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No Man's Land TV Tropes

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Mon Sep 16, 2013 3:39 pm

Me and Emu were talking about this for awhile, and I finally got bored enough to start working on it! Unlike the contests page which focused on characters this page will show tropes that identify with the RP in general. Feel free to post your own tropes in this thread and I will add them to this list. Note that this isn't a contest, and it's just here for fun (and to cure my boredom).

Anyone Can Die: Look at the graveyard thread, that is all.
- There's a reason No Man's Land sometimes has an added subtitle: Everyone you love WILL die.

Action Girl: Half the characters at this point.

Adult Fear: Rape, being unlawfully imprisoned, losing your children, your government betraying you, losing your loved ones. All of these have been brought up at some point in the RP.

All There in the Manual: The Lore page lists information that you would never find in the actual RP. This is done on purpose so everyone can have at least a basic understanding of what's going on and so we don't need characters constantly dropping paragraphs of information.

Always Chaotic Evil: Though not as many as you'd think, a few examples would be Akuryo, The Inquisitor, and Mr Ghoul.

Ancient Conspiracy: Black Dragon, they've been around or a long time.

Animal Motifs: Conqueror Worm and Vulture Team. Catherine is called "Mosquito" by Kraven which fits the bill well too considering how she fights.

An Arm and a Leg: Sometimes characters end up losing arms, legs, and (especially) eyes instead of flat out dying. Of course, Kraven and Jo could testify that arms and eyes are overrated, respectively.

Asshole Victim: Nevermind the constant flux of footmen being brutally kill to show off how cool the characters are, practically half the characters that die horribly in the RP are still bad people. In particular, David Kruger and Jade Fentom may have been prey to a much larger Bigger Bad, and suffered horrible fates, but they were still batshit crazy or evil dictator material.

Asskicking Equals Authority: Every single one of the faction leaders are badass in their own way. Jo is an Ex-Spec Ops, Jade is a badass bookworm with martial arts knowledge, The Inquisitor is either super smart, a cyborg, a psychic, or all three. The Don can punch through metal without feeling a thing, and The Mistress is practically a demigod.

Badass: Yep.

Being Good Sucks: Storywise, Vulture Team is the nicest faction, it's also the first faction to lose most of it's men. The Inquisitor Faction ended up being absorbed into Conqueror Worm then Black Dragon with most of its footmen intact, and the other factions weren't even close to being in any danger when Vulture Team was already reduced to about 6 people.

Berserk Button: Almost every character has this to some degree, the most infamous examples are Chef and Rourke.

Big Damn Heroes: Quite a list, I can't even really list EVERY example:
- Elliot blowing up Conqueror Worm Palace in the first arc.
- Gangsta Pimp running over chef in the Vulture Bunker battle.
- Jo and Jade showing up alive at the end of Machination Enterprise.
- Also subverted in Machination Enterprise, anyone that tries to save Vivian usually ends up killed.

Bittersweet Ending: Practically every other arc ends like this. This is really the only way the RP can end unless it becomes a straight-on Downer Ending.

Blessed with Suck: Tim, Henry, Pugsy, and Rourke all have reasonably badass abilities or gimicks that they REALLY wish they didn't have.

Body Count Competition: A lot of characters seem to get introduced or at least get moments revolving on how many people they've freaking killed. Jade, Kraven, The Inquisitor, Akuryo, Hannibal, etc.

Body Horror: Whenever Buddi or Kraven kill someone, implied somewhat with Ivy and Catherine's kills. Whatever happened to David after the blimp crash was probably this.

But for me, It was Tuesday: Whenever Gangsta Pimp calls Jade on his evil in the earlier arcs, Jade is rather unimpressed. Kraven really has no idea that Diego's sister is trying to kill him, he doesn't even remember Diego. It's starting to feel like this whenever someone from The Family calls Jo on her constant back stabbing of them.

Cast of Snowflakes: Oh and what special snowflakes they are!

Benevolent Boss: Ironically, the only faction leader that hasn't been seen mistreating their minions has been The Mistress. Practically everyone else has threatened, captured, tortured, or even killed other members of their faction at one point or another.

Wretched Hive of Sum and VIllainy: Welcome to No Man's Land!

What Could Have Been: This being an RP, there are countless examples of this, however a few big ones are:
- Kraven was supposed to die in the second arc, originally.
- Jo was never planned to be the leader of Vulture Team.
- The creator of this RP originally thought that it would be best for Jade to die in Machination Enterprise.
- Dorthy's role in the future was non-existent until Machination Enterprise.
- Poet was originally going to be The Don. Emu was originally going to be The Mistress.
- Justus and Rourke LIVING.
- Ivy STAYING DEAD after the blimp incident.
- There were originally going to be 7 factions instead of 5. The latter two were scrapped because the creator of this RP honestly didn't find a way to fit them in right. The Church of Crime would be a faction led by Kraven after Conqueror Worm failed, and Red Star would be an organization trying to revive the Soviet Union. The Krieg Forces and a faction by Emilia were considered at some point.
- Pugsy was almost a girl, but was made a straight guy so Pugsy's admiration for Ryder wouldn't seem romantic.

Chekhov's Gunman: The Don, Mistress, and Inquisitor were all spoken about before the RP even started, but weren't given anything more than a few random mentions.
- Dr Hal Innsmouth, the guy that interviews your character in the profile, turns out to be the right-hand man to the Big Bad of Heritage For the Future.

Big Bad: Jade Fentom, The Inquisitor, The Don, Kraven, and most importantly The Mistress.

Bigger Bad: Paladin is an organization much larger than the city if guards, and it's not entirely clear if they work FOR the Mistress, or if she works for them.
- The Old Government that Ruled the US- responsible for the hell hole that the world currently is in No Man's Land.

Sacrificial Lamb: Duda, Gangsta Pimp, Vero, and Ivy, thus showing that people CAN and WILL die in this RP. Though Ivy's death was undone shortly later.
- Gangsta Pimp was purposely made to show that anyone can die.
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Re: No Man's Land TV Tropes

Post  Emu Queen on Tue Oct 15, 2013 1:04 pm

Cruel and Unusual Death- Catherine and Mr. Heart especially, but others as well.

Curb Stomp Battle- A lot of battles in part two. Most notably the Inquisitor`s attack on Carrion Land, up until the very end.

After the End - The collapse of the government happened around 20 years ago.

Badass in Distress - Every character in the rp is arguably bad ass to some extent. Yet, not only are characters frequently kidnapped; but even the the characters with the nastiest reputations have been put in some kind of situation where someone else needs to save them. (Bunny, Matthias, Ryder, Jo, Hal--the list goes on--)

Despair Event Horizon- Constantly. Best example is probably Machination Enterprise, and everyone`s shitty state following it.

Heroic Second Wind- I cannot count on my fingers how many times this happens --

Nightmare Fuel- Omahgahd.
- Trinika Alma in general.
- Mr. Heart`s, Buddi`s, and Kraven`s kills.
- Ryder`s eyes bein` ghosties.

Tear Jerker- This rp is so full of these--
- Machination Enterprise. Between Vivian and Rourke`s death, Claus and Jo, and Wynn and Ivy`s death -- that event was just. Wow.
- Vivian Orderly as a whole. Poor thing.
- A lot of character`s back stories.
- Almost, if not all, character deaths.
- so on and so on --

Driven to Suicide- Vivian.

Died in Your Arms- Gangsta Pimp in Jo`s.

Tragic Heroes- Vulture Team. Though, really, they aren`t heroes -- they just look like it when you compare them to folk like Jade, The Inquisitor, and Kraven. Still, no other faction goes through as many deaths, breakdowns, and general tragedies than the ones on highest moral ground, of course.

Psychological Horror- Whatever happened to Claus was probably this.

The Leader- Faction leadersss.
Jade - Type I. Put together what he considered the best of the best in No Man`s Land for a single purpose.
Jo - Type IV / Type II. She started the team - but she never assumed leadership on her own. She was moreso pushed into the position by the other Vultures, whom would simply say they had no leader - but Jo was probably the closest to it, since she was their 'thinker' and all.
Inquisitor - Type IV. There`s something that`s attracting all these mutants and side show acts to him. Everyone in the faction has a level of respect for him, and in the beginning of part two, he was arguably the nicest leader to his faction.
The Don - Type I / IV.
The Mistress - Who even knows?

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