fuck. She and the Trust are out for the good of humanity-- and honestly, when you live for hundreds of years, your moral code gets a bit cloudy. To Xiu, she`s the good guy-- and everyone on the other side is the bad guy.
I love Xiu personally because the tropes she uses, and how it`s used. She`s a drop dead sexy lady who can use her looks to her advantage, and has no qualms talking about her bedroom conquests--those traits aren`t common for a antagonist. Usually, those are traits reserved for the real male antagonist`s femme fatale sidekicks-- the Mistress is her own operation, and her concept is flawless and nicely executed. My only issue is that she didn`t actually do too much in the actual rp... she`d be way higher on this list if she had. Her death battle was fun and all-- but, I would`ve liked to see her show off a little earlier.

bonus: jo the ostrich
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Antagonists

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:16 am

10. Gonzo - Out of all the Muppets characters, this guy was my favorite for a number of reasons. He definitely came off as the most fleshed out and charismatic member of the group. I probably wouldn't mind if he had been a standalone villain on his own actually. Anyways, definitely one of my favorites for sure.

9. Jade - I could NEVER not include No Man's Land 1st big bad on this list. He's a bit of a controversial antagonist for sure, but we often forget he was the main threat during some of No Man's Land greatest moments early-on in the RP. He definitely came off as a pretty evil guy and was creepy to be around even if your character was on his side. A lot of No Man's Land villains are easy to predict, SO EASY TO PREDICT, but you had no idea what was up with this guy.

8. Mr. Ghoul - Unlike pretty much everyone else on this list... Mr. Ghoul isn't really a big villain, he was a minor minion that I will forever regret killing off. The only thing that stops him from being higher up is the fact that in the end he was just that... he was a minor villain. I still loved him though, he was fun to RP as, probably moreso than anyone else.

7. Xiu - You're going to notice a pattern with Black Dragon on this list, as I noticed there are a metric shit ton of great antagonists in Black Dragon. Xiu is pretty up there just by looking at her resume... almost all of the RP happened because of her, she deserves credit where credit is due. As the leader of Black Dragon, she's also a mastermind of great proportions, probably more-so than anyone else. I do wish she could have done a bit more in the RP, and that's probably the only thing that prevents her from being higher.

6. Hal - Possibly my dickiest character ever, when asked to come up with one legitimately kind act he'd ever done for Mario... he couldn't come up with even the semblance of an answer. And that just sums this guy up well, he's a manipulative, evil, dicky bastard. He nearly got close to winning, brainwashing Jo and surrounding the entirety of Vulture Team. Sucks for him that it didn't pan out.

5. Charles -I'll get this guy out of the way... he's a manipulative, powerful, resourceful man... who may not even be human. I can't say much about him, but I'd say out of everyone on this list, he's probably the most dangerous. I also think his 'rivalry' with Jo is my favorite rivalry I've ever RPed.

4. Jolyne/Mario Falcone tie - I'm going to be honest here, I'm cheating. I honestly couldn't pick between either of these two so I have them ranked the same. I love them both for the same reason: they were different and funny. Most of No Man's Land's antagonists are rather depressing folks who aren't funny at all, Jolyne and Mario were hilarious, but they were also there to fucking kill you. They're probably the most underrated antagonists in the entire RP in my opinion. As far as Jolyne is concerned, I also loved how we managed to make such a standalone antagonist out of a Jo clone. I kind of like clones.

3. Kraven - Okay, now I"m in the top three, and it was really hard to decide which of these guys were better than the other. Kraven is probably the antagonist just about everyone in this RP has dealt with at least one, its rather hard to avoid a guy who's been causing trouble for three acts and a whole year's worth of RPing. He's merciless, insane, and destructive, his unpredictability is like Jade's, and his rivalry with Ryder is also one of my obvious favorites (And is very, very long). He's also probably my most developed character, as I seem to always be working at him in some way, shape, or form.

