No Man's Land Tropes Contest!

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No Man's Land Tropes Contest!

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Tue Jul 09, 2013 5:27 pm

Hello everyone! Newts in Suits is pleased to announce the No Man's Land Tropes contest! What is the real point of this contest? We want to build the Newts in Suits community even more, so why not include a contest? So how can you compete in this so called contest? It's simple, go to, look at the tropes in it, there are thousands upon thousands of them! Pick one of your characters, and make post a tropes page on them in Newts in Suits, preferably in this thread! Find the tropes that apply to your character in ANY way shape or form, and explain why they fit this character. The poster with the most complete tropes page will win a free fanart from Creatio Ex Materia of any character they wish! 2nd place will get free fanart from Not Manchee! Look at my work in progress page bellow for a good example of how to participate! This contest could even help you develop your character further!

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Re: No Man's Land Tropes Contest!

Post  Amazing Pan-Sensei on Tue Jul 09, 2013 5:34 pm

Elliot Payne

Kill It with Fire - Elliot's preferred way of dispatching his enemies.

Pyro Maniac - Fits Elliot to a tee.

No Social Skills - Since Elliot was a child he's been dealing with this.

Enemy Mine - The reason Elliot joined Vulture Team, he isn't so much friends with many of them so much as he just happens to hate Conqueror Worm just as much as they do.

Teeth Clenched Teamwork - Whenever Elliot has to work with his former Rival Akuryo, Elliot doesn't seem to take working with that guy very well.

Icy Blue Eyes - Just look at Elliot's eyes in his "Firesuit" picture.

Self-Made Orphan - Elliot killed his original family as well as numerous foster family's, using the excuse that they were all evil and abusive people.

Psycho for Hire - Describes Elliot pretty well when he was working as a "Freelancer".

Abusive Parents - More like Abusive Family, at least according to Elliot in his interview.

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Re: No Man's Land Tropes Contest!

Post  robert200110 on Wed Jul 10, 2013 5:11 am

Arron Blitz

Invulnerable Knuckles: He's punched enough things to not hurt himself.

Flash Step: He moves very fast for short distances.

Fragile Speedster: If you hit him, he'll fall down and won't get up.

Blood Lust: He loves to see you bleed.

The Klutz: He tends to bump into things fairly often if he's not preoccupied.
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Vivian Orderly

Post  The Hidden Spring on Fri Jul 12, 2013 12:18 am

Innocent Bystander- Vivian was framed and brought to NML. She had done nothing wrong, and is indeed innocent. She is a person who is easily tormented, tortured, killed even. She's not super human, she's normal, innocent, and easy prey.

Hysterical Woman- Vivian's constant nervousness, worry, and panic attacks makes her think a lot less rational then most people. Despite her calm facade, she's always on edge, and only sleeps when brought to exhaustion.

Cute Cry- Vivian is allowed to cry, and she does it often. She cries when the following triggers are flipped.
-Her fiancee is mentioned being missing
-Being blamed
-Fear itself
She'll cry when she feels threatened as well.

Kind Hearted Simpleton- Vivian, despite being thrusted into a leader postion, is pretty naive. For example, right now in the hotel, she's letting people stay left and right. Why? Cause she's so damn nice. Her kind hearted naivety is a major flaw in her character, and yet, an aspect nonetheless. It's that kindheart that let her have the group of friends...who all happen to be men, that she has right now.

Self Made Orphan- Vivian's parents were murdered. She ran away from the orphanage on a hunch she had that was right. She survived off the streets for a good while, and then managed to find a man who would believe and call her his daughter in order to protect her. I think she is pretty self made. Vivian did pretty damn well surviving even after being persued for so long for her family fortune she didn't know she had. And look at her now. She's about to marry a wealthy prosecutor with two fortunes to support herself with, the murdered family one and the one left to her by the kind old man...well...except the whole, going to NML thing.

Rage Breaking Point- Everyone has one, including Vivian. When she gets angry enough, she snaps, and goes into the what I like to call, blood lust phase, where she wants to get rid of the opsticle in the quickest way possible. In this, she uses both Tri Palm and Bakudo styles of Kungfu to keep herself a potencial threat. However, it takes her not very long to calm down, and often she will apologize profusly afterward.

Unwanted Harem- Vivian currently is the leader, somehow, of the small faction haven, which consists of people who came together in order to survive. If you notice though, that all those people just happen to be men. This sort of counts as Unwanted Harem because she doesn't intend to sleep with these men (although that would be fucking hilarious)  but since they don't really want to cause trouble as well. Vivian isn't sure how long Haven will last against the outside evils, but with her new fond semi Harem, she's confident they will survive.

The Smurfette Principle- Again, her group is mostly men, and no women. That fact alone just goes with this.

Ragtag Bunch of Misfits- A woman who doesn't know what's going on, a boy who is cursed to look like a crocodile, a gangster eagerly waiting to find his boss so much that he got himself arrested, a strange fighter man who came out of literally no where and loves fighting, and the finally, a revolutionary sexy mexican who can't shoot for shit, but loves his think they aren't misfits?

Team Mom- And guess who the hell they made their leader? Vivian. Cause why the hell not?!?

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Aki's Characters 8D

Post  Akikazemoon on Fri Jul 12, 2013 12:27 am


Big Brother Instinct - Pretty much the minute that Ryder became friends with Ivy, he started feeling like he was her big brother--even though it turns out that she's older. Whoops.

Knight Templar Big Brother - Kind of takes his protectiveness over Ivy to the extreme sometimes--going so far as to beat the crap out of large, gun-toting nun-men. And pretty much anyone who would hurt Ivy in Ryder's presence is cruisin' for a bruisin'.

The Rival - I guess that you could say that Kraven is basically his rival at this point? Or at least Kraven thinks so.

(More will be added... xP)


Yandere – Always smiling, always laughing, always happy—except that’s allll a ruse. Is actually quite ruthless and creepy—all in exchange for the approval of the person he is loyal to.

Love Makes You Crazy – Probably driven at least a little bit insane by his little crush—no, make that a lot bit insane by his big crush. He keeps all that hidden under his delightful exterior, though.

Dull Eyes of Unhappiness – His eyes will become pretty lifeless and creepy before going into a rage—take that as a signal to run.

Devil in Plain Sight – Ryder is aware of Wynn’s somewhat…unique tendencies. Which is why he avoids him as best he can—even though it seems like nobody else seems to notice that Wynn isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, like he seems.

Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon – Oh, come on, who could mistrust a guy who’s always smiling and happy? …Wait, is that a row of knives under your coat, Wynn—

Murder the Hypotenuse – Anyone who ever gets a thing romantically for Ryder had better watch their back. ‘Nuff said.

Beware the Nice Ones – He’s always kind and nice, always has a smile for everyone—that is, until he gets pissed off.

Berserk Button – Don’t flirt with Ryder. Please. If Wynn is in the vicinity, just don’t—that is, if you want to keep your blood inside your body.

Berserker Tears – If he’s pushed too far, yes—there will be tears. Lots of very angry tears and stabbing. More stabbing than tears.

Stalker with a Crush – He stalks Ryder like a bawss, when he knows where he is. Also yup, major crush action going on there.

If I Can’t Have You – As warned earlier, Wynn is the kind of guy who doesn’t mind eliminating romantic competition—permanently.

Not Good With Rejection – He’s really not—whether it be romantically, or in any other situation—he’s got a bit of a temper. But hey, knives solve every problem! …Wait, seriously?

Crazy Jealous Guy – Wynn gets jealous preeeetty easily, unfortunately. Pair that along with his mental instability in the romance area and boy do you get a scary product.

Knife Nut – Wynn likes his knives. A lot. He gets sad whenever he has to fight with anything BUT his wide array of knives.

The Blade Always Lands Pointy End In – Wynn prides himself on his knife throwing abilities. No botched throws here, folks.

Wounded Gazelle Gambit – Wynn has actually purposefully injured himself before in order to fool Ryder and others into a lie he made up. This is actually what led to the whole issue between Ryder and his girlfriend—but gee whiz, who would ever assume that poor yandere little Wynn would ever do that on purpose, hmm?


Anti-Climactic Unmasking – You'd think that finding out who someone really is would be exciting--but it's really not, in the case of Bravery, since it's pretty obvious who he really is under the mask anyway.

Cape Swish – Yes, Bravery sometimes does try to make it look like his cape is blowing in the wind—even if there is no wind. I mean, come on, getting some dramatic wind effect isn’t always so convenient!

Badass Normal – While Bravery doesn’t actually have any actual superhero powers, he still seems to hold his own just fine using his own strength.

The Cape – He’s a superhero with a cape. Yup. He also does his best to stick to the ever-important hero code of honor--to fight against evil and protect those in need, while not abusing their position.

Paper Thin Disguise - Bravery's hero outfit really doesn't conceal his identity at all--to the point where almost everyone just calls him by his name. He's given up trying to insist for them to not use his secret identity name while in costume anymore.

Code Name - While in costume, he initially only wanted to go by his superhero name. The Justice Avenger. Howeverrrr, since everyone knows that it's him at this point, he just sorta goes by his name now.

Comes Great Responsibility - Bravery feels that it's very important to fight for the benefit of others, and to not hurt others for his own self gain. He doesn't want to besmirch his name as a superhero.

Chronic Hero Syndrome - Any big wrong that Bravery hears about, he wants to right it himself. As he's said, whenever there is a call for help, he would go running to help that person right away, in most cases.

It's All My Fault - He's really hard on himself whenever he doesn't quite manage to solve things, and tends to get a bit depressed about it. The most recent case in point being that he feels that he wasn't fast enough to help Bunny, so it's his fault that she got tortured and all.

Heroic Self-Deprecation - Bravery tends to not have a very high view of himself--especially when he's messing things up. When things are going well, he's perfectly fine, but as soon as he makes one little mistake, that all comes crashing down, leading into a big "It's All My Fault" frenzy.

(More to be added at...some point or other. xP)


Split Personality - Rourke's PTSD led to him developing an alternate personality that's all for violence, and will attack people around him indiscriminately--it's closer to how he acted during battles in war, which is was a desperate attempt to stay alive--no matter what he had to do to get that chance.

The Killer in Me (Amnesiac Killer) - Rourke doesn't recall anything that happens while his alternate personality is active. He simply blacks out, then when he wakes up, there's blood and bodies everywhere, leaving him confused and horrified.

Berserk Button - The PTSD that Rourke suffers from is set off by very specific things--mostly, anything that brings him back to his time on the battlefield, such as gunshots and explosions. These will set off his other personality, and result in a very bloody and violent outcome.

Enemy Within - Rourke is aware of his other personality--he's figured it out by now, and if the corpses that piled up during his blackouts weren't much of a hint, he can tell that this alternate personality isn't a very nice guy. And Rourke wants to get rid of him--but he's got no idea where to start.

Beware The Nice Ones - Rourke is literally one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He doesn't have bad intentions for anyone at all, and will jump to the defense of his friends at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, his split personality issue makes him a bit of a dangerous person...

Training From Hell - He was in the army--went through some pretty vigorous training and all.

(More to be added xP)

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Re: No Man's Land Tropes Contest!

Post  Emu Queen on Sat Jul 13, 2013 6:13 pm

~* Josephine Beaumont *~

Police are Useless - Instead of actually finishing her mission or getting close to it, she becomes more criminal-like as the rp goes on. Also, Paladin sucks.

Police Brutality - Jo has used lethal force on a lot of criminals. Even in Paladin, she`s known for going too far.

Dirty cop - Refer to two other tropes above.

Badass in a nice suit - Perhaps the most important thing to Jo is her wardrobe. This woman owns no casual clothing, it seems.

Action Girl - She leaves behind her life as a housewife / bar lounge singer to pursue her dream of kicking ass in Paladin.

Anti Hero - While everything Jo does is in the right sense (For now, at least), she is willing to crucify and torture a Conqueror Worm inmate in front of a roaring crowd for ruining her suit. Not even sure if this qualifies as being an anti-hero, or just a complete monster.

Team Mom - To Vulture Team. Particularly Elliot and Ivy.

Only Sane man - In the beginning of the rp, she considers herself this.

Hired Guns - Instructions for her mission state she is able to use lethal force on anyone she deems necessary. Although she`s really just a guard, she could be called a mercenary.

The Alcoholic - Still recovering from this. Even in NML, she often craves alcohol, specifically scotch.

Undercover cop reveal - Wink wonk.

Strange Cop in a Strange Land - Legit her entire arc for half the rp.

Deliberately Bad Example - Although Jo is actually a cop, she is often one of Vulture Team`s more unruly members. She smokes, drinks, curses, makes sexual jokes at times; and although a lot of people in NML do this, Jo is ridiculously inclined to do the worst possible thing.

The Lad-ette - Refer to every other trope here. The only thing truly feminine about her is her desire to constantly smell nice and her long hair (which she is very proud of).

Girls with Guns - Her and a lot of other women in NML.

Good girl gone bad - Not sure if she was ever truly good, but...

Housewife - Her occupation when she lived with her husband, Claus, prior to joining Paladin.

Hot chick in a badass suit - Her wardrobe. Never mind that she purposely has her suits tailored to fit her figure perfectly.

Deadpan Snarker - Often this. Especially to enemies she finds ridiculous, or team mates she finds ridiculous.

Mama bear - This to Vulture Team. Don`t touch them.

Happily Married - Until they got in a huge argument and got a divorce. Oops.

Ditzy Genius - Plays the role of Vulture Team`s "Thinker", but sometimes even Gangsta Pimp is better at devising logical plans than she is.

Masculine girl, Feminine boy - With her ex-husband, Claus.

All Girls want Bad boys - She thinks Jade and Akuryo are pretty hot -- never mind that both of them are some of her worst enemies. She doesn`t let her attraction get in the way, though. She also found Ryder very attractive for a while because of his punk-ish appearance, but her feelings for him have dyed down into infatuation after realizing what a dork he is.

Gun nut - The true love of her life.

Naive Newcomer - At the very beginning of the rp.

Tomboyish name - Although her full name is Josephine, she only goes by Jo.

Ambiguously Evil - ... Yup.

Heroic Bastard - Even as a Paladin officer, she is this. Probably even moreso when she gets to No Man's Land.

Embarrassing Nickname - Jojo. So far, only Elliot has lived after calling her this. Claus used to do it as well when they were married.

Jerk with a heart of Gold - Although she`s a crooked cop with a taste for murder, she also finds herself very protective of the criminals she befriends in No Man's Land.

Really Gets Around - Especially before Paladin and NML. She had been dating Claus all through high school, and lost her virginity after cheating on him when he said he wasn`t ready yet. She basically purposely put him in an emotionally unstable state just to do it with him. Best girlfriend.

Smoking is Cool - Jo loooooooooves cigars. She brought a whole bunch of them into No Man's Land with her. She suffers slight withdrawals if she does too long without them, and she also uses them to calm her nerves in moments of stress. She was introduced to them by a Paladin officer she became very close too during training.

Cigar chomper - Read above.

Beserk Button - oh my god don`t get blood or puke or guts or anything on her suit. She beat the crap out of Kraven for spitting blood on her by accident. She wanted to crucify a Conqueror Worm footman for getting blood on her suit during the Vulture Riots. Basically, anyone who messes with Jo`s clothes is destined to die a horrible death.

Break the Cutie - Begins as an everyday housewife with dreams of saving people, to becoming a ruthless Paladin officer. Let`s not even talk about what happens to her after being thrown into a prison disguised as a city...

Charles Atlas Superpower - Super intense Paladin training has made her this. Although she has a rather slender build, her usual sleeping apparel of a black tank top reveals that she is quite ripped.

Training from Hell - Paladin training. Resulted in the above trope.

Genius Bruiser - Her specializations lie in strategics and firearms. She is also an expert in CQC. While she serves her main role as Vulture Team`s strategist, she also fights in every battle, even if she can`t hold a candle to some of Vulture Team`s stronger members.

Badass Bookworm - Refer to above trope.

Heroic Self-Deprecation - In Paladin, she was known for her gruesome methods but also her heroic feats. Even then, Jo suffers from a severe case of depression, which she has pills for. If something goes wrong, you`ll bet that Jo will find a way to make it her fault. This makes for a huge weakness of hers, as she is easily manipulated when emotionally vulnerable.

The Determinator - This trope fits Jo to a tee. She should have died several times already, and with all the emotionally trauma she`s been put through you`d expect her to just give up. But, she`s still going strong, despite all the permanent scarring this city has done to her.

You Gotta Have Blue Hair - She has damp, steel blue hair. It seems to be natural considering how long it`s been like that.

The Gunslinger - Looooves guns. She`s been trained to use a variety of guns too; give her any gun and there`s a large chance she`ll know how to use it and a lot of useless gun trivia about it.

Married to the Job - After joining Paladin, she pretty much cut off her relationships with all of her friends and stopped talking to her ex-husband as well.

Rapunzel Hair - Her blue hair goes all the way down to her lower back.

Ass Kicking equals Authority - This trope is basically how Jo got anywhere in life. You don`t just start as a housewife and get upgraded to a Paladin officer and not be awesome.

Adorkable - Really! She`s a huge dork about anything she takes interest in (particularly guns and movies), has a penchant for James Bond movies (She quotes them like the bible), and a phobia of thunder. However, this doesn`t last. Kind of. Maybe it`s just that her dorkiness pales in comparison to Ryder.

Honor Before Reason - She often obsesses with seeing villains get their just deserts, regardless of whether pursuing them is the wisest course of action. She wrestles with herself over whether it's because of her pride, or because of her values in justice. This especially shows in her first battle with Jade, when she follows him into cloud of smoke and gas and almost gets captured and tortured by him because of her recklessness.

Hurting Hero - Although she`s divorced, she still had faint feelings for her ex-husband and thought about him often. The last she heard of her divorced parents were when her step-brother informed her that their mother had passed the previous night. Let`s not even touch upon everything that has happened to her after her divorce, military training, and suicide mission to No Man's Land. Her life in her eyes has been one disappointment after another and she considers her position in Paladin her only real achievement. Basically; her life sucks, and killing people is her remedy. After getting booted from Paladin, Vulture Team becomes her only real achievement.

The Woobie - Read above.

It`s All my Fault - Legit every time something bad happens. Even if it`s completely unrelated to her, Jo will find a way to warp it into being her fault. She developed this tendency after past experiences, and her case of depression worsens it.

Embarrassing Tattoo - She has a tramp stamp of a revolver with blue roses on her lower back. She wanted to get it removed, but couldn`t get the money before going into Paladin training.

We Help the Helpless - Her reason for joining Paladin. Later, her reason behind everything she does. It`s all just one big effort to make the world a better place.

Establishing Character Moment - Somewhat. My first post is her asking Elliot to light one of her cigars with his flame thrower. Argue all you want -- she was always kind of crazy.

Heroic BSOD - Upon seeