~NML Music Fanmixes~

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~NML Music Fanmixes~

Post  Akikazemoon on Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:16 am

So! I'd imagine that you all have plenty of fun giving your characters theme songs, yes? Well, we're taking it a step further! We're making entire fanmixes! We're going to be making mixes for characters, pairings, factions, and just about everything! We'll be posting the links to the mixes here, for ease of access~ So, here are the ones that we have so far, alphabetized, of course! This will be updated as we add more--have fun!

~RP Fanmix~

-No Man's Land-

Chapter 0


Ashley Kims

Atlas Omnison

Beatrice "Bunny Mio" Miona

Bravery Valentine

Chelsea Mercy

Dianhua Nanhai

Embry Galvan

Emilia Melchiott

Eve Falcone

Gunnar Maverick

Holden Krause

Jade Fentom

Jeremiah Carraway - "Buddi"

Jolyne Beaumont

Josephine Beaumont

Justus Maximus Philo Marcellus VII

Kayden Levard

Kylie Deorio

Lukas Reinhardt

Meili Zau

Orane Riviere

Pugsy Marcone

Renate Riviere

Rourke Crosswell

Ryder Mercy

Tate Amaranth

Vincent Kerrigan

Willow Sinclair

Wynn Stanton

Yuri "Kraven" Dragovich

~Pairings (Both Canon and Crack!)~

Gabriel x Bravery

Gunnar x Willow x Holden

Josephine x Claus

Josephine x Ryder

Justus x Matthias

Kayden x Sophia

Kraven x Catherine

Kraven x Ryder

Zombie x Chelsea



Task Force 0

Vulture Team

~No Man's World Characters~

Aurelia Larke

Juliet Hartley

Leith Verdier

Lilia Crosswell

Raiko Kiryuu

Raiko Kiryuu and Eirin Akiyama


Jo vs. Charles! Rivalry GOOO--

A mix for the badass ladies of Vulture Team!

A mix for the surviving officers of Conqueror Worm

A mix for the hopeful kids from Sunnydale

A very special mix about the friendship of Miss Josephine Beaumont and Mr. Jackal Not-Harrsion

A very serious mix about Ryder's butt

-This list will be updated as more mixes are made!-
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