2. Tate - Some of you may be surprised with how high this guy is up on here... well it's simple... Tate does EVERYTHING a villain is supposed to do RIGHT. I honestly wasn't impressed when I first saw him, I felt he was doomed to be like Hal... get one minor victory then die a gruesome death. He quickly turned out to be very different. For one, he was actually given victories that built him up as a villain, he's clearly established as a threat. In a way he's a character that's more than just the work of his creator... he's the work of several RPers who actually sold him as a viable threat. He's powerful, of course. And MOST IMPORTANTLY... he's a total dick. He doesn't care if you don't like him, he's better than you and he will make sure you know it, then he'll murder your ass. In RPs, you often see many people try WAY too hard to get other RPers to like their villains... they try to make them too nice or sympathetic... and all it does is destroy the villain's reputation. Tate does no such thing. He's an asshole and that's what makes him great.

1. The Inquisitor - I tried hard not to put this guy first, I wanted to look for someone else, probably even put Tate up here, but Tate is a bit too new to really be number one. The Inquisitor was the villain that kept winning... over and over again. When he finally died, everyone should have let out a sigh of relief and cheered. Nearly every time this guy got involved... he nearly murdered everyone. First there was Machination Enterprise... which was a complete win on his part (Save a few -minor- burns). Then there was the Arma Incident, which served its purpose of messing with everyone's heads and nearly lead to a whole lot of death. And then there was that one time where he burst into Carrion Land and nearly murdered EVERYONE. Fun times! He established himself as a threat and he won many times, and that made his defeat all the much sweeter. Once again, this isn't just thanks to one RP (in this case me), but pretty much every other RPer that built this guy up by actually having the balls to sell David Krueger as a threat. And unlike pretty much every other villain on this list... it wasn't a single RPer or two... THE ENTIRE RP sold this guy as a legitimate threat on three separate occasions. In RPing, you'll find that just about everywhere, everyone is just trying really hard to make their characters THEBESTINTHEWORLDZOMG- whilst annoying everyone else in the process. When in truth, that's going to get you nowhere. Strong-arming around the RP just gets everyone annoyed, only by working together with others do you find true amazing moments. And that's something that seems to happen time and time again on Newts.
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Antagonists

