No Man's Land Factions

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No Man's Land Factions

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Sat Nov 16, 2013 9:01 pm

Vulture Team
"We're not saints, but we're better to the alternative in this goddamn hellhole..."

Vulture Team, the largest criminal organization in No Man's Land. The big dogs, ruthless, effective, and yet the most morally upright organization in the city. They have their hands in everything, they own territory, the drug trade, smuggling. They exist to keep order in No Man's Land, and they see themselves as more than a criminal organization. Whenever a threat in No Man's Land emerges that could threaten the status quo, or possibly endanger the outside world, Vulture Team strikes. Vulture Team has a strict "no escape" policy in the city. They are against any inmates escaping No Man's Land for any reason. They believe in each and every inmate staying for their sentence. After all, if you stay here long enough, you get used to it. Vulture Team was once a small minor faction in a massive gang war, but it has grown into THE criminal empire of No Man's Land. Led by "The Boss" (Who in reality, has been missing for months, but they keep that title there for now. Currently Ryder is leading the organization.) Josephine Beaumont, Vulture Team are not prone to playing around. Known for their footmen employing Paladin-like military techniques, also they've recently built up quite the reputation for torture...

Vulture Team is split into several division, each has its own purpose and assignment in the organization. However, members of each division do not stay gathered up, rather the contrary. To keep forces balanced out, members from various divisions are assigned together, rather than being assigned by division. In other words, just because you are in a division with these people doesn't mean you will be with them all the time.


Vulture Team is split into seven divisions. The Enforcer Regime, The Frontline Division, Domestic Division, Scouting Division, R&D Division and Intelligence Division.

Footmen Total: 14'243
Footmen in Carrion Land: Est. 5000
Officers Total: 19
Sub-divisions Total: 7

The Boss
-Ryder Mercy (Leader) ★

Frontline Division
- Beatrice Miona - Division Captain
- Justus Maximus Philo Marcellus VII - Division Lieutenant
- Damian Ward - Division Lieutenant
- Jeremiah Carraway - Division Lieutenant
- Elliot Payne - Division Lieutenant
- Footmen: 8200

The Enforcer Regime
- Pugsy Marcone - Division Captain
- Footmen: 245

R&D Division
- Ivy - Division Captain
- Chelsea Mercy - Division Lieutenant
- Daisy - Division Lieutenant
- Isaac Harvey - Division Lieutenant
Footmen: 755

Scouting Division
- Bravery Valentine - Division Captain
- Gabriel Winters - Division Lieutenant
- Marko Cuthbert - Division Lieutenant
- Footmen: 4000

Domestic Division
- Mocha Deren - Chief of Medical Staff
- Rika Rose - Chief of Resources
- Footmen: 1000

Intelligence Division
- Jackal - Division Captain (Head Strategist)
- Nicole Sompters - Division Lieutenant
- Atlas Omnison - Division Lieutenant
- Footmen: 43

All Division Captains and Lieutenants are within The Boss' Inner Circle, promotion within Vulture Team is based off trust. The actual inner workings of the organization are mainly handled by the Domestic Division, while the Front Line Division does most of the criminal activities needed to keep itself afloat. The Enforcer Regime is tasked with being The Boss' main bodyguard unit in battle, and is the most elite position available within Vulture Team without joining the Inner Circle. The R&D Division is mainly concerned with the development of new weapons or tools, and managing to find ways to keep Ivy's expirements contained. The Scoutting Division has little to no footmen based in Carrion Land, besides a few messengers and its officers. The Scouting Division is tasked with patrolling the territories Vulture Team owns and keeping them under control, it is the loosest division and the easiest to join. It is also the most dangerous, and has a notoriously high death count. The Intelligence Division is incredibly small, but its numbers are slowly growing. This Division's main goal is to spy on other factions within the city, as well as gathering information that may be of importance to Vulture Team.

Aside for the Division Captaina and Lieutenant rankings, both of which are only available to those from within the Inner Circle, as well as the Enforcer Regime, there are only a few other ranks. The two most common are the Street Troop and the Associates. Associates make up most of the Scouting Division, they are not considered complete trusted members of Vulture Team yet and are given jobs that are considered more dangerous. Many lab assisstents under Ivy are also Associates due to the high turnover rate. Street Troops are the basic footmen of Vulture Team, found in nearly every Division, there are actually many sub-ranks within the Street Troops, but all typicall work under the the Division Leaders as footmen and commit the basic crimes or actions needed by the organization. If a major battle is to be fought, most of Vulture Team's forces will be made up of Street Troops. Finally, there are Division Underbosses, which are the only footmen who deal with the Inner Circle often, they are mainly concerned with running the divisions and keeping much of the micromanaging out of the hands of the Division leaders. They submit reports and generally lead the footmen directly in battle. Out of the non-Inner Circle Rankings, the Division Underbosses and Enforcer Regime Street Troops are the most likely to be brought into the Inner Circle.

Recommended Battle Plan

Vulture Team owns No Man's Land, as such they are always on the defense. VT must make use of its large size, splitting up and taking part in various battles when needed. In each battle, there should be officers fielded from several divisions rather than one, to add a variety of skills to the mix. In addition every division must do its part, the Frontline Division should field most of the skilled fighters, The R&D Division must constantly work on creating new weapons and inventions that the faction needs, The Scouting Division must scout out locations that the faction will later operate in, and the Intelligence Division must focus on gathering information on their rival factions.

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Re: No Man's Land Factions

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Sat Nov 16, 2013 9:31 pm

The Family
"We own No Man's Land! And now these... "freaks" think they own this place!? Well they've got another thing coming!"

The Family is the oldest of the criminal organizations housed in No Man's Land. Founded by Mario Falcone, they are a collection of Mafia families gathered together in an alliance, pursuing the most beneficial paths for their "businesses". It is best to think of them as the United Nations for The Mafia. However, the idea itself was skewed, as The Falcone family had always had more power than the other families who quickly became subservient. After the death of Mario Falcone at the hands of Kraven, his daughter Eve Falcone took charge. Eve began to make changes in The Family to make it more in tune with its original idea. Now, 5 families hold equal power in The Family. They are the Falcone, Russo, Diamante, Leone, and Bovino families. The original founders of these families are all dead, because of this whomever was most qualified to lead was put in charge. Because of this, many families now have bosses who were never before even worked with them, much to the chagrin of the older members of the organization. The Family has seen better times, they are now weak, and unable to really pose anything of a threat to Vulture Team. They used to own the shining beacon of civilization in No Man's Land: Highend. However, Highend was destroyed in the last war and the process of reconstruction is going by slowly. However, The Family is still a haven for "old-school" criminals. The Family is considered more honorable, not that it counts for anything in this city.

The Family is split into 5 Families, each runs independently, though each is a great ally to another. While infighting and very underhanded politics were once a staple of The Family, the organization being in danger of extinction has put an end to these practices. Each Family has a boss (The Leone Family has 2), and each Family can have any number of Lieutenants working under the boss.

The Families

Footmen Total: Est 6500
Footmen in Highend: Est 6000
Officers Total: 13
Subdivisions Total: 5

The Falcone Family
- Eve (Boss)
- Atticus Benedict (Consigliere)
Footmen: Est 2500

The Russo Faimly
- Kayden (Boss)
- Juan (Enforcer)
- Landsharks: Est 50

The Diamante Family
- Sophia (Boss)
- Scia Scripture (Enforcer)
- Footmen: Est 150

The Leone Family
- Masaru & Mariko (Bosses)
- Simon Blackquill (Enforcer)
- Footmen: 800

The Bovino Family
- Paul (Boss) (Strategist) ★
- The Sisters of Fate (Enforcers)
- Footmen: 3500

Reccomended Battle Plan

Due to the fact that The Family does NOT have centralized leadership, the Bosses of The Family must work in coordination and plan together to earn victories. None of the families can possibly manage to secure victories over large organizations like Vulture Team alone, so team work is the key to success. Most of the footmen in The Family are not particularly well trained or equipped. They usually dress in expensive suits and wield firearms, knives, and baseball bats into battle. The Family is however richest faction in No Man's Land, allowing them to act without worrying about resources. The Family must take advantage of the skills of its unique families. The Falcone Family with its prestige, riches, and power. The Russo Family with its Landsharks. The Diamante Family with its top-tank information gathering skills,  The Leone Family with its powerful skilled warriors, and the Bovino Family with its large amount of footmen.

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Re: No Man's Land Factions

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Tue Jun 17, 2014 11:51 pm

Paladin Industries

Faction Hierarchy

Owner - Charles Paladin (Leader) ★

Task Force 0

- Josephine "Queen Calamity" Beaumont (Strategist)
- Inna Dragovich
- Jasper "Hemlock" Everhart
- El Rommel
- Emilia "The Valkyur" Melchiott
- Nathan "Zombie" Crockett
- Lukas "Smile" Reinhardt
- Malena "The Engineer" Lezaeta
- Wei

Task Forces 1-500
Footmen: Est 20'000

Suggested Battle Plan: Paladin Industries has the most well-equipped, best trained footmen in No Man's Land, and plenty of them. A good Paladin plan would be to use their superior footmen along with the elite Task Force 0 to quickly capture territory. Their biggest weakness is their lack of officers, however each and every officer of Task Force 0 is a proven super criminal and a capable fighter. Using Task Force 0 properly is the key to success with Paladin. Paladin Industries also has the best technology and facilities in No Man's Land, making them extremely good allies, giving Paladin Industries diplomatic advantages.

Black Dragon

Faction Hierarchy

The Mistress (Leader) ★

Black Dragon Clan
- Tate "Black Cat"  Amaranth (Strategist)
- Mr. Bear
- Dianhua "Chīqíng" Nanhai
- Elisa "Valda Jr." Hardey
- Test Subject #3071 "Lutria"
- Cassius "Narcissus" Xiong
- Footmen: Unknown  

Suggested Battle Plan: Black Dragon's numbers are a complete mystery, Black Dragon WILL use this to their advantage. For all the other factions know, Black Dragon can outnumber them 10 to 1. IN addition, the Black Dragon Clan officers are the most powerful in No Man's Land, and should be able to handle multiple other factions' officers easily at a time. The most important aspect of Black Dragon is its unparalleled intelligence division. Black Dragon KNOWS EVERYTHING. The Mistress knows everything about your character, what your character will do, your numbers, your strategies. Black Dragon has spies everywhere and they know exactly what you're about to do.

Deathworshippers (Conqueror Worm In-RP)

Father Death - Kraven (Leader)

- Catherine "Mosquito" Repzalina
- Footmen: 664

The Neo-Inquisitor Faction
- Jolyne "The Inquisitor" Beaumont (Strategist) ★
- Barbara "Killer Queen" Flamingo
- Kylie "Joy" Deorio
- Orane "Forget-Me-Not" Riviere
- Footmen: Est. 10'000

The Patriots
- Citizen Ross
- Holden "Anarky" Krause
- Gunnar "Righteous Seeker" Maverick
- Willow "Cyanide Stiletto" Sinclair
- Ashley "Bloodshot" Kims
- Footmen: Est. 10'000

Suggested Battle Plan: The Deathworshippers aren't exactly one faction, but a collection of factions working under one banner. Unlike The Family which are unified as a sort of federation, The Deathworshippers work more like a confederation. They are much more unorganized, and each faction can operate on its own freely. A well thought-out battle plan will only be possible if Jolyne can have the factions work together in harmony. They also have THE POOREST footmen out of all the factions in No Man's Land, even the zombies. This will not be easy. However, The Deathworshippers have superior officers that, but unlike the other faction with similarly talented officers, The Deathworshippers have them in spades. Lastly, they have Kraven. Utilizing the "Paragon Serum", Kraven has now reached superhuman levels of strength and dexterity. A proper plan would utilize the ranked assassins and Kraven.

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Re: No Man's Land Factions

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Wed Jun 25, 2014 7:37 pm

The Muppets
"Destruction our goal, Mayhem our tool, Chaos our drive, No Man's Land our stage... Welcome to the Show"

The Muppets, are the largest remaining criminal organization coming out of the shattered remains of post Cataclysmic Europe. After nearly every other person they knew was killed in the devastation that followed year 2020 a group of friends and colleagues at Oxford University banded together with the Nano-technology that a professor, Muugica Omnison and a student, James Henson created in their spare time. In the wide spread destruction of the Cataclysm the Muppets quickly turned the massive numbers of dead around them into an asset, Thanks to their nano technology they have the means to create a number of monstrous undead creatures out of corpses and even living humans. They used this to stabilize a small underground housing area for them and their few remaining colleagues. People who had family or loved ones left and tried to return to them, but few survived leaving the Muppets small haven at Oxford. The Muppets themselves stayed there monopolizing most of the crime in the area in order to stay alive, every member in one way or another had lost their family due to the Cataclysm. They soon realized that they needed to gain power to survive and not long after the Muppets became corrupt with their power and became a secretive driving force of Chaos believing that they could set the World right again if they merely shook it up enough. After a number of set backs the group decided to formally disband until the time was right for them to return. Now a decade later they resurface in the most unexpected place, on the other side of the World, in prison no less. They now seek chaos to bring in hope that the World will work itself out if the shake it up enough. The Muppets are led by Kermit but secondly by his wife, Mrs.Piggy and her Twin Brother Gonzo all code named after the main cast of the Muppets.

The Muppets are broken up into four ranks based off of how a stage show would work, The Writer making the plans and decides their actions, The Directors leading the other members with their own individual perspective, The Producers supplying funds, materials and support and The Actors performing the factions tasks such as manual labor, combat, assassination and controlling the footmen. The Muppets have one other small ranking distinction, the #1 Rule. There is a #1 Actor and Producer who are the top of their respective classes and are the right hands of the Directors who they serve, a personal vassal, agent and bodyguard. (Kermit also had a Co-Writer at one point who worked as his #1... Unfortunately there was an incident down in South America... We don't like to talk about it.)


Zombie Total: Unknown
Zombies in The Ol' Theater: Unknown
Officers Total: 8

The Writer
-Kermit the Frog, Jim Henson (Leader) ★

The Directors
-Gonzo The Great, William Arcos (Director, Actor Leader)
-Mrs. Piggy, Angela Arcos Henson (Director, Producer Leader) (Strategist)

The Producers
-Rowlf, Aiden Debarbaraque (#1 Producer)
-Waldorf, Sir Wallace Astoria IV (Producer)

The Actors
-Animal, Akharo Khadiev (#1 Actor)
-Beaker, Brendan Mortesque (Actor)
-Statler, Pete Ritz (Actor)
-Camilla the Chicken, Hazel Lincoln (Actor)

All Actors and Producers speak directly with the Directors and Writer on how things operate and their opinions are valued just like on the set of a stage production. Some may have more sway than others about different things; An Actor is allowed to play his part how he/she sees fit but the Directors and Writer certainly can give him/her instruction on how they see his/her role to fit. There is quite an intricate method to their madness. Oh didn't I mention earlier... Everyone in the Muppets is Bat-Shit Insane... Kermit realized long ago that people of normal mentality do not get the job done nearly as well as those who have severe mental issues pressing them in a psychotic fashion to fulfill their role. The Muppets greatest weapons is their Nano-cybernetics that when injected infest their bodies and modify a single part of their body's anatomy

Recommended Battle Plan

Suggested Battle Plan: SPAM ZOMBIES. The Muppets have access to incredibly advanced nanomachines, with technology that could rival Paladin Industries. Utilizing nanomachines is the key to success for many Muppets officers. However, the biggest strength The Muppets have is their intimidation factor. Ruthless, insane officers, zombies, and with no desires but to spread chaos, the Muppets' biggest key to success could simply be their ability to scare the other factions shitless. It could be entirely possible for them to win a battle without so much as really starting it, but getting the enemy force to retreat in full through sheer intimidation factor.
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Re: No Man's Land Factions

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