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Post  The Hidden Spring on Fri Jul 12, 2013 3:00 pm

Hey guys. Do you have skype? Do you want to be part of totally useless conversations, or get some RP ideas, or want to know when everyone posted? Well then, we have a Chat that is on Skype for all members to join! It's a lot of fun and pretty chill, so please join us. Its real easy to join.

1. Get a skype account. Skype is a free internet chat medium that's available on all platforms. Real easy to get.
2. Add me to your contact. My skype is ponoccakay. I'm always on, or most of the time, so please do it soon.
3. I'll add you into the chat.
You'll be able to talk to people like CoffeeXSong, the lovable and sweet fantastic RPer from gaia you knew and loved. Also, Pan Sensei, our leader and dictator...I mean what?
There is lots of fun to have so PLEASE join us!
The Hidden Spring
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