Post  Raven Todd on Fri Aug 22, 2014 4:21 am

Honorable mention-
Mr. Bear, I liked this character very quickly. He was funny. I actually really liked how bluntly he switched to Black Dragon. I would probably have put him higher if he was posted for more, but I thought he was funny and I was actually surprisingly sad at his death.
Jolyne, I thought she was funny. She was very different from Jo personality wise, and I liked that. I liked how she could go from goofy to threatening when the situation called for it. That being said she's not on the list because when I think about it aside from a few moments with Ross and her death, which was very well written, I still prefer her most from the Inquisitor Tower where until the last floor people could only hear her voice.  That's where she was at her best for me.
Red Masque, I find him interesting. His goofiness is funny, but I liked seeing how he acted in the past with Kraven. His level of power and importance is still mostly unknown, which is interesting. It may have been intentional, but I didn't put him on the list because of how little he's actually been in the rp.
10.Poison-The strange thing  for me with this character is I'm not putting her on the list for SSS. I liked her there, but what really made me like the character enough to put her on the list was her sudden appearance in this act of NML. I find her relationship with Bunny fascinating. Looking at how she was in SSS, there seems to be an interesting evolution from the events there to how she acts now. How Poisons vaguely mentioned Red Masque and whats happened to her renewed my interest in him and made me curious how she interacted with him.
9.Gonzo/Kermit/Piggy-I do admit here it is personal. Out of the three of them, Gonzo was the best developed and RPed. He was fun and fit in the setting better than a few of the other Muppets did. But I included Piggy and Kermit in this because I found their relationship very interesting and darkly fun. To me, it was a weird mix of twisted, yet strangely balanced.  It was very interesting to write and I'm glad I could. Another reason they're all included together is because I  enjoyed the three when they interacted together. There was a comradery they could only have with each other, because they were all pretty insane in their own different ways.
8.Ross-Ross was the first real faction villain I encountered in this rp. Zombie and the Holiday Killer technically came first, but they weren't technically connected to a group opposing Vulture. Ross was. He was fun.  I liked how his over patriotism was played and I liked how he could be serious. There were several moments where it was clear he was a balancing factor for Jolyne and that made their interactions interesting to read.
7.Lao-The moment that made me love this guy was when he and Jack fought on Baker Street. As short as it was, that was some of my favorite combat rping that  I've been able to do so far. I loved how he went about trying to make Jack lose control. It was just so fun for me to rp. It was the only fight I've been in where I wished it could have gone on longer. Lao is a very interesting characters, not just for his back story, but for his demeanor. I think he may be one of the best cases of someone who is typically goofy with serious moments mixed in. His emotional reaction to knowing he's dying and having to betray the Mistress were very well written and actually pretty understandable in a weird way. I like that mix of sympathetic moments with downright sadistic moments, especially the ones that have come up in his current fight with Isaac. I just really like this character. He's fun. He's probably not higher because he isn't very vital to the Clans plot in general, but I still really like him.
6.Xiu- Xiu is actually a pretty sad villain for me. Despite how insane her plans are, the goal underneath it all is kind of understandable. I think she was funny at times and she ended up being another villain who could switch to being serious when needed. I wished I could have seen more of her, but other than that I found the secret behind her power and youth very interesting and her death was actually fairly sad for me.
5.Hal-Hal is a dick. From what I did read of him at the end of the last act, he was just awful to everyone but the Mistress, but that's a big part of the reason why I liked him. He was so enjoyably awful to everyone. I loved reading the posts where he was talking to Jo after brainwashing her. It was just really fun. His death is one of the ones I can remember most clearly. I liked the difference in how he treated everyone else  then how he treated Xiu. He was a dick, but he was a complex dick and that's enjoyable  every now and again.
4.Tate-Tate is also a dick. He's also very enjoyable catty. I liked how no attempt was made to try and make him likable. He's just the way he is and he has no shame about that whatsoever. He's one of the characters whose cybernetics I actually really like. It fits very consistently with his theme and that's something I can really appreciate. I like reading and interacting with Tate. He's a very cool presence to have, because he actually does come off as a threat. He's actually been shown achieving his goals and very important people have been shown to be afraid of him. There are many factors in place that make him work as a character.
3.Kylie-Oh my god, I love this girl. This one is definitely personal. I just love this girl so much. Just seeing that she's been posted for makes me smile. Jacks fight with her in the Inquisitor tower was so much fun. I know that her floor was traumatizing in character, but I had a blast rping that. Kylie is just a strange mix of horrifying and adorable. Her attitude on love and affection is so scary, but with how earnest she is able making friends, it's just so cute. She's just precious to me. I would place her higher, but within her own faction, aside from her status as a ranked assassin, she isn't very important and Killer Queen and Ashley holds more importance in that regard. That being said, the reason she's placed higher than Tate, despite him actually being very plot important, is that I enjoy reading Kylie more personally.  She's just precious.
2. Kraven-Kraven is THE villain I heard the most about before and after joining newts. His "death" last arc was one of the ones I remember the most. Without being able to read alot of the rivalry between Kraven and Ryder, their last fight still managed to be very cool to me. In large part due to how Kraven was written. I like how he's been written this act too, despite being very different. It's been fun to read this version of Kraven. He's likely one of the most well developed villains in No Mans Land and I like seeing how he interacts with people.
1.Charles-I picked Charles for this spot because I find him and his goals in context both insane and understandable. The worlds fallen apart and it seems like people aren't doing much to try and fix it. How would you try to fix things? Charles is definitely excessive, but I still find that interesting. Him using the orbital laser on High End was actually kind of funny for some reason. He's definitely dangerous, but in a very different way than other people on this list. I just find him very interesting and he played very well into the plot. He was very different from other antagonists and I liked seeing that.
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Antagonists

Post  MercutianUnknown on Fri Aug 22, 2014 6:33 pm


14. T-Reich: What's not to love about the Dino-Nazi
13. Scarecrow: Honestly if Bravery didn't pick up Jack and Atlas in between Act2 and Act3 this guy would be A LOT different than he is now, honestly I at first intended him to be much more evil than he is now, but
12. Jade: He's a winner in my book, there's something about reading his interactions with people in the Archives that's really interesting, especially with him talking to Kraven and him talking to Cathy.
11. Kylie: THIS LIL ONE! XD... Unfortunately Kylie JUST didn't make my list because I only got to interact with her myself when against Gonzo, which is the main reason she's here in the Honorables. I didn't get to fight her for long but watching those two go at it was hysterical and while I stayed out of Kylie's fights against Vulture I still loved the Wrath Floor.

10. Zombie (Holiday Killer Prologue): Zombie was my first Diceless Fight in online RP and each of my first 3 characters in Newts; Atlas, Scia and Brandr each interacted with him in a different way. Atlas, or really Scarecrow was tracking him down after being nearly blown up by Gunnar, Scia fought him in the Burning mansion, and Brandr was bodyguarding Agan's Troupe when Zombie bought bombs from them. In the prologue my characters' missions always seemed to go back to what Zombie was doing and since then I've always felt obligated to make doubly sure I know what he's doing so that I don't get bombed again, and he's really grown on me as a favorite character and villain, even though he isn't really one now.
9. Poison: At first I thought Poison was just joking around in SSS... it was when she tried to convince Meno she was a Nun then proceeded to try and get him killed that I... REALLY... Knew she was a great character and since she's only upped the ante in NML and SSS as a Villain.
8. Kermit+Piggy: I didn't really think this couple would last very long considering the history NML seems to have with its villains when nearing the end of an Act. Raven and I put quite a good deal into developing the story behind the Muppets and their sad rise to infamy. These two are one of the sickest and most disfunctionally functional couples I've had part in writing, and they were just plain fun. I probably wouldn't have put either of them on the list purely by themselves
7. Inquisitor: This guy!!! David's one of the only villains I've read extensively and gone back to in previous acts... Actually David and I have a VERY special relationship because before Levi and Desty brought me into the Newts Community the first time I heard about NML was at school from them when suddenly Levi Screamed "WHAT THE FUCK IS DAVID DOING, WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE" I probably would have joined sooner after that moment except I was having personal issues with other forms of online RP at the time. But Even though I never met him in RP except for Tribal, David's special to me.
6. Gonzo: I LOVE GONZO! He's the Muppet I REALLY got to work on deeply, I thought about Kermit's life more because it was a bigger part of the Muppets as a whole but Gonzo... I got to write him more, and I really got to do just about every
5. Hal: Hal interests me on many levels, he seems to always have more planned for you than you'd expect while also being a HUGE DICK... but I still love him, he's a great mix of up front about it villain and sneaky what am I doing villain.
4. Xiu & Tate (TIE): Tate and Xiu are both evil while also being polar opposites... Tate is just the DARK vicious aspect of Black Dragon that has always seemed hidden behind the curtains while also always being ever present however Xiu was the mystery itself, every question answered by Charles or the Trust on her only opened more questions about her and the answerer.
3. Kraven: FIRST I admit.... at first.... I didn't like Kraven, like I hated him.... *gasp*.... I found him kinda boring and typical at first. HOWEVER after a short time of reading him in Act3, mainly when it was really him and not an illusion. I grew more and more of a realization that Kraven as far as plot, back-story, theme and concept, is the most fitting character in the NML setting. He is more than a favorite now Kraven I feel has almost become the ideal villain/antihero of NML. Honestly at first I didn't reread everything that happened at the end of Act2 involving Kraven and it wasn't until I was writing Kermit's persona while reading Kraven in Act3 and the Flashbacks that I started really seeing the connecting lines between the Common Garden College Student and the Megalomaniac Reaper, and as I was posting I didn't realize it until a while later but I had made My Chaos-Loving Kermit similar to Kraven but rather Morally inside out. Their short lived rivalry and foilism is one of the best non-romantic Villain to Villain relationships I've RP'd. On top of my personal reasons NML wouldn't be the same without Kraven, I think perhaps even more so than even my numbers 2 and 1, even though I like them more, Kraven is the most necessary and fitting Villain if not Character in NML.
2. Charles: Charles is with out a doubt (at least in my opinion) The best written Antagonist in NML, hands down. He has a brand of semi-delusional lawful Hero-complex that comes across as a cross between Chaotic Good and Lawful Evil. This complex Charles has is the single thing that in and of itself, without any other characters or themes told, is evidence within NML that history is not what we know it to be, that there are secrets and Mysteries taken to a level that we'll never know all of the details to. The way Charles is today is is a perfect reflection of everything he's been through in the last few hundred years, merely by knowing his Age is there an immediate intrigue into this man and the history that shaped who he is. He's gone from one form of defending the innocent against oppressors to another and his morality in some senses hasn't changed while in other senses is completely altered from the early flashbacks. His interactions with the Trust, the Family, Vulture Team, S-Squad, Black Dragon and almost anyone else really shows how he is depending on the kind of person he's talking to; the more villainous or corrupt he considers you (or at least the more annoying) he comes to either passively sympathize with you or out right hate you for being alive.
1. Ross: Ross.... Citizen Ross.... is not the best written, not the funniest, and doesn't have the coolest powers... BUT! Citizen Ross is my #1 because Ross; More than the Muppets, more than Tate, more than Xiu, More than Kraven or even Charles... Is the most complete thematic package... in other words he has the most consistent theme, not saying that the others are in anyway inconsistent; certainly none are at all; BUT ROSS is The PERFECT embodiment of his theme. He is a Ripped, Black, Bearded, Middle aged, Super Masculine, Sport loving, burger munching, Enthusiastic, US Patriot. Ross I feel is a better portrayal of his concept than even Uncle Sam from 2020 Flashbacks; everything about his design, his accent, his attitude, his persistence  and his ungodly manliness have a symbolic link towards the 1900-2010 US American Stereotype. Ross was never a Freedom seeker, he didn't have to search for Freedom, he WAS freedom he WAS America...... It would NOT surprise me in anyway if Ross went on a spirit quest once and found out his spirit animal is a 50ft tall pure white American Bald Eagle, Name George Washington, with a blue left wing and a red right wing that has 50 stars covering its body...... THIS will always be canon to me ^..... Anytime I see a character based on the "Murica Fuck Yeah" concept I'm never going to appreciate them as much as I do Ross. He's a character I go back to to compare the quality of other characters' fitting to their concepts.
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Antagonists

Post  Vladislavich on Sun Jan 18, 2015 3:07 am

10. Agan
Antagonized everyone by offering services.

9. Ryder
Antagonist by being protag.

8. Pete Ritz
Wanted to fuck a cat.

7. Isaac
I'm sure he was up to something.

6. Buddi
Not an elf, therefore a liar. Cardinal sin.

5. Kraven
Didn't kill #9 when he had the chance.

4. Chucky-P Homeslice
Easily upset by scouse slang, therefore dangerous. Also actually extremely dangerous.

3. Kramit teh Frag
Was only there for like twenty minutes before he died. What a cocktease.

2. Ross
Pan doesn't like people calling him an antag.

1. Jo
Blew up Canada, therefore is ultimate evil ever.
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Antagonists

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