Machination Enterprise!

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Machination Enterprise!

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Sat Jul 20, 2013 7:00 am

After a series of battles between Conqueror Worm and Vulture Team known as "The Gauntlet", the Gang War has reached a new height. No Man's Land is engulfed in what the inmates call "Civil War", and it only serves to spread through the rest of the City. The Family watches the war carefully while Black Dragon stalks in the shadows. Vulture Team is growing into a force to rival Conqueror Worm, while Jade's own forces heal from a series of betrayals. Both Doctor Jade and "Homewrecker" Jo have become feared names in the criminal underworld, but neither do they known that a mysterious figure watches them. The Inquisitor, also known as "Inmate X", the only criminal to ever be "imprisoned" in No Man's Land, has taken over The Slums and Funland. Now, he has machinated a plan to break the leaders of this "Civil War", all while taking control of the city and corrupting an innocent mind. A third faction is about to enter the "Civil War'', one not formed of morality or ambition, but of corruption. The Inquisitor is on the move, Paladin sent an agent to stop him, but he's gone now. Who can stop the Inquisitor? His answer: why bother?

Teaser picture by Emu Queen.
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