The Middle of Nowhere (Coming Soon)

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The Middle of Nowhere (Coming Soon)

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Fri Jan 31, 2014 1:02 am

The Middle of Nowhere

Sol. Located in the Milky Way, considered throughout the universe to be a backwater galaxy with absolutely no value. In this Galaxy, one of the most useless solar systems is that of Sol. And in this solar system, there is one planet in particular with even less worth: Earth. Earth is truly in "The Middle of Nowhere", yet, somehow, as long as the planet has existed- it has been the center of every alien conquest known to the universe. And on this planet Earth, every alien invasion starts in a city literally called "Nowhere"... in Kansas. It is the year 1955 on Earth, and in this town of Nowhere is where our story begins.

Nowhere is a small little all-American town located in the middle of a wasteland, barely a few streets long with a few homes and dried up farmed on its outskirts. Not to far form it, in the middle of the desert lies Area 69, a secret government base rumored to specialize in the strange and unknown. This is the start of our tale, The Middle of Nowhere. For some strange reason this town has always been the center of the bizarre and unfathomable. Yet somehow, the world has never found out. Even the citizens of Nowhere seem to be ignorant of the existence of otherworldly visitors and conquerors. It is a peaceful- yet strange town. But on the August of 1955, it all changed, you see, that is when the history of mankind shifted onto an ominous, new path. It all begun when several aliens decided to invade Earth, starting with Nowhere- all at the same time.


The Middle of Nowhere is a Scifi RP focusing on the town of Nowhere. It isn't meant to be taken seriously, not in the slightest, this is a universe full of evil cockatrices, diabolical clowns, and space popes. It takes inspiration from classic science fiction films (or rather- 50s and 60s scifi films), Doctor Who, Courage the Cowardly Dog, as well as Silver Age comic books. This RP also aims to stray away from the more anime-styled roots of the other RPs on this forum. There's an extra gimmick to this RP as well- NO face claims are to be used in this roleplay. All characters are to be created and drawn by the Rpers themselves.

But I can't draw-

It doesn't matter if you can't draw, because we have plenty of artists on this forum whom would be happy to draw for you. The only elimination for your character ideas should be your imagination. The characters of this RP are aliens, mutants, and the strange citizens of Nowhere. This was made to be a roleplay focused on imagination and character interaction rather than my more plot-oriented No Man's Land. Everyone is invited to join and try it out, this is an experiment, but it's sure to be a crazy one.

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