Unknown Worlds: LORE & PROFILES

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Unknown Worlds: LORE & PROFILES

Post  Raven Todd on Tue Jun 24, 2014 5:15 am

Newts in Suits,
Role Play
Genre: Horror, Survival, Fantasy, Adventure

What the story is about:
This RP will be about a concurring group of adventurers lead by a knight (played by Me, MercutianUnknown) on missions and adventures by decree of the Queen of Aryss, a nation in a far off fantasy land. Missions will entail; Fighting Giant Monsters, Capturing Evil Villains, Helping Those in Need, and Fending for Our Lives Against Mysterious Dangers.
Each character will be an adventurer in their own right whether a knight or wizard or priest or whatever you desire your character to be. It is very easy to fit almost any kind of Magical Power, Backstory, or Personality into this setting. The World is very expansive, very wide ranging in culture and characters are chosen by Fate and coincidence to join our group of heroes.


Greetings, welcome to the Unknown Worlds or as the people who inhabit them call them The Four Moons. I am Enoch of Light, and I will be your guide.
The World we live in is a World broken in fourths, four moons that since before living memory have spun around one another in a loop, as they move around the sun.
The only thing connecting them together are 6 Gigantic portals on each moon called Gates two of which for each smaller world connect to two on each other moon. The lands of the Four Moons are a Fantastical World both broken and unified in more ways than one. The people of this world in general live in a technological era that just nearly predates efficient guns and motor vehicles. Most advanced technology is magic imbued into objects to give them supernatural capabilities. And the greatest technological and magical marvels were made during the most previous Era.

This is the main setting of our story. Aryss is both The Name of Moon as well as the dominant nation presiding in it.
Aryss the Moon is a lush land with great wide fields of Grasslands and plains. But although beautiful there still reside dangerous creatures in the darkest places of the Kingdom It's nation is that of singular rule under Queen Scendia Archori. The laws of the nation are just and even the most common beggar can come to the Queen and ask for aid.

Almost completely covered in vast spanning oceans with small flooded jungles, beach like deserts and sandbars that stretch far and wide. A wide number of civilizations live there including the tribes of Zheimen (Beast People) that inhabit the jungles and flooded plains, The chiefdoms of native humans and wickeds who live in the different deserts. There is only one human city on this moon, it acts as a large trade locale for most of the other nations and is ruled by a guild of merchants that have a massive impact on the socioeconomics of the differing nations.

A brutal world where the days burn with heat and the nights freeze even more so. The land is covered in mountains and deserts with little oceans or seas. The people of Valdoria are known for being hardy and even stubborn. The central nation is made around their strong military might and their King, Alexander Bronheart IV, who rules over them with strength and power.

Neroth is known for being both dangerous and mysterious a desolate wasteland covered in ferocious nightmarish monsters. It is nearly inhospitable to life and it's only civilizations are that of the Lost Cities ruled by the Mercutian's who are so reclusive most believe them to be either long dead or a mere fairy tail.

Aryss is set up as a Queendom since 2640 (the current year is 3837), the royal line has changed a number of times but House Archori has been stable for around the last 2 and a half centuries. Scendia Archori, Prince's mother is in charge although she has a council of 11 people who operate as advisors and ambassadors each who maintain politics around the 8 districts around the Aryssian Territories the other 3 who don't have districts work together for Foreign affairs with different countries. The current and only legitimate heir is Nerinia (Nera) Archori, Prince's younger sister. The country has some relations with the nomadic tribes in Scion mainly trade, and few with the lost cities in Neroth (who are so secluded to the point some don't believe they exist), As for Valdoria they are on rocky grounds with... Even though Aryss and Valdoria are in a time of peace now there was a great war called the Pirate War that ended about 9 years ago between The High Inquisitor of Valdoria, Spite Malcross and The Pirate Lord Donitus Cladimere... Aryss chose to not get involved even though the war lasted almost 6 years and it has caused tension between the two nations.
Prince is the first born child which makes him the heir but Aryss cannot have a king anymore. The last king nearly destroyed the entire kingdom in a feud with a country that doesn't exist anymore. So they don't do that anymore, normally this problem is solved by the Queen using magic to be pregnant only with girls... Well Prince being a Kryinn of Dominance the magic couldn't take hold and he was born male... among the nobles there are some who which to remove the Archori line saying that this is a sign that their time to rule is up while the otherside supports Nera... It's not pressing at the moment however Archibald Leonius, Nera and Prince's father went missing years ago and has never been found... The Queen won't take a new lover or have more children so Scendia and Nera are the crux of Aryss' political stability.


Magic is divided into 11 elements as well as some minute unique rare forms. Most races of the Moons have 2 affinities each for a different element. This affinity is a naturally born occurrence within all life in this World, even plants and animals have affinities. However a large populous of humans are unaware of their affinities, learning magic requires schooling and training of the mind, some learn on their own, some are taught by parents with similar skills others go to a school or academy in a city to learn or even a church and learn from priests or go into the military. There are many ways to learn magic.
Now having an affinity doesn't make you a natural master of these elements but allows you to access them more freely, with greater skill and with a much lesser degree of training. Most people don't learn a great deal of magic outside of their affinities.

The Elements
These are the 11 elements. Characters with an affinity for an element can manipulate it at will but will also gain spells that they are able to use of these elements to use in their journey.
--Earth: is the essence of solid matter, the more solid and the more earth like a substance is the more the character can manipulate it. It can be used to move and manipulate stone, metal, glass, sand, cloth and to some extent even earthquakes. Also the less Earth there is around the less Earth Magic can be used in great power. (IE: on a boat in the ocean)
--Fire: is the essence of combustion, this is the manipulation of heat and flame. It can be used to create fire, radiate heat, or manipulate already made flames. Also the temperature of the surrounding area determines the difficulty of using fire magic in any area. (IE: in a snowstorm)
--Wind: is the essence of gas matter, the more gaseous and more air like a substance is the more the character can manipulate it. It can be used to move and manipulate wind, smoke, dust, gasses and to some extent even the weather. Also the less Air there is around the less Air Magic can be used in great power. (IE: when submerged underwater)
--Water: is the essence of liquid matter, the more liquid and more water like a substance is the more the character can manipulate it. It can be used to manipulate water, oil, liquid poisons, and to some extent even the tides. Also the less Water there is around the less Water Magic can be used in great power. (IE: in a desert)
--Ice: is the essence of cold, this is the manipulation of frozen materials and freezing energies. It can be used to cancel out and absorb heat as well as manipulate frozen objects, snow, ice, and other things. Also the temperature of the surrounding area determines the difficulty of using ice magic in any area. (IE: in a burning building)
--Lightning: is the essence of electricity, this is the manipulation of electrical energy as well as magnetic forces. It can be used to move metal, generate electricity and even direct actual lightning. Also the less Electro conductive material is around the less Lightning Magic will be used in great power: (IE: Inside a wooden crate)
--Sound: is the essence of vibration, this is the manipulation of kinetic energy as well as vibration forces. It can be used for throwing objects with great force, generating vibrations, accelerating/decelerating movement. Also the less Vibration conductive surface is around the less Sound Magic will be used in great power: (IE: In a Vacuum)
--Nature: is the essence of life and death, this is the manipulation of living energy as well as poisonous magic. It can be used for Healing, numbing pain, manipulating plant growth, creating poison, moving life from one being to another and generating fertility in living things. Also the less life force is around the less Nature Magic will be used in great power: (IE: A barren wasteland with no one around)
--Light: is the essence of radiance, this is the manipulation of luminous energy as well as repulsion and protective magical energy. It can be used for generating light, creating magical shields, repelling evil creatures, deterring danger and attacks. Also the less light there is around the less Light Magic will be used in great power: (IE: In a voided room)
--Dark: is the essence of the void, this is the manipulation of gravitational energy as well as shadows and aggressive magical energy. It can be used to create darkness, move shadows, affect gravity, and create destructive forces of energy. Also the more light there is around the less Dark Magic will be used in great power: (IE: On a sunny day with no clouds or shade)
--Neutral: is the essence of commonality, this is the manipulation of raw magical energy as well as the magic of doing actions. It can be used to make objects act as they are designed to with no user, make objects out of other magical elements with added elemental effects, or to manipulate magical energy at it's purest form. Also the less common place material is available the less Neutral Magic will be used in great power: (IE: In an empty room)

These are the classes of magic user most people are put under... Your character can follow any kind of magic and be any class but their fighting style should fit within their class.

These are your typical melee fighters usually using their magic in order to support their combat through a number of means either offense, defense, or otherwise. Usually focusing in close range combat, being able to give and take hits.
Common Weapons: Swords, Lances, Hammers, Axes, Knives, Maces, Shields

These are your projectile fighters usually using their magic in order to gain advantage over their opponents in different ways either adding to their attack variety, trapping their opponent or even some healing abilities.
Common Weapons: Bow, Crossbow, Spears, Throwing Knives, Nets, Traps

These are your magic specialists using magic in a variety of ways in order to overcome obstacles, this is where magic becomes more advanced and is more complicated than other classes accessing abilities particular to the Mage themselves rather than to any class trait.
Common Weapons: Wands, Staffs, Books, Scrolls, Runes

These are the magicians who use their abilities more so to control the battlefield and affect their foes in strange ways indirectly, either manipulating their environment, their opponent's mind, poisons, dangerous elemental conditions or other nasty tricks.
Common Weapons: Knives, Concocted Potions, Poisonous Darts, Bottled Bombs

These are your typical healers for the most part more of a team player than anything else, they use their magic to heal, shield, deter attacks, create defenses and affect enemies in intuitive ways.
Common Weapons: Holy Symbols, Prayer Books, Clubs, Maces

Contact MercutianUnknown and/or RavenTodd via Skype before making a character in these classes

A Kryinn is a person born without the normal affinities a human has. Without this there is an emptiness within them that must be filled, their spiritual essence instantly seeks out a concept for them to attach to. The concept is very often close to the persons spiritual nature and represents part of the person they are or will be, as this often occurs during or before the persons birth. They will gain magical abilities that are fitting to both their personality and the concept they have an affinity with, a Kryinn will never gain powers that extend outside their personal nature or their concept. There is NO connection between a parent being a Kryinn and the possibility of their child also being so it is also very rare for two Kryinns to be born of the same two parents.

A Wicked is a person born with a single affinity that is not for one of the elements but rather a kind of animal. With this they gain the ability to transform into a sub-human version of this animal with greater size and traits relating to this animal as well as the ability to speak to this animal and become kindred with their kind. Their remaining elemental affinity will mix with their abilities as a Wicked and form a new variety of magical capabilities... Wicked animals are not usually set in stone to a certain species of animal but rather a range of different animals that are all similar to one another and usually encompass a single identity. (IE: Dogs, Cats, Deer, Raptor Birds, Snakes)

From the most unnatural and grotesque to the simply oddest forms of life imaginable. Abomination isn't a specific race but rather a broad classification of monstrous being that many many different kinds of life forms fit into. The First requirement is that in some manner an abomination must be unnatural and through either rare mutation or supernatural influence be unique and separate from the rest of nature, most abominations are technically considered neither living nor dead, as they are outside the lines of life and death. The Second requirement is that the abomination be at least partially sentient; it must have some kind of emotional capacity, intellectual capacity, social capacity, and an ability to feel and perceive things most importantly that they are alive and that survival is important. The Third and Final requirement is that the abomination must feed off of life in some manner; either predatory or parasitically or autonomously. The Magic of Abominations are solely focused on their survival and ability to feed. Many have unnatural and disturbing biological self defenses within them as well as bio-magic that is rarely seen apart from themselves and other abominations. Although they are all individual and unique many abominations are able to reproduce and some have made themselves nearly entire species.
(Non-Playable Examples = Vampires, Zombies, Ghouls, Most other Undead).

IF you desire to make a NEW character OR have alternative ideas for a character contact MercutianUnknown and/or RavenTodd via Skype, I'm open to any and all Ideas!

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Re: Unknown Worlds: LORE & PROFILES

Post  Raven Todd on Wed Jun 25, 2014 12:57 am

Portrait: (That Means The Picture)







Relationship Status:

Nationality: (See Lore... Most will be Aryss)


Weapon of Choice:

Magical Affinities/Concept: (See Lore, Pick 2 elements or if Kryinn put concept)

(BACKSTORY... Make something up... Tell us anything about yourself... You're free to make up a town or village or small city or live in one of the capitals of any of the moons... Where are you from, who's in your family, and what has happened up until now... The world is standard Fantasy with all the normal monsters, bandits, pirates, knights, wizards and other junk..... It doesn't have to be long at all just a little background to know who you are, But it has to include WHERE YOU ARE NOW... Where you are can be anywhere in the World at the moment and you do not have to be in the knighthood, you do not need to be in the capital, you don't even have to be in Aryss.)

(After Posting your Profile Contact MercutianUnknown on Skype)

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Re: Unknown Worlds: LORE & PROFILES

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Mercutian Unknown

Princelon (Prince) Archori





Relationship Status:
Single (Broodingly Awkward)


Knight Kryinn

Weapon of Choice:

Magical Affinities/Concept:



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Raven Todd
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Re: Unknown Worlds: LORE & PROFILES

Post  Raven Todd on Wed Jun 25, 2014 6:15 pm


Raven Todd

Seana Morch




Heterosexual (May be bicurious)

Relationship Status:



Weapon of Choice:
Spell Book

Magical Affinities/Concept:
Lightning Bolt: Casts a spell of concentrated electricity with great force capable of knocking enemies off their feet
Ice Construct: Casts a spontaneously created wall, cage, spikes or other structures of ice
Ice Shard: Casts fast moving frozen projectiles in a rapid fire attack
Cold Shock: Casts wave of electrical energy that shocks with great intensity as well as rapidly encasing the spells afflicted in ice.

Seana was born in Valdora to an upper class family. All her life she lived in the capital city of Valdora with her three sisters and father. Her mother having disappeared when she was 16. Seana, who already had shown promise with magic, after this focused  even more than before on studying magic. Particulurly since she did not want to follow her fathers path and join the military. This led to some friction between the two, though they try not to dwell on this too much as Seana rarely stays in her home city for long periods of time anymore, except to make sure nothing has happened to anyone else in her family.

Seana is sleeping in her room in her house. It's quarter after two in the morning Her father is in Scion on duty with the High Inquisitor of Valdoria on outside her window she hears a noise... Something falling over, and feet running beside her house. She turns in her sleep then she hears a loud bang like a door being kicked in with great force.
Seana gets up with an annoyed sigh. If this is what she thinks she is, this is not the first time someone has tried to break into her house like this. Though she still didn't take kindly to her sisters being in danger. Since she hadn't heard their voices she assumed they were asleep. Good. She'd settle this quickly. Seana stood up retrieving the spell book by her bed side. She went to her bed room door, opening it wide enough to send a burst of ice towards anyone out there.
As Seana entered the next room she saw that there was no one in her house, her sisters and mother all still asleep. As she continues to search the house she finds nothing but sees that there is a light on in her neighbors house through the window in her kitchen... She can hear her neighbors but not see them and hears a single unfamiliar voice... She cannot make out what they are saying.
Seana looked around, grateful the ice hadn't done anymore than upturn some furniture. She looked out the window, listening intently to the unfamiliar voice unable to make out their words. Seana quickly checks to make sure her sisters are still safe before grabbing the key and exiting the house, locking the door behind her. Seana quietly moved to the side of the house, careful not to be able to be seen by anyone inside and finding a deep shadow to hide in continued listening.
As she snuck around Seana noticed two men... One very large and the other slender... The large man held an axe nearly as large as he was and did not speak the other man she could not see his face however he appeared very odd, almost snake like... she heard her elderly neighbors pleading for their lives "P-please, milords it mustn't be so, we've paid through the end of the month" The slender one spoke with greed and cruelty to his voice "Yes I know, you paid... but not to ME"

Seana noted the two men. Her grip tightening on her spell book. Something about both men particularly didn't sit well with her. Feeling like this wouldn't end well for her, Seana opened her book quietly muttering a spell and aiming lightning towards the snake like man before quickly moving.
The knight immediately swung his axe and somehow deflecting the bolt of lightning sent at his companion into the sky... The neighbors and the Nobleman all jumped the elderly couple holding onto each other... "Whu!?... WHO'S THERE" said the nobleman angrily as he stepped into the light where Seana could see... He had red scales for skin and a long beak, he appeared more like a monster than a man... Seana even with all her studies of the different races would never have seen anything like this man... he looked up at the Knight, who remained silent and commanded him "Go after HIM!... I don't care who it is the High Chancellor said you do what I say... Go get Him!" The knight looked begrudgingly at the dragon like man, then he ran down the alley at a very fast pace towards Seana.
Seana quickened her pace as she saw the man somehow deflect her lightening with his axe. Her eyes widened at the sight of the nobleman but she didn't let her surprise slow her down. He didn't seem to have seen what she looked like at least, considering he was calling her him. Seana ran, careful to go in a direction away from her house, firing spells at the knight as she ran.
The knight ran at her gaining ground very quickly but as she ran through alleyways he had to switch his momentum... he maneuvered with his axe down and to the left then right back and forth shooting her bolts into the brick work at their feet. He was nearly upon her as they came to an open avenue when suddenly a voice rang out "WEAPON!" The knight looked to the side for a single second as his axe which was about to deflect another bolt was intercepted by a longsword... A blonde young man with Aryssian features stood there with his face twisted in fury... The knight not changing his seemingly emotionless expression glared at the youth and muttered spoke one word... "PRINCE"... They locked blades then seperated in a burst of strength that seemed supernatural then glared at each other pointing their weapons at each other, as if before a duel.
Seana continued moving, feeling the knight getting closer and closer. She moved out of the way as the knight was suddenly distracted by a voice. She quickly moved out of sight watching the men, searching her book for a spell she thought would be strong enough to deal damage to the knight. She eyed the man called Prince for a moment, wondering what an aryssian was doing here and how he was involved with the one he called weapon.
The two men stared at each other point for point waiting for a moment of hesitation a single tiny opening... after about 12 full seconds they swung their weapons at each other and another huge blast of force shook the nearby buildings as their weapons made contact... The knight's axe seemed to vibrate with energy like some kind of pure force as well as the air around Aryssian youth... the line of air directly between the two forces was practically visible... The two still stood where they were their weapons grinding against one another, the power they fought with appeared not to be strength but something else entirely.
Seana didn't understand what was going on at this point. The two weren't using a magic she was familiar with. That she did know. What also was apparent to her was the knight had now forgotten her presence. she quickly opened up her book and released a powerful bolt of lightning towards the knight while his weapon was preoccupied.
Seana's spell struck the knight directly on the temple sending him flying into the alley they had exited like a ragdoll... The Aryssian looked around very confused, as soon as the knight disappeared his aura dissipated... The knight moments later could be seen getting up and making a tactical retreat, he seemed to not be expecting being out numbered... The youth spoke out looking for whoever cast the spell "Hail? Are you still here?... I won't try to harm you..." He sheathed his sword and put his hands in plain sight
Seana smiled as she saw her spell actually taking effect. She watched the young Aryssian for a moment, only moving when he had clearly put away his sword. She stepped out watching the knight retreat before turning to the youth. Her spell book closed but still visible at her side.
Seana: I hope for your sake you're being honest when you say that. At the moment, I am not in the mood to be trifled with.
Prince: Well, at least your friendly... Are you alright?... I'm sorry if I intruded into something private between you and the Weapon but... I really don't like the fellow to begin with so I figured I'd intervene.
Seana: Physically I am alright. Please don't apologize. I'm grateful for the intrusion. I haven't met that man before tonight, though I can understand how one would grow to dislike him.
Prince: Why was he chasing you?... Unless, you're not some enemy of the High Chancellor are you? (He said it jokingly)
Seana laughs in relief despite the situation, grateful the knight is gone.
Seana: No, I'm certainly not that. I intervened in his and another...creatures attack on my neighbors.
Prince: (he looks surprised at Seana) Attack?... (He narrows his eyes)... The Chancellor is corrupt but... What did the other man look like?
Seana nodded, not in the mood to be disbelieved.
Seana: Yes, an attack. This -man- had red scales all over his body and a long beak taking up most of his face. He spoke like a man but he looked much more like a creature. He ordered Weapon, as you call him, to disregard what the high chancellor had told him, to follow his orders in their stead.
Prince:...! (He looked surprised) *sigh* ah, him... Strelthner... Great... (He began muttering to himself as something in his pouch began to glow... he didn't seem to notice it...) why would high chancellor Algaernon allow his own Weapon to be used by that THING? it just doesn't seem right... (it glowed brighter and brighter flickering like a firefly)
Seana watched Prince with a dry expression, growing more and more concerned about his glowing pouch. She pointed at his pouch.
Seana: ahem, sir, you may want to be mindful of that....Strelthner? I haven't heard of the High Chancellor doing business with creatures like him before.
Prince: (looks down at his pouch) Hmm? AH! (He pulls out a blue stone the size of an egg that glowed brightly in the dark street they stood in... as he pulled it out it glowed more constantly, flickering less and less... it hummed gently in his hands) now what is this Sky damned thing doing NOW!... (He looked at it questioningly then waved it through the air back and forth as if trying to gauge it's glowing)... Damn Mother and her fool Trinkets!
Seana looks at the stone curiously.
Seana: your mother trusted you with an item you don't know how to use? Did she not feel the need to explain it to you?
She watched Prince tinker with the stone for a moment, before holding a hand out, not expecting the man to comply.
Seana: May I take a look? Dealing with magical items is one of the few constants of my work.
Prince: (he eyed the woman suspiciously) Hmmm... (He handed over the stone but rested his hand on the pommel of his sword, still sheathed after putting it in her hand..... As he did it glowed at a full constant rate and hummed a soft yet constant note like a key on a piano being played...) what?
Seana gave him a dry look, speaking frankly.
Seana: You can put that away. I'm not fool enough to try and steal from you after what I've seen tonight. She turned her attention to the stone. Seana: How odd. Did your mother tell you nothing about this stone?
Prince: ...it's a fate stone... a wandering prophet gave it to my mother and she crafted a piece of my essence into it... she said it would lead me to what I was seeking... (He took his hand off his sword then seemed to look at the stone then her and back questioningly)
Seana looks at the stone then at Prince, as confused as he is.
Seana: a fate stone. I've never handled one before. They typically work without fail, though I don't see anything here that you would be seeking.
Prince: (He picked up the stone... it began flickering... he dropped it... it became constant... he repeated the process 3 more times... it had the same result every time...) I think it's pretty clear... (He took the stone back and put it in his pouch, then put out his hand as if to shake...) I am called Princelon Archori, Guardian Keeper of House Archori, and older brother to the heir to the White Marble Throne... and you.
Seana watched the process, understanding what it seemed to be implying, but still confused as to why. Seana looked at her hand, feeling a strange warmth where the stone had been. She looked at Prince's hand before shaking it, a bit stunned at how important this boy had turned out to be, though she didn't let this show on her face.
Seana: I am called Seana Morch, mage and oldest heir to the house of Morch. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Prince: (He raised an eyebrow at the housename... then looked down at the stone... then back up to her and gave a begrudged half smile...) Likewise, Seana... Call me Prince... (He seemed to fumble through his bag for something...) I know I have one here somewhere... Ah here it is... (He pulled out a small piece of paper...) Here, take this... If you desire to you can meet me and my friend by the first checkpoint outside the city tomorrow afternoon... It's as long as I can wait to get back... (He held it out to her waiting...)
Seana watched his reaction, now smirking.
Seana: Judging from your reaction, I'd say you aren't very partial to Valdoria's military.
She took the paper, reading it for a moment before looking back at Prince.
Seana: This is very generous of you. After making a few arrangements here in the city, I should be able to meet you and your friend then. What exactly would doing so entail though?
Prince: (His eyes narrowed at her comment) Hmm... Yeah, you might say that... Well, at the moment this thing seems to be pulling me from person to person... other than that, honestly I wish I knew myself... My mother wants me to find adventurers I can work with... and she says that until I find everyone this stupid rock leads me to I'm not going to be able to find anyone else to help me in my future quests.
Seana notes his narrowed eyes with a small smile. People like this had long since stopped impacting her. Seana: I see. I'm sure someone as wise as your mother has a reason for doing this. Once the proper arrangements have been made, I should be able to join you. Who knows everyone is gathered, we may all discover why this stone is gathering certain people together.
Prince: (He pulls out the stone once more and drops three droplets of water from a flask at his belt... It stops glowing for a few seconds then hums one note loudly... He pulls out a map and shines the Light from the glow on it...) First Valdoria Capital, now the flooded jungles... This thing is mad I swear... (He ran off, down the street) BE SAFE AND STEADFAST LADY SEANA! //-End

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Re: Unknown Worlds: LORE & PROFILES

Post  Vladislavich on Wed Jun 25, 2014 7:37 pm


Username: Vladislavich

Name: Curwen Zahn

Age: Unknown, appears 41

Gender: Male

Height: 6’1

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Widowed

Nationality:  Aryssian

Class: Warlock

Weapon of Choice: Gnarled-looking dagger

Magical Affinities/Concept: Dark, Nature

The first record of Curwen Zahn dates back more than three hundred years. He was described then as “…a shrewd businessman… he has the potential to become one of the richest men we’ve seen in years.” Documentation from the time suggests he had strange nocturnal habits, but as he was pleasant to be around and a good businessman, no one particularly questioned them. He purchased a large manor at the time that he would have turned ninety-nine, but he still looked as young as when he began his business. An investigative party later discovered, while he was out to the capital sealing a tremendous silk contract, books of great fear and antiquity in his possession. The  members of said party, after publishing their findings, were never  heard from again. He took this chance to marry a young woman, the daughter of a sailor, who perished when his house was struck by “lightning,” claimed by onlookers to be more like a “solid beam of dissonant light,” and burned to the ground. Amongst the rubble was found a cache of bones, strange chemicals, and the aforementioned tomes. Zahn collected these tomes and moved farther out, away from civilization, and constructed a new, more lavish abode. From there, his business continued to flourish, even as he exceeded what would be considered a mortal human Clifespan. It was then that another such posse was formed, but this time to slay him, not to slander. They arrived to find the house in smolders. Four times since then Zahn has been reportedly seen advising the Queens in matters alchemical and magical, and three times has he been sighted entering queer old buildings that common folk avoid during the dark hours.

It's the early morning a little after 7am... Curwen is out on lone horse ride outside of the city into the countryside... He has been out for only half of an hour and he has the sneaking suspicion that he is being watched... the hairs on the back of his neck begin to rise and something in the nearby brush rustled about 40 meters off to his left.
"Not again," he mutters to himself. This must be another one of those investigative parties. He reaches beneath his jacket and clutches his dagger by the hilt, but doesn't draw it.
He spurs his horse on faster.

The sound of a young girl crying comes from the bushes... "*sob sob* H-help!... is... is someone out here... Daddy?!... Daddy?! Where did you go?!"
Curwen knows he shouldn't get involved. But most of the people that knew him were dead. So he can't help himself. He reins his horse around and has the mare canter over to the bush. He is still clutching the dagger, albeit more loosely.
As Curwen breached through the brush He noticed a young brunnette sitting on the ground sobbing... as he approached closer he noticed she had a very mangled left arm... tears poured down her cheeks in streams as she sat there nearly in shock.
Curwen sighed. "Iä Iak-Sakkak, uaxaxaxa urilia fyurtaxshin..." he recited minor healing magic from the Sulecrion al-Runtar, amplified by his nature affinity. The wound began to close up.
Curwens magic seemed to do what it intended... however... the girl seemed to absorb the magic sucking it in like a whirlpool... Curwens aura shrank and bent into her as somehting seemed to suck his energy in... The girl sprung up and smiled at Curwen... "Thanks mister that was really nice of you..."

[[Serina, Lost Girl]]
[6/27/2014 9:45:37 PM] Vladislavich Karamazov: Curwen smiled. "Consider it nothing." He turned his horse around and began to spur it away. Something was amiss here.

The girl ran after Curwen... "Mister mister!... Wait!.... I-I... Uhh... Could you help me find my daddy?... I'm really lost"

Curwen looked down at her. He supposed it couldn't do too much harm... but something was still off. He extended a hand to lift her onto the horse. Curwen immediately felt a chill rise though his arm as he touched the girl... "Why thank you so much Mister, Magic Man... I think my house is somewhere that way... " The girl pointed to the south west, right south of the city.
"You think it is? Shouldn't you know where you live?"

Serina: Yeah it... uhh... No... Well Maybe... It's near the city but also far away from it...

Curwen: Mine is too... but I don't tend to wander aimlessly. Perhaps it would serve you better to find your way back on your own?

Serina: B-but... I-I don't know where I am and... I'm a cute little girl... And you're such a nice person, you healed my leg so nicely and stuff...... (The girl seemed nervous for some reason)

Curwen: Yes, you are oblivious, and I am nice. The nice thing to do would be to hand you this *he pulls out a map of the area* and send you to find your home and mark it down there in case you do this again.
Curwen seemed a bit put off at the "cute" part.

Serina:... But but but... EHRGEHRHGHERH! (The girl groaned then suddenly a very thin very wicked twisted knife was in her hand... She jumped down digging the knife into the side of the horse ripping into the muscle of the horses hind leg... Curwen and the horse fell sideways... The girl jumped on top of the horse and began cutting at it viciously)

Curwen: Iä Humbawa! Iä Enki! Gabi mu unna te dingir xul! *the horse's wound healed up at an alarming pace, enveloping the girl's wrist and the blade inside of its body* Now now, little girl... *smiles* You should know better than to attack those in contact with the Other Gods... Atti manu kashshaptu sha tuyub ta enni! *pulls out knife and snaps fingers with other hand, coating her eyes in a black shadow augmented by the incantation as they begin to slowly decay from unaugmented nature magic* I haven't lived as long as I have letting myself fall victim to every fool that comes my way... *drives the knife at her temple*

Serina: (As Curwen tried to heal the horse Serina's aura absorbed his magic seeming to make her complexion brighter and more lively... as he tried to stab at her temple the knife went straight into her head black ooze forming around the wound... she looked up at him playingly...) Well Mister you sure are Funny... (She laughed hysterically as black tendrils wrapped around his knife as she absorbed more and more magic from his aura)... Oh... I'm so glad you came along... I've been ever so hungry... (She seemed to have already eaten most of the horses soul)

Curwen: *produces a small oil lantern from his saddle bags and a set of matches from his jacket* Too bad. *pours oil across the horse and ignites it, releasing the blade* Alsi ku nishi ilani mushiti! *cloaks the entire sixty meter radius in shadow and darts away*

He knew he could later bring it up from its essential salts. Or not. Either way, it was only a horse.

Serina: What!... Where did you GO?!... (Her voice became demonic and high pitched like some kind of tortured bird) ... I'M GOING TO RIP OUT YOUR SOUL YOU DAMNED LITTLE WORM!... AAAAAAAHHHHH (She felt the fire burn her wrist...)

A voice suddenly came through the darkness

Curwen *kept running*
[6/27/2014 11:27:06 PM] Mercutian: He drew closere and closer to the voice, Suddenly as he reached the outside of the darkness he nearly stumbled into Prince who seemed to have come down from the city on his own horse... "Sir, what are you doing out here?... Is something wrong?"

Serina: (The tiny demonic girl suddenly sprang out from the darkness jumping at Prince's throat with her knife, pointed and hooked tendrils of black reached out grabbing the young Aryssian knight... He dodged around as best he could but recieved cuts on his forearm from the tendrils)
[6/28/2014 6:24:05 AM] Vladislavich Karamazov: Curwen: spanks the horse's flank before deftly vaulting on and stealing the reins from Prince Shut up. We will discuss this later. reins the horse around and spurs it roughly

Serina: Wait What?! GET BACK HERE... I WANT YOUR SOOOOOOOOULS! (The tendrils tried to follow them through the ground but the horse already had a head start on them...) GRULA SEMPTRIN LOUKKIIN

Prince seemed woozy on the way back but about 12 mins later they arrived at the city wall... the guards quickly came to the front... Then seemingly from nowhere Treen, the Scian Assassin that seemed to follow Prince around everywhere... She helped him off of his horse...

Treen: Master Zahn, what has happened is he... (Prince vommitted all across Treen's front... She looked very displeased)

Curwen: I encountered a demon and Prince was unfortunate enough to encounter me. It seemed to devour my magic. This is very worrying. In all of my... years, I've never encountered a thing capable of such.

Treen: ... (she paused for a moment then looked down at Prince, she seemed very shocked and frightened )... I have only ever heard of such things in old legends... Was it an older man with black hair and eyes like death?...

Curwen: No. A young girl, searching for her father. She slew my horse, though that is no great matter.

Treen: (Her eyes opened wide) then... it has already made more of itself... We must report this to her Highness Immediately!... I will take Lord Archori and-... (Something in Princes pouch began to glow... She pulled it out... it was a stone... She looked up at Curwen speculatively then tossed it to him...)

Curwen: *catches the stone* Well then. What have we here, boy?

Prince: (Prince took deep breaths... the girl seemed to have poisoned him with something...) It's... a fate... stone... It shall lead me... to those who will help fulfil... Aryss' destiny. (As he caught the stone it glowed and hummed a single musical note)

Curwen: *grumbles* Four hundred seventy six years and I get a rock saying I'll do good things for the crown... *points a hand towards Prince* Baxaxaxa Abzu i ekneru. *the poison begins exiting through Prince's pores*

Prince: Hehehe... Ironic... I was coming out to give you this... (Prince held out a scroll)

Curwen: Read it for me, could you? I need to rest my eyes. Going light-dark-light-dark-light-dark strains them. *closes eyes and listens*

Prince: (Smiles) ...By decree of the evergreen crown, SIR Curwen Zahn, for assistance in matters past and future for the crown in various matters, all past crimes known... and unknown... are extinguished from historical memory from hensforth and... have never occurred as of this morning; 34th day, Rain Season, year 3837... By order of her highness Scendia Archori IV

Curwen: Wonderful. I take it from the "future" that there's a caveat?

Prince: Mhmm... so long as your notorized as helping the Nation by the Queen of Aryss... be it Scendia Archori or any of her descendants.

Curwen: And there is a pressing matter, I presume...?

Prince... ... Uhh... (He looked down at the notory)... All it says is "should any future crissi within your life time present itself..."

Curwen: I see. Well then, is there any more required of me?

Prince: No, I don't believe so... Ugh... Ow... Treen, help me to the infirmary... Thank you Sir Zahn... It's nice to have you on board, I guess... (He took the stone back then had Treen help him into the castle.)

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Re: Unknown Worlds: LORE & PROFILES

Post  Akikazemoon on Wed Jun 25, 2014 9:04 pm



Kyte Summerstride





Relationship Status:



Weapon of Choice:

Stamina Supreme: Will wear out at 1/5th normal human speed and can go without air, food and water 5x as long (15min without air... 15 days without water, 2 months without food)

Vital Regeneration: Quickly regenerates from non lethal wounds, small lethal wounds cause a temporary unconsciousness but are healed over time, Magical damage from elements or other abilities will bypass this slightly.

Power of Youth: Has a much more potent life force and not only has extended life time but can access feats of great strength and speed in dire instances.

Power of Life: is Immune to most poisons, diseases, and environmental factors such as extreme, heat, cold, sand abrasion, hail, and sun burn.

Magical Affinities/Concept:

Kyte never knew his real parents. He was found by an elderly couple as an infant, floating in a basket down a stream in a small village in the countryside of Aryss. He was adopted by the couple, and they raised him very kindly. It seemed to everyone in the village that it had been a miracle that Kyte had survived his trip down the stream, because there weren't any other villages nearby, and the river itself was known to have some rapids at certain parts. Either way, Kyte lived out a very happy childhood in the village--he was always full of energy and running around, enthusiastic even at the worst of times. He eagerly helped out with the work in the farming town, and was loved by the people of the village simply for his optimism and cheerfulness. Kyte's childhood and younger teenage years all went quite well--he was very happy, and didn't have a speck of sadness in his life but for the occasional stories he would hear about bandits roaming the countryside. The bandits never came to the village--and everyone thought that they would be able to live out the rest of their days in peace. However--that was when disaster struck.
The river--the very river that Kyte had been delivered upon as a child--dried up. Nobody knew the cause of this--but as the river ran dry, so did the farmers' irrigation system. And at that time, a drought began as well, showing the probable reason for the river running dry. Both the food and money in the town began to grow scarce--and slowly, the village began to die. The people were beginning to starve--but for some reason, as the other people slowly seemed to decay with hunger, Kyte seemed far less effected by it. Still with the energy to move around, he searched desperately around the village and out of it for some other food source--and wasn't able to find anything. Over the course of about a year, Kyte slowly watched the village diminish--some people left, trying to seek out a new home, despite their lack of money or supplies--while others simply stayed in the village, slowly wasting away until they died. The elderly couple who had originally taken him in were among those who died in that village--and soon enough, Kyte found himself to be the only one left. Now actually finally beginning to suffer from the effects of the hunger, much later than any other person should have, he figured that he couldn't stay any longer--and he set off to find his future. At the age of fifteen, he set off, and ended up becoming a mercenary. For the past two years, he's been training and accepting jobs--although he has a moral code in which he'll only accept mercenary jobs that he sees as morally good, generally jobs of defending the weak. To this day, he still has his boundless enthusiasm, and is known far and wide in the mercenary business for being oddly difficult to kill. He's taken up living with a small group of mercenaries in an old, abandoned fort--they're all friends, and sometimes help each other out on missions. It's not the most comfortable lifestyle--but Kyte loves it all the same.


Kyte slept in his bunk with his mercenary buddies in a shed outside of the Flooded Plains, the Gate between Scion and Aryss just within sight on the horizon... He slept soundly although heard a number of noises through the night... He woke up the next morning feeling very odd... His hands and feet seemed to be bonded together... and there was something over his head, He could see light through small holes in what seemed to be a burlap sack.

Slowly, as the morning came and Kyte found himself waking up, he felt very stiff, for whatever reason--however, the reason for that became apparent quite quickly as he realized his actual situation--which obviously wasn't a good one. Blinking sleep out of his eyes, and attempting to look around didn't help much, due to the bag, but all the same, he still began to struggle against the ropes, not wanting to accept this situation for any longer.
"Hey--Hey guys, if this is a prank, it isn't very funny--!"

No one responded however from another room voices could be heard... "I don't get it boss... We shanked him but... he didn't bleed very long, and he healed right up... He woke up for a second but we smacked him unconscious... You know maybe he'll be useful..." Another voice very gruff spoke out "I don't care if he's the Shrennthor in the Damned Flesh!... I said CUT HIM..." there was a long pause "Wait... Boss I think he's awake... Why don't you go talk to him maybe he'll join up?" ... The voice that spoke suddenly screamed violently... then the voice called boss spoke again "Now... who else wanna lose their skull?... HUH!?... You know what Johnny you're right I bet he'd like to join up... He can have YOUR JOB!"

After not getting a response, Kyte rolled over, fruitlessly trying to deal with the ropes, but stopping as he heard the voices from the other room, raising his eyebrows somewhat. That was an interesting bit of information...and if that was the truth, then he had to wonder where his friends were...Taking a moment to take in a deep breath and calm down a bit, Kyte worked at sitting up, though he still couldn't move around much. He didn't say anything else, simply waiting for whoever this man was to come in and talk to him. Maybe he could figure some way out of this...he was pretty sure that he wasn't going to want to team up with people like /this/...

As he sat up Kyte was able to get the sack off of his head in his struggle... He noticed that he was in a small room made of stone with a small pool of water leaking out through the door... the place seemed very rundown... The sound of very loud boots trampled over something squishy then the door opened and two voices said simultaineously honorifically and fearfully "C-Captain!..." the silhouette of a very very tall man stood in the door "WELL WELL WELL... Sleeping Beauty!?... It's WAKEY WAKEY TIME!" He walked his boots treading loudly... the light coming into the room masked the mans face in darkness.

"Well, you're a bit late, I'm already up," Kyte replied, squinting slightly against the bright light pouring in through the doorway. He blinked a few times, trying to get a look at the man's face, but not being quite able to see it yet. "Did you really need to see me so bad that you tied me up and dragged me here? Who are you, anyway?"

The silhouetted Man slammed the door shut... then suddenly the sound of a match being lit... the man seemed to have scraped it against his face... then a skull like face with eyes still in the sockets stared furiously at Kyte... "I be Donitus Cladimere... The Pirate Lord... and who be you little man?..." He spoke very threateningly

Kyte's eyebrows flew up as he saw the man's face--that was certainly unexpected. Walking skeleton pirates--it wasn't something that you saw every day. As the man asked his question, Kyte shook his head a bit, smiling faintly.
"Well, that's just it, Don--I'm just a mercenary. So, I don't see why it's so important to have me here...it's not like I have a lot of money, or anything else that you could hold over people, or anything like that. Do you grab people at random like this often? It seems kind of counter-productive."

Don smiled then looked at him with half disgust... "Boy, you don't get it do you?... We didn't grab you... We cut all your buddies throats and you were the only one who wouldn't stay cut... HAHAHAHAHA!" Don continued chuckling for a moment then wiped a tear from his boney cheek... "Now lad... Imma let you sit here and think about yer options, Kay?... Here's what ya got... Join up, Or Imma come back and pull your skull out of your head! HAHAHA!... See ya" He opened the door then slammed it shut laughing as he left... The room was dark except for the match on the floor.

Kyte glared at Don as the man claimed that he didn't get it--but as soon as the pirate had explained what had /actually/ happened, his eyes widened, his breath catching in his throat for a moment. After Don had left, Kyte sat there in the dark room for a moment, the information slowly sinking in. And after he realized the situation--it became clear that this Don person--and whoever was working for him--they couldn't be allowed to do this to anyone else. Grimacing, he scooted across the floor, turning so that his back was to the match, carefully bringing his bound wrists closer to the flame--hoping that maybe the ropes would catch. If he could weaken the ropes enough to break them, that might be his only chance at easily getting out of here and taking these guys down...

Suddenly outside his room Kyte heard two large things hitting the floor... the door creaked open and someone peaked there head inside... the figure whispered... "Is anyone in here?..." Suddenly the man came in, it was a young blonde Aryssian  knight who seemed a little disheveled... "I'll deal with the next pair down the hall..." A womans voice came from where Kyte couldn't see... the young Aryssian spoke back to the voice "I'll check the rooms as you go along... Be careful Treen..."

"Huh--?" Kyte looked over his shoulder as he heard the thumps outside, and as the door opened, the change in light made him squint a bit again, but this time he could see who came in a bit more clearly. "...So I'm guessing that you're not pirates--?"

Prince: No... I'm not... (prince walked in)... So who are you?

"I'm Kyte. No one too important--just a mercenary--" he continued trying to fiddle with the match behind him, still trying to catch the ropes so that they would  loosen, and not having much success. "Would you mind helping me out of here--? I need to give that Captain guy a piece of his own medicine..."

Prince: Very nice to meet you, mercenary... You wouldn't happen to know if anyone else is around would you?... (He cut Kyte free and handed him a sword from one of the guards...) My friend will handle the others but... (Suddenly the entire building began shaking violently) Oh my heavens... what did HE DO!?

Kyte stood up and stretched once he had finally been set free, taking a moment to rub out the match on the floor with his foot, before taking the sword from Prince. This...was something that he could work with. But then suddenly, the entire building seemed to shake, and Kyte glanced up at the ceiling before looking at Prince again. "He--? He who?"

Prince: The Pirate LORD!... I really hope he didn't do what I think he just did... (The room suddenly shook again...) "Treen! Let's get out of here!" (Suddenly a bright red glow came from down the hall... Prince looked down the hall and stared) "...no"

Kyte began moving towards the doorway of the room as he heard the urgency on Prince's voice, frowning a bit as he glanced back at the man. "Do you really have to be so vague? What did he do--" Kyte cut himself off when he saw the red glow coming from down the hall, raising an eyebrow. "...That can't be good."

Prince: (A young dark skinned woman came running by at nearly impossible speed and Prince followed after her quickly... He looked back to Kyte...) C'mon! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! RUN!!

"You don't have to tell me twice!" Kyte called as he ran after Prince and his companion. "I just really wish that I knew what was going on here!"

(As he entered the hallway screaming from dozens of Pirates came as well as a gutteral roar from something demonic... Then loud tumbling footsteps came from the other hallway as well as a plume of fire and several crispy pirates flew against the wall.)

"Holy crap--!" Kyte yelped in exclamation as he saw the barbecued pirates, before calling up to Prince. "Don't tell me that this skeletal creep's summoned up a monster or something--!"

Prince: I hope not but if he... OH MY GOD GET DOWN!... Prince jumped forward and tackled Treen and Kyte...

A huge explosion erupted behind them spreading like wild fire... there was a loud bang and suddenly Kyte's ears were ringing and he was on the ground next to an Unconscious Prince and Treen, the cement building around them was melting... and the beast that caused it was now on the horizon causing chaos... the pirates seemed to have either all fled or died in the attack... There was a large circular wheel made of black and silver metal that stood cracked...

Kyte staggered up to his feet, quickly surveying the area. "You've /got/ to be kidding me..." He turned around, seeing the monster raging on the horizon, and glared over at it with a solemn look. He knew that he couldn't possibly take on something that large on his own...but through further investigation around the area, the large disk there seemed suspicious...but they also had to get out of there as soon as possible. Kyte quickly moved over to the disk, looking at the seal on it and muttering "It has to have something to do with this...right...?"

(Prince sat up looking around) Ow... My Bloody head... where, are we?... what's going on... I ... uhh... HUH?! HOLY ARSCIYANNA! What happened!? (he looked over to Treen and shook her... She stirred but didn't wake up... Kyte's and Prince's Concepts seemed to allow them to wake up after that but Treen was too injured... He looked up Surprised at Kyte)... How did you?... never mind... What is that thing?

Kyte glanced over at Prince, motioning for him to come over and join him by the seal. "Long story short, giant monster got out, it's burning things, aaand--we really need to stop it. As for how I woke up--I think I'm just kind of really durable. Or something." He kind of remembered the fact that Don had mentioned slitting his throat before--only for that to have not worked--but, Kyte figured that the extent of this 'durability' of his didn't really matter at the moment. "I'm not really sure what this is...but it's got some kind of symbol on it. So...do you think that this is what they used to summon that monster?"

(Prince looked at it carefully then a gasp came from beside them... under the pile of rubble was a bony hand holding a key seemingly made from the same material as the large disk...)
Prince: Huh?... (He pointed to it... it was Don Clad, he seemed unconscious but alive, with the way his body worked he still seemed alive but beaten heavily...)
Prince: You don't think... (He looked at Kyte)

Kyte nodded to Prince, then strided over to Don, snatching the key from the man's hand, then walking back over to Prince. "This is probably the best bet we've got right now, don't you think?"

Prince: Looks like it... Try it out...

Kyte moved a bit closer to the disk, not feeling exactly comfortable touching it, but examining it closely, looking for anything that might resemble a keyhole. Anywhere that they could stick this key...

As Kyte took the key it touched the side of the broken disk and the two pieces lifted into the air as the key turned liquid in the air and formed a bond between the two...then it fell on the ground as a single large lump...
Prince: What did that do?
After a few moments it began to sink into the earth... The earthquaked and shook violently... the ground around the sinking disk began falling into a sink hole... Prince quickly picked up Treen and started running the other direction...
Prince: Run kid!

As the Kyte moved from his hand and into the air, Kyte's eyebrows raised slightly, and he stepped back away from the object as it formed between the two pieces of the disk. And then, the ground started shaking. Before Kyte could barely even get his balance again, Prince was off and running--and Kyte was quick to dash after the blonde.

Prince looked behind him and pointed as suddenly the incarnate was being dragged by an unseen force from the distance away and into the hole in the ground... it clawed scorching the ground in it's path leaving a blaze behind... It's screams of fear and pain caused explosions off in the distance shooting lava into the air... Finally the Incarnate was dragged into the earth... in place of the hole was the same large black disk... it seemed to be the foundation of the building that had existed being Don Clad's secret base... Prince fell to the ground once they were far enough away panting...
Prince: God... Damn... These... Bloody... Pirates

Once they had finally stopped, Kyte stared back the way that they had come, eyes wide and incredulous. "Who in their right mind builds their base on top of something like THAT?!" He let out a sigh, scratching the back of his head a bit with his free hand, catching his breath, before looking at Prince and giving him an awkward smile. "Well...this'd certainly be a story to tell my friends--if those pirates hadn't...er...killed them all."

Prince fell back laughing hysterically...
Prince: Morons my friend, Morons... Dear Ariscyanna above what were they thinking trying to break that damn thing out... I'm sorry to hear about your friends... I was sent here to arrest Don Clad... but unfortunately he seemed to think this was some cashe of powerful objects sealed away... He obviously didn't know what he was getting into.

Kyte's eyebrows seemed to rise farther when Prince started laughing, his facial expression the sheer picture of confusion as he waited for the blonde to speak. Once Prince had finished, Kyte nodded, replying, "Well, at least nobody has to worry about him terrorizing them anymore. ...Say, where are we? I don't know how far from my old team's base I am...then again, I don't know if it's even still there anymore, considering...oh...that's a downer..."

Prince grimaced... then shook his head
Prince: We saw a fire not too far from here... Not sure but... It was probably your base... (suddenly something started glowing white in Princes pouch, it beat like a heart)

"Oh..." Kyte seemed a bit downcast for a moment, but recovered quickly when he saw whatever was glowing in Prince's pouch. "Wh--what's that--?"

Prince: (He pulled out the glowing object looking at it curiously...) It's my fate stone... I... Heeeeeere...? (He looked at Kyte and handed him the stone... it glowed brightly and hummed like a note on a piano being played... Prince Shook his head laughing...) Treen's gonna hit me when she wakes up... HAHAHAHA!... Sit Mercenray... Let's talk.

Kyte was still fairly confused when Prince offered the stone to him, but when it glowed so brightly in his hand, his curiosity was piqued quite a lot. He didn't really know what this meant--but it was the fact that it /had/ to mean something of importance that intrigued him. As Prince told him to sit, Kyte plopped down onto the ground, holding the stone back out towards him. "Alright--what are we talking about?"

Prince: Well, you don't have much of a place to go now... you're not too far from my home... and you're kinda out of a job at the moment... and this stone... well... in short, why don't you come and work for me?

Kyte nodded faintly, going over what Prince had said before asking, "So, what's the stone mean--? Can you at least tell me that before you hire me? It's not anything...bad, right--?" He didn't break the rock did he--did he break the rock--that would be terrible--

Prince: (Prince smiled and took the stone back... then pulled out his flask and dropped 3 droplets of water on it... it stopped glowing then grew silent) It's a... well its a fate stone... it leads me to whereever and whoever I'm destined to find... It just makes the journey a little easier... And well, I found you.

"You were destined to find me, huh...?" Kyte seemed surprised, then chuckled quietly, shaking his head a little bit. "I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing...I thought that maybe it'd worn off by now, but I guess not...it seems like wherever I go, trouble follows. Not like I mean for it to--and I wouldn't want you to get wrapped up in any of that." He paused for a moment, then continued. "But...if this is destiny, or fate, or whichever...I guess that it'd be best for me to go with you, right?"

Prince: Well... if this little rock hadn't led me in circles for the last 4 days through the woods, We would have found your band and probably arressted you all... Mercenary work isn't illegal in Aryss, so long as you don't harm any villages... but you're group is camped to close to the border to Neroth and disturbing Monstrosity Environment is highly illegal... so... I would have ended up hanging you if this rock hadn't been leading my the wrong way for so long... And well, I rather like you not hanged.

Kyte's eyes widened as he heard Prince's answer, visibly leaning away from the man slightly as he replied "D-Do you have any idea what a noose would do to me? Considering that those pirates tried to slit my throat and /that/ didn't kill me--I'd be hanging there for days--maybe weeks--! And that wouldn't be fun at all...but yes. I'd have to agree. I'd rather like myself not hanged, too."

Prince: Well... wait......... I don't even know your name, do I?... HAHAHAHAHA!... Here (He put his hand out to shake), I'm Princelon Archori, High Guard of House Archori and brother to the heir of Aryss.

Kyte frowned slightly, distinctively having remembered mentioning his name earlier--but as soon as he heard who Prince was, that thought was pushed straight out of his head. His mouth fell open a little bit, and at first, no sound came out. After a moment, he closed his mouth again, collecting himself, before shaking Prince's hand and replying, "Kyte Summerstride. Er--mercenary--...ex-mercenary--? ...Are you going to hang me if I say I'm a mercenary still because of that mix-up with the base--?"

Prince: (Prince smiled) No no no... Just don't mention it too often around my mother, alright?... Or my sister... The current and to be Queen are not the kind of company to talk with that about... but I've been collecting people up recently... (Then Treen woke up)
Treen: What in the bloody hell happened?... OW My Head...
Prince: Here Kyte, let's help her up... we have a ship nearby that we'll take back to the capital... They all headed east to the boat //-END

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Re: Unknown Worlds: LORE & PROFILES

Post  The Hidden Spring on Thu Jun 26, 2014 2:03 am


Username: Hidden Spring

Name: Sylvia Survante

Age: Unknown (looks around 16)

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2"

Sexuality: Asesexual Demi-Hetero

Relationship Status: Single

Nationality: Scion

Class: Priest

Weapon of Choice: Prayer of Protection: Creates a Magical Shield or a visage that hides Sylivia and her allies.
Prayer of The Elements: Can Manipulate the elements that surround her, either offensively or for any other reason
Prayer of Rejuvination: Can infuse her energy into others to heal or give them energy
Prayer of Nature's Wrath: Can Pray for the spirits of the land to embodie themselves into a guardian that will defend her and her allies

Magical Affinities/Concept: Prayer

Prologue: In a small village in Scion, every hundred years, a pure soul is born into the world. This soul is destined to communicate with the spirits and bring forth a glorious generation to come. The soul was said to be as pure as the water, and as sweet as nature's dew, brave as the rough earth, and swift as the wind. With this, the soul became Sylvia, who was born and raised in the village. She could indeed commune with the spirits, creating fields of crops, brining water to the village, and moving earth so the village could thrive. She never did this without help, and prayer to the spirits of nature, whom she treasured and loved. One day, however, Sylvia felt a sudden wave of anger and death. She ran home to see her entire village, erupted in flames. She pleaded for the fire spirits to stop, but they would not, very much so completely corrupted by chaos. Everyone she knew was dead. Her family, her friends, her mentors, all deceased. She did the only thing she could. She prayed to the spirits of the winds to bring the rain, and then rain to bring forth deluge, and for the deluge to storm. She created a large storm to save her village. It was too much for her, and she collapsed. When she awoke, her village was nothing but ash, and everything was gone. Sylvia was on her own. But they didn't stop. Dark spirits wanted to corrupt the girl, to use her power, and she had to run. She ran away, hoping to get away. She used the wind to help aid in her escape. Once she was safe, she was able to mourn for those she wished to mourn. She remained in a tiny grove, protected by the spirits, prepared to remain for her remainder of her life. Years passed and she didn't move, she didn't need to, for her prayer to the spirits aided in her. She lost count of the years even. She remains in that grove to this very day.

In the grove where Sylvia lived there had been no disturbances to her besides the very infrequent wanderer making their way by... The grove was on the outstreches of the Scion Jungle with the western gate on the horizon... It was the early morning and she was just finishing her morning prayers when a voice rang out in the distance... "Hello?!... Is anyone out here?" it came from the direction of the near by river.

Sylvia heard the voice of this person, and quickly realized she wasn't alone. She became frightened, seeing as her contact with people were minimal to none, at the very least. She got on her knees, closing her eyes and putting her hands together in another prayer.
"Spirits of the forest, please wrap me in your arms." she whispered, keeping her voice down to not attract attention to herself to this wanderer. "I am but a leaf in your grasp, a blade of grass, conceal me within you." she continued, and slowly, she was cameoflauged into the background of the grove. She let out a light sigh that the prayer worked, and hoped this...person...would leave her soon.

The voice came closer and closer calling out still as the voice grew closer it was obviously a womans "IS SOMEONE NEAR... Master I told you NOONE is here..." The next voice that came was a mans "PLEASE?! WE MEAN YOU NO HARM, WE KNOW YOU'RE HERE, PLEASE!?... I don't care, Treen someone is here the stone says..." Ruffling in the bushes about 100meters away started and a patch of dark hair could be seen from above the brush.

Sylvia saw them grow closer. She started to shake. Were they going to find her? No, the forest was craddling her, she was safe. She trusted in the spirits. She mumbled a small prayer.
"Spirits of the water, drench and deter." she said, as what seemed like dew water splashed down on the dark hair. She moved sightly back, keeping hidden.

"It wasn't me... *chuckle*... but it certainly suits you"
A loud smack could be heard

Suddenly a dark skinned woman drenched in water and a Blonde young man in plated mail came from out of the Brush. The girl spoke angrily "I Don't Care what the Queens DAMN Stone says... I know these jungles and there is... No... one... out here?" Young man named Prince looked around expectedly... "Do you see someone?!" Loud Rustling came from behind Sylvia, the girl named Treen grabbed Prince and dove into the bushes nearby she whispered something Slyvia couldn't hear... A number of voices came as the Rustling grew closer to the grove.

Sylvia gasped, audible of course, and put her hands over her mouth.
"They must have heard that...oh no! This...This is bad!" she said, and moved away from the bush, trying to get away. The humans Treen and Prince could deal with this....right? She moved a bit away...but then...no...no this wouldn't do. Sylvia knew those other voices where of hunters. She could feel it. The spirits were warning her. Determined, she threw off the cameoflauge and prayed with her whole being. "Spirits of nature and the sacred grove. Protect my home! Do not allow those to come forth!" she said, and a shield of vines curled up, encasing Treen, Prince, and Sylvia in the grove. She turned to them, still wary, and backed away. She said no words.

Treen and Prince looked at one another, they seemed to pass looks between one another... Prince seeming very pleased for some reason and seemed to be gloating almost but with just his expression... Treen on the other hand looked like she was about to smack him again, her hand print still very prominent on his cheek... The voices came closer and closer the sound of swords cutting tree branches by several dozen men could be heard... A very loud voice rung out... "C'mon You Fish Wits! It's around here somewhere I just know it!"... Treen muttered a single word with great malice in her voice "Pirates..." She pulled out a knife but Prince held her arm... "Do you want to get us killed..." it wasn't a question, more a reminder... suddenly many men and women in leather armor with cloth patches around their arms like gloves came led by a very loud red haired woman...

Kerratta Cladimere, Pirate Queen

Treen was about to jump us and cut the womans throat but Prince held her down muttering a swear... The pirates did not notice the group hiding in the brush thanks to Sylvia's prayers, Prince was muttering his own "Oh Ariscyanna please don't let them find us..." They were invisible to the Pirates as they continued cutting through the jungle

Sylvia looked at the others, and kept praying. She started to glow thanks to Prince's prayer, and the vines thickened. She stopped, taking time to breathe. She was weak from using so many prayers at one time. She concentrated on breathing, still a bit away from Treen and Prince. She still didn't say anything to them. Since the pirates were passing by, Sylvia started to pray again. "Spirits of the forest, please conceal me within your arms." she was going to disappear again.

Prince and Treen waited watching the pirates begin to filter through the woods... He looked over to the Sylvia he whispered as intensely as he could while keeping his voice down "Hold on, wait..." The pirates were about to leave the small clearing when Kerratta held her hand up... then she shot a flare out of her pistol into the air... Some of the pirates looked around in confusion "STOP!" The Pirate queen yelled "I'M DONE WITH THIS SHIT... BURN IT!... ALL OF IT!" The pirates all cheered as a sick smile crossed Kerratta's face, the pirates quickly pulled out torches and small canisters of oil on their belts and began setting the forest on fire... Prince and Treen looked in shock... "Well that decides it... RUN!" Treen Grabbed Sylvia and Prince and at seemingly super human speed tugged them along darting through the trees so quickly it was hard to look left or right without getting dizzy.

Sylvia's eyes widened as Treen grabbed her. They started to move but Sylvia wasn't having it. She yanked back and tumbled on the ground, but got up and ran in the other direction. "Spirits of the air, bring forth the rain! Be swift!" she said, and soon, the clouds started to brew, and rain started to fall. She prayed to the water spirits, and it rained even harder, more then naturally so. "Now...spirits of nature...bring forth a storm...purge those that would burn such a sacred grove!" she said, and lighting started to strike, and the wind started to build up. She could hear the screams of some of the pirates, and she felt bad she had to do this...but they were hurting her and her spirits. She fell on her knees, panting, now spent for a little bit as the deluge continued.

Treen darted the other direction then Prince yelled... "No Go Back WE NEED HER!" She sped around a tree pulling Prince along like a ragdoll then stopping short... Prince looked like he might throw up... Treen looked very pissed... "Are you willling to dance with the wench of the west over her!" ... Prince glared at her through his upset stomach "You... know... what the Queen said!"... Prince stood as best he could after being whipped around so violently... he raised his hand to the sky then his eyes appeared to glow "STRENGTH!" He yelled then the storm seemed to intensify and focus in on the Pirates... The pirates seemed to retreat, Kerratta's voice could be heard even over all the thunder "YOU DAFT BASTARDS STOP COWERING IT'S JUST A STORM... STOP DYING ALL OF YOU... I SWEAR I'M GOING TO HANG ALL OF YOU WORMS ON THE MAST FOR THIS!" The pirates all fled... Prince stood there his eyes glowing he seemed frozen... Treen shook him "ENOUGH!"... He snapped out of it then shouted again at the Storm "GET AWAY!"... Then he collapsed to the ground as the storm seemed to obey lightening to a small drizzle where they were but seemed to follow the Pirates as they fled razing them from the sky... He sat there panting...

Sylvia saw how Prince wanted to help. They wanted to help the forest. Maybe...these humans weren't that bad. She walked over to Prince, and knelt down, putting a hand on his back, and glowing.
"Spirits...of nature..." she was obviously weak. "Please...allow this human...to thrive..." she said, and he started to glow, giving him a little more energy. With that, she hit the grow, out cold.

Sylivia stirs in her sleep hours later... as she woke she began to notice where she was... she was in a hammock in a room made entirely of wood... the room seemed to sway... she was on some kind of boat... there was water and a wash rag left out next to her, she was not bound and Prince sat next to the hammock in a chair... Treen seemed out of the room "Well there, it's nice to see you're still alive... especially after doing such a nice job on me earlier... Are you feeling alright?"

Sylvia groaned a bit, allowing her thoughts to clear. She took a second to realize her surroundings, and then realize she was not in a forest anymore. Was she abducted? Most certainly! But...they were not rough. They were...gentle. She looked at Prince, and sat up.
"Mani marte?...Oh...uh...I mean..." she had been speaking the language of the spirits for her prayers, but she did recall the tongue of man. "What happened...and...where...am I?" she asked, looking obviously very confused.

Prince: (Prince smiled then winced and half reached towards his injured arm which was wrapped in bandages...) Hmm?... It's alright, It's alright... You're on our boat it's how my friend and I got here... this is the only room under the main deck... You passed out after giving me the last of your energy... those Pirates mostly ran away but some folllowed us and well we sustained some injuries... its been about 10 hours... they haven't returned and I don't think they will.

Sylvia: A boat? What is...that? (she got up, looking around, before stumbling and falling) The ground is uneven...I can't stand well.. (she leans against the wall) You were willing to put your lives on the line for my grove...I was moved by your faith, those I felt the spirits and I owed you a debt...I am afraid I must return now...(she looks around for a way to get out of the room)

Prince: (He helped her to her feet then out of the room to the deck...) Here here... Let's talk on some even ground... (Treen sat outside the door slicing an apple into pieces and eating... Prince helped Sylvia to the plank near by and onto the ledge of shore nearby... he sat her down on the ledge next to the boat...) Here retain your barrings... Are you sure you have to go?... We were sent looking in this place for someone... (Something in Princes pouch at his waist began glowing... To him it merely hummed... Sylvia would recognize the sound of a Fate Stone Resonating... A spiritual conduit of Destiny... Like dozens of spirits all saying It's Near It's Near over and over)

Sylvia: (follows Prince out of the boat and looks around. The water spirits are pleased she can hear them and the sea spirits was estatic to have someone to converse with. She stands) Yes, I must return. I am...I shouldn't be in the world of man...(suddenly the stone starts to hum, and she stares at it in disbelief. It was a legend among her people. The spirits start to freak, but Sylvia remains calm.) I...am sorry...but...(she's clearly distracted by the stone)

Prince: (He pulled out the stone...) Ah... (He put it out to her...) This is what we used to find you... My mother said I would find what I was looking for with it and it led us here... She imbued it with some kind of power that... well... you're the only one who lives here, we've been searching the woods for... weeks now... I think it was finding you.

Sylvia: Why? I do not understand...though I do not understand many things...the spirits are rejoicing in its presense...but I know I must remain in secret for the remainder of my life.

Prince: (He looked confused at her...) Why must you remain?... what binds you to this place?

Sylvia: You need not concern yourself. (she turns and bows) Thank you for saving me. But I must go. I am not safe in the open.

Prince: Please... I need to gather the people the stone brings me to or the Fate of my Country could well hang in the balance... neigh the fate of every soul in Aryss!... Please, if this stone Has brought me to you than it Must be fate that ties us together... My companions and I will keep you safe but if the spirits in this stone are right than my people and I need your help in the times ahead... there could be great destruction in the future for all the four moons if we are not careful.

Sylvia: (pauses an thinks) I am...wary...hold on a moment...(she gets on her knees and prays) Venti caeli, obsecro, in quo ego mihi respondere voluerit. (slowly started to glow. She was listening to the voices of destiny now, the spirits of those who passed from this world. After a bit, she got up.) They tell me to accompany you...but I fear with the conditions laid out before me, I will not be of much aid.

Prince: I'm sure you'll be plenty of help... trust me at this rate it's you, Treen, myself and some 'Valdorian' I had to pick up weeks ago... (He held his hand out to help her onto the boat... waiting)

Sylvia: (she pauses) I...(she looks at Prince) Very well. (she puts her hand in his and stability. Her skin is warm and soft) Let us proceed then...my name is Sylvia. It's a pleasure sir.

Prince: (He smiles and holds her carefully...) I'm Princelon Archori... and that is Treen (Treen waves)... She's from this end of the woods as well

Treen: All of Scion is not the same END OF THE WOODS Milord...

Prince: Yes it is...


Prince: *hmph*... Ignore her, she's just annoyed that we actually found you... Here let's head out... and It is a great pleasure to meet you miss Sylvia. //-END

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Re: Unknown Worlds: LORE & PROFILES

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Username: Skylark-13

Name: Quinn Hartwell

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 5’8”

Sexuality: Bisexual

Relationship Status: Single

Nationality: Aryssian

Class: Ranger

Weapon of Choice:
Lightning Archer: Caster summons a bow and arrows made of pure lightning that work like a normal archers equipment however have near limitless range and a shocking effect.
Tesla Net: Caster makes a powerful net of electricity that captures and electrocutes foes.
Thunder Charm: Can place a single charm on an ally or object... if placed on an ally any harm done to them by an enemy will cause the enemy to be shocked greatly... if placed on an object it will be charged with forceful lightning.
Sub-Causality: Can cast a spell on a man made object to make it perform the task it was designed to do without a user. (Sword swings, fork feeds someone, cart drives ETC.)

Magical Affinities/Concept: Lightning & Neutral

Quinn was the only child born to his parents, and only reached the age of five before his mother passed due to a particularly rough winter- leaving his father to take care of him. Not the most gentle of parents, Quinn’s father started taking him along when he went hunting for food, forcing him from a young age to adapt to the perils of the natural world. Despite his less than ‘loving’ upbringing, Quinn grew up to care for his father, learning much of what the man knew during his teen years- including how to use a bow.
Really, Quinn had an uneventful childhood- but once he got older, his father started allowing him to go into town with him too. Surrounded by new wonders, the boy quickly made friends and acquaintances, becoming attached to those in the town- and when one of his new friends suggested he enter the archery contest in the upcoming festival, he was more than willing to agree.
His father, however, was less enthusiastic- but when the day of the festival came and he tried to keep him from going, Quinn ran out, joining his friends and pretending nothing was wrong. Everything seemed to be fine- his father would be angry, sure, but he would forgive him with time… Until the actual contest came around. When Quinn’s turn came, he was all prepared to take the shot, and likely to win- but something happened, stirring up the crowd, and he grew distracted, aim shifting…
He didn’t intend to shoot his father; but he did. With all the varied stories coming in after the man died, Quinn was left with no choice but to pack his things and flee, lest the townspeople try to exact revenge- and so he left, wandering the countryside, not really sure where to go or who to turn to. He lived off the land, hunting his own food, and growing quite adapt at living in the woods, growing attuned to the way of the land…
And that’s where he still is, dropping by towns occasionally but usually sleeping under the stars, out of the way of people. For now, he’s making a stop in a small town, looking to buy supplies he can’t make himself.

Quinn finds himself on an uncomfortable bed in the corner of a dark dank stone room... the only light peaked in through the metal bars on the cell door at the end of the small room... there was the chirping of rats coming from somewhere in the room... it smelled like mold and death... there was a leak dripping on the otherside of the room as well as a bucket that smelled like vommit.
   Quinn groaned and slowly lifted a hand to his head, confused when he didn’t immediately recognize his surroundings- but as he slowly realized where he was, or at least where it looked like he was, he sat up, eyes going wide as he glanced around anxiously. Why was he in a cell…?! He hadn’t done anything had he? He didn’t remember doing anything… he didn’t remember being locked up, for that matter. The damp, disgusting smell really wasn’t helping keep him calm either- just where the hell was he…?
   A mysterious voice called from across the hallway outside Quinn's cell... "Well I'll be, look who's awake... YAHAHAHHA..." The voice was of an older man, Quinn could only see the man's fingers gripping the bars to his own cell... Quinn suddenly felt very queezy as if he had had far too much to drink one night... but the taste in his mouth wasn't of alcohol... but something very bitter and minty, he coughed and tasted vommit as well.
   Quinn frowned at the sudden voice, peering that way with a wary sort of curiosity- he could tell whoever it was happened to be older, but this was weird… And all he could really see were fingers before groaning as he curled around his stomach, nose wrinkling with distaste. As he coughed, he quickly gagged, struggling to keep from vomiting just for the taste- but he didn’t really manage, making a bit of a mess on the floor before scooting back to try and keep it off himself, still confused and disgusted. “Who-- guh-- who are you?” he asked, trying to look over quietly.
   "Me... hehehe... You can call me--- ummm... the beggar... NO!... The Beggar King!... Yes that's fitting... The Beggar-King!" The sound of the man licking his lips was very noticable... "I bet you don't even know where you are do you?"
   “...” Quinn sort of stared in the direction of the other quietly, before giving up on trying to see him and rubbing his temples. This guy was creepy- but of course what was he supposed to expect, given where he was? … Which the man then pointed out, he had no idea where he was. “... No-? Am I supposed to?” he asked after a moment, glancing up again with a bit of a frown.
   "MHmHmHmHm... You don't even KNOW! AHAHAHAHA... Well I would say so, considering last night the guards brought you down here and weren't very happy they weren't executing you for some reason or another... I bet you don't even remember why they threw you in Jail." The man spoke mockingly, not like he was better than Quinn but more along the lines that he had very few people to make fun of having lived so long in a cell.
   “... Wh--” Quinn just sort of stared as that part was mentioned- execution seemed… harsh. He hadn’t done anything that bad in quite a while- sure the memory of his father came to mind, but surely they wouldn’t…? “... So you’ve got me, I don’t remember--” Quinn scowled a little, glaring across the cell quietly. “Gonna assume to know that too--?”
   "DELICIOUS!!!... Well of course... I'M THE BEGGAR-KING!... I KNOW EVERYTHING!" Quinn couldn't see it but he could clearly hear the man clapping and dancing around his cell like a lunatic... He turned around and his hands could be seen again in a flash as well as the tip of something pointed and black coming through the bars... "AAAAAAAApparently... Yoooooooooooou were caught inside the Emerald Palalce... asleep and drooling over yourself holding a very large knife from the kitchen in your hand.... Under The PRINCESS' BED!... AHAHHAHAHA!"
   Quinn just frowned as the man hopped around clapping and yelling, sighing a bit as he saw a flash of his hands- and something else, though he didn’t know what that was. As the man explained though, he frowned- when was he inside the palace…? He didn’t remember that- he hadn’t… surely he wasn’t..? He hadn’t planned to kill the princess, he hadn’t even thought about it- he wasn’t sure whether this man was lying or not though. He wanted to say he would never do something like that- but why else was he there..? He didn’t remember anything and his head hurt just thinking about it but this… this was bad. If this guy was right, this was very, very bad. “I… I don’t believe you--” he muttered, but he didn’t sound certain of himself in the least.
   The sound of heavy boots coming down steps seemed to emanated from down the hall...the Beggar-King Peaked his head out looking at Quinn…
"AHHHA!... Well if you don't believe me Quinnzy... You should just ask them!"
Quinn frowned at the sound of boots coming closer, and he glanced anxiously towards the sound- or at least the best he could- before jerking back in surprise at the sight of the other leaning forward enough so he could see his features. That… was unexpected. How did he know his name…? Why was he wearing that?! He sort of inched back as he stared at the other before trying to look towards the sound of boots, confused and worried now.
The Beggar-king backed up giggling to himself... Two knights fully decorated in plate mail one man and one woman came down... the man carried two long claymores on his back and the woman had a very large sword at her belt that was rivetted like a seratted knife... The woman banged on Quinn's cell doors She spoke in a neutral tone with no emotion ... "Stand Away from the bars..." she rested a hand on the hilt of her sword... by the patterns that were engraved on their armor they were both of very high rank in the Aryssian Knighthood.
Quinn frowned at the Beggar-king, not very happy with him- but as the knights appeared, he tensed, glancing between the two of them with an emotion not far off from fear in his eyes. These two were both considerable looking fighters… As the woman told him to stand back, he quickly did so, staring at the two of them to try and figure out who they were- but once his eyes hit the symbols on their armor, he sort of just… froze. These people… they could order him dead or do it themselves in an instant, he was sure. “What’s going on…?” he asked after a moment, trying not to seem to intimidating- he did not want them thinking he was going to fight back.
The woman spoke... "We're taking you to your hearing... You're going to stand before the Queen and the High Council for your crimes..." The beggar-king poked his head out from the bars "Ooooooooh... someONE'S in Trrrrroooouuuuble... Hehehehehehe..." The male knight passed the woman a pair of handcuffs made of a black material that seemed unnaturally dark... "Walk forward slowly..."
Quinn grimaced as the woman explained, not liking the sound of that at all- he had to have been accused of something bad to have to go before the Queen, right…? Normal criminals surely didn’t warrant her attention… This was bad. Very bad- though he snarled a little as he heard the man in the other cell, glaring at him with disgust. “I’d like to know why the hell you’re in here, unless it’s just for being completely /mad/,” he grumbled, before tensing a little as he saw the handcuffs being passed over. Those… weren’t normal. Those weren’t normal at all. He hesitated, glancing between the two of them before taking a deep breath- he needed to calm down… surely he’d be able to explain? He didn’t remember anything they’d accused him of doing. “What crimes?” he asked, hesitantly and slowly moving towards them- though he was tense and nervous all the while.
At first the guards looked very confused at Quinn. The male knight looked at the Beggar-King's cell... he opened it up and looked inside with a torch... as the light shone in the Beggar-King sat there on his bench and waved... the knight closed the cell... then whispered to the female knight "--the blonde may be mad... this cell hasn't been used in years, it's in disrepair--" the woman responded with a silent nod and seemed to tensen slightly... the woman looked up at Quinn's question and raised an eyebrow then began working the wire like black handcuffs "Your situation will be explained at the Hearing... I should warn you, feigning ignorance doesn't work as often as most think."
Quinn blinked as the guards looked into the cell, staring in quiet shock. What… was going on? He had sworn he’d seen and talked to a man in a weird mask- where had he gone? He bit his lip as he heard the whisper from the man to the woman, glancing between them anxiously before noticing as the woman seemed surprised by his question. “... But I don’t remember--” he muttered, frowning as he tried not to panic. He had to fight the urge to jerk away from the handcuffs- he really didn’t want to let them close around his wrists but he had no choice. Even with his skills he would have no chance of overpowering both of them, let alone whoever else lie within the dim halls before he could escape. No, his best bet was definitely to wait… at least, he hoped.
The black cuffs began to create circlets of negative magical energy around Quinn cancelling out any mana he would put through his body to cast spells... The knights ignored him and then brought him up several flights of stairs after taking him through several corridors and into a large marble floored white, green, black and gold room... Queen Scendia Archori sat on her thrown on top of a small pedastal... Her daughter Nera a spitting image of her stood off to the side hands folded in front of her looking both poised and serene... Next to her stood he Brother Prince who was in his guards armor hand resting on the hilt of his sheathed sword... The two guard captains introduced the three and had Quinn sit in a wooden chair in front of the three... 14 other guards were in the room seemingly for protection or perhaps just for show... No one spoke any other words during a long pause.
Quinn’s nose wrinkled with distaste as the cuffs circled his wrists, a heavy sigh falling from his lips as he followed obediently along wherever they led him. It almost felt like he was being escorted to his death, but he had a feeling they wouldn’t perform such a gruesome task in front of the queen- though, of course, he could have been wrong. As he was escorted into the room, he first glanced around, noticing the guards, before turning his attention to the three royals quietly. After the guards had introduced them, he gave a quick bow, before sitting quietly and trying not to shift uncomfortably in the eerie silence. He glanced around quietly, then glanced at the royals again- and in particular, the queen’s daughter. He wasn’t sure if it had just been a hallucination, but the beggar-king had said he’d been found under her bed… “Really, it’s an honor to meet you all- I just wish it could have been on better terms,” he murmured after a moment, wanting to break the silence despite how he likely wasn’t supposed to.
The queen seemed to have little reaction to his words besides a nearly unnoticable, small smile... Nera turned her head and raised an eyebrow then resumed her previous position... Prince frowned looking speculatively at Quinn but nodded approvingly... Prince stepped forward... "Speaking on behalf of Her Highness... I am Highguard of House Archori... Sir... State your name and occupation..."
Quinn didn’t notice the queen’s reactions, but he did notice Nera’s look and Prince’s frown, then nod- and as the other male stepped forward, he focused his attention on him, letting out a slow breath at the formality of it all. This… was bad. He couldn’t really think of any way he was going to get out of this safely… “Quinn Hartwell, and… currently unemployed.” He grimaced a little at the sound of that, but it was true- he didn’t really have a job. He just hunted, sold some of what he found sometimes to get money, and used that for other supplies. He wouldn’t call that an ‘occupation’, not really…
Prince didn't smile but nodded to Quinn, not as if he approved of what he said... his name wasn't really anything important, just a formality... Prince was nodding to him as if to say |Good Job, You're doing it right|... Prince looked at Quinn then to his mother who seemed to give no response then he looked back to Quinn "Do you remember where you were 3 nights ago at quarter till midnight?"
Quinn didn’t really know how to take the nod, but since he didn’t receive any odd looks or additional questions on that matter, he figured he’d answered well enough. The quiet looks between Prince and the queen though seemed interesting- like they didn’t even have to talk to communicate. As Prince asked his next question though, he realized something- he had no real clue how long he had been locked up. Sure the beggar-king had said shit- but he could hardly believe him anymore, now that he realized he likely wasn’t real. “... Pardon, sir- but… I don’t know how long I was down there in your /wonderful/ dungeon- I… don’t know when three nights ago was-”
The female knight beside Quinn groan and rolled her eyes... the male crossed his arms and looked at him scrutinizing... Prince looked to his mother, she pursed her lips slightly and looked down at Quinn... then she looked to Nera, who smiled to her and nodded... The queen raised her hand and the Knights next to Quinn Blinked in surprise... they spoke in unison "Yes Your Highness." they stood at attention very abruptly, saluted then clapped their hands together once... "The Queen wishes to interrogate the Prisoner Privately." and every other guard stood at attention, saluted, then marched out of the room in double file... The Queen snapped her fingers and the doors all locked behind the guards... The Queen spoke... "Pardon, Mr. Hartwell... I did not intend to incarerate you under false pretenses or put you through this little charade but... I needed to be sure... I'm sure you'd like an explanation" The male and female knight uncuffed Quinn then helped him stand up a little straighter.
Quinn flinched a little as he heard the knight beside him groan, glancing to the side and noticing the scathing looks he received- which… he didn’t really understand. It was the honest truth, he couldn’t remember anything… He returned his attention to the queen, a bit worried now- though hesitant upon seeing the girl smiling and nodding. Surely she wouldn’t be smiling if they had decided to execute him, right…? That had to be a good sign- though when the knights suddenly saluted and said yes to the queen when she hadn’t even said anything, he hesitated. Private interrogation…? And how was this woman talking without speaking? He shifted anxiously and watched as the men left, before jumping a little as the door locked and the queen spoke. He quickly turned back to look at her, frowning a little with confusion. Charade…? What was going on? As he was uncuffed, he gently rubbed his wrists, before slowly nodding some. “... That would be most appreciated,” he mumbled, standing straighter when the knights helped him to. He was so confused.
"Ahem... if I may mother?..." Nera stepped forward... The queen looked up at her she merely nodded at her daughter... Nera looked at Quinn "I'm also sorry about this... Now before I tell you what happened I want you to know that we do know you were telling the truth... Well, how to begin... You see Mr. Hartwell, three nights ago starting at about six you were seen at an Inn about two towns over from the city, approximately 27 miles away... then a quarter of eight you were seen running from house to house through this city for about 2 hours, not really causing any harm but... The guards looked for you but couldn't find you at all... You were then discovered at quarter to midnight, under my bed... holding a knife... The guards in the room immediately knocked you out and put you in the dungeon... You didn't harm anyone but you caused quite a bit of vandalism through the city and somehow got passed ALL of our guards and into my room with a weapon."
Quinn blinked when Nera asked if she could explain, glancing between them before focusing on Nera as she started speaking- though the apology cropping up first surprised him a little. The mention that they knew he was telling the truth, that surprised him too- but he listened carefully as she started explaining. He frowned slowly as she told him what they knew, his face paling some as she told him, at the end, that he’d been found under her bed with a knife. Just as the beggar-king had said… He sort of just stared at them, at a loss for words. He didn’t remember any of that- especially not being under the princess’ bed with a knife. He didn’t even have any idea how he’d have gotten past all the guards without being seen… And they had apologized to him after he’d done that? He glanced at the others there, clearly unsure, before biting his lip some. “... I… don’t remember any of that--” he murmured after a moment, not really sure what else to say.
Nera and Prince looked at each other and nodded... Prince spoke now... "We know, Quinn... this..." He pulled out a black bladed knife with the symbol of three red rings holding it very carefully on the hilt with his gauntleted hand... "was the knife that was found with you... This is an assassin's knife with the insignia of a very high class group of Assassins that are known for secret assassinations... They're called the Black Circle."
These silent glances were really starting to get annoying. Quinn wrinkled his nose as the two glanced at each other once again and then Prince took over speaking, and he hesitated some as suddenly the man pulled out a knife. A knife he had most definitely never seen before, but… As Prince explained he’d had that with him, he paled, color leaving his face and his mouth suddenly growing dry. This was more serious than he’d thought. The care Prince used to hold the knife made him wonder if it was poisoned, and the words the other spoke to explain the insignia on the thing had him struggling to keep from showing too much fear. If they thought he was involved with these assassins… They seemed very much so like they didn’t, which confused him some, but he was grateful- but if that changed… “I… I’ve never seen that before-- n-not that I remember-- I-” He frowned, biting his lip to help him stop talking as he tried to figure out what to say. He hadn’t even ever heard of those assassins- his town was too small to be concerned with matters such as those, and he’d been traveling sure, but he generally avoided people… “I… I’m not-- I don’t want to hurt anyone-- e-especially not one of you-”
Prince nodded then put his other hand up "It's alright... It's alright... once we found you and the knife considering your actions at first we were just going to execute you... We think you were used by someone within the Black Circle... We found evidence of the drug we mentioned as well as something affecting your mind..." Nera stepped forward... "I have the ability to sense whether something is honest or not... We gave you medicine and you began vommitting up the drug in the dungeon... The reason I thought you weren't the culprit was when you still had the drug in your system you screamed at me that you wanted to cut my throat... I could tell you were lying."
Quinn relaxed slightly as Prince told him it was alright, flinching a bit at the mention of being executed- but when they explained that they’d found evidence of some sort of drug, he frowned. The thought of being used was really grating- he hadn’t thought he’d left himself that open to be drugged, but… When Nera stepped forward he glanced up again, blinking in surprise as she said she could tell when someone was honest. The rest of what she said though, made him both flinch and make a face- the disgusting taste in his mouth when he’d woken up made sense now, as did the stench in his cell. The fact that he’d apparently screamed he wanted to cut the girl’s throat made him flinch a little, but he was glad she had apparently sensed he was lying. He didn’t want to slit her throat- but he couldn’t help feeling an awful lot like he shouldn’t be getting away without some sort of punishment. Even if he hadn’t meant to, things could have ended very badly- for them both. “... I’m sorry--” he mumbled eventually, looking down quietly. He didn’t know what to say- didn’t even really understand why he was there. Surely one of their knights could have explained this and sent him off…? What warranted him meeting what seemed to be nearly the entire royal family- just because he’d nearly killed their princess?
A sudden sense of harmony came through Quinn's mind... the Queen's voice came through his ears but her lips didn't move nor did any Quinn feel sound hit his ears... "Quinn... There's no reason to feel awkward... I'm sorry I've had to be secretive, but there are reasons... I've been speaking to my children with my mind... I don't mean to intrude in your mind, but your worry about the looks we've been sharing has off put you enough I couldn't help but feel your unease... There is a reason I've asked you to my throne room... Princelon?" Prince looked to  her and nodded he was about to speak although a shadow appeared out of the corner of the room... and The Beggar-King came prancing out from behind the Queen's throne ringing his hands, he merely gave a kurt wave to Quinn... No one else seemed to notice him.
Quinn blinked at the sudden strange sense in his mind, but as he heard the queen’s voice, he slowly calmed down. Something about her was simply… soothing- and he slowly nodded as she told him not to feel awkward. Her words made sense, and although he still didn’t understand why he was there, he allowed himself to slowly relax. He smiled hesitantly at the woman, less fearful now- though he hadn’t had much real reason to be in the first place- and when Prince looked to be about to speak, he glanced over towards him… Only to see the beggar-king, which made him flinch a little and take a step back. The lack of reaction from everyone else only made him anxious, and he swallowed roughly as he stared at the figure then looked at Prince once more, trying to act normally though he knew his less than average reaction just moments before would likely warrant a questioning look, if nothing else. He wasn’t too sure he liked these continuing hallucinations…
The Beggar-King walked up to Prince staring at him just watching him inquisitively... Prince continued without noticing the odd bird like man... "We believe that someone, possibly a Kryinn, a being with Concept based powers, someone who's likely messing with your mind... there may even be remenants in your mind somewhere" The beggar-king lightly pulled out the black knife from Prince's belt slowly... Prince continued talking seeming to notice nothing .... "I think if you let us Nera and I can rid your mind of any remnants, the assassin may have left behind..." The beggar-king now had the knife and seemed to glide over next to Nera and began juggling it in his hands... he looked over to Quinn cocking his head to the side as if wondering something... then turned back to Nera still juggling the knife.
Quinn tried to make his glances between Prince and the beggar-king subtle- which wasn’t hard when the man moved over to Prince. He tried to pay attention to Prince- he really did- but it was hard when that strange man was /pulling the knife from Prince’s belt/. He wanted to say something, he kept glancing at Prince frantically as if waiting for him to notice, but he didn’t- and he started tensing as the man moved closer to Nera, clearly growing a bit panicked. “...I-- y-yeah there’s probably some remnants--” he stammered, shifting anxiously on his feet. He knew this was likely a hallucination but at the same time, it seemed like Nera was actually in danger… but didn’t realize. “... I keep seeing this g-guy in a mask and I don’t know if he’s actually a danger or not and it w-would be great if the princess moved like now--” He was somewhat frantic, shifting in place and staring at the beggar-king anxiously- he wanted to move forward and try to stop him yet he was afraid doing so would make him seem like a threat, and he didn’t want that either… He took a deep breath as he decided risk be damned and moved forward, making a move to grab the beggar-king’s wrist even if it was likely to do absolutely nothing helpful.
Prince and Nera looked over at Quinn... Prince pulled out his sword and was about to attack Quinn when Quinn's hand grasped the Beggar-King's Arm... The queen remained silent but everyone else in the room gasped... The two other knights came from behind Quinn... the female put her serratted katana at the Beggar-Kings waist and the male put his claymores next to his neck like a pair of scissors... Prince grabbed the Beggar-Kings other arm and pulled it behind his back and put his sword at the man's back... The Beggar-King couldn't move an inch without getting maimed horribly... He spoke in his mad voice "Whe-he-helll looky at this tinsy predicament... Looks like the Jig is up, Eh Quinzzy-boy?..." They couldn't see his face but he was obviously smirking in his smugness.
Quinn could tell Prince was not happy with him- but when his hand actually closed around the beggar-king’s arm, he froze, sort of just shocked he’d actually been able to grab him. He stared, not really moving as the knights came up and moved their weapons to keep the man from moving. So he had been real…? But why could he see him-? He was so confused, but he kept a tight grip on the man’s arm as Prince moved over to grab him too, glad the strange man was restrained. He… hopefully couldn’t hurt Nera that way, right? As the beggar-king spoke, his lip curled a little, and he scowled at the male quietly. “Looks like it is,” he grumbled, glancing at the others quietly. “...And how do you know my name--?” He had to ask- he hadn’t told him, and although this man seemed likely enough to know plenty of things- including how to make himself practically invisible- he wanted to know. Why him? Why any of this…? Why could only he see this creep? And why the hell was he acting so smug?!
The Beggar-King chuckled "Hehehehe... Ain't it obvious Quinnzy-boy... I went through your mind, it's quite the little mess in there... So, looks like y'all figured me out..." He still held the knife but couldn't move his body... "You know Quinn, it was pretty easy drugging you... Shade-Dust is goes in food, drink, cigars, incense, almost anything... not that it you made it any harder, you didn't even question that your dinner tasted funny, I almost did it and if it wasn't for you, I don't think I would have gotten this close y'know..." "SHUT UP!" Prince yelled and it echoed through the room like a clap of thunder... The Beggar-King stopped talking immideately, he seemed incapable of speaking for a good while... Prince spoke in a low threatening tone "I don't want to hear your tongue any more."
Quinn only scowled as the beggar-king explained, shuddering a bit at the thought of the other going through his thoughts- it made him feel violated, in a way- but as  he just kept talking, telling him just how easy it was to drug him, how it was his fault and because of him the other was so close, and he could feel his muscles start trembling with the effort of being so tense and not reacting to any instincts, of not being able to hit this man- was he even a man? He couldn’t tell anymore. He had squeezed his eyes shut and let out a low, quiet sound, not even sure himself what it was for- before he flinched as Prince yelled, shocked by the loudness. He was thankful the beggar-king had shut up, finally, but he was still running his words over and over again in his head. He could vaguely remember when he ate that the food had tasted odd, but he’d chalked it up to bad inn food and moved on… Slowly, he opened his eyes again, glancing at Prince before looking at the masked man and then finally lowering his gaze, guilt starting to gnaw at him. Even if it had been unintentional, he was still to blame, and he felt sure if something had actually happened, he would have been blamed- regardless of whether he’d been the one to do it or not…
Queen Scendia stood looking straight at the Beggar-King, she still didn't speak but her mind could be heard by all... "All of you... Release him... NOW!" Her normal hamornious aura was replaced with one of regal strength and righteous fury it was as if a green and crimson fire burned behind her eyes... She moved Nera behind her who in response to the Beggar-King had pulled out a knife from under her dress... The Princess stood at the ready glaring at the masked man but not giving an inch of poise away... Prince looked at his mother as if he was about to Refuse but then he looked into her eyes and backed away... He kept his sword ready though.
Quinn blinked in shock as he heard the queen speaking, surprised by her sudden ferocity. She had seemed so gentle earlier- but she was definitely not gentle now, and her order to release the beggar-king, though met with a certain moment of hesitance, was soon obeyed. He was the last one to let go, having held on longer than Prince if only because he felt the need to squeeze the man’s arm tightly, hopefully painful after what had been done to him- but he let go, nevertheless, and slowly backed up, swallowing roughly and wanting to have some sort of weapon in his hand as well… but he didn’t think that was a good idea. Instead, he backed up until he was standing beside Prince, tensed and ready to conjure up his bow- but not unless it was needed. He had a feeling nobody would take kindly to him having a weapon in any of their presence, even if it was to defend someone.
The other knights backed up but kept weapons in hand they all gave the queen room... The Beggar-King cocked his head to the side... "Ooooohh!... Scary Scary... Awww, does the little Prince need his momma to come save him?!... What are you going to do Your /High-ness/, you know that title always makes me think we're not too disimilar, you'know HIGH!... HAHAAH---" The queen's telepathy cut off The Beggar-King's words... her words felt heavy and frightening "did you think you could just... come... into /my/ castle... and threaten /my/ children... and wouldn't have to deal WITH ME!" Her aura errupted like a furnace of magic... The Beggar-King fell back onto his rear and fumbled over himself trying to scamper away from the Queen's wrath he stared in awe at her power... She glared at him like death... The guards as well as Prince began backing up quickly... The Beggar-King clapped his hands then stopped, nothing happend... he clapped again and again as if something was supposed to happen... "I... uhh... Why can't I poof!?... I can't Poof out! How... How are you doing This!? You Can't STOP ME I'm the Beggar-King!.." The Beggar-King couldn't move... The Queen's words came through their minds again as she picked the Beggar-King by his coat "ARYSS... HAS... NO... KINGS!..." The Beggar-King Squirmed violently then he spoke a spell "Divendium-Castlet!" He then disappeared in a puff of purple and Black smoke... Queen Scendia's fist gripped the air, her aura died after a few moments, then she took a deep breath... Prince, The two knights and Nera all looked as if they had seen ghosts.
Quinn bit his lip a little as the beggar-king talked, glancing between the queen and the man before giving a shudder at her words and the sudden unexpected rush of her aura, a shiver rolling through him. He watched and listened, wide-eyed- and more than pleased to see the beggar-king falling back and right onto his bottom, enjoying the fact that he was getting his just due- though as he noticed the other knights and Prince backing away, he slowly did too, watching. This woman was terrifying- but at the same time, her anger wasn’t directed his way, and she had been kind to him before… so he wasn’t actually to afraid. He simply watched, more than pleased to see the woman grabbing the man by his coat and practically shouting through their minds, the words enough to make him take another step back- but then the beggar-king disappeared, and he gritted his teeth, less than happy but slowly relaxing as the queen seemed to calm slowly too- though he couldn’t help but notice how everyone seemed to be looking. Perhaps it was the queen’s reaction…? She had seemed like a kind, normally gentle woman- perhaps seeing her like that was a shock? He hadn’t even realized he was trembling slightly, scared, somewhat confused- yet viciously happy at the same time, glad that Nera was safe and that he had played at least some, mild part in helping that happen. He also noted quietly that making the queen mad was definitely the worst idea ever and that he needed to be extra careful to ensure he didn’t let that happen. He’d probably shiver in his boots at the thought of her being mad when he wasn’t still fighting a headache and being horribly happy the beggar-king was at least gone…
Queen Scendia sat down in her throne and composed herself... she looked to the two guards who looked to her then after about 20 seconds they sheathed their weapons and ran out of the room gathering troops... Nera sat down in a chair while Prince looked around the room incase the Beggar-King was still around... The Queen spoke in their minds "He's Gone... Whoever he was... It took a lot of power but I was able to extract two things from his mind before he got away... The first, he does work for the Black Circle... and the second is that Nera was not his only target... Some power he used blocked me from everything else..." Nera looked surprised "It wasn't just me?... Who then?..." Scendia looked at the room seemingly wondering the same thing "I don't know... I think we can safely say it was probably you, Quinn."
Quinn gave a little sigh as the queen sat down, watching the staring contest between the queen and her knights before watching them run out- and then turning back as the queen spoke to them. He nodded slowly when she said he was gone, sighing but listening as she explained that the things she had deduced from the beggar-king’s mind. That he worked for the Black Circle didn’t seem too surprising- but when she said that he had another target, he blinked in surprise, staring. Who else would warrant the attention of such mysterious assassins…? He frowned a little, quietly wondering the same thing Nera asked- but when the queen answered, he just sort of looked at her. He looked like he wanted to call her crazy- but at the same time wasn’t bold enough to say such a thing to her. “... Why the f-- … I mean-- why would he be after me?!” he asked after a moment, working to tame his language a little. No need to speak like that in front of this woman- or her daughter. Or any of them, really. “I’m nobody special, I don’t… I don’t understand--”
Nera looked up as if an appifiny had just struck her... "I'd have to agree... I don't know why Quinn but... think about it, if someone wanted you gone what better way than to drug you out of your mind and get you to assassinate me... You'd have been imprisoned immediately and either executed or thrown in the dungeon... If I was dead no one would know if you were the real killer or not." Prince's eye's widened through the whole thing... "It'd have been the perfect crime... no one would ever suspect anyone else." ... "Yes, it's too good... I don't think that man, that /Beggar-King/ planned this himself... I think must have had assistance from The Black Edge..." Prince looked in shock at his mother "THE LEADER OF THE BLACK CIRCLE?!... But why would he want to hurt... Quinn...?" The question hung in the air, Prince looked at Quinn wary of him, as if he had become infinitely more dangerous just by association with this /Black Edge/.
Quinn blinked, frowning as Nera seemed to agree- her words though, made sense… He would have died had he managed to kill her. But what made him such a target? He was just a roaming hunter… He frowned, fidgeting when even Prince agreed. Why him?! Sure, he could understand Nera- she was the princess… But him? He was nobody. When the queen spoke, his eyes widened a little, and he stared at her in shock much like Prince was. “I…” He could only mirror Prince’s question. Why would the most deadly assassin in the world… want to kill /him/? Even he had heard the rumors about this man, despite his lack of much of a social life, but it still seemed highly far-fetched to assume he was trying to kill /him/. “... I don’t understand why I’d be a target--” he replied, frowning as he looked at the royals in the room. “I’m just a traveling hunter-- I catch enough food for me to eat and sell the hides and leftovers for money for whatever else I need- I haven’t been home in ages- I don’t-- why--??”
Nera tried to comfort Quinn, seeing people in distress was not her strong suit... "It's just a hunch... It, might not be so bad... You at least evaded him for the time being... and no one in nearly 200 years has been actually assassinated... even by the Black Circle themselves..." Prince nodded "You'll be safe here in the--" Something in Prince's pocket started glowing like a white heartbeart.
Quinn blinked in surprise as Nera tried comforting him, hesitantly smiling at her as he took a deep breath, and nodded, closing his eyes a moment before opening them again, seemingly calmer. “Right… Of course, you’re right… I--” He broke off when Prince started talking, confused at first by his words- was he going to suggest he stay there?- before he turned his attention to Prince’s pocket, sort of staring at the glow a moment. “... Uh-- does your pocket normally do that-”
Prince pulled out a small stone that blinked with white light and hummed slightly with each glow... Prince looked down at the stone then up at Quinn... "Actually... more than you'd think..." Nera looked quizzically at the fate stone... Scendia raised her eyebow then smiled and nodded to Prince... Prince walked towards Quinn and the stone's glowing became faster and faster as he grew closer to him... Prince stood in front of Quinn holding the stone out..."this is a fate stone... it's design is to show me those who will help me do great things for Aryss as a nation... and protect them until they're found...Well, Quinn I think we may have found the reason you've done so well thus far."
Quinn watched Prince pull out the stone, staring at the thing as the other slowly got closer- though he lanced between it and prince as the glowing got faster. “... Wh--” He frowned as Prince explained, slowly reaching out to touch the stone, just barely, with his fingertips. “... I still… don’t understand-- why me--” He frowned a little, before sighing and letting it go, his eyes looking up from the stone to Prince. “... I question its protection abilities, but I suppose I could be dead right now if not for it… I don’t really know what I can do to help someone like you, but I’m certainly willing to try-”
As Quinn touched the stone the light glowed constantly for a few moments and a sound like a piano key being played sounded then died as he pulled his hand away... Prince pulled out his flask and dropped 3 droplets of water onto it and it went out... Prince spoke "Do any of us know why Fate does anything, Quinn?... And it surely protected you better than some, we have one man who's been unconscious for almost two weeks now in the infirmary... The stone led me to him as well and I fear he may never wake up..." The Queen frowned at the mention of this man and Nera let out a small sigh of discomfort, Prince continued speaking trying to boost Quinn's spirits "Sir, you've shown honesty and clarity in a time where most would doubt themselves too greatly too do so... That's all the virtue I need in a man who stands at my side..." Prince Smiled and clapped Quinn on the shoulder firmly as Quinn said he would try "That's all I'll need of you!..." Prince then yawned and the Queen responded with telepathy "You all should get some sleep, this has been a strenuous evening... Quinn, I'm sure Princelon can show you to a room in the Palace that /Isn't/ in the dungeon..." She seemed to laugh but no sound came out... Nera and Prince laughed as well... Prince looked at Quinn "How does that sound, friend?"
Quinn smiled a little for Prince’s words, shaking his head a bit- Fate was a fickle creature, that was for sure… he was half certain it was a cat. Either a cat or one of those legendary, mischievous creatures… He winced at mention of someone being in the infirmary, frowning softly. “I’m sure he’ll pull through- he’s fated to help, isn’t he?” He gave a soft smile, before blinking as Prince went on to compliment his virtue- which was met with the lightest dusting of a blush on his cheeks, before he laughed a little as he felt the other’s hand on his shoulder and heard him saying trying was all he needed- before giving a rueful smile as the other yawned. The queen’s mention of getting some sleep made him nod, and he suddenly realized how tired he was as well. He still laughed along with the others when they mentioned a room not in the dungeon, and he grinned a little before looking to Prince, somewhat honored to hear him calling him ‘friend’. “I think… that would be great,” he murmured, running a hand through his hair. “... Though if I could wash up a bit beforehand--” He wrinkled his nose, poking at his less than clean clothes. Being in that cell had made him immune to his own smell, but he was starting to realize he didn’t exactly smell the best.
Prince Smiled and laughed "Of course you can, hahahahaha... You can meet the rest of the group in the morning... I fear I still have a few to find however..." //-END

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Re: Unknown Worlds: LORE & PROFILES

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The Mystic Innkeeper

Lieselotte Chastain




She likes what she likes.

Relationship Status:



Weapon of Choice:
War hammer ("The Ban Hammer"), Shield

Magical Affinities/Concept:
Earth, Light

Born into a long line of noble knights of Aryss, Lieselotte is herself a proud and loyal knight of the kingdom. Having lived with her family in Aryss' capital city all of her life, she knows the city incredibly well; however, she has never left the city for longer than a day and has quite a great curiosity towards the outside world. Were she not bound by her duties as a knight, she would likely have set out on a journey long ago.
Lieselotte's family have long been supporters of House Archori and the knights the family has produced have always served the kingdom faithfully in times of need. Lieselotte, while not too ambitious of a woman, has great aspirations to someday be able to live up to her forebears. For now, however, Lieselotte still lives with her parents (which she is oft-times teased for...) and holds the fairly unglamorous duty of patrolling the city streets at night; not that she dislikes the job. Beating up and arresting thugs and breaking up the occasional street fight is actually quite enjoyable.

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Re: Unknown Worlds: LORE & PROFILES

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Username: dbzhardcore

Name: Luna Everglade

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6" (5'9" with her heels on)

Sexuality: Naive (doesn't know atm)

Relationship Status: Single

Nationality: Aryss

Class: Cleric

Weapon of Choice: Crystal Wand

Luna's Powers:

Light of the Heaven's: Casts a beam of pure sunlight that not only creates blinding light but also deflects attacks against her or allies and cause pain to those that mean her or her friends harm.
Charm of Healing: Caster can place a green rune on allies that will begin healing their wounds and give them increased regeneration, vitality and stamina while it is on them. Can cast up to 2 on self or separate allies.
Charm of Protection: Caster can place a white rune on allies that will shield them from minor injuries and reduce overall damage, while the rune is on them. Can cast up to 2 on self or separate allies.
Charm of Pain: Caster can place a red rune on enemies that will cause them great pain wherever on their body the rune was cast and seal that part of their body from being used without expending great effort. Can cast 3 either on separate enemies or on separate body parts of the same enemy.

Magical Affinities/Concept: Light/Nature


Luna was born in one of the towns in Aryss. The town was nice and peaceful with your local merchants, stores and a small library as well. Luna's had an older sister, Maria, while growing up who would be her role model as her family was not lucky. The parents had a tough time trying to find a way to make income as they would constantly be in debt. Maria picked up the slack as she took many jobs in order to pay off the increasing debts and loans to the small house. Luna's life got even worse as her mother died when she was five and her dad dying too years afterwards. These sudden death's made no sense to Luna as she didn't get why her parents suddenly died when it looked like they were in fair health. Luna would usually live in the house as she took care of things inside by cleaning them while Maria was busy with work. When Maria came home, she would always have a smile on her face as she would always greet her little sister with a hug.
Whenever Maria had a chance to have an off day, she would usually play with Luna and teach her other things like reading and how to sew her own clothes. The one thing that Luna took pride in was the blue flowers that her sister would grow in their little garden. She always made sure to tend to the flowers as the sight of them always made her smile whenever her sister was gone. One day when Maria came home, Luna asked her sis if she could ever go to the library to read about the body. Maria thought long and hard and said that it was alright for her to. Luna would then spend all of her mornings, after cleaning the house, at the library as she read books about the body system and the best ways to take care of it. Even though it looked like this would be an answer on how her parents died, there were no answers in the books about sudden deaths like her parents experienced. This confused her as she would always ask her sister on how their parents died as the older one would usually say that she doesn't know anything before looking away. Luna thought that this was a clear sign that her sister knew but didn't want to say so.
Life was seeming to get better for the sisters now as Luna started to work in a bakery when she turned fifteen to help lighten the load on her sister. The owners of the bakery would let Luna take home and bread that they couldn't sell in the day as there was a constant stream of bread for the two sisters to eat if they couldn't afford any other food for the day. Even though the work was nice and payed fairly well, there were still many loans and debts to pay off since the parents interests always increased. Even though this looked very grim for the two sisters, Maria never faltered as she still had that smile on her face around Luna. Luna would then proceed to ask her sis why she always seemed to be happy. The question was met with a giggle as Maria told her little sister that the moon would always protect her as she knew that her parents would be watching her from the moon and making sure that their daughters would never get harmed. After that conversation, Luna would then look at the moon at nighttime before going to bed.
Things seemed to get worse as well for them as the owners of the bakery would die when Luna was around seventeen as her one and only job was gone as more and more debt was piled on now. Maria would take more jobs as she didn't want Luna to be burdened by trying to find another job. Her sister would now come home with a tired face now as coughing noises would be heard throughout the night. Luna was scared and worried about her sis, but Maria would tell her that she's fine and that the cough would go away in a bit. The cough would continue to gradually get worse as her sister seemed to be more sluggish as the concerned Luna would always try to give her a grown flower from their garden whenever she had the chance thinking that it would help her sister out.
With the constant collectors knocking on the doors for their pay, things was now looking like this was the end of the house they would live in. When Maria returned home now from her jobs, there would always be a man with her as the older one would tell Luna to go outside and tend to the flowers. Even though Luna read books about the body in the library, she had no idea what sex was as she would hear noises from the house as the man would usually leave minutes later with a grin on their face while buttoning up their shirt. When Luna would come back inside, there would always be money on one of the little nightstands while her sister would be in her bed, distraught. Anytime Luna asked her what was wrong or if she was hurt, Maria would simply nod and tell that she's alright and that the person she invited inside helped them pay off a little bit of their debt. This caused major confusion in Luna as she had no idea why anyone would do that and why Maria always seemed to be in pain afterwards. Due to this, Luna would rarely go outside and become more introverted as the only times she went outside now was to buy food or supplies that they needed.
One day while going through the market place, she saw something that interested her that one of the merchants had. The merchant had a book about spells that had healing and about life and death in there. Even though the man was shady and had no idea had he got a book that seemed like it would never exist, Luna wanted to buy that book so badly. She sighed as she had no more money with her to buy the book as well as a crystal wand that she saw with it. As soon as she was ready to walk away and go home, her sister came up and whispered to the man's an offer that he gladly accepted. When Luna asked why, Maria said that she never really gave her sister anything for her birthdays and that she knew that this would help her sister be really happy. Luna thanked her sis as she ran home to read the book. What she didn't know however was that the man would now show up at their house at nighttime for one year for free.
Everything was now fated to what was coming up now as when Luna turned eighteen, her sister's coughing became deadly now as blood would now come out from her coughs. Luna insisted Maria to stay in bed from now on to rest and get better, her sister refused as she kept on going to her jobs. Even though no more men came to their house at night, her sister looked pale and her face had bags underneath from all the stress. Luna would try and use her healing spells she learned fro the book on her sis with no success. Luna had no idea why her sister was dying as she spent most of the day in her room now trying to find a way to heal her sister.
When Maria came home one day, she immediately collapsed to the floor as her head was hot. Luna immediately carried her sister to her bed as she tried the spells again on her sister with no avail. Tears kept on falling down as she realized that her sister was close to dying and that there was nothing that she could do to save her. While she was on the verge of crying even more, her sister woke up her eyelids a little bit as she told Luna to stop crying. Luna was happy to see that her sister was awake and that maybe she would get better as Maria shook her head to a no and told her that she's going to pass on.
Maria then told Luna about why her parents died early on and why she was now dying. Their family has a genetic disease that's really rare and that so far there has been no cure to this. For generations, the family members either die young in their twenties or later on in their late twenties. Even though Luna didn't remember it, her parents were really young when they gave birth to Maria. With barely any time left, Maria told Luna to look through her closet as there was a piece of dress there. She smiled when Luna took it out and tried it on as she told her that was her birthday gift. As Luna cried from how beautiful it was and then said that she doesn't know what she'll do now that her sister is going to die, Maria told her one last thing. She told her that she'll always be watching her from the moon as she closed her eyes for one last time.
Luna would spend the night in tears and would spend the early morning digging a grave for her sister. After praying for her sister, she spent the afternoon deciding on what to do before the money collector showed up and told her that since they didn't pay for the month's rent, she would now be kicked out of her house. The one thing that was left to her was now gone. Luna left the night in the dress that her sister made for her with the book and wand in a little bag. She also had on her head a little hairband that had the remaining flowers from their garden and a giant one by her left shoulder. She is now traversing through the plains as she is now trying to find a forest or a place to live while trying to find a cure to the disease that is in her and slowly killing her. She looked up at the moon and smiled, knowing that Maria was watching her now.


Luna found herself in the Plains of Karashyn with great peaking hills ranging between 5 and 20 meters high from the base of the land to the top... She could see a GATE off in the distance, the center of the giant stone door seemed dark, it was a portal that lead to Neroth... from there it looked small but really it was several miles high and even wider... the cold wind blew hard... her book said that there was a very unique root nearby "grey-heart-horn"...
Luna looked into her book again as she read over and over the "grey-heart-horn." Maybe that root can be the key that can heal her genetic disease. She looked around the area, scanning to make sure that there was no one else since she has never left her town before. The hills to her looked really huge as she had no idea that those kind of hills were like that. She remembered paintings of hills, but they looked short compared to these ones. She sighed and dreaded that she might have to climb on those as she spotted a GATE nearby. Just what that was was very confusing to her as she did not know that it was a portal to lead to Neroth as she closed her eyes and composed herself. Once the composing was done, Luna started to walk around the place, looking for that fabled root.
As she turned the next  corner around she saw the ground on the hills became less grassy and more muddy... there was an imprint in the ground like large wavy marks in the ground... it must have flooded at some point... as she checked her book she noticed that the book didn't describe what the root specifically liked about the environment here but more that it was best to be careful when collecting it... she heard a noise off distantly coming from a distant hill when she saw a red wavy plants peaking out from the top of the hill next to her... she looked at the book and this seemed to be it.
When Luna turned around the corner, she stopped to look at the ground. The ground didn't look like it had alot of grass as it seemed like mud was there. This disturbed her as she didn't want to get the boots that she just got from Maria to be dirtied or worse leave a stain on there. She took great pride in her dress and the boots and will make sure that there would be no way that they would ever get dirtied since to her if they ever do, it will be destroying the pride in her and the legacy of her sister. She noticed that there was an imprint on the ground which made her a bit nervous. Was there something here that she would have to be careful of? She was already paranoid that maybe something was watching her at night but she cleared her head as she pulled out her book. She was shocked that the book told her that the root was not described about what kind of environment that it liked. Did she just glance over that part or just forgot it about it until now? Was she even going in the right direction as well? She read the last sentence though very slowly. Be careful when collecting it. That sentence made her sweat a little bit as to why she had to do that. Was the root dangerous to touch? Was it poisonous? Was something guarding it? Just what was it? She then heard a noise which made her jump a little bit before noticing where the noise came from. On a distant hill she saw something that looked like it was red and that it was standing out to her. Just what was that? She looked down into her book again and then back to the plant and then back to the book and back to the plant. She kept on doing this for a little bit of time to make sure that it was the plant that she was looking for as her mind confirmed that it was definitely the plant that she was indeed trying to find. A small smile formed before she placed the book back in her bag and took out the small crystal wand as she held it close to her chest. Luna was scared that there might be someone out here that might attack her as all she knew was healing and nothing on how to defend herself. She glanced around the area again as she started to walk slowly to the hill in front of her while trying to make sure to avoid the mud as well.
Luna made her way to the top of the hill and found two incredibly tall rows of the red plant... it was apparently grey on root part, which was what she was looking for... As she grew closer the plant seemed to move almost unnaturally in the wind... there was so much though, it was about 9 feet tall at the tallest and there was more than a wagon could carry.
When Luna made it to the top of the fill she saw that there was two tall rows of the reddish plant. The fact that there was two caught her off guard. She only expected there to be one. But since there was two what would she do now? Does she pick one and leave the other one to make seeds to regrow another one since the first one has been picked off? Does she pick up both and use the seeds from them to place on the ground here and hope that they regrow? Or does she just take the seeds with her and hope to grow them one way or another. She stared at the roots as she tried to decide what to do. Before she knew it, she decided to pick up both and use the seeds that they would drop to regrow on this hill. She took off her gloves and placed them in her bag as she didn't want to get them dirty or torn in any way in case she needed to use extra strength to pull them out. She hesitated though before she started to pull on them. Sure the roots were grey like the book said, which relieved her that she didn't go in the wrong direction, but when she got closer, the root was just not natural. The way that it was moving in the wind made it feel like this was a force of danger as she then noticed something about the plant. The fact that the plan was taller than her simply shocked her as she stared at the thing. Just how would she be ablt to pull this thing out now!? Maybe trying to cut it with her wand? No. It probably wouldn't even cut through it. There was something else that was off about the plant. The fact that there seemed to be an uneasy aura around the plant made her shiver as a little bit of more sweat started to come down. She just stared at the plant while trying to contemplate on what to do now.
Suddenly a voice cried out from two hills behind Luna... "WHAT ARE YOU DOING OVER THERE?!"
Luna kept on contemplating on what she should do. These roots were simply too tall for her to pull out and even if she found a way for her to pull them out, there would be no way that she could carry them. They looked heavy and she knew that it would be a struggle even if she dragged them, which might destroy them as well if she did that. There seemed to be no clear answer on what to do before she sighed and realized that maybe cutting them down is the best resort. As she got her crystal wand ready to cut down the behemoths, a voice startled her as she almost dropped her wand. She looked behind her to see who it was talking. All she could see two hills behind her was a dark figure that seemed to be the one that talked. The fact that she couldn't make it out and the fact that someone was here froze her in her place. Someone was watching her then. Someone was following her the whole time and now they found her. Luna just stared at the figure as her eyes were wide as she felt like there was nothing she could do at the moment. Running seemed like a good idea but then she wouldn't be able to get the plant. As she got out of her frozen stance, she turned back to the root as she started to thwack at one as quick as she could from her wand. She needed that root and nobody was going to stop her, no matter how scared she is at the moment.
The voice rung out again... "GET DOWN QUICKLY!... WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"
Then suddenly the ground, no the entire hill started to move... The red stalks wriggled in place like the spines on the backs of reptiles... They seemed to stretch and grow to the height of houses... Dirt rolled down the hill as it moved and it seemed to turn a grey stoney color... The ground at her feet was riveted like a giant spine and suddenly she realized what was really going on... She flipped through her book trying to find the other pages about this plant and opened to a page in the back with a picture... it was labeled GREY-HEART ADULT...--* Very Dangerous, Very Large, Denizen of Neroth Plains of Suffering, Sometimes found wandering near Northern Aryssian Plains and the Karashyn Hills *--
Luna kept on wacking at the root as she was trying her best to get it out as quickly as she could. When she was still going at it, she heard the voice again. Just what was he going to yell this time? Wait, get down? What is that figure even talking about? Before she even know it, the entire hill was starting to move as she staggered at her place. The footing was hard to control as she tried her best not to fall down. Luna then noticed that the red stalks were moving and wriggling in place that looked like they were spines. Just why the heck were they spines? The fact they were stretching and growing creeped her out as her eyes just stared at them as she felt frozen again. She was getting scared. Was this a trap? Was this not what she was trying to find? The dirt was moving as she noticed that the color was changing all around her. The ground didn't feel like ground anymore as she stared down and saw that it looked like a spine. Without second guessing herself, she took out her book as she scrolled back to where she found the page about the root. Luna kept on searching and searching as she found the page that talked about this. Her face dropped as she stared at the pic and then back to the thing. The fact that this was a grey-heart adult scared her. She then realized why the book said with caution. She had to try and find baby ones, not adult ones. There was no way out now, she was going to die. She looked at the moon as tears started to come out. 'Sister, I'm sorry...' Luna thought to herself as she was ready for death to come.
The creature roared with such force that it shook the landscape nearby... The figure ran towards her and the monster... The Grey-Heart saw him coming and swung the end of it's tail at him... The figure leaped off of the top of the nearest hill and jumped onto the Grey-Heart's arm driving a sword into it holding on for his life... "Get off His Head while I distract him... MOVE!!!"
The roaring made Luna flinch a bit as she thought that she was going to get hit now. What a way to go. After seeing her sister die and now this. This day just couldn't possibly get any worse. She didn't notice that the figure was running towards her and the creature as she saw the tail coming. She was ready to take the impact as she closed her eyes, only for the impact to never happen. This confused Luna as she opened her eyes to see what was going on. She noticed that the dark figure was now on the creature's arm as it looked like the figure was struggling. Just what the hell was that thing even trying to do? Save her? Why would she be saved? She then heard what the figure said as she just nodded and jumped off of the head as she ran a little bit back and see how the fight was going.
The figure saw that she had gotten off... The Grey-Heart reached while he was distracted then picked him up in its hand... His hood fell back to reveal an Aryssian man with golden hair wearing a guardsmans armor... The monster brought the man close to its mouth... Then he jammed his sword between its teeth trying to fend off its maw.
Luna gasped a bit when he saw that the person was now in the grey-heart's hand. When the hood fell back to reveal the figure, she was a bit surprised that it was indeed a person and not anohte rmonster. She didn't know why but she thought that it might of been something that would try to kill her after the grey-heart matter. Even though now that she saw that the creature is a person, she relieved a little but with caution in her mind still. The armor confused her though. Was he some sort of person that keeps needing to defend himself? Was he being followed? Just why armor!? Luna looked around her area to make sure that no one else was watching them before looking back to the fight. When the monster brought the man close to his mouth, Luna closed her eyes expecting the man's head to be bitten off. When no sound of crunching was made, she opened and saw that his sword was in the monsters mouth. There was a struggle and it seemed that the man might make it. But there was something that she needed to do. Luna went back into her bag and started to flip through the pages for an answer.
As Luna flipped through her book she saw that there was one detail about the Grey-Heart Root... Cannot survive in Sunlight... She looked up to the sky... The GATE connected to Neroth where there was almost no sunlight ever, these hills had grass on them that grew with very little light ever... The clouds were ever present but fairly thin... The monster bit down on the mans sword and it snapped in half... the man locked eyes with the beast he gave it a command that boomed like thunder "BOW" the monster shook his head in confusion... it seemed to waver in its thoughts it almost listened to him... Luna had an opening.
Luna kept on flipping though the pages. That had to be an answer to defeat this, just something! When she got to the page, she stopped and read it slowly and carefully. Sunlight. That's it! That was the answer that she was looking for! But how was she suppose to do that? She looked back up and saw that the sword was snapped in half which shocked her. Was this behemoth really that strong!? The man was doomed. Luna was ready for the worst again before seeing that the man gave some sort of command as the beast seemed to be affected by it. That worked? There was something that helped her though. An opening. But how can Luna do this? She didn't really have anything that can kill the monster in sunlight nor does she know spells that can defeat it.   She looked in the book again for a spell that might control the plant a little bit or a way to kill it.
Luna then got to the spell section of the book... searching... searching... There was one, just a name and instructions, 'Light of the Heavens': meditate on the warmth of the sun then point hand or wand at target... The knight pulled up a gauntleted fist trying to block the monsters teeth as it began to put him in its mouth.
Luna got to the spell section as she looked at the spells that were there. That had to be a spell that could create light or something in the order that can defeat the beast. When she found the 'Light of the Heavens' she didn't really know if she could trust that one or not. Jusst the way the name was and the instructions didn't make any sense. Was it really that simple to do a spell that has such a significant title? When Luna looked up to see that status of the man she gasped a bit as she saw that the monster was getting ready to eat the man now as the man was struggling to not get devoured. She placed the book back inside her bag as she took out the wand and looked at it carefully, making sure that she can rely on it. She got into a stance as she closed her eyes and took slow, deep breaths. She felt herself collecting energy inside her as she had the power of light before she woke up her eyes and pointed the wand at the creature, hoping that it would work.
Suddenly an enormous ray of pure sunlight erupted from Luna's wand... the force of the spell threw her back and the beam crossed against the Grey-Heart's arm that was holding the strange warrior... the monster screamed as it's arm turned to stone... The beam then dragged across part of its tail severing off a huge segment that squirmed in pain before... The strange warrior looked down at the monsters arm then shouted at it "GET AWAY!" The monster's arm crumbled and it seemed to shy away from the warrior... It glared at the light coming form Luna's wand and tried to run away but without its tail or left arm it could only flop around on the ground.
Luna was not expecting for the ray to come out nor did she expect it to be gigantic as well. Her face was full of surprise before she was sent back from the spell that she just casted as she fell down to the ground. When she got back up and dusted herself off she looked to see that the Grey-Heart was now writhing in pain as it seemed like it's arm and tail was now gone. Did her spell really do that? The fact that it was from her was astonishing as she couldn't believe that a simple spell from that book did that. Maybe it truly is a spell of the Heavens as she picked up her wand again and aimed it at the monster. Her face being serious now as she was ready to finish off the beast once and for all. Luna tried her best as she steadied the wand at the creature before dropping down the wand to her side as she just stared at the Grey-Heart. Even though it tried to kill them a second ago, the fact that it was in pain and couldn't do anything to get away stung at her heart a bit. Just seeing it in pain was disheartening as it kind of reminded her sister being in pain before she died. The seriousness was gone as she steadied her wand again and closed her eyes, chanting a healing spell. Maybe that might soothe the beast, or get her killed, one of the two options.
The young warrior dusted himself off and looked over astonished at Luna... he approached her... he had no weapon after his sword broke and he looked over to  her... her spell began to minutely heal the Grey-Heart but it had lost two limbs... The warrior nodded to her and went over to the monster's face and looked it in the eye... his voice still had a booming sensation like thunder but was softer now he said only one word... "SLEEP..." The monster looked at him but hadn't the energy to attack him... if flopped over now asleep, it would probably die; however Luna's spell had stopped it's bleeding... it would never regain it's arm and without its tail it couldn't move... but who knew....The warrior approached Luna... He gave a swift bow... "I uhh... Thank you... Are you alright, miss..?"
Luna kept on focusing at healing to the Grey-Heart as she felt the monster slowly dying away. She pulled back her wand knowing that it was no longer useful to save the creature's life. She watched as the man went back to the creature and somehow was able to put it to sleep. How he was able to do that with one word was sort of confusing to her but she didn't really care about that at the moment since the monster looked sort of peaceful as it went into it's deep slumber. When the man approached her, Luna stepped back a little bit since she still had no idea who he was or why he was here. Was he trying to save her or was he going to kill her now, she felt afraid as she expected the worst, only to be asked a very nice and sincere question. She was taken a bit back by this as she looked at him. Did he just ask her if she was alright? Luna shook a little bit as she wasn't used to talking to people for quite some time after being an introvert and only talking to her sister. She waited for a little bit before nodding a yes, a yes that she was fine. She looked back at the creature. The creature looked so peaceful as she looked back up at the moon before back to the creature, tears falling down from her face. Even though that monster was trying to kill them, she still felt bad seeing someone or something lose their life. It just reminds her too much of Maria as the tears kept on falling down.
The young knight seemed very confused... "Oh... Miss I'm sorry if I offended you please... just please don't cry... I uhh... Uhhh..." He tried to help her but couldn't figure out what was wrong.
Luna kept on crying as she didn't hear what the man was saying to her. Another death that happened right in front of her eyes as there was nothing that she could about it. She couldn't even save the creature as now guilt was overwhelming her. She killed it. Her own to hands was the cause of the death as she then about Maria. Was it also her fault as well that her sister died? Should she have tried more to help her sister when she was in pain? More and more guilt was wracking up now as she fell down to her knees and covering her eyes with her hands before she heard a little voice talking to her. She opened her eyes and looked around trying to find it before noticing the moon again. Luna stared at the moon as it seemed that she was focused before nodding and wiping away her tears. She got up and walked to the Grey-Heart as she patted the creature's head. May he rest well in peace. She turned back to the knight and simply gave him a nod that everything is alright.
Prince: (He just kinda stood there very very confused He took the nod as a good sign...) Here why don't we leave the thing here, in peace? There's a guard checkpoint not far from here.
Luna wasn't so sure if she should go with the man. Leaving the creature in peace seems like a good idea but going with a stranger to a checkpoint was pretty scary. She shook as she didn't know what to do. Should she go to the checkpoint with the man or should she try to run away. She looked to the man for an answer. Maybe her sister could help guide her the answer that she needed as she kept on staring before nodding to the moon as she looked at Prince. With a little bit of hesitation she walked towards him, accepting his offer to go the the guard checkpoint. If she didn't trust him however, she would break for it and run as fast as she can away from him.
Prince casully led Luna along, seeming poised and in control even though inside he had no idea what to do...
Prince: Umm... Oh! I'm sorry I've been so rude, I didn't introduce myself... I'm Princelon Archori High Guard of House Archori.
He put his hand out to shake, hoping she'd take it even though she seemed so nervous.
Luna followed Prince as it seemed that the man knew what he was doing while she had no idea what to do. That root almost killed her and she didn't even get the root for any sort of medicine. Her mind sighed as it seemed that it might be hard to find any other ingredients or anything that can heal her disease. When Prince told her who he was, she simply stopped to listen to him. When he placed his hand out she just stared at it before staring back at him. Her face was showing no signs of emotion or response as she simply stared at his hand before just giving him a little wave with her right hand since she had no idea what the man was doing.
Prince cocked an eyebrow at Luna but continued walking with her towards the checkpoint... He retracted his hand... she seemed very odd to him... was she sheltered or something?... The checkpoint was in sight at this point... Prince kept his poise as best he could, he didn't want to appear informal infront of a civilain but he was afraid she may be in shock from the attack, given her reactions to him...
"Oh well, uhh... I'm sorry but I didn't catch your name, Miss...??"
Luna kept on walking with Prince to the checkpoint as he suddenly start to talk again. He wanted to know what her name was? This was a very odd thing to ask but it kind of made sense to her since he told her what his name was. But she didn't really want to tell him he rname though. She was nervous that this is a stranger that shes going to talk to and names is just the first step to disaster. Just what was she going to do? Just not tell him? She thought about this over and over on what to do before she looked away a tiny bit as she clenched her hands a tiny bit before silently muttering, "Luna..."
Prince led Luna on until they reached the check point... he raised his hand in salute and the guards let them in... "HAIL!" the men said as Prince showed Luna in... "Here, Luna you can recover here until we can get you home, alright?" He tried to make her as calm and content as possible... he really didn't want to make her cry again.
Luna followed Prince to the check point as she saw that indeed guards were there. This has been the farthest that she has ever gone so all of this was knew to her as she stayed silent, waiting to see what would happen. When Prince raised his hand, she didn't expect the guards to actually say hail as the sudden shout shook her a bit. When Prince showed her in and said her name, she flinched. Hearing someone other than her sister say her name was really odd to her as it frightened her as well. But then he brought up the part of her going home. Home, where Maria was. Home, where her sister died. Home, where everything seemed to go wrong as her sister's burial is there. Home, she didn't want to go home. The thoughts of her sister's face and pain she had as she died kept replaying in Lunas head as she walked over to the one of the corners and sat down on her knees. The memories kept on going over and over as she placed her hands on her head, trying to compose herself. 'Think happy thoughts Luna, think happy thoughts.' The happy thoughts that were coming in however was with all of her times with her sister as the tears started to come out again and more profusely as she cried loudly now.
Prince hated doing this but this Luna was in real heavy distress... He sat her down in a chair... He could tell she had lost someone... she looked like he did right after his father had disappeared... then bent down on one knee and held his hands on her shoulders to give her a little comfort... he made eye contact with her and calmly commanded her with his power... "Everything's alright, calm down, tell me what's the matter..." His power didn't force people to do anything, it just suggested with great weight... Luna would begin to feel an eb of calm wash over her like a warm rain shower as Prince's words echoed through her ears.
Luna kept on crying as the memories of her dear sister was going through her head as she felt someone placing her down on a chair. When she looked to see who it was, she saw that it was Prince as he made eye contact with her. When his command came in, she felt calm and collected. She didn't know why but her tears were slowly going away as she muttered a few words to him. "My sister...died today..."
Prince bit his lip and looked at Luna with Sympathy... He pulled her into a light embrace, he wanted to comfort her but didn't want her to freak out from being hugged too tightly... "It's alright... why don't you tell me what happened..." He let her go but held her steady with his hands on her shoulders.
Luna felt more sad as the mention of her sister came out. She just wanted to be alone, alone with nobody bothering her as she mourn. As she was ready to get up and leave, the hug that Prince gave her surprised her a bit. When the words came out of her mouth, she lightly pushed him away as he let her go. She did not like to be touched since shes used to only her sister touching her. When he had his hands on her shoulders she lightly flicked them off as she shook her head to a no, trying to tell him that she didn't want to talk about it nor did she want to be touched.
Prince backed away and stood up sensing her wishes... he knew what it was like to lose someone... sometimes you needed to talk, other times... you just needed to cry... "I'm sorry... Luna, if you wish... I can take you somewhere quiet if you need to be alone... The Palace is but an hours carriage ride from here... We have plenty of rooms... you can stay there until you figure things out if you wish?" He felt deep sympathy for her... he had no Idea what he would do if Nera ever died... He... He really just couldn't imagine it... it... it would be like losing his Father again... at the thought a single tear welled in Prince's eye, he didn't notice it.
Luna closed her eyes as she tried to calm herself down. She needed to stay calm and not cry again. When Prince offered her a room or place to be alone, she shook her head to a no. She was fine with being here right now since being alone at the current moment would make her think of her sister even more and how truly isolated she is now. When he talked about the palace, she was surprised. There was actually a palace and she was going to go to one? Luna didn't know how to feel about this as she looked at him again as she noticed that something was off. A tear was forming in his eye as she pointed at it, trying to see that he would notice. Was it her fault that he started to cry? "S-Sorry..." Luna muttered as she looked away again. She hated seeing people cry especially if it's her fault.
Prince looked at where she pointed and wiped the tear from his eye... "Oh no I'm sorry... It's not you're fault it's just... I have a sister too and... I can imagine what it would be like to lose one..." Prince frowned slightly then smiled, he didn't want her to think she had made him sad... as Nera got older it had become his job to protect her and the kingdom and... even though he would lay down his life for her he had never thought of what it would be like to lose her... "It's alright... You'd like her I bet..." He sat down next to her on the bench making sure to keep a few inches of distance as not to touch her... "She's always so nice to people and always willing to take her time with whatever the people need and she..." Prince realized he was babbling and stopped... "... Sorry"
Luna smiled a little bit as Prince mentioned his sister. It was good that he would understand how she was feeling and maybe she would like to meet his sister. She's probably nice as Prince is and it would help her feel less alone. When he sat down next to her, she made sure that he wasn't close as she stared at the distance between the two. Good, not really close that would make her nervous. Then he started to talk about his sister some more and how nice she is. When he said sorry, Luna simply shook her head to a no as her silent voice came out again. "No, no, it's fine...your sister sounds like how my sister was...nice and kind and would help anyone out..." She looked away again as she took deep breaths, trying to make sure that she doesn't cry again.
Prince smiled at Luna and backed away half an inch as he turned to her... "Thanks... She really is... I think she'd like to meet you, she doesn't have many friends being in the palace so much well besides Mother and the Maids... They make good friends but I think you two would get along..." Prince stopped as something in his pouch began to glow like a white radiant heartbeat...
After Luna composed herself, she turned back to look at Prince as he talked about his sister again and how they might be friends. Friends. That might be good since her only other friend is now gone. She still couldn't believe that she was actually going to a palace where the place will be big and how extravagent it will be. The mention of maids surprised her as well as she never saw one before and the sight of one might confuse her. When Prince stopped, she was curious as she looked over to see what was happening.
Prince pulled out a small stone that glowed white and infrequently... Prince looked at it puzzled then looked at Luna in surprise... He put the stone out for her to take... "Here... it's a fate stone... Don't worry, it's safe... if this actually works, I'll explain how it works..."
Luna stared at the small stone as it seemed to glow. That was quite odd. She didn't remember any stones ever glowing before but the way it glowed looked natural to her. It did help that small stones are apparantly cute as she couldnt stop staring at it. When Prince told her to take the stone, she hesitated. Was she sure that it was safe? She hesitated a bit more before taking the stone from Prince's hands as she layed it out on her palm.
The stone let out a sound like a piano key being held and it glowed dully but constant... Prince smiled... "Well, I'll be... Luna, this stone is made to show me the way to people who are destined to help me protect Aryss in its times of need and fulfill it's destiny... I think it may have led us here."
Luna was confused as to what was going on. The sound was kind of pleasant but the glow seemed to die down which made her sad a bit. She liked the glow since it felt like some sort of warmth. What Prince said just made her more confused. She was going to defend Aryss? Her, who doesn't even know about the outside world nor know any way to defend herself is going to be a protector? She shook her head to a no as she couldn't believe this as she kept staring at the stone.
Prince moved his head behind the stone trying to catch her gaze... she seemed in shock... God he hoped he didn't break her somehow by overwhelming with this knowledge... He just nodded his head and smiled trying to help the information sink in... She really was certainly capable, at least more than she thought... He hoped he didn't scare her too much.
Luna just kept staring at the stone. She kept staring at it as she tried to process all the information that was just told to her. Could she really do this? Can she defend Aryss? As she gazed into the stone, the image of her sister came into her mind. Her sister. The thought of the death came more to her as she thought about more people that would die if she didn't do something. Maybe she would have to heal people, to make sure that they don't have the same fate as Maria. Luna clenched the stone in her hand as she gave Prince a serious nod of yes.
Prince smiled as he saw her response... "don't worry, I'm sure you'll like the rest of the team... and you can meet my sister when we get to the Palace, a number of them are already there waiting for the rest of the Fated Ones to be found... Here, there's a carriage outside... let's head home and you can meet everyone there." Prince stood and led Luna as she followed him both cautiously and strong... she may or may not be ready for the future ahead but Prince was sure she was ready to put her all in it....... //-END

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Re: Unknown Worlds: LORE & PROFILES

Post  Raven Todd on Sat Jun 28, 2014 1:01 am


Raven Todd

Neil Aberon





Relationship Status:



Weapon of Choice:
Wicked Form: Can transform into that of a large animal - human hybrid form either partially or fully. Includes Added Size, Speed, Dexterity, Agility, Flight, Gains Claws , Talons and Feathers like Steel, Can also speak to Carrion Eating Birds
Searing Darts: Can shoot steel like feathers large darts, coated in magical fire from his hand.
Quilled Armor: Can wrap himself and up to two other people in his wings protecting them from harm.
Winged Flame: Encases his wings in flame and flaps them towards his foes sending waves of fire and searing heat at his opponents.

Magical Affinities/Concept:
Raven Wicked, Fire

Niel's parents had lived in Neroth before he was born. After marrying, his mother and father decided to move to Aryss. The family were able to hide thier true nature as Wicked and were perceived as regular humans, thriving as healers. When Niel left home, he took up his parents work in a neighboring town closer to the forrest, where he could call upon ravens and take his true form without worry of being discovered. Despite hiding what he is all his life, Niel accepts his life, the events and people around him, and what he is without hesitation.

Neil sat on the ridge of a rocky outcrop outside of his town... Nothing was really going on in the last few weeks besides some rumors going around about some strangers in a nearby temple and someone finding dirt dug up around the outside of town... He was well outside his home village, there was a stream off of the rocks that led into a small river not too far from where he was... he had come here on very few occasions, mainly to think to himself... it wasn't hot and there was a nice breeze going through even though it was the middle of summer which was normally smoldering by now, it had been a cold year altogether.
Neil smiled, enjoying the breeze. He'd never really minded the cold. He felt pity for the farmers hoping for a bit of a warmer summer, but at the moment the weather suited him just fine. He'd mainly come here to just think, not really about anything in particular, but sometimes he liked knowing he was by himself and people rarely came here. Neil smiled softly as raven landed on his shoulder, not seeming surprised by the bird in the slightest. After the bird seemed to look at him familiarly, he pet her.
"There you are, girl. I was wondering where you'd gone."
As Neil sat there petting his raven a rumbling sound came from behind him... then the sound of screams came from near his town... as the ground shook the rocks nearby began to roll down hill... Neil felt himself falling as he and the cliff side began rolling down hill... Hit would have flown away but it happened so suddenly he almost couldn't react... he hit the ground hard several heavy rocks falling on top of him... he blacked out.
He woke up what seemed minutes later just within the mouth of a cave, he felt the familiar warmth of a fire beside him... he lay on a soft mat his head and arm bandaged... he wasn't tied down or bound at all... his pet sat next to him roosting on a rock in the cave.
Neil turned as he heard the sound of screaming. Before he could move, the cliff side he'd been sitting on began rolling. Neil grimaced quietly as he hit the ground, blacking out a moment later. Minutes later, Neil woke up. He looked around the cave, curious, though still calmly, noting the mat and bandages. He smiled as he saw his bird, sitting up slowly so he was a bit closer to the fire.
"Hmm. Is anyone here?"
A voice came from behind him... as Neil turned a man just a few years older than him walked up to the cave with two large dogs at his heels, he was carrying fire wood... that he threw down next to the small fire in the cave... The mand had brown hair and yellow eyes and he smelled very pungently to Neil's Wicked senses like a half crazed wolf
"Well, looky at this one Patch... Thought we had a dead bird on our hands. Hehehe... So stranger what are you doin' out here?"
Neil turned as he noticed the distinct smell of wolf, recognizing the man as a fellow Wicked. He looked at man, still calm, but surprised. It wasn't often he met others of his kind. He smirked at the man, his raven flying to his shoulder at the sight of the dogs.
"Hehe That would have been unfortunate, luckily I'm a bit more resilient than that. I was sitting on the cliff side when it caved in. It can be a nice place to sit and think."
The man raised his eyebrow at Neil... "Yeah, you sure were lucky... Your lil friend there wouldn't stop cawing over your head (pointing to the Raven) ... I don't know how long you were down there but it we dug you out about 2 days ago... I've had to make you drink water every once in a while but here... PATCH, TRACER!... Go get some food boys..." (The two large dogs left, Neil's raven ruffled itself as they left but then became calm) "So... what's your name, Stranger?"
Neil looked at his bird and smiled. "She's a good girl." He turned back to the man, letting some of his surprise show. "I've been unconscious for two days? I had no idea. Thank you. I probably would have been a dead bird if you all hadn't come along." He pet the raven, laughing at her ruffled appearance. "There, there, girl. No need to be haughty." Neil turned back to the man. "I'm called Neil. Neil Aberon. What's your name, stranger?"
The name's Dahvin, the boys are Patch and Tracer... Well Neil, where do you live?... Exactly?... (Dahvin seemed very tense for some reason... At a closer examination his eyes were not only golden but half slitted like a wolves)
Neil lightly pet the raven, noticing Dahvin's sudden change in mood. He smiled calmly at the man. "It's nice to meet you, Dahvin. and the boys." He focused on keeping a comforting smile in place. "I live in a villige nearby. Dahvin, I heard screaming when the cliff gave way. what happened?"
Dahvin: ... There---There's no one left Neil... All we found was blood and a lot smoke... the homes were all destroyed, like something had come down and clawed the earth but...... Neil the claw marks were large enough that you could stand in them with room to hop... but... (Dahvin pulled out a piece of cloth and threw it to Neil... It smelled like... some kind of horrific beast, Neil couldn't tell what but whatever it was it was HUGE and it wasn't friendly, not at all) We found this... I don't know what it is but it's still not safe here... It's why we haven't moved you from the cave.
Neil nodded, his calm smile now tinged with sadness. " I see. When I heard the screaming I knew something had happened, but this is....Things like this don't happen around here." Neil caught the cloth, looking at it, disgusted by the smell. "I don't know either. I'm glad you didn't try and move me. After what happened, I'm glad someone is still , well, alive. Do you think it's still in the area?"
Dahvin: "You can smell the thing... in the air... it's everywhere but I haven't seen it since I found you... " (The dogs came back with no food but barked simultaineously twice) "DAMN, it's back in the town... and that's the only way out of the Valley... Except..." (He looked at Neil smirking.)
Neil took a sniff of the air around him, frowning as he noticed the smell all around him. He looked over as the dogs came back, still keeping calm but not happy with the news. Neil turned to Dahvin, smirking. "Except for me." Neil stood, keeping a hand on his raven to hold her steady.
Dahvin: YOU can fly can't ya... Here follow me... (Dahvin ran out of the cave on all fours his dogs following him)
Neil smiled, nodding. "Well, i am a bird after all." He ran after Dahvin, forming wings on his back and following from the air. His raven flying by his side, both alert, though not comfortable with the smell in the air.
Dahvin: (He smiled to Neil)... Good then (they walked around a small ridge and then they saw the thing that had destroyed Neil's village...) Not sure how it got down here but... We need to get around it to that cave... (He pointed to a small dark spot on the otherside of the village)
Neil smiled at Dahvin, following the man. He looked at the creature in more tahn mild surprise, refusing to let his fear get the better of him. He turned back to Dahvin. "I suppose you have a plan, Dahvin?"
Dahvin smirked giving a coy smile and raising an eyebrow... "I always do!... You're going to fly to the cave... on the otherside is a checkpoint to the Aryssian capital, I've got a friend there that can take care of your needs once you get passed that... and I'm..." Dahvin's eyes began to glow amber then he hunched over and quickly transformed into a nine foot tall half wolf man "While I run into the opposite side of the Valley... If you're lucky you'll get to the checkpoint... and if I'm lucky, well maybe I'll find what I'm lookin' for... READY!?" (Dahvin got down on his haunches and prepared to sprint)
Neil smirked, hiding a blush. "I can believe that." As Dahvin's form changed, Neil stepped away, his eyes darkening to a bluish back, black feathers covering his body, and his hands turning into talons, ready to fly. He turned back to Dahvin, concerned. "Ready! Are you sure you're going to be alright on your own?"
Dahvin gave a wolfish grin at Neil's blush "Just Find my friend at the checkpoint, he's blonde and a little stuck up..." Dahvin then bolted towards and around the giant dragon in the middle of the town he started barking while his dogs circled wider and away from the monster "GO GO GO GO GO GO!"
Neil smiled at Dahvin's grin, before nodding. "With that description, I doubt I could miss him." Neil watched the man as he bolted towards the dragon before turning and flying towards the cave.
The giant dragon noticed Dahvin and his dogs then began spraying fire like a torch... Dahvin ducked behind an already charred house... The dragon looked over to Neil and was about to swipe at him but Tracer and Patch grabbed hold under the base of it's tail ripping chunks of flesh out of its rear that may have been small by comparison to its body although it was in a very painful region causing it to yell in pain and instead lashed it's tail at the dogs... Neil made his way most of the way to the cave, the dragon seeming not to notice him anymore... Dahvin yelled to Neil as he intercepted the attack for his dogs grabbing the monster's tail...
Neil swiftly moved out of the way as the dragon seemed prepared to swipe at him. He looked down, seeing Dahvin and his dogs attack it by its tail, his concern for them growing by the moment. Running was the wise thing to do at the moment, but he didn't want to leave Dahvin if there was a chance he could die. Neil stayed in the air, keeping as much distance as he could from the dragon, unsure what to do.
As Neil entered the air higher he noticed a very very large group of knights and priests headed their way... they were led by 5 people in the front but were headed the long way around the mountain rather than through the cave below Neil... The dragon slapped Dahvin aside sending him into a building... The dogs darted between different streets avoiding and distracting the monster. A blonde youth at their head.
Neil looked at the group, spotting the blonde. He grimanced. That seemed to be the person Dahvin had been talking about, but he and his men weren't near enough at the moment to be of much help to either Neil or Dahvin. Neil turned back towards the other Wicked and the dragon, seeing Dahvin being sent into a building. Neil flew towards the group landing a few feet in front of them, at the moment not really thinking how his appearance could affect them. "A creature is attacking down in the nearest town. Please help. Someone is down there, trying to fend it off." Neil turned to Prince. "He said someone like you would be coming."
Prince held up a hand from his men about to fire on Neil, his voice boomed with command "Only, Fire on My Mark!" looked at the large bird man who just flew out of the sky and expected him to help kill a monster... It was his job but, this was certainly ... "THROUGH THAT CAVE MEN ATTACK ON LORD CAPTAIN VANCE'S ORDER..." He jumped off his horse then looked at the man next to him "Lord Vance lead the charge" The man merely bowed and charged forward with the other knights, Prince then looked to Neil "I... um... must say this is unnexpected, don't worry, we'll assist your friend... I'm sorry about my men, they've been a little jumpy lately."
Neil looked at the men prepared to fire at him, smiling sadly. This reaction didn't surprise him that was the sad thing. He prepared himself for a jump, as he readied himself to take flight the moment the men fired. Then the blonde boy ordered them to stop. Neil watched the other knights charge, careful to stay where he was, in case they decided to change their mind. Neil looked at Prince, smiling apologetically, "Thank you. No, it's alright, really. It's an understandable response to have. I didn't take into account how they may take ...all of this into account."
Prince: Hmph... (he looked side to side then whispered to Neil) don't take it too hard, we have a few Wickeds among the men here, some of the best too... Just not many... And I've met very few of your kind I've disliked... trust me my prejudices lie elsewhere. (He smiled at Neil then put his hand out to shake) Princelon Archori, High Guard of House Archori, it's a pleasure.
Neil looks at Prince, a bit surprised. His smile became more calm, though he still felt for concern for Dahvin and his dogs. Neil changed his hand back to a more human looking apearance as he took Princes hand and shook it. "That's very nice to hear. Neil Aberon. It's a pleasure to meet you as well."

(Prince Nodded) "It might take a little time but my men should be able to sort this ordeal out... Are there any other survivors from the town besides yourself?"
: Neil nodded, his smile slipping a bit. "Accroding to Dahvin, I'm the only one left."
Prince cocked an eye at Neil... then looked up to the cave hearing his men fight the Dragon... Then looked back to Neil... "I'm sorry I must have misheard you... According to who?"
Neil looked down at the sound of the men fighting the dragon. Neil looked back at Prince, smiling calmly "Accrding to my friend."
Prince raised an eyebrow at Neil... Then pulled out a book and turned to a page... He showed him a very detailed drawn picture of Dahvin... it read... {{DAHVIN MARKLIST-- RANK-- 7/10 TOP CRIMINAL-- BOUNTY: 6,800 Black Gold Marks}}........ "He didn't happen to look like this did he?"
Neil wouldn't have ever seen as much as 1 Black Gold Mark in his life, a local farming family would be lucky to make that much money in a money in a month!... Prince looked at Neil speculatively but not convictive... He didn't seem to care about arresting Neil, in fact he just seemed determined to find information.
Neil continued watching Prince. He was aware lying to this man was likely very foolish, but Dahvin was the reason Neil was alive. If this man knowing he was here led to him getting arrested, he would rather avoid helping that happen. Neil looked at the bounty for a moment before looking back at Prince. "No, not really. He had brown hair. That's the only resemblance."
Prince smiled and chuckled lightly "Well that's an awful shame then... isn't it..." Prince gave Neil a wink as Lord Vance approached them...
Vance: "Milord, we were able to seal the beast into a slumber... we should be able to seal it here...
Vance flinched visibly, which seemed very unlike him considering his age and rank
Vance: "We were unable to locate him... I'm not even sure he was here..."
Prince: "Keep searching! Make Sure!"
Vance: "YES MILORD!"
Vance trotted off as Prince turned back to Neil giving a half smile... "We've been trying to root him out for months but... unfortunately he seems to always be out of our reach... you'd be surprised how difficult some people are to find, you know?"
Neil smiled at Princes reaction, hiding his surprise. He nodded. "It is. I'm sorry I wasn't of any help." He watched Princes interaction with Vance, hiding a growing smile as he understood what was going on. He turned to Prince, his calm smile still in place. "That is unfortunate. Some people can very skilled at making it so they can't be found. My kind are proof of that often enough. He seems very crafty if you haven't found him yet."
Prince: "Mhmm... You have no idea..." He spoke in a lower voice... "Justice yields to those who make the charge against evil... at least until they stop doing so... A good leader knows when to yield..." Something in Prince's pouch began glowing like a small heart beating with white light
Neil lowered his voice, smiling at Prince's words. "That's very true. Those who are too severe for whatever cause only end up stiring chaos in the end, even if they don't mean to. It's sad how few people understand that." Neil looked at the pouch and pointed. "Excuse me. whatever is in your bag seems to be glowing."
Prince looked down at his pouch... the raised an eyebrow looking up at Neil... "You gotta be kidding me..." Prince pulled out a small blueish stone and held it out to Neil "Everywhere I go these days... This thing seemes to glows whenever I meet someone new... It's supposed to show me to those who will help me fulfill Aryss' destiny... it also bends fate to protect them until I find them..." He held it out for Neil to hold.
Neil looked at Prince curiously. He analyzed the stone from where he stood, looking around to make sure no one else could see before changing back into a more human form. He looked at the blue stone uncertainly before taking it carefuly, examining it in his hands. "That would explain why I'm still alive at all."
The stone rung out with a single sound like a piano key being struck and glowed at a constant rate... It radiated dully... Prince smiled and chuckled once under his breath... "HM! Well... Not too surprising at least one of your kind are mixed up in this... Well Neil... seeing as you're out of a home at least temporarily and you seem to be out of an occupation... how would you like to join a group of adventurers I'm fixing together?"
Neil looked at the stone fascinated. He looked back at Prince as he heard his chuckle. He smiled at the blonde, still careful to keep as gentle a hold as possible on the stone. "Unfortunately, you are right about that. Your offer sounds nice, but are you sure these other adventurers would be comfortable with a Wicked traveling with them? I saw how your men reacted."
Prince: You'd be surprised... this group is not much like the norm of my men... They've all proven themselves capable, and humane... And I have to have faith that Aryss' fate will lead me down the right path... What do you say...
Prince took the stone and dropped three dropplets of water from his flask and the stone turned dark.
Neil listened to Prince's words. He, at least, seemed to believe them genuinely. Neil nodded. "That's refreshing to hear. If you're certain there won't be any discomfort caused by my presence, I can't see a reason to say no." Neil watched Prince and the stone. "Hopefully Aryss's fate will be the right path for all of us. It's better if things like this don't happen often."
Prince: "There might be a little discomfort at first but, I'll vouch for you as I will for the others..." he lowered his voice "Honestly if you weren't here I'd have lost my one of my only contacts in the crime network... I owe you a good word here and there at least... Also it would be appreciated if you not mention any of that in front of my mother... we can keep my contact with Mr. Marklist between us...?"
Neil nodded. "I'm sure there will be. Thank you for that." He smiled, lowering his voice. "I wasn't intending on telling anyone. I owe him that much. I'm glad I was able to help though."
"Well... Vance and the soldiers should have sealed the beast by now... Let's join them... we'll leave for the palace tonight and you can start meeting the rest of the group when we get there..." //-END

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Re: Unknown Worlds: LORE & PROFILES

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Username: Skylark-13

Name: Dymas Liles

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Height: 5’11”

Sexuality: Pansexual

Relationship Status: Single

Nationality: Aryssian

Class: Mage

Weapon of Choice:
Spell Book
Fireball: The caster throws a moderate sized ball of flame that burns foes and impacts them with great force.
Razor Gale: The caster shoots a powerful blast of slicing wind that hits foes like a scythe blade.
Flame Wall: The caster creates a wall of protective flame from the ground up as high as the caster dictates.
Desert Winds: The caster sends a twister of burning hot air at his/her foes that will grow around a target entrapping them temporarily

Magical Affinities/Concept: Fire & Wind

Dymas lived on the outskirts of one of the bigger cities in Aryss for most of his life, growing up next to a river with his mother Elysia, a rather skilled dancer, his father Ray, a silly but good-intentioned thief- and, by the time he was five, his younger brother, Sorio. For a time, the family was happy- until one day, a storm hit. Although Dymas and his parents managed to make it out of their house before it was demolished, Sorio didn’t- and despite their attempts to search for the young child, he never was found, leaving the family to grieve not only for their lost home, but their lost kin as well.
Despite this loss, they soon moved on, moving closer to the city so Dymas’ mother could be closer to where she performed- and so that Dymas could have better access to the library, teaching himself all he could about whatever he could get his hands on- especially magic. Even though they distanced themselves from the river, however, they weren’t free from its effects- eventually, a drought hit the area, leaving the entire city in a state of panic. Luckily, they were hit less severely than lesser populated areas, and most of the city survived, though only through careful water rationing.
Eventually though, Dymas got to the age where he was restless- his parents could see he didn’t want to simply stick around- and so his father started taking him with him on jobs, training him the art of thievery. The boy didn’t truly enjoy the work, but did it to make his father proud- until finally, his father decided he trusted him enough and that he was strong enough to send him off alone. Currently, Dymas is staying in a hotel in a small village in Aryss, performing an errand for his parents- and enjoying his freedom, before having to head back home.

Dymas awoke and found himself... upside down?... he could feel the blood rushing to his head... he was very dizzy and could barely see... there was something binding him it was sticky and wet... it was all over his body except for his mouth and one of his eyes... he could hear disonante moaning near him from several other people... it was dark and dank... something most certainly wasn't alright
Dymas frowned in confusion as he slowly awoke, struggling to remember where he had been. He swore he hadn't been like this when he had fallen asleep... And he definitely didn't remember being bound. Upon realizing he could hardly move, he started squirming, his eye opening as he tried to look around and see what was happening. He didn't like this- he didn't like this at all. Especially the strange sounds- those sounded almost like people in pain... He didn't like this, not one bit, and he started trying to think of a way to escape even before knowing what was going on.
Dymas heard a very loud scuttling to his left... it moved quickly in many directions back and forth... Some screaming came from the same direction as it seemed to stop in front of different people near Dymas... as he struggled Dymas was able to get his left hand free as well as the rest of his face... in the darkness he couldn't see the rest of the room except there was a light in front of him that appeared to be the entrance to the cave he seemed to be in... He and a number of other people who were wrapped up in some kind of giant Spider Web... A dark skinned woman entered the mouth of the cave... she was in some kind of light armor... she began looking around... The scuttling suddenly stopped at the exact moment as she entered.
Dymas frowned as he heard the scuttling sounds, not at first realizing what it likely was- but once he freed his hand, and rubbed a bit of the webbing between his fingers, it clicked, and he had to bit his tongue to keep from cursing out loud. Great. Spiders. Just fantastic. He had no idea how this had happened, but he tried his best to peer around in the dark, hoping his eyes might adjust to the low light so he could see. The screaming was unnerving, sure, but he expected to notice if anything got near him- and if anything did, well, he’d actually move instead of just trying  to figure out where he was… When the woman appeared in the entrance to the cave, blocking some of his meager light, he twisted to look towards her, taking in what he could of her appearance before tensing some. Was she someone to help…? Or was she responsible for him being here? He doubted the spiders had brought him here on their own, surely he would remember that… But if she was innocent, she was in danger. He hesitated a moment, unsure… before sighing heavily. “Hey, lady--! Be careful-”
The young woman looked up... then nodded... "I'll cut you all out hopefully she's not..." She was about to duck into a corner when suddenly she was picked up by a giant grey hand that reached out from the darkness... then a gigantic form moved out from the darkness... It looked up at Dymas smiling in its sick way
It mocked their words in an echoy demonic voice "Hey lady... Be careful... I'll cut you all out of this... Hopefully she's not..."
Dymas breathed a sigh of relief as it seemed the woman wasn’t out to kill him- but when the hand suddenly appeared and grabbed her, his eyes went wide, and he started squirming more frantically, hoping to get free before whatever it was grabbed him too. Upon seeing the horrific sight of the rest of the creature, though, he froze, mouth going dry with fear at the sight. What… in the hell was that?! For a moment, all he could do was stare, paralyzed by terror- but as he slowly realized that nobody else was going to save him, he quickly started thinking of a way to save himself. His parents hadn’t raised him like they had for nothing. Quickly, he snapped his attention towards the webs he was still wrapped up in, muttering curses under his breath as he tried to use his free hand to tug himself free. When that proved too slow, he started using little flashes of fire to speed it along, but he was very careful to make sure the entire web wasn’t caught up in flames. He wanted out of this, and quick- he had no idea if that other woman was still alive, but either way, she likely wouldn’t be much help, captured by the monstrosity as she was.
The woman cursed then narrowed her eyes at the horrific thing... She twisted her head then seemed to spin at super high speed in the creatures hand
Hag-Widow: "Oh No, Please Help Me, I DON'T WANT TO DIE" The creature didn't seem to actually be speaking it was just repeating the words it had heard from other people in it's grotesque voice
The thing let go of her and held its hand in pain... Then it tried to shoot webbing out of its mouth at her heels but she moved at blinding speed around the creature. The monster seemed too distracted to notice Dymas burning himself free
So he’d been wrong about the woman being of any help. He noticed vaguely that something was happening over with the creature, but he didn’t dare look, instead focusing on getting himself freed. The screaming and yelling was creepy as hell, but he had almost gotten rid of all the webbing… With sigh of relief, he got rid of the last bit before wiggling free, holding on to what was left so he was hanging by his hands- before letting go, landing in a crouch with a wince for the stinging, but ignoring it as he soon turned his attention to the monster, sort of staring in surprise at how fast this woman was moving. That… couldn’t be human, could it? Quietly, he started edging towards the exit to the cave- if this woman could move that fast, surely she could escape the damn spider-beast after he got out, without needing help?
The woman looked over to Dymas... "Run.. Don't listen to her words..."
The voice grew more and more shrill until it became a screech... the others in the webs seemed to shake violently then just stop as the webs tightened until it strangled them... the woman darted from side to side confusing the monster... she began running around the thing making the air spin around it like a tornado.
Dymas noticed what the woman said, nodding some as he hurried to the entrance to the cave, though quickly moving to cover his ears with a grimace as the shrieking and screeching turned all the more intense, glancing behind him as he noticed the others caught in the web didn’t seem to be doing so well- but it was too late to help them now, and that woman seemed to have the monster rather well contained… He was tempted to help but he wasn’t sure how without endangering the person who had practically just saved him, so instead he simply backed up more, biting his lip as he watched. He wanted to make sure she got out safe…
The woman quickly darted out just as the Hag-Widow swung at her... she took a deep cut across the back of her leg... She fell and tumbled at high speed... The Hag-Widow shot a stream of webbing at her and began to drag her in... suddenly a Blonde knight in silver blue armor came running up and cut the web with his sword then he yelled at the monster "GET AWAY!" His voice seemed to boom and the monster flew backwards as if struck with a gigantic hammer... the knight dragged the woman back quickly then yelled back again as the monster tried to get up and attack him... his eyes glowed golden his face wrathful and commanding like "I SAID GET AWAAAAAAAY!" His voice shook the entire cave it shuddered and ran away in fear from him... he wavered for just a second as he stood before falling on his rear seeming very out of breath.
Dymas’ eyes went wide as he saw the woman tumbling to the ground, cursing under his breath as he started forward, preparing himself for a more powerful fire spell than before- but before he could do anything, some stranger on a horse came galloping in, yelling at the thing and seemingly scaring it. This caused the mage to sort of just stand there and watch, hesitant to get involved now- even covering his ears at the very loud yelling from the knight. Once he saw the other male falling over though, he sort of inched forward, hesitant. Was this some sort of princess saved by the prince thing? They certainly /seemed/ like they could fit the bill… He quietly shifted on his feet, biting his lip as he realized he still had a half finished spell in mind- and with a sigh, he let it go, a little flicker of fire wavering in the air around him before fading. “... Impressive--”
The young knight sat there then chuckled somewhat... Then he looked up to see Dymas... "Wuh?... um... thank you but I... I'm very sorry but who are you?... I knew she'd be here but honestly I wasn't expecting anyone else..."
Dymas sighed softly, shaking his head some. “You’re welcome. And the name’s Dymas-- I don’t even know how I got here, so really, you’re not the only one not expecting it--” He gave a thin smile before glancing around the cave with a small shudder, his nose wrinkling with distaste before he sighed. He didn’t know what to do now, other than leave- but he wasn’t sure if that creature would return, and he didn’t want to leave these two alone with the risk, even if they were more than capable without him… Hesitantly, he looked towards the entrance to the cave, sort of shifting on his feet uncomfortably.
The man stood up and put his hand out to Dymas "Well, Dymas, it's a pleasure. Princelon Archori." then his eyes widened as several screeches from deep inside the cave came forth... "DAMN!... I forgot they hunt in packs"
Dymas took the stranger’s hand and shook it firmly, a little light going off in the back of his head as the man introduced himself- he was a prince. If this was some sort of storybook situation, he really needed to get out of there… You never heard of someone else being there unless they were the bad guy- but then there was shrieking, and his eyes went wide at the mention of /packs/. “Packs?? There’s more of that-- thing--?!”
Prince helped Treen to her feet and put her on the horse...
Prince: "Run to the check point and tell the guards to reinforce the area... We'll do what we can..."
Treen: "Aye!"... she said then bolted on the horse to the east... Prince looked to Dymas
Prince: We should run.
Dymas watched quietly as Prince put the woman on the horse and sent her off, trying not to show panic at the thought of more than one of those monsters- but as soon as the mention of running left the other’s lips, he nodded. “Sounds like a good plan to me--!” he replied, before turning to somewhat carefully make his way out of the cave, cursing under his breath.
Prince turned and ran as quickly as he could even in armor he seemed swift... The screeches came from closer to the mouth of the cave now... thet ducked into a copse of trees near the cave and moved down a hill quickly... Prince looked to Dymas...
Prince: Can you cast something that would make a good distraction... if they can't  see us maybe we can lose them!
Dymas was quick to start running after Prince once he saw the other actually moving fairly quickly, grimacing as the sounds of the creatures got closer and closer to the entrance to the cave. They were escaping, at least somewhat, but he worried about whether they would make it… Until he heard Prince speaking. Quickly, he looked at the other, before staring up towards the crest of the hill. Maybe… Quietly, he muttered under his breath, not really any sort of thing to help him but more curses directed towards the monsters- but it only took a moment for a ball of fire the size of a softball to appear in his hand, and he kept it hidden from view as he edged over- then tossed it off towards some trees in the opposite direction as them, hoping it would make the creatures think that was where they had gone.
Prince: (He kept his voice at a normal tone so the monsters wouldn't hear him) Beautiful... Hahaha... (The Hag-Widows ran out of the cave about 5 of them then they looked over and ran towards the fire like a beacon... two of them got distracted and tripped over each other's legs then rolled down the otherside of the hill away from Dymas and Prince both now fighting each other rolling in the flames screeching... Prince and Dymas managed to duck into a trench nearby...)
Prince: That was genius.
Dymas was somewhat surprised to see his quickly scrabbled together plan going so well, but he grinned some at Prince’s comment and nodded, watching as the creatures went for the fire, a few even fighting when they got caught up with each other… He grinned as he and Prince moved to a trench, chuckling softly. “I certainly didn’t expect it to go quite so well,” he admitted quietly, careful to keep his voice low still as he ran a hand through his hair, brushing it back out of his face now that he had time to.
Prince smiled at Dymas panting "Good thinking... After *pant* a while *pant* you get used to it... but I forget how fickle monsters can be from time to time" Prince looked over the trench slightly the one monster had killed the other then the other three had started looking for them but with little success "If we just stay here until Treen gets back she'll send in the troops and clear this place out..." (Prince pulled something out of his pouch, it was a small white stone, he looked at it sadly)... "I guess you don't always work..."
Dymas smiled at Prince and nodded, quietly accepting the compliment before giving a soft chuckle. “Haven’t quite had to deal with anything so terrifying before,” he muttered, glancing over as well before sinking down into the trench and getting more comfortable. “Mhmm… Alright,” he replied, giving the male a faint smile before blinking as he pulled out a small stone, staring at it before looking at Prince. “... What’s it supposed to do?”
Prince: Hmm?... Oh... It's supposed to lead me to my country's destiny and the people who will help me fulfill it... it's also supposed to protect them from harm until I find them... Treen and I were following someone else who was captured by those /things/... and well he's dead now... (Prince fiddled with the stone between his fingers.)
Dymas frowned softly as Prince explained, watching him roll the thing in his fingers before he winched, hearing him say the person they’d been looking for was dead. “I’m sorry to hear that…” he mumbled, giving the other a small, sad smile before glancing towards the monsters, sighing. “Hopefully it won’t be too long, and you can go back to your quest, finding the next person you need--”
Prince smiled back at Dymas "You know you're right, I've found almost everyone else and---" Suddenly the stone started glowing like a heart beat "... But..." He looked up to Dymas then furrowed his brow "Dymas... Maybe it wasn't pointing me to the other man... maybe... it was just bringing me here." He held the stone out to Dymas to hold
Dymas seemed relieved at first when Prince didn't seem too upset over losing the person- of course, he felt bad for those who hadn't made it out, but at least he'd live to see his family, right...? And he'd met a prince. Wouldn't his parents be impressed- As the other spoke up again, he turned to look at him, frowning as he looked at the stone. It was glowing now...? "... Here-? I--" The male stared at the stone, then at prince, before hesitantly reaching out to take it, not really sure just what was going on anymore.
The stone glowed at a constant rate and a quiet hum like a note on a piano being held... "Well I'll be..." Prince looked down at the stone smiling "I guess it did protect who I was looking for after all..." Prince started laughing quietly then looked back to the mage beside him "Dymas, how would you like to work with a group of adventurers I'm gathering together... So far they're all good people, strong and loyal, we come from all walks of life... What do you say?"
Dymas just sort of stared at the stone for a moment before looking up at Prince, raising a brow at that. It had protected him...? He remained quiet as Prince spoke to him, listening to what he had to say and staring at the stone quietly- but as he finished, he slowly looked up, humming under his breath. "... It sounds... good. I can't say great, but-- good..." He smiled then, chuckling a little. Finally, a job away from his parents--
Prince smiled almost seeing the thoughts form in Dymas' head... He knew the look of someone seeking adventure for the sake of breaking away from the norm... "Well I can't guarentee it'll be safe... but it most certainly won't be boring, and we'll have good people beside us... What do you say?" Prince put his hand out to shake on it
Dymas chuckled as Prince told him it likely wouldn't be safe, but that it would be entertaining and the people were good- so when the other put out his hand, he reached out to shake it firmly, laughing a little. "I say it's worth it- I'm in."
(suddenly a horn sounded and the sound of several dozen men in armor on horse back charging into the cave followed by screeching of those awful monsters rang out at the top of the hill)
Prince: Well, there's my men... (he smiled proudly)... not our group, just the Aryssian Guard. Most of them are capable battle mages and will clear out that cave in a few hours... Here let's go find Treen, I'm sure she's worried about us both... //-END

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Re: Unknown Worlds: LORE & PROFILES

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Username: HiddenSpring

Name: Canas Beckett

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1"

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single? Up in the air

Nationality: Aryssian, but travels too much to have a home

Class: Cursed Mage

Weapon of Choice: Magic

Magical Affinities/Concept: Dark (Cursed)

Abilities: Cursed Form: As his aggression grows he will slowly be overcome with his curse, becoming more powerful and more chaotic as it progresses. Added Power, Strength, Speed, Durability, Stamina
DANGER: can cause self harm to allies as well as drain stamina quickly when taking injuries.

Black Sphere: Can fire a powerful orb of dark energy that bursts with energy and either cause damage to inanimate objects or causes intense pain and knockback to foes.

Razor Shadows: Fires a rapid attack of razor sharp darts and stars made of dark energy.

Seal of Darkness: Creates a circle on the ground the Maximum size, 10 feet wide, gravity will either increase or decrease greatly within that circle.

Prologue: Canas was born a gypsy in the Aryssian country side, born in a caravan. He was the middle child of his two brothers, one older and one younger. This caravan traveled all around, spreading music to each town they visited. Soon after he turned 3, his father died in an accident that shook the gypsy caravan something fierce. They two boys tried to cheer her up, and they succeeded, giving their mother the assurance an accident like this was not her fault. Soon, she fell in love with a mercenary named Ian, and the two wed when Canas was 8. Canas and his older brother wanted to keep their father's last name, while the youngest new born would have the other last name. So, the cycle continued, and Ian went off on missions for money while the gypsies traveled. One day the older brother decided he needed to see the world his Father wanted him to see, so he left on a pilgrimage, not heard from for many years. When Canas was 16, they got a letter from him, saying he was safe and making a living as a man of the cloth. Canas then knew he needed to do the same thing, and go into the world. A year later, at 17, Canas left and started to travel the world. He went into a town and was able to stay in the library for free. There, we were able to find his love for learning and knowledge, and also, he started to dabble in the said, worst type of magic. He traveled from town to town, making these crafted jewelery for money, and learning about the Elder Magic, or dark magic. One night, the village he was staying in was attacked by bandits, and Canas went to help. He used his magic, but he couldn't control it, and it wouldn't work. He used a improvised weapon instead, but was captured along with several other villagers. They were going to be killed if a ransom wasn't paid, but Canas wasn't having it. He managed to escape, and used his dark magic to slaughter the bandits, but he lost control again, and destroyed a mountain near the town, turning into a monster. The next morning, he woke up, bloody, alone, and scared. He went into isolation for a long time, devoting all his time to gaining control of himself and this power he decided to study. He found ways to limit himself, to keep calm, and avoid something like that from happening unless it needed to. Now, he's traveling in the Aryssian countryside, ready to see the world again.

Canas awakens feeling nauziated and confused... he was laying on what felt like a wooden floor not quite long enough for him to fully extend his legs... it's dark except for a small amount of light coming through cracks in between the wooden boards in the wall... He didn't remember much except that he had stumbled upon some unlikely travelers then he had felt a sharp pain in his neck and... that was the last thing he remembered... as he tried to stand he noticed he was chained with some mysterious looking metal to the back of the cart he was in.

Canas tried to get his bareings, unsure of himself and trying to figure out where he was. His head hurt, he couldn't think properly, and everything was a blur.
"Crishna...Agan...where are you?" he asked himself, trying to think maybe they were around. But no, they weren't. He tried to move, but he couldn't. He was restrained. "Well...this is a predictiment..." he said. "I guess I'll have to see what happens..."

The cart suddenly stopped the sound of several heavy footed men came from the front cart a voice could be heard from the otherside "Get these slaves out of the carts and water them... We'll be to the border of Makhir soon enough...." Suddenly the doors to the back of Canas' travel cart were opened up and several masked men with long metallic fork like weapons the pointed them at him to keep him away while one of them approached Canas' bonds

Canas' eyes widened He was so confused. But whatever was happening, he realized these were his captors, and he needed to escape. Maybe he could use his magic?
"Now now gentleman, let's not be too hasty. I'm surly no one of value to you. Have you taken a good look at me? I'm scrawny. If you want me for manuel labor, I'll be no help at all." he said, struggling to get free. "Praythee you'll understand and end my suffering here gentlemen." he gave a stunning smile.

The men in masks didn't really seem to give heed to his words much one of them said "That's not our problem, freak..." The guards pulled on his chains and moved him out with a few other people... one had brown hair and golden eyes he stood next to Canas at the stream as the guards pulled him forward the other captive looked at him "Nice day."

Canas didn't like those words. "Freak? My word, I will tell you I'm perfe-ACK!" he was jerked forward. "Ah..." the sun was blinding him and he realized his monocle was broken. "Ah...that's going to take a while to fix..." he said to himself as he was pushed down toward the stream, only to see another man. "I agree...mostly." he gestured to those who were handling him roughly. "So...what exactly is going on? I'm sorry, I only remember traveling and...then falling...that's about it." he gave a smile.

The man chuckled a little "Here, sit... they'll let us hang here for just a little while while they and their boss smoke... Welcome to Master Vrozk's managery of freaks..." he gestured to the carts, where the name was plastered on big time with gold and red lettering. It was alittle hard to read.  "It's a slave circus... They use an amnesiate anesthetic you forget how you got here but don't really care once you're here..." he put out a hand for Canas to shake "Name's Dahvin, Stranger, Wicked and local troublemaker."

Canas started to think. "Hmmm...I see..." he said and looked at the river. He started to form a plan. "My name is Canas...I'm a gypsy and a scholar." he said, looking at the men smoking. "Tell me Dahvin...what do they plan on doing to us then?" he asked, looking at the river and dunking his head in it, and then pulling out to breathe. It was refreshing, the best feeling he felt all day. "Shit..." he took his monocle off and pocketed it.

Dahvin sat down then picked up a rock and skipped it in the stream... "*sigh*... I wish I could tell you... Far as I know, they're gonna torture us until we agree to act as animals in their circus." he laid on his back with his hands heading his head.

Canas looked around for a moment. "Hmmm..." he started to think. He went to concentrate, a dark of dark energy appearing in his hand. He blasted it over the chains and...nothing. Damn! He did have a choice...but after what happened. Canas sat there, thinking about what to do. "Magic resistant chains...it seems I've underestimated our captors..." he said and then chuckled. "I guess I have no choice but to go with this and go where the winds take me..." he started to hum an old tune, closing his eyes as he hummed. Crishna sang it better, but he mumbled the words. It cheered him up a little.

Dahvin began to chuckle "Well someone who actually knows how to stay cool... hahahaha... don't take it the wrong way, Canas, it's really refreshing... You don't know how many people I know who are just way too---" The guards then came over and began jabbing the captives into their carts... "Ugh, these guys... Canas! quickly take the whistle out of my back pocket! before they see!"

Canas nodded and got a bit closer. He started fishing for the whistle. He grabbed it and palmed it.
"I have it." he whispered. He smiled at the guards. "Well, I don't think that'll be nesscessary. I can walk." he said.

The guards put them in their seperate carts Dahvin yelled after him "Nice meetin' you Stranger..." A man came up with the guards seeming to check up on everyone... his voice seemed cynical and gruff... "Well well well... Looky here..." A man with silver ridged spikey skin like a dragon came up to the cart smirking arrogantly at Canas "What's this freak?" the guards explained that they found him in the woods and that the villagers nearby thought he was some kind of monster... Before they darted him with the anesthetic marks grew over his body and he killed two of their capturers... "Well, not a bad catch boys... We'll have to make sure he's trained to do that when the nobles come around to look at him..." the guards only responded with yes master Vrozk.

Canas looked a little confused. "I think they have me confused with this creature. I assure you I am no creature of killing mettle." he said politely. He was pretty scared honestly, but getting scared was not going to solve this issue. He had to remain calm and not panic. He knew what they were talking about...and they were right. But, maybe he if asked polite, it would be okay.

The guards looked confused and seemed to somewhat believe Canas but The man in the suit who the others called Vrozk smirked "Nice try, freak, we get that all the time" The man shut the door and locked Canas back in the cart... The cart started moving shortly later... Dahvin's voice came through the other cart... He kept his voice low... "Blow that every few minutes... We'll be out of here in no time... When they come make sure to keep your head down and don't look them in the eye..."

Canas nodded. He had to believe Dahvin right now. He didn't really have a choice. He regripped the whistle and gripped it between his teeth. He blew on the whistle and then made his head go limp, closing his eyes. After a few minutes, he blew the whistle again.

The whistle didn't seem to make any noise barking and howling could be heard off in the distance... after Canas had blown the whistle for almost two hours a loud noise rang off in the front car and the sounds of very large animals could be heard... The guards began screaming and the sound of ripping could be heard... Dahvin's voice whispered "Keep down man, they won't eat you if you just chill..."

Canas palmed the whistle again. "Calm is what I do best." he said. He wanted to stop blowing that whistle after the first hour, but he had to trust Dahvin for now. He also dropped it once, and had to get it with his foot. He was tired, weakened, sweating. He let out a sigh and just relaxed.

Vrozk's voice ran out "GET TO THE HORSES!" the sound of horses neighing and running off could be heard then the sounds of large animals scratching at something then wood breaking could be heard in a pattern... Scratch, Break, Scream... Scratch, Break, Scream... Scratch, Break, Scream... Scratch, Break, Scream... Scratch, Break... Then Dahvin's voice "OH! What good boys... Breaking daddy out of slavery for some bastardy lizard face!... Huh... You see that door?... My friend's in there, go get him... go get him out of the cart..." Scratching came at Canas' cart door then the door broke down... Several enormous dogs the size of horses stood there next to Dahvin who was smiling coyly and clapping silently.

Canas looked up and then smiled. "Ah, I see...you're a trapper with those types of animals. Breed and raised by you I assume?" he asked, tossing the whistle back. Canas was still chained, so it was hard to throw. "Now...I believe you were going to break me out?" he was honestly a little upset this was too easy. He'd gotten out a worse before, but this was too easy...way too easy...something was up.

"Of course..." Dahvin went up to Canas' bonds, and put the key into the lock. It was covered in blood, but still worked like a charm. "And not really, they call themselves the wild hunt..." he remarked, gesturing to the dogs, who were not the size of german shepards. "These ones are mine though, my Dad taught me how to train'em and breed'em and everything... The one with the black over his eye is Patch... and the one with the chunk missing out of his ear is Tracer... We may wanna hurry though Vrozk will be back with his men any second and shoot us for sure... His hideout isn't far."

Canas rubbed his wrists. "Right...We don't have a lot of time." He started to sprint after Dahvin, but something caused him great pain in his leg. He stumbled. "A-ahh.." as he felt the leg, he felt a clamp of some sort on it, cutting into the tendon. "Ah...I guess this is to disable myself...if it's anything like the chain, magic won't remove it." he forced himself to get up, and keep running. "Even if I am lagging behind Dahvin, continue to go. I will catch up. If I am caught, I will not speak a word! Gypsy's honor and truth!" he spoke, smiling as he ran.

Dahvin looked back at Canas "Sorry, Stranger Canas..." He picked Canas up over his shoulder almost with ease and began running... He muttered something under his breath "not gonna leave another good man dead... so I can run away..." Dahvin picked up pace but was still not going nearly as fast as the Wild Hunt... They seemed to move so quickly that there wasn't even trees before them... "BOYS SPREAD OUT, GO HOME!" The giant dogs save the two smaller ones ran off to the north west behind them and away... Dahvin kept pressing forward but the sound of a hunting horn was blown directly behind them... and off in the distance horses hooves could be heard.

Canas was a little wary about being picked up, but okay! He wasn't going to complain. He flicked his earrings and the vibrations brought sounds to him. "They will catch up to us in a matter of minutes." he said, and smirked. "Not for long..." he charged a ball of dark energy and launched it at a tree, and it promptly fell over. "That will deter them, but not for long...we need a plan." he said.

"NICE CANAS!... oh, There's a guard post not far from here... they had to take the long road around it to avoid getting checked for slaves... if we get there, they'll have a Damn Hard time convincing the guards they're in  the right..."
Dahvin then pulled out a number of smoke bombs and threw them into the left side of the woods...
"There, now they'll think we're headed that way"

"Very good. Let's head that way then. I can explain our predicament and get this accursed thing off my leg." he said, and charged another dark ball. "Now then..." he threw it and hit another tree. His hand started to transform into a claw, a strange mark appearing. "Oh no..." he said, holding his arm back, as if it had a mind of it's own. "Stop...stop....not you Dahvin, my arm...my apologies." he said.

"Nice... I think I can see the next clearing we just have to... What's going on back there... You're arm?!" They darted through the next set of trees but Vrozk's men were gaining some firing off bolts at them from their crossbows, Dahvin was able to avoid them and the fallen trees stopped most of the men only a few remained... "We're almost there Canas just hold on."

"It's alright..." he looked at his arm. It was still bad. "I won't be able to help it...Dahvin drop me right now...and keep moving." he said, and and took off his earrings. "It's time to show these men the beast ay bay. I apologize if I cause..you...trouble..." he started to twitch. The mark started to rush all the way around his body at an extremely fast rate. His ears became pointed and his skin darkened just a little. Soon, Canas turned into a...monsterish sort. He jumped out of Dahvin's arms and stabbed a man rising a hose through the face, taking off his head like it was nothing. He jumped into the trees and jammed his hand into another one of the guards, ripping out his heart and slamming it in his face before running along with the hose. He started to one by one slaughter the people firing the bolts. He hung one by the intestines on a tree, several were decapitated, a few were disemboweled, and one guys skin was ripped off and slammed into a tree. Canas stood there, breathing deeply, ready to for more.

He dropped Canas and watched him go to work... Their blood dripped a greenish yellow onto Canas it smelled incredibly foul like a skunk had been trampled by a horse, their skinn appeared scaly and dusty brown... they weren't human... Dahvin put his arm over his face from the smell... "If we were gonna fight them anyway you could have just said so..." Dahvin's skin began to ripple "too bad I don't have my ax... oh well... Keep moving backwards while we fight... We don't want to get hit with too many of those bolts, their laced with anesthetic..." his arms grew and his body seemed to stretch and almost double in size his face contorted into a muzzle... He looked like a giant wolf-man with tusks and horns... Patch and Tracer returned to their larger size and ran around pummelling two of the horses and taking them down their riders falling off and either dying or unconscious... Dahvin got on his haunches and as three of the horsemen charged him at once with catch poles he grabbed them by their catch poles and threw them off their horses into a broken jagged tree stump

Canas took out the unconscious ones, darkness covering his arm as he started to slice though people. They were human, he really didn't care. He was killing anyone he saw. Dahvin's transformation didn't phase him. One guy got him around the neck, but he resisted, grabbing it and slamming him into the ground, impaled by the pole itself. Canas escaped from it, seeing more of the trappers coming. He charged head first in.

Dahvin whistled and pointed... His dogs ran off to the east... "Stay with the pack until I find you... NOW" Dahvin jumped into the trees lunging from trunk to trunk slicing at head, throat and torso of the men... but then several crossbow men came up in a line and began firing... they reloaded very quickly and fired several rounds at the two of them... Dahving managed to his behind a tree but one nicked him on the arm... two rounds of bolts were headed towards Canas and Dahvin while the horsemen kept their distance.

The bolt hit Canas in the torso, jamming itself into his chest. He felt it and looked at it, ripping it out and throwing it right back at the man who shot it, and then going after him and ripping out his face. He was staring to slow down, this was a fact. Canas started panting, but the mark started pulsing. It was going to push him to his limits. He stood there, charging bolts of dark energy and shooting them at the horsemen.

Canas' bolts intercepted many of the horsemen while others shot into the leather armor the men wore toppling many off their horses... The horsemen got off their horses and pulled out long catch poles with leashes attached... Dahvin went out and sprinted at them but Vrozk came up on a large warhorse and fired a large crossbow straight at Dahvin before he got to the men... The bolt tore through his left arm... He fell to the ground rolling then stared at Vrozk with pure hate... "YOU PISS POOR LIZARD"... Vrozk spat towards Dahvin as a dozen of his men encircled Canas and Dahvin.

Canas saw this and looked around, seeing they were surrounded. No matter how many they killed, over and over they were replaced just that easily. It didn't matter, Canas would just have to keep killing. He charged more dark bolts and fired at them, picking up Dahvin and throwing him, using all his might. He didn't know he throw the man into a lake. Whoops. Now it was just him and Vrozk. He felt his arm get covered in the dark energy, his eyes slitted, and charged at the giant lizard freak.

Several more of the men fell  but then before they could try and swing their catch poles at Canas... a horn sounded from behind Canas... Vrozk was about to fire at Canas but then he looked up at the sound... "What!?"... The horn blew again and the sound of several dozen men on horseback came... The Guards at the checkpoint nearby must have heard the fighting... "RETREAT!" Vrozk yelled... his men slithered onto their horses more like snakes than men and bolted in the other direction through the trees... The Anesthetic from the bolt that had hit Canas in the chest was starting to set in... A voice was shouting from behind him with the sound of horses "HELLO... IS ANYONE OUT HERE?!"

Canas felt weaker and weaker, but hearing the horn was barking frightening. He shot more bolts at Vrozk as they retreated, and then turned to these new guys. He fell on a knee, bleeding and in pain, but as soon as he saw them, he ran toward them, crying havoc he we was going to behead their leader quickly and escape. He jumped at the voice and slashed.

Canas met the eyes of their leader and his voice rang out as he slashed "YIELD!" The voice boomed into Canas' mind like thunder cracking overhead his mind washed over with ease and calm... he suddenly collapsed and went limp in mid air, he fell into the leader falling, the man caught him and fell off of his horse in the proccess... He couldn't see the mans face yet but he heard him say something... "VANCE! MALINDA! Get this man a healer NOW!..." he turned Canas' head towards him and laid him down gently on the ground... he looked at Canas' mark as well as the massive bleeding he had sustained... "It's alright my good man... We're going to get you healed and everything's going to be alright..." The leader was a blonde Aryssian youth in armor

Canas could feel himself reverting, and his mind returning to himself. Once he was on the ground, he managed to relax...or maybe that was the arrow...either way. He just kind of lay there.
"Dahvin...I...threw a man...a little ways from here...please...help him as well...if you could..." he said going back to being the most polite person he could despite the terrible pain. "Sorry for...nearly beheading you...wasn't in the right mind set..." he let out a weak and pathetic chuckle.

The leader put a finger to his lips as Canas said Dahvin's name... "Shh... whatever you do don't mention that name to the others please... if he's around he's probably escaped and good for him too... It's alright I have a friend who suffers from something similar to you, most certainly different, but similar... but I've seen a man who's not himself before... there there... ARSCYNNIA DAMN YOU MALINDA WHERE'S THAT HEALER!..." a man in a white cloak with four green crosses on his hood came hurrying over and began healing Canas' wounds chanting several different spells of healing at once... His wounds began to seal up... Prince pulled out a flask of water and put it up to Canas' lips to drink.

Canas drank the water, drinking mostly all of it. He nodded as Prince spoke, and just...passed out. He was exhausted, it had been quite a long day for him. He hoped that he could trust these people, cause he couldn't stay awake any longer.

Canas awoke in a warm bed with silken sheets in a white room... a number of men and women walked around treating people in different beds... a small stone sat on his nightstand sat their glowing like a small white heart beat made of light... One of the nurses came over and got him some water... he was completely healed... He had fresh bandages with little blood on them and seemed to only have a small scar on his chest... The head doctor sent someone to go get a man named Prince.

Canas sat up, flinching a tiny bit as he looked around. He was wearing his pants, but his other clothes were sitting next to him, tailored and cleaned. Quickly, Canas put in his earrings, before anything could happen, but then looked at the stone. He tried touching it, but it zapped him. The curse was getting worse, if he couldn't even touch light attributed objects. He sighed, and just waited. It would be polite at least to thank this 'Prince' Man.

The leader of the guards from the woods came in, he seemed a little disheveled... but when he saw Canas up and well he smiled... He wasn't in his guard armor and wasn't even carrying a sword with him anymore, he wore a pure white tunic and blue gold vest... He sat next to Canas' bed "Good, you're finally awake..." Prince chuckled and smiled "You scared us there for a while, friend."

"I would not blame you sir, I am quite scary when I'm beside myself." he said, of course joking about his demon side. "But I owe you my thanks. You saved my life from great danger." he bowed, flinching a bit, but bowing. "I suppose you know me, but allow me a proper introduction. I am Canas Beckett, gypsy rover and scholar." he said, smiling.

Prince smiled... "You're welcome, but your thanks is not needed... I consider it a personal duty to protect anyone in harms way in my kingdom... and it's very nice to meet you Canas... has anyone told you where you are or how long you've been asleep?..."

Canas shook his head. "No...I think I woke up about...maybe 15 minutes ago?" he said. "If you could enlighten me?" he was pretty curious. Was it a long time?

Prince smiled sadly a little... "I'd say so, although it might not feel like long to you... Canas, You're in the Emerald Palace... It's been 15 days... You had lost a lot of blood and without away to counteract it the Anesthetic and that mark that creeps up your arm and face put a lot of stress on your body... You nearly passed on when you first fell asleep, we had to revive you."

Canas was...flabberguasted...that was more then 2 weeks. Why was he out for that long? And where was the emerald palace? He nearly died too? That was new. Though he had been under quiet a lot of stress and used his magic a lot. "I see..." he said, looking down. "Sorry to cause you all that trouble. I suppose then I owe you more then just my thanks, but my life." he said

Prince shook his head "I'm just glad you're awake... hehehehe, My sister was becoming so concerned she was going to have our mother come in and try to awaken you with her healing... She came in with me the first day we came back and she saw your marks and... well... she's always had a soft spot for those afflicted by dark magic."

Canas looked down, embarrassed about himself. When he heard that there was another who was affected by dark magic, he perked up. "This...is a common occurence? I assure you I'm the first of my case that I've seen." he said. He let out a sigh. "I seemed to have really worried people...quite a bit of people...Oh dear..." he looked at Prince. "I also feel bad that...well...I nearly took your head off...whatever you did stopped me."

Prince raised an eyebrow... "Well I wouldn't call it common but it certainly isn't rare... However I must say I've never seen someone with exactly what you have... people have been cursed with different corrupt affinities, even people like myself who don't have affinities have been stricken... Especially of late, the World has become more and more chaotic... Fate is twisting in some very odd ways... Oh NO, Please, don't worry yourself... My sister worries over every baby bird and orphan in the kingdom, and in some cases beyond..." Prince froze when Canas mentioned him using his power on him... "ah... yes... that... I have the ability to 'Dominate' over people, I can give a command and the person or people I command will do as I say on reflex... It's a special kind of magic I have." Prince looked down and away... shame across his face... "I prefer not to use it on people when possible... I-I'm sorry... I really wouldn't have done it to you if your curse wasn't making you attack me."

Canas looked at Prince with great interest when he started to talk about his magic. "That's...quite an impressive skill you have. Is it magic? Where did you study that type from?" he asked, but then figured that maybe he shouldn't say such things. "Oh...sorry...I didn't mean to badger you...forgive me, as a scholar I find the topic truly fascinating. I would love to see it used again! It's a grand talent you should have the upmost pride in. Such a gift doesn't come by too often." he said. He then started to think about the world...had it become more corrupt. "I...see...hmm...if that's the case...Crishna is going to have a hell of a time." he chuckled. "With the corruption I mean. Crishna is my brother...He's...eccentric...like me...I guess..." he chuckled.

Prince looked up at Canas "Oh no, it's fine... I find it interesting myself sometimes... I didn't learn it neccessarily... I was born with an emptiness in me called a Krya where normally my soul and mind would take in elements of Magic... Instead of taking elements it searched for a substitute and it took in the concept 'Dominance' I am what is called a Kryinn..." Prince chuckled at Canas' mention of his brother "He sounds like a fine man, I wouldn't mind meeting..." suddenly a glowing came from Prince's pouch... He looked down at it and pulled out a single glowing stone that hummed like a beacon... it had no affinity to magic but seemed to absorb and bend something invisible around it.

Canas listened intently. "A concept...that's absolutely fascinating...I'll have to look into it more. Oh, and my brother...well, maybe he'll show-" but then the stone happened. Canas looked at the stone with great intent. "Uh...pardon but...what is this particular artifact called? I think I have read into this in a very old legends book of reference." he said, entranced almost.

"You may have... we haven't used them since the Neroth War... It's a fate stone... It's designed to flow fate in a way that will stay on a certain course... It said it would let me find those who would help me fulfill Aryss' destiny... and protect them from demise until I found them all."

Canas looked at the stone in wonder. "Interesting... wonder then why it's activating now? Though..." he looked at Prince. "Sir Prince...what exactly where you doing when you happened upon me in my state of being?" he asked, looking at the stone and taking mental notes of it.

"Hmm... I was on my from a guard post in the East... there was pirate activity in the area and we were making a detour around to the Capital... There was a rockslide blocking the other path that had happened the night before and..." Prince stopped talking realizing where Canas was going with this... he held out the stone to Canas and dropped it in the man's hand... it hummed like a note being played on a piano and glowed constantly and dull like a burning white coal that gave off no heat... "...Fate?"

Canas looked at it, bringing it up to his eyes. "Hmmm...excuse me a moment." he reached to his clothes and pulled out his monocole. He put it on and looked at it more. "I see...it has seemed to resinate with my touch. Maybe it's because of the curse? Normally my touch to light attributed objects have been burning me, but this isn't burning." he reached to give it to Prince. "This is quite interesting. Here you go. It belongs to you yes?" he put it back and smiled brightly. "It seems that stone was telling you of our unfortunate meeting today...or...more then 2 weeks ago it seems. You were to save my life that day. Perhaps there is something I am to do." he kept looking at the stone

Prince took the stone back then looked up to Canas... "I believe you may be right Mr. Beckett... So far every person that has had that interaction with this stone has met me due to some odd circumstance I cannot explain... Some odd, some quite terrifying... I've gathered these people together as a group of explorers to help aid in the forwarding of Aryss' destiny... I realize normally with your condition this wouldn't be too plausible, but I think with my gift I may be able to help you control your ability, perhaps in time you may not even need my assitance in order to control it... What do you say?" He put his hand out to shake after putting the stone back in his pouch and dropping three droplets of water on it from his flask.

Canas shook the man's hand. "You saved my life with little hesitation, for that I am in your debt. Though, even if it wasn't the case, an opprotunity like this is hard to come by. As a scholar and gypsy, it piques my interest. I'd be honored to join your gain of vagabonds." he said with a chuckle. "If you'll have me of course."

Prince shook his hand and smiled at Canas... "Trust me, I don't think they'll have any problem with you... We're quite the misfit bunch to tell you the truth... hehehe... but... each week I find another or two... and the more I meet them, the more I think it must have been Fated to be... Rest up, Friend, We've made a room for you the group all live on the 9th floor, men on the east wing, women in the west... Feel better soon..." //-END

Canas smiled and laid down. He felt another presence walk in, and grinned. He didn't open his eyes. He knew who it was.
"Didn't want to see me?" he asked. A man with blonde hair smiled at him.
"Not like that...it's far too soon for you." he smiled. Canas let out a weak chuckle.
"Thank you. I owe you...can you do me a favor?"
"I'll deliver it to her."
"Thank you Crishna...tha..." he fell asleep again. The blonde man grabbed a letter from Canas' satchel.
"No problem..." he left the building without a trace. (Done)

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Re: Unknown Worlds: LORE & PROFILES

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Username: dbzhardcore

Name: Aaron Walker

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 5'6"

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Nationality: Scion

Class: Wizard

Weapon of Choice: Fencing sword with a Ruby at the end

Aaron's Powers:

Smokescreen: Caster mixes air and ash the releases it creating a plume of smoke that hangs in the air.
Flaming Wheel: Caster juggles balls of air and fire then streams them together into a large wheel of fire and wind that runs across the ground.
Ember Spray: Caster shoots streams of burning embers out of his fingertips that burn with intense heat.
Low Draft: Caster creates a gust of wind that flies low to the ground it can be as weak as a breeze or as strong as a tornado gale but is secluded to the ground area.

Magical Affinities/Concept: Wind/Fire


Aaron was born into a family where his mom was a street performer while his dad was a busy merchant in the town of Scion. When he was a kid, Aaron would usually go with his mother to the streets to watch her perform. He loved seeing her do her many tricks and stunts as the people would usually pay them well for them to eat for the day. The dad would usually come home late at night as he would either be drunk already from the stress of not doing well in his business or being happy that he was able to sell but bought alcohol with all the money that he got. His mother would sigh as she knew that her husband had a problem with alcohol and that he isn't really friendly when it comes to customers, but she loved him dearly and so did he. He didn't look like he was the best husband ever, but during occasions he would buy for his wife something extravagant with the money that he would usually buy for alcohol. One of these fine pieces that he got for her was a fencing sword that had a ruby on the tip of it. He found it interesting and thought that his wife might of liked it. She was adored by it as she happily kiss her husband for the gift. These were the fun times for Aaron as he would then learn on his mother tricks and perform them with her time to time.  
One day when Aaron was getting supplies from the store for their meal, Aaron saw something that he couldn't unseen. His mother was on the ground as blood was coming out of her neck. It was slit as her body was twitching, her eyes wide open as the young boy ran over to her and pleading his mother to come back to him. She died shortly afterwards as the security never found the killer. He was eight years old when this happened. His father would become depressed that his wife was now dead as he fully went on to booze as he quit his merchant business. Aaron had to do something about this. There was something that had to be done now that his mother was now gone. He did not have time to cry or mourn for his mother as the real world happened and he needed to make cash fast in order for him and for his father to survive.
Aaron would start to perform on the streets solo when he was nine years old as he would always have a smile on his face. He would usually be able to attract a few people to watch his performance as they would leave money at the end of his show. Aaron would always run home afterwards, happy that he did a job well done. When he would come home however, his father would be in the living room drunk and yell at his son that he was the reason that his mother died as he should have been there to take the assailant's attack instead of her. This would result in his father beating up Aaron as the boy would be in tears, not knowing why his father suddenly hated him now. Even though his father was abusive, Aaron didn't run away. He hoped that one day his father would be back to his normal self that he was when they were all happy and be the loving father he once knew.
When Aaron turned ten, he discovered something by accident. When he was walking one day, he had the sudden urge to sneeze as dust was able to get into his nose. As he closed his eyes and sneezed, he was sent a little bit back from the sneeze as he didn't know exactly what happened. Later on that day when he was cooking the food for him and his dad after the usual beat up from his father, he noticed that he didn't had any matches. Aaron groaned as he didn't want to go buy some at the current moment since he needed to cook the food now before his father got any more angry. He placed his hands on his head as he closed his eyes and wished that he had a way to cook the food before it was too late. When he was doing that, something felt hot to his head as he opened his eyes to see what was going on. His hands had little flames on them as he freaked out and fell down to the ground. His hands didn't seem to look like it was in pain but the fact that he had flames on his palms with no sort of pain whatsoever surprised him. Aaron would later test his abilities as he would be able to make small balls of wind and fire on his palms as he discovered that he has the power to control wind and fire.
One day when Aaron was thirteen, he stumbled upon something on the streets that would change him to be who he is today. He came across an adult magazine as he would spend most of the time staring at the naked females that were in there. He didn't know why they were naked but he knew now that women were amazing. After he would do his performances now, he would walk around the city, trying to find unsuspecting females as he would blow a gust of wind a bit back as he would just stare at the panties while whistling like he did nothing wrong. Sometimes they would notice however and he would have a red slap on his face but he didn't care, he just love seeing those skirts flying up as sometimes he might try a grope on the butt as well. He would still continue to do this as he got older and still do it to this day.
When Aaron was seventeen, he was able to make his elemental magic a bit better as he learned how to control it better and how he could make it leap onto people's clothing if he ever wanted to pull a prank on someone. His father's alcohol consumption would increase as there was nothing that he could do about it. One day however when he came back home, he didn't find his father in the living room. He found his father in his bedroom as the man seemed to be destroying the place as he had a mad look in his eyes. Those look in his eyes scared Aaron as he didn't know why his father was mad at him. Before Aaron could say anything however, the dad was already there as he started to choke the boy.
Aaron was lost, confused, scared onto why his father was trying to kill him. He tried to talk to his father, but with his throat being crushed by his father's hands, there was nothing that he could do. Aaron was gasping for air as he could feel himself dying. When his hands went to his side instead of trying to pry his father's hands off of his neck, he flicked a little bit of fire on his father's crotch area on his pants as the dad let go, screaming and howling in pain. Aaron did the best that he could as he started to stumble away from the scene as he tried to get out of the house as quickly as he could. Before he could however, his father grabbed him by his hair as he punched his son straight in the face. The boy screamed in pain as his nose was now bleeding badly as his father still had his murderous eyes in him.
When Aaron asked why he was doing this, his father punched him in the stomach as Aaron could feel the breath coming out of him as his father started to rant why it was all Aaron's fault and that he never should have been born. If he wasn't born, then his wife wouldn't need to start caring for him. The father went to go on about how the mom seemed to care about Aaron more than himself and that he saw it fit to kill his wife before she would leave him. Aaron's face was full of shock before he could feel his fists clenching as anger was shown on him now. This fucker was the reason why his mother was dead.
As the dad was ready to punch the boy in the face again, Aaron put up his hand in front of him as he blew his dad back a little bit. The dad was surprised as to what just happened as he stared at his son. The dad got angry again as he pulled out the knife he had in his back pocket as he was clearly intent on killing his son. Aaron had to think fast. There was no way he would be able to dodge those attacks given how badly his dad bruised his neck and he knew that his spells wouldn't defeat his father. As the dad was getting ready to rush at his son, Aaron saw something in the living room that could help him.
Without a moment of hesitation, Aaron ran over to the center of the room as h picked up the weapon that his father gave to his mother many years ago, the fencing sword that had the ruby on it. He pointed the weapon at his father as the man ran at him as he focused in on his dad. A second later, a large gush of fire came out of the tip like a flamethrower as his dad screamed in pain before being burnt to a crisp.
Aaron panted after using all of his energy to kill his father as he fell down to his knees and barfed on the floor. He just killed his father. His father who would constantly abused him. His father who admitted to killing his mother was now gone. Tears hit the floor as he hated the fact that he killed his father. Even though the man was terrible for what he did, he still loved his dad. He wiped away the tears as he smiled, knowing that his mother could rest in peace now as he went to the sink to clean off the blood on him before collecting the rest of the money that he had and clipped the sword onto his front belt as he went out his back window and started to run away from the place that he called home.


Darkness follows Aaron soon. It has been 2 months since Aaron left home... he's wandered from the shores of his island home where he performed for so many years... the outskirt towns of Scion are fairly Lawless and no one has appeared to arrest him for what happend with his Father... He's made his way across the Westland Sea and down a River to Merrlon, a moderate sized Aryssian city just 11 miles outside the GATE that connected Scion to Aryss and was the nations biggest port city... He didn't truly intend to come to Merrlon, it was simply the first ship he could get on away from the last town he had passed through... WELL... that and the Female captain of the ship wore a particularly... Breezy... skirt, and he swore she had been flirting with him on the docks... Or at least that's what he thought... The ship rocked around as it latched onto the docks... "WE'RE HERE!" The Captain began speaking "EVERYONE COMING INTO ARYSS GET OFF HERE... EVERYONE MAKING THEIR WAY TO LINDTOWN PORTS BE BACK IN 10 HOURS!..." The captain jumped from the wheel onto the deck and let down the plank, letting everyone off the ship.
Aaron's been counting the days in his head of how long he's been gone from his house. Have been people been trying to look for him, would they accuse or arrest him, do people even miss him? Those thoughts were going through his head as he looked at Merrlon. Even though it was a bit away from home, Aaron didn't have time to think of that as he kept on noticing that female captain. The way that she flirted with him and that skirt of hers was too entrancing to him. Maybe if he's lucky enough he can gey a sneak peek. As the ship rocked, Aaron fell a little bit as he quickly regained himself. He wasn't use to this type of thing as the captain began to yell at everyone to get off as he made sure he had the fencing sword as he walked to her. He gave her the money that was owed and smiled at her.  Before she would know it however, her skirt was suddenly lifted up as Aaron got a good peek of what was underneath it and got a little grope of her butt as well as he looked away and whistled like nothing just happened.
The Captain turned glaring death at Aaron with a face as red as a turnip... she put her hand on the hilt of her scimitar but stopped herself and just looked at him with powerful disdain... she wasn't going to gut him after he had paid, and when there were other customers around... She muttered threateningly "get... off... my... boat..."
Aaron did a little laugh as he saw that the miss was being red after what he did. Even though she had her hand on the hilt of her scimitar, Aaron didn't notice as he was proud that he was atleast able to do that. When she muttered to him about getting off of her boat, the boy simply smiled as he leaned in closely to whisper, "Your panties are cute." With that, he gave her a wink and a wave before skipping off of the boat and into the city.
The captain groaned and half drew her sword before Aaron slipped away skipping in the other direction making her slap miss it's mark entirely... Aaron began walking through the city... first through the docks.. then the port streets.. then the main streets.. then into the city's main square it almost looked a lot like his home, performers on the outside of the square; some dancing, others juggling, some doing tricks with magic and two playing music on strangely shaped drums... there were children playing around a large fountain, and passersby walking through the paths dropping coppers and the occasional silver coin into the performers hats as they went by... It was and hour and a half past Noon and he was starting to get hungry... as he looked around more there seemed to be Inns on the corners of streets at the mouth of the Square, they must serve food.
Aaron started to walk around the place as everything seemed to feel like how it was back at his home. When there were performers he took a glance to see how it was. It looked really good but he smirked knowing that he could do better than them. The one thing that shocked him was how many coins were being dropped into the hat. He rememnered when her mother performed she got some cilver coins but not that much that those performers were getting and it pissed him a bit since he never got any silver or gold coins no matter how hard he tried and he knew that his performance would blow those performers out of the water. He cleared his head as he shook it. No, it was not time to get jealous or angry, he had to find out where to go. A bit of time passed as his stomach started to rumble. Aaron rubbed his stomach as he could feel how hungry he is as he spotted something on the corner. It looked like an Inn as he quickly ran inside.
Aaron walked into a fairly loud common room in an inn named ""Lord Archibald's Horse"" There were drunken men curousing young bar maids who seemed adept at dodging gropes and pinches from behind... There was a bard in the corner playing a song on a small harp, several men humming or whistling with the tune of the song... a large man who could be assumed to be the innkeeper approached Aaron and clapped him on the shoulder..."Welcome to LORD ARCHIBLAD'S HORSE m'lad, What'll ya have?"
When Aaron got into the room, he looked around to see what was happening. The female servers were doing a really good job avoiding any gropes which made him smirk. Maybe he could have a shot at that. He ignored the bard playing since there wasn't any women there and he didn't even care about the music that was playing. What he didn't expect next was a large man to appear and clapping him on the shoulder which ensued pain on his face. He wasn't used to hits onthe shoulder...well from his father anyway. Aaron pulled out a few coins he had, asking the man what he can get with that amount.
The Innkeeper looked up and down at Aaron... he could tell he hadn't eaten in a while... he looked at his coins, then smiled and took all of his smaller copper coins and left the two silvers he had in his hand... "Girls! Get this lad some spiced mead and two legs of lamb..." He whispered down into Aaron's ear "Don't worry 'bout the rest lad... have yourself a good meal..." The Innkeeper showed him to his seat and a maid quickly brought his food and drink over.
Aaron stared at the innkeeper as he hoped that the coins were enough. He had to sacrifice food in order to even come here from the pirate captain. What the man did surprised the boy as he saw two silver coins in his hand. Silver coins. The feel, the density, it was different from copper. Aaron looked up at the man as the innkeeper tolf the girls to get food and drink for the boy. Why was this man so nice to him? After the whisper, Aaron just nodded to a yes as he went over to the seat. The lamb looked so delicious as drool was coming out of his mouth. He grabbed one of the legs and started to chow down on it. He closed his eyes as tears came out, it was so good. He hasn't had food like this in quite some time. As he looked at the mead, he hesitated. Alcohol. Something that was a curse to him. He brought the substance close to him as he took a small sip. A blegh sound came out of him as he placed the alcohol away from him. Yeah, alcohol tasted bad to him.
Someone in a hood came up to Aaron and touched him on the shoulder... he couldn't see the person's face and couldn't tell the gender of the person as the figure stood next to him but he got a strange vibe... not good, not bad... just odd... "Might I sit here?..." the figure slipped him a note face down on the other side the note said |You're in Danger|
Aaron was getting ready to eat the other lamb leg and maybe flip up the skirts of the maids when a stranger came over to him. When his shoulder was tapped, he stopped his happy eating to look who it was. This strange aura that the person was giving off was creeping him out. Just who was this person and why couldn't he tell on what their gender is? When the figure asked if they could sit, Aaron just stayed silent as he didn't care if they sat there or not. He just wanted to eat his meal when a note was slipped to him. The note made him curious as he took a peek to read what it said. He was in danger? Just what the hell was that supposed to mean?
The figure in the cloak sat down then took the note back spun it around twice and gave it back to Aaron... the note somehow changed |There are very dangerous people here|... The figure only spoke in whispers "Look behind you, but not too long..." at the door there were 6 large men in black coats, they didn't seem to be armed but they gave off an aura of danger... there were two more sitting at the bar.
Aaron watched as the cloaked person grabbed the note and did some spins with it. Why were they spinning the note? When the note came back to him it apparantly changed. This made the boy confused as to what it meant. Just what kind of dangereous people? Surely the people here were nice since they just gave him some food. He listened in when the cloak whispered to him. Huh? Look behind him? Aaron took a quick glance as his heart sank. Six large men in black cloaks were there as the boy started to freak out in his mind. This was not good. The fact that them and the other two were giving out a foul area made it seem like this was not a good place to stay. Aaron slowly got up as he walked towards the restroom.
The cloaked figure whispered "NO... They'll..." Aaron made his way to the bathroom however one of the men in black coats stood up and followed him into the bathroom... The cloaked figure looked over the side of the booth at him... Aaron couldn't back up now... he made his way into the bathroom the large coated man very close behind him.
Aaron made his way to the restroom as he looked inside. There seemed to be a window that he could use if he needed to escape. He felt the aura of one of the black coated men as he went to one of the stalls to refresh himself. Aferwards he went over to the sink to wash his hands as he was ready to go back outside to where that cloaked person was.
The black coated man closed the door behind them and stood in the room... He just stood there blocking the door... He was quite tall and broad... Suddenly a knock came at the door... The man looked at the door and stepped aside... The cloaked figure from the table came in... The cloaked figure walked over to Aaron and whispered..."I'm going to distract him... get to the window."
As Aaron was getting ready to leave, the black coated man closed the door. Ok this was really bad if he was blocking the door since he was huge and all. This was a bad predicament though. There was no way out and there was no way he can defeat this man. Maybe the best option is to not do anything? No, thats not right. Aaron kept on thinking for an answer as he got ready to yell for help. Before he could however there was a knock to the door as the cloaked figure came in and whispered to Aaron. Aaron simply nodded as he watched while slowly creeping backwards toward the window.
The Black coated man darted towards Aaron but the hooded figure let out its hand and the man froze half way to Aaron, the veil on his coat flipped back and revealed pointed ears, golden eyes and pale skin... He still whispered for some reason but sounded urgent "Get out QUICKLY... I can't hold it for long... The rest are coming I can sense them... MOVE!" The monster like man seemed to twitch slightly while frozen... more came knocking on the door, it started to open... the Hooded Figure pushed out with its other hand and the door slammed shut... Aaron couldn't see the magic the figure was using but it seemed to be working, for now.
[7/5/2014 7:55:44 PM] dbzhardcore: Aaron looked behind him and freaked out when the black coated man was coming towards him. Just why the hell do they even want him!? Aaron was expecting the worst as the man seemed to stop however. The cloaked figure's appearance was shown and the boy was surprised by it, mostly due to the pointed ears. He has never seen ears that pointy before. He heard the stranger to tell him to move as more knocking was sounded on the door. He looked back to see that the figure was trying to move again as Aaron gave a quick nod and a thank you before juping out of the window and running away.
The sound of shuffling and weapons being drawn came from the bathroom... Aaron ran as fast as he could down the Alley he made several turns down different corners he finally stopped panting, out of breath... then suddenly, the hooded figure appeared out of nowhere in front of him... but as he looked at it this person was different, this person wore a silver necklace with a ruby in the center and was taller than the other one... This one spoke Normally... "Are You alright?!"
Aaron ran as fast as he could as he heard the sounds of weapons being drawn. Oh crap these guys were actually serious. He kept on running and running until he figured out that he might be safe now. He stopped to take a few deep breaths as his out of breath panting was obvious. This day has just been weird. Before he knew it however, the hooded figure seemed to appear again as Aaron was ready to talk to him about what happened before. He noticed however that this person was different with the ruby necklace and the height difference. The way that it spoke surprised him. Normal. This one sounded normal compared to the other one. Aaron gave the figure a nod of yes as his suspicion was still around. So who was this? While Aaron waited a little bit, he formed a bit of wind in his hand as he fired it at the hood, hoping to see who it was underneath and if they were friendly.
The figure pulled back his hood and put a finger to his lips... it revealed a young man a few years older than Aaron with white hair and blue-green eyes "Follow me... You'll be safe..." the man walked down the next left to a small house leading Aaron on... they stopped in front of a locked door, the young man suddenly walked through the wall next to him... then the door opened... Aaron could hear his voice "Get in Before they see you!"
When the figure pulled back his hood, Aaron stopped his wind attack as he saw who it was. The man looked like he was the same as the other man in the restroom as Aaron followed him. He didn't expect himself to see a small house. Just why was there a small house in an alley? This seemed like a trap. All this take about being safe and yet here they were in front of a locked door. Just what now? Are they going to knock and wait what!? That man just walked through the wall! How did he do that!? Aaron was dumbfounded as to what was going on but his feet took him inside. This was just too weird.
As Aaron came in he saw there were 7! other people in the house all in the same cloaks...
The young white haired man who walked through walls,
a tall man who wore bandages on his hands and face,
a balding older man with a long white beard and mustache,
a red haired young woman who by her eye color seemed blind,
a brunette girl who was wearing quite a bit of jewelry,
another brunette with short hair who seemed to have a perpetually cross look on her face,
AND a blonde young man with Blue Eyes wearing Armor and a sword
The number of people in the room was somewhat overwhelming
The young white haired man looked outside down the alley... "Kay- I think Poe's safe... He should have been able to avoid them well... He's not much of a fighter but he's an agile little guy..." He turned to Aaron... "I'm sorry about this but we really needed to get you out of their... Those guys in black are Hitmen from Neroth... We were supposed to intercept them here but... uhh... well you came inside and I think they mistook you for their target."
When Aaron walked in, his attention turned to the other in there as a gasp came out from his mouth. There were so many in here! His eyes sparkled as he noticed that there were some women in here. He was afraid that he might have been bored from this rescue if there were no ladies in it. He took note as well about the red hair girl who seemed to be blind, can't grope her butt, no no. He listened in to what the white hair man had to say. So that man who saved him was named Poe. Poe. Welp he would have to remember that. Aaron listed intently to what the man had to say as his face was full of confusion. "Wait they thought I was their target..wow they're stupid!"
"Yeah they're not that bright... they like to think they are though, don't tell them or they'll get real pissed..." the white haird man nudged him joking... He put his hand out to shake "Oh!, Here... sorry didn't introduce myself... I'm Atlas... nice to meet you..." the man smiled and the rest of his group waved to Aaron but quickly went back to what they were doing... The Blonde man and the Tomboy seemed to be talking about something but from their expressions they could have been arguing, as did the other girls in a circle, the olderman was playing a game of cards with the man in bandages both looking very intense on the matter.
Aaron laughed to what the white hair man said. Just what a day, being chased by big idiots. Oh man he would need to be careful then. When Atlas stuck out his hand, he shook it. "Aaron's my name." He looked at the other people in there and leaned in to whisper to Atlas. "So whats the names of the females?"
Atlas Raised an eyebrow then smirked... he whispered into Aaron's ear holding his hand up so no one saw... "The Girl talking to the guy in armor is Valda, she's too serious for her own good and be careful she has a crush on that guy there..." He pointed to the Tomboy talking to the Blonde guy in Armor... "The Red head is Scia, she's nice, don't worry about her eyes... she looks blind but her powers let her see, it's kinda funny considering how much she reads... The Older one with long hair is Gerona, don't get on her bad side either she's nice but she can certainly have a temper... the girl with all of the accessories is Melicia, she's nice but acts really weird sometimes....." after a minute Scia, Valda and the Blonde guy in Armor came up to them Scia spoke "Atlas, what are you telling him..." Atlas stood up straight and smiled coyly "Hmmm...? Oh, Nothing."
Aaron leaned in as Atlus started to whisper to him. He took notes in his head about Valda. Looks like she needs to loosen up. Then came Scia. Hm she sounds like shes a really intelligent person. Someone to not joke around it seems like. Then Gerona. This one seems like she can be fun to mess with as well and then Melicia came up. Just how weird could she be? Aaron giggled to himself. Oh man, a place that had a ton of beautiful babes, what a paradise. When Atlus turned around to tell the group that came that nothing was going on, Aaron took this chance as he walked by Valda. "Well it's nice to meet you all." He scanned the room. Which girl can he prank at the moment. Valda didn't wear a skirt so that would be hard so who would it be?
The group all looked up and nodded to him a few even said hello... Scia looked at Atlas scrutinizingly then Valda spoke "Where's Poe? He should be back by now..." Atlas shrugged "Scia, can you see him?" Scia stopped looking at Atlas and instead stared off into the distance "Oh!... He's at the back door right now..." she said casually then her eyes opened wide "ATLAS He's covered in Blood!" Atlas quickly ran through the wall at the end of the room then came back in a second later pulling Poe along holding his wrist... "Are you alright Poe?!" The short man just nodded, the blood he was covered in obviously wasn't their own he simply whispered "They ran away"... His hood was back now, Poe had odd colored hair that seemed to shift colors in the light and his eyes were two different colors one green the other golden... he smiled simply... Atlas laughed "OK, don't worry us like that... How did you get that bloody?"... Poe just looked down at his clothes and shrugged... Prince and Valda seemed to Eye Poe oddly.
... As Aaron walked up to the girls, Gerona and Melicia looked up at him then went back to whispering to each other, they seemed to do this often... they giggled and Melicia pointed at Aaron... they were obviously talking about him...
Aaron wasn't paying attention to what was going on until he heard Scia yell about Poe being covered in blood. "What?" He turned around to see Atlas pull the guy in. Oh no no no. This is not good. Is he injured cause of him? Everything was silent in his view, until Atlas started to laugh. Oh, so the man was ok. Aaron noted the change of color that Poe was having as he turned back and walked up to Gerona and Melicia. The giggling and pointing got him interested. Looks like he was being the talk as he went down and sat between the two. "Why hello ladies, what a lovely day it is today."
Melicia raised an eyebrow at Aaron then looked at Gerona and they both laughed... "I'll take your word on it... we haven't been outside in 2 days... We've been waiting for a group of goons to pass through here for a long time now..." Melicia put a finger on Aaron's chest, he felt a warm sensation radiating through him... Gerona quickly smacked away Melicia's hand "What have I told you about doing /that/..." Melicia pulled her hand away "...HMPH!"
The other group were huddled talking together about what happened in the Inn... Poe began explaining what had happened.
Aaron's grin was wide as he watched what the two ladies would do. When the two started to laugh again, he calmed down knowing that he was safe. The words that Melicia said to him was really weird at first but the finger to his chest was enticing, well until he felt something warm going through him. Just what the hell was that? His mind was freaking out as he heard Gerona telling Melicia to not do that? Just what exactly was that? Aaron was lost in thought before he shook his mind as he went back to doing what he was going to do before. "Soooooo ladies, you wanna see a cool trick?"
Melicia looked excited "Sure!..." Poe kinda hopped over to them all and still spoke in a whisper "I like tricks..." Gerona frowned slightly and looked at Aaron with crticsism... "It better be good..."... The old man spoke up "Don't listen to her M'boy... Tricks men do don't suit her fancy much anymore... if you catch my drift..." Gerona turned and punched the older man in the arm, then looked back to Aaron... "Do the trick."
Aaron got excited when Melicia was ready for the trick and so did Gerona did too. He didn't expect Poe to be one for tricks nor did the old man as the punch to his arm shocked Aaron. Do they always do this? He had to think hard though for what kind of trick he wanted to show off first as an indea came up in his mind. "Well lets do one that took me a bit to do." He clapped his hands before he thought really hard as a wind ball formed in his left and a fire one in his right. After he showed them the two orbs, he started to throw them in the air as he started to juggle them. "Twos easy, lets kick it up a notch." Before he knew it he started to juggle five of each element as his hands were working like fast to juggle them all while moving around in spastic locations to make the balls move in a motion. The balls made a wave at first before he caught the fire balls in one right while juggling the wind ones with the other as he thre the fire ones at his wind ones, causing them to die out with each other. "Tada!!!"
The small crowd seemed to enjoy Aaron's trick Poe stepped back a couple times when he made more balls of air and fire... Melicia watched in awe at his skill, Gerona seeming equally impressed although she tried to hide it a bit more... The others looked over seeing the light and even the Guy in Bandages and the Old man looked up from their game... The old man, Poe, Melicia, Scia, Atlas, and the Blonde man in Armor all clapped... Gerona crossed her arms but nodded approvingly, the guy in bandages simply bowed his head and seemed to smile... he seemed not to know whether to clap or not... Melicia cheered to Aaron "OH! That was sooooo Cooool!!... I wish I could do normal magic like that..." Suddenly Scia seemed to look off in the distance again, The man in bandages seemed to perk up also and so did Gerona... The bandaged guy was quiet but Gerona and Scia said simultaineously "They're Leaving!... They spotted him somewhere else!..." everyone else began gathering their things together Atlas, Poe and the Guy in Armor came up to Aaron... Poe simply said goodbye but Atlas and the other guy spoke kind of seriously "Aaron... this is a friend of ours, Prince... He's from the Aryssian capital..." The blonde put his hand out to shake and spoke in a kind of official manner "I'm the Highguard of Aryss' Knights... The others are leaving on thier way to pursue the mission we had in mind, I'm only here incase we actually caught the target the assassins were after... but seeing as that didn't work I'm leaving... They still may be after you but if I can get you out of the city and to the next guard checkpoint half a mile out of town... We should be safe... I need you to follow me and do what I say until we're at the safety checkpoint, Alright?"
Aaron enjoyed at all the cheers from the crowd. Cheers, he liked that. That trick usually got him the most copper coins during the day as he felt great. People do love his performances!! When the group seemed to stop however, Aaron stopped to see what was going on. What he didn't expect was the introduction of the blonde in knight armor who was named Prince. Well that sure was a fancy name. He handshaked the man and listened in to what he had to say. Crap he might still be hunted well thats not good. When Prince offered him the chance to go, Aaron nodded yes. "Wait! Before we go." He simply went behind to where Gerona and Melicia was as he used his wind to lift up their skirts as he got a good view before doing a light grope on both of their butts before going bacl to where Prince was as he seemed still himself. "Ok I'm ready to go."
The two girls seemed very surprised at the gust of wind indoors.. they looked over to him Gerona Glaring at him with eye's like death and Melicia, surprisingly blushing but then very slowly putting her skirt back down giving Aaron a very flirtatious look... Prince grabbed Aaron by the wrist and walked out of the house running as quickly as possible then bolting down the street... "You're lucky Valda didn't see, She might have ripped your arms off for that..." Prince said as the ran... He sounded entirely serious... The darted down three alleys and saw no one then stopped around a corner just as three men in black passed the street two alley's ahead of them... Prince grabbed Aaron and they ducked into a shadow... the men didn't seem to see them... "shshshshshsh... move on my mark..." Prince whispered intensely.
Aaron giggled to himself when he saw Gernoa's reaction. Seeing girls reac tlike that always made him laugh but Melicia's reaciton took him by surprise. Before he got grabbed by Prince's hand, Aaron gave back a wink to Melicia. He started to laugh after what Prince just said. "Well I only live once so I could have taken it if she tried to rup my arms off." He shrugged. "Gotta do what you gotta do." When they moved around and hid, Aaron felt nervous as he nodded to what Prince told him.
Prince counted mentally to 11 then they ran down the alley the men had just went down as quickly as they could... and ducked behind a number of houses... they seemed to be in the slum distract at this point... Prince whispered to him "I have a friend who should be waiting at the stables with two horses... you can ride hers... she can run just as fast and doesn't like riding it anyway..." They froze and ducked into a very tight space between two houses... Prince looked up and then into the street they were just in... 3 of those men in black seemed to jump down from the building next to them right next to where they were, they stood silently, none of them noticed Aaron and Prince, they were looking in other directions but seemed to be scanning the area... they weren't moving, they just stood there silently... there was an ungodly amount of tension in the air... Prince tried to slow down his breathing and make it quieter afraid they might hear them.
Aaron waited as everything was silent. He wanted those men to be gone already. Just why did those idiots had to think that he was their target. This was just stupid. All of this was stupid. As they ran and ducked under houses and got to the slums, Aaron took this time to silently compose himself. What Prince said confused him. There was a person that could run as fast as horses!? And that she was a female too! Aaron totally wants to meet this girl now! When they froze and hid themselves, Aaron tried his best not to freak out. Those guys were just outside and they were going to kill him. This was just not his day. All he need to do right now is to be silent. Just silent as still as he waited for the men to go away.
They stayed as close to the wall as possible, the narrow alleyway they were in was less than 2 feet wide... Prince tried not to move in case his armor clinked against the bricks... there was no other exit to the alley it was a small dead end... if these men found them they would be trapped like rats in a corner waiting for the cats to come eat them... the men scanned the area for what seemed like an eternity but was really more like a minute and a half... then suddenly they ran down the street Prince and Aaron had just come from... "go!" Prince whispered as he ran down the street going the opposite direction as the men in black... they made it down 4 more turns until they came to the back of a stable and a small Inn... A darkskinned young woman was sitting there sharpening a knife that seemed to be made of a mixture of bone and rock... she looked up in surprise... "Where's the Inquisitor?!" Prince put his hand up to stop her as he caught his breath... running quickly and quietly in armor was no easy task... "The - assassins... Mistook this man..." he gestured to Aaron... "for the Inquisitor... I think they assumed... he had come in disguise..." The dark woman rolled her eyes and looked at Aaron "If they're foolish enough to think The High Inquisitor of Valdoria would come looking like this guy... then they're out of their minds... no insult intended." the last bit was to Aaron.
Aaron stayed as close to the wall as he could, making sure to not hit Prince while walking. He was thankful for his piece of clothing as he could stick to the wall if he wanted to and not make any noise. He knew how dangerous this was if the two were caught but that wasn't the time to worry right now. The scanning was slow to Aaron as it felt like this could go on forever. Aaron kept hoping that they run off somewhere else. His mind was racing with that same thought over and over again when he saw that the black cloacked men ran down the direction that Prince and Aaron had just run to. When Prince told him to go, Aaron didn't hesitate as he ran as fast as he could as he followed Prince to wherever they were going. When they got to where they were, he had to stop to catch his breath a little. Running like that sucked. He then heard the Inquisitor and looked up to see that it was another lady. His eyes shine for a brief second before he shook his head and remembered that now was not the time to think like that. He listened in to what the two were saying and just shrugged when the woman said no insult intended to him. "Eh I'm just ready to go whenever you are Prince."
Prince pulled up two horses on reins... "Have you ever riden a horse?" Prince got himself up on his own black horse and passed the reins of a brown mare to Aaron looking at him... Treen nodded to Aaron and moved into the Alleyway watching for their pursuers.
Aaron watched as Prince pulled up two horses. Horses. This was the first time that he saw horses so when Prince asked him if he ever rode them before, he simply gave the man a nod of no. No he has never ridden a horse before. He looked at Prince as the man got to his horse as the reigns were given to him. Can he even do this? He looked over to Treen who simply gave him a nod before going away. Crap, a real horse in front of him. Gotta take this nice and slow. He did his best to get up on, until he fell down onto his butt. Getting onto a horse is hard. He tried again and agan before getting frustrated. This is just stupid! Aaron kept on grumbling until he thought of an idea in which he blasted wind to the ground as he lifted himself up and onto the saddle.
Prince looked over with a little worry.... "well hopefully you're a fast learner... here just take the reins, lean forward a little and don't kick your legs when you turn only when going forward..." Treen yelled at them "THEY'RE COMING!!" 8 black figures were running down the street towards them... Prince turned his horse towards the city gate and began to ride as quickly as he could... the men behind them were keeping pace but not gaining on the horses... Treen ran beside them slightly ahead of the horses.
Aaron looked nervous when he held onto the reigns. So how do horses work exactly? He heard Prince and listened to what the man had to say. Hopefully he could take it all in since the next thing that happened was Treen yelling at them. Oh crap oh crap. That was just great. Eight charging at them. This just sucked. Aaron started to pull on the reigns hoping that the horse would turn as he nudged it a little bit to start running. When the horse started to run, Aaron tried his best to hang on.
As they rode onward they made it through the city gates moving through the crowds getting in and out of the city... they detached from the road onto a small grassland trying to get away from their pursuers but they actually gained ground on them as they went up hill... Prince looked back and yelled to Treen "CAN YOU DETER THEM!?" she looked back at them "IF I WANTED TO DIE, YES!" She turned anyway running backwards at highspeed and pulled out a curved short bow made of horn and fired three consecutive arrows at them... They wizzed through the air but seemed to stop then fall once they got within 4meters of the men... two of the men, perfectly in synch, jumped in the air, one catching one arrow the other catching the other two and threw them back at incredible speed towards the horses, narrowly missing the horses as they ran just ahead of the arrows.
Aaron made it through the city gates as he held onto the reigns for his dear life. His face was full of fear as the horse was quick, much to Aaron's guess. When they got to the grassland, he looked behind him to see how the cloaked men were doing. It looked like they were gaining ground on them which was a relief. He watched as Prince and Treen yelled at each other before the female pulled out her bow and fired out arrows. Holy crap these people were serious. He watched as the men picked up the arrows and threw it back at them. Oh shit! That almost hit him! Aaron almost let go of the horse however as he tried to get back to the saddle as quickly as possible.
Treen scowled at their pursuers... and continued running the check point was now at the edge of their sight just inside a wooded spot on the hill... Prince yelled "Be Careful!" as they moved he turned his head and yelled out at the men behind them his voice this time cracked like thunder.... "GO AWAY!" The ground around their pursuers seemed to shake but they didn't stop... Prince cursed and booked his steed harder
Aaron looked ahead as the check point was in their sight. Yes! So close where they might be able to relax! He was able to hear Prince say be careful a little bit as he nodded. Right. There was no room for error in this. Everything had to be perfect. He watched as Prince yelled and somehow the ground started to shake, what the hell! How did he do that!? When he looked behind him to see that the pursuers were still chasing Aaron had an idea. He stuck out his right hand and thought hard before firing little flames at some to distract them.
The flames caught the dry grass on the ground and began to quickly spread... the men chasing them stared as it ran across the field quickly making a fast spreading Grass Fire... The eight men stood there several of them putting their hands out causing the fire to stop in places allowing them to walk through but Prince turned his head muttering then yelling another command "no they don't.... BUUUUURN!" The fire in different spots flared up and grew nearly 12 feet high... several of the men fell backwards three were now fully engulfed in flames. Treen laughed very hardily then looked at Aaron with an approving nod... Prince looked at Aaron "Good thinking!" They had lost their pursuers and were nearly out of sight of them now, they were in the clear.
Aaron watched as his flames caught the grass on fire. Great! Maybe now they won't come any further! Before he had time to congratulate himself though, the men seemed to be able to put out the fire. Oh, well shit. He was expecting the worst to come only to hear Prince yell burn as the fire seemed to grow. Just how the hell is Prince doing all thsi stuff! He watched as three burn up. The sight was horrific as it reminded him of his father burning to a crisp as well. He winced away as they were getting out of there, now good to go.
They made it to the checkpoint Prince immediately ordering the guards to be alert and prepared... they had assailants after them that needed to be detered... the men all saw him and their captain rushed to get a line of archers and swordsman outside the checkpoints fort... Prince tied up his horse to a post and looked to Aaron... "Don't worry, some would charge a fortified Aryssian checkpoint but not with only eight... oops... with five men." Prince let out his hand to try and help Aaron off of his horse.
Aaron was relieved that they made it to the checkpoint. At last something going right for them! The guards looked like they had everything prepared as Aaron sighed happily. thank goodness that was all over. He grabbed Prince's hand as he slowly came off the horse, glad he didn't had to ride it anymore.
Prince helped him down and patted Aaron on the shoulder "Are you alright?... It's been a weird day... Here let's get inside." Prince led the way into the fort, there was enough space here for about 60 men, not a very large garrison but not all too together small... there were rations out as well as chairs and benches, on the side there were weapon and armor racksTreen followed them and sat down in the same position they found her in at the stable and continued sharpening her knife.
Aaron just simply nodded to Prince's response as he was led in. He looked around and noticed how it was. This was all too weird. Why were these people nice to him? Do they know what they did to his father? Is he trapped? Aaron just stayed silent as his face had a blank expression.
Prince cocked his head to the side looking confused at Aaron... he nudged him with his hand "Are you alright?... You know I don't know what we would have done if you didn't start that fire, my powers weren't really cutting it on their own."
Aaron just stayed silent. When Prince nudged him the boy flinched a bit before shaking his head that everything was fine. "Ummmm yeah glad that I could help."
Prince tried to comfort Aaron "Alright... I'm incredibly sorry for pulling you into this... Don't worry yourself those men shouldn't bother you anymore....... Where were you headed before you got caught up here... Treen and I can escort you now that the mission is over." Treen rolled her eyes
Aaron just smiled. Right. Everything is fine now that the men aren't chasing him. But the question he didn't want asked came up. He looked at Prince with a scared look. "I-I don't know..."
Prince put a hand on Aaron's shoulder trying to calm him... then spoke in a flat but sympathetic voice "Aaron... is everything alright?" Treen looked up actually worried about Aaron, she was hard on people but she wasn't cruel, especially when they were hurt... "hmmmm?"
Aaron felt a sweat come down his face when Prince touched him. Oh no no no. Gotta stay cool. Gotta stay cool. He shook his head as everything is not alright as he came up with a lie. "No...I dont have a home or a place to go to. I'm a street performer and whatever I get that day is my living. I saved up to journey somewhere else and this happened..."
Prince smiled relieved "Alright... You must just be exhausted... I wish there was a way you could have avoided this..." Treen sat back and relaxed... Prince thought to himself for a moment "You know we're heading back to The Capital anyway... If..." suddenly something in Prince's pouch at his hip started glowing.... he looked up at Aaron in surprise then he looked down at his pouch "well..... I was hoping it wasn't my fault but...." Prince pulled out a small grey stone that glowed white again and again and hummed lightly.
Aaron sighed in relief as the two bought his story. Good. No one can ever know about his past. He was ready to go to the capital with them when he noticed something was glowing. Just what exactly was going on in there? Why was that stone glowing?
Prince put the stone out for Aaron to see... "It's a fate stone... It's supposed to lead me to people important in Aryss' destiny..." Prince looked just a little befuddled and upset "It bends the flow of events so that I find these people and that they are safe from harm that would normally fall upon them... I'm so sorry Aaron, I think the stone may be why those men mistook you for their target so easily..." Prince looked very discontent.
Aaron was just lost. A fate stone? Important? Him!? How? Wait, it was that stone why he had misfortune!? Aaron looked to the ground, no response from him before he looked back up, his eyes full of fire and anger as he grabbed the stone and was ready to chuck it.
A gust of wind went by and suddenly Treen seemed to flick for a second and the stone was in her hand... "I'm sorry... Trust me I had the same reaction when I heard that but.... He's telling the truth... I've seen it too many times not to believe it anymore. You're going to be important in something... I'm sorry if this stone has caused you pain but... That is life, that is destiny... We fall, get hurt, and sometimes other people fall with us, some may not get back up... BUT-- if you can get up, it is your duty to get up as someone who lives to go and do the best with what the rest of life gives you.........." Prince looked over at Treen dumbfounded... that was the longest string of words he had heard come out of her mouth with barely a complaint since he met her.
As soon as Aaron threw it, the stone was in Treens hands. He was full ogf anger as he listened to her. What she said made him cool down as he stared at the stone. He was going to get revenge on that stone one day but as of now it looks like theres nothing he can do. He just simply looked away before grabbing the stone again and looking at it.
Prince went over to Aaron, not too worried about the stone... Treen had tried to death to break the thing when he first met her and she... well... the stone was still in one piece... Prince closed Aaron's hand around the stone and gripped the mans hand, not hard, not to hurt him, but firm to get his attention... as he did the stone hummed a single note like a key on a piano being struck and glowed constantly between their fingers... "Aaron... This stone is leading us to people like you, because there are forces out in the World... Forces searching for chaos and you and I and the other people we will be with are the last hope for a Peaceful Kingdom to remain after these forces collide... Many different evils are rising and gaining power, including the one you saw today... I NEED you by my side in order to defeat them... This stone is not the enemy, if it were not for these forces... The stone would never have existed... do not take your anger out on this stupid Rock... Fuel it towards the real foe at hand.... Will You Fight With Me Against Them!?" Prince put his hand out to shake letting Aaron still hold the stone.
Aaron though hard after what Prince just said. Was this really his destiny!? He can defend the place from evil even though what he did was evil? Aaron was conflicted as the stone's music was humming to him. He thought long and hard before coming up with an answer. He gave Prince a firm handshake. "I'll do it. It's not like I have anything else better to do anyway, besidesIgettoflipallthegirlsskirtsthatIwantto." He muttered at the end.
Treen raised her eyebrow at him "I heard that!" //-END

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Virus the Abomination - TBE, WIP

Post  The Vanguard on Wed Jul 30, 2014 3:37 am

Raven Todd wrote:


Username: The Vanguard

Name: Daniel Lockhart, known as Virus

Age: Turned at Nineteen, the Virus itself is centuries old

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1"

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Hungr- Single

Nationality: Aryss, at least he was.

Class: Abomination

Weapon of Choice: Steel blade/Biological Weapon (Himself)

Magical Affinities/Concept: N/A

Prologue: Daniel, or rather, Virus was born nearly half a century ago. Raised by a small noble family on the outskirts of the moon; related but not important to the throne with the way their system ran, Daniel was raised rather peacefully. His father, an advisor to the Queen at the time served house Achori well as he advised their district and left the running of the household to his trusted servants and devoted wife. Aryss was peaceful, wealthy, and going through a time or prosperity; and amid everything great a little bit of darkness grew. His father, soon growing accustomed to the throes of power started to become greedy. Hungry for more. Despite his relative advisory position, he knew how to get things done covertly in his own governed district; sneaking behind his co-workers backs and doing his utmost to put his family on top. It worked for years, taking taxes for himself, tricking the townsfolk into following his unjust decrees, the power was maddening; and in his lust for power his father's goal was made clear. He wanted to lead, he wanted his bloodline to be the one to seize control and keep it! He believed that it was necessary for Aryss's sake, and within his convoluted mind he started to justify it, to make it seem like a noble cause to pursue; but if he were to pursue it, he would need the power to do so by force. His father sought out power, and through his greed and hunger he sought out the legends; the Mercutians. So reclusive that many thought them unreal, his father believed that they would hold the power he needed; and soon, he thought he found it. Whether the two men be Mercutians or not, Daniel's father found two men who claimed to have learned the sacred art of the supposedly lost race. A way to make people practically immortal, all powerful, the boasts and claims were so grand that the corrupt adviser believed every last word of it. He'd pay anything; do, anything for this power but the two men told him it was to late. He was old, the treatment, the spell that would bestow this gift would kill him; but at that moment, in their meeting held at the Lockhart's estate the two men hatched their own plan. "When we entered, we couldn't help but see that you had a son; no?" They inquired, grins growing wide. That was how Daniel was brought into this, with his father too weak and frail to earn this gift; his father sought out someone he could trust with that power. His own son, who once gifted would fight for him; and one day take his place when he passed! It was perfect, Daniel would be the heir they needed; and in his just cause, his father set up all that the two mysterious men needed. They had materials, resources, and the opportunity to work on Daniel without interference. From there, it was all too easy.

Daniel was only eighteen when he awoke with a start, grabbed by two men before some awful smelling drug sent him back under. He had woken in some kind of office, with medical and nursing equipment all around him; his arms strapped down tight, his legs buckled in and his head braced so all that he may do was swivel his eyes to and fro. He gasped and cried out, but every time he did so his face was covered and sleep found him once more. These two men, who had once claimed to know the Mercutian's secrets were in fact just mad scientists. Men that were absolutely fascinated with the creatures and nightmares that made Zeroth home, and after many years of research; they managed to catch a specimen. Or rather, a strain; for all they were sure of was that they caught a parasite. It moved as if it was liquid, and smelled as if it were blood; but it was much darker than that. They tried to inject animals with it, and although the parasite took; it merely devoured. Not even the bones survived as the parasite took in nutrients and vitamins from each corpse, growing more viscous and in quantity with each meal. Un-detoured, the scientists tried again; managing to pull smaller amounts of the parasite for injection. This time, the test animals merely died. Or so they thought. They disposed of their dead specimen, casting it out as a failure; but when they did, the rotting corpse sat out in the open. Easy pickings for a crow or a rat, and one by one the scavengers went to feed on this corpse; but found a predator in it's stead. As they ate they choked, the blood was warm and dark and as they ate the parasite ate them. Killing all that bit into the corpse as the parasite ate as much as it could of the creature, saving just enough energy to return with it's nutrients back to it's host. It took a few days, but the injected rabbit (The first was indeed a mere rabbit) though deceased; was nursed to life through the scavengers that visited it. When the parasite had gathered enough food from it's labors, it began to rebuild; mutating it's host into that of a stronger being. It's blood transmitted the parasite, but it may only keep one host; and the host became it's weapon. This small rabbit grew fierce, devouring the smallest rat to even the common stray dog as the parasite lashed out. At times, bones pierced through the rabbit's skin to impale it's larger targets; or tendrils of flesh peeled out to smother smaller ones in the rabbit's own blood, letting the parasite do it's work as it ate away at it's victims. This beast, this monster, it became the nightmare of the town these men had first practiced in; and before long the entire town was out hunting for it. This small parasite, albeit weak at it's infancy managed to wound many villagers in it's frail form before it was truly killed. Set aflame by a torch, the parasite had no way to put itself out; and so it burned.

Upon hearing about the beast, a rabbit who's blood ate it's victims; who could mutate and shift it's body as if it were a weapon all it's own the scientists were intrigued. "So the Virus can be transmitted.." They thought, and the host could survive? That drove their desires mad, human testing had to be done immediately! But they needed funding, a secluded area, can't have the law coming after them... Daniel. This power hungry adviser was their perfect chance, and so they took it. For weeks these men worked on Daniel, evaluating his blood type; conditioning his physique carefully under supervision. They had to make sure he'd survive the transition, and so they did their best to train him for it; before shortly after he had turned nineteen, they injected him with the parasite. He was locked in at the time, no where to go; no room to move but he sure as hell tried. Daniel thrashed about within his bindings, clearly in agonizing pain as the parasite began to take hold; with all other hosts disposed of, it sought a new one and it just so happened Daniel had been prepared just for it. The parasite filled his bloodstream first, changing it, altering it; each blood cell that got infected carried it onward till his entire system started to grow darker. That was the parasite's gift, the ultimate survive and adapt instinct; it altered the hosts DNA and fiddled with it as it pleased. Working on it every moment of every day to improve it, and so the parasite did; but in order to create a better being, it must first destroy the old.

Daniel died that day, the parasite took his body and destroyed every last cell piece by piece and in it's place came new ones. Altered genes and cells, with just enough information left from it's original host to take on a similar appearance; as for the mind, it even kept his memories. But unlike a rabbit, Daniel stayed dead for years. Who knows if it would have been sooner, if his family hadn't been killed. News of his fathers corrupt dealings power abuse had spread, and instead of relying on the law; many of the men and women who lived in their district found this abuse of power typical for a man, and the only real solution would be to put him down. Anger and misery does a lot to people, a mob could hardly be the worst thing that came from it; but a mob it was that destroyed his family. They were all at home, the two men his father hired trying to explain to him why his son had not waken yet when the shouts were heard. A hundred or more angry civilians had marched out to their home, all brandished with crude or makeshift weapons; but it was the torches that did them in. They surrounded the home, vengeance in mind as they set the house aflame; killing nobility and servants alike as few either ran to escape the flames, or waited to be enveloped by them. As for Daniel, he remained dead; stockstill in the room his father commissioned for the men. The two had warned him that Daniel may be extremely violent when first awaking, and so they built cautiously; the room he resided in was tough. Reinforced with steel and iron to keep him from simply busting out of there when the parasite took hold. It was the only room to remain even partially intact as the household burned, his family slaughtered or cremated, but he couldn't feel or do a thing. He was already dead; and so he remained, the ruins of the household were scoured for goods from time and time again but no one could make it into the reinforced room made for Daniel. It had been locked, the key lost to the flames and rubble; so no man made it inside, but that didn't stop the rats.

Born in 3722, killed in 3731, and reborn in 3835. It took just over a century for enough rats, mice, bugs, insects, termites, spiders, anything that thought Daniel's oddly un-aging corpse to be a suitable snack to take a bite out of before being devoured by the parasite itself to nurse him back to health. But eventually, enough nutrients and vitamins were gathered from the fallen vermin's corpses to start re-building and activating the Virus's new host. Daniel woke with a start, gasping for air and coughing on the dust that he swallowed; his eyes opened wide, one seeming almost painful as it looked for any signs of life. Any signs of food. The room was nearly pitch black, but small motes of light found their way in as the wood paneling that fit between the metal workings of the room had either rotted or been eaten away. The leather bindings that once held him captive had withered away, gnawed on by what looked like rats long ago; he was free, a small kick and lift and his old bindings snapped off. His heart beat quickened as he started to recall what had happened to him, his kidnapping, his conditioning, the experiments.. The Virus. He stood up with a start; his clothes in tatters, light wear meant to help the two men evaluate his condition had been torn from pests and withered away by age and moths it seemed. They were hardly even clothes anymore, but that was the least of his worries; as he stood his eyes failed him. His body weakening for a moment as he fell right back down to the floor with a loud thud, scattering a few rats who had been investigating the room; "Ouch.." He had groaned, more of a reflex than real pain. He struggled to lift himself up, and managed after a few moments of recovering; his stomach growling at the precise moment he got up and all he could do was chuckle. Hunger? That was bothering him at a time like this? But it was, and it seemed unending; and there was that eye again. He turned his head, and he no longer needed light for this; the disturbed rats were on the other side of the room one moment, and in the next.. They were his. He couldn't recall exactly what happened, but he remembered that his fingers were cut open as he was eating; but not as if the rats bit him, more like.. Something had cut it's way out to get to them. He was devouring his third rat when he came too, looking down at the pest with his mouth full of it's meat before he spat it out and recoiled in horror. His body was shifting all over, he could feel his own muscles and nerves getting the nutrients he had devoured; adjusting to the energy, the sustenance. It was frightening and all he could do was stand up; this time, he didn't falter. Instead he ran to the door; bashing and trying to pry it open, but the handle wouldn't budge. Try as he might; that wasn't working, but as he pulled and pulled; shouting at the top of his lungs out of both fear and anger the dust around the door shifted and the metal cracked. That distinctive crack, the sound of.. Rust? Rusty metal snapping. 'Break it down.' He told himself, or at least, he believed it was his own thoughts. Daniel stepped back, taking a breath before flying at the door in a fit of fury and desperation. The metal cracked and the door groaned; within moments it broke free of it's old resting place, it's hinges snapping loudly as the door fell against rotting beams and torched stone. Daniel clambered outside quickly, the light burning his eyes profoundly; but his blood seemed to shift and pulse quickly, and before he knew it his eyes adjusted to the light. Just in time to see that he was surrounded by dry grass, a beautiful sky, and his home. Burnt and in ruin, but there was a town in a distance. Much larger than he remembered, but definitely in the same spot; he was frighted, scared, and most of all hungry. Whether it was his own desire, or the Virus's; Daniel went to town.

His first mistakes aside, like almost devouring a rowdy citizen who called him insane; Daniel has been back for two years. It took a while, but he finally patched together a story of how his home and family had met their end; in an old history book, because no one seemed to care or remember anymore. From then on, it was hard accepting his life; his family dead, his body... Possessed? The only thing that kept him moving was hunger, Daniel's only pleasure was making sure that this Virus; this, parasite. Ate only what he told it to; most of the time. He directed it away from people, no matter how much his body detested and fought against that notion; but eventually his hunger won out. Any food was better than no food, and as long as Virus eats it was content. Growing and developing; Daniel only refers to himself as the Virus now, his only goal to be the host of this Virus so that it doesn't take another. If it's with him, it's not with some other victim; and at least with him he wasn't devouring his own kind to grow stronger.

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Re: Unknown Worlds: LORE & PROFILES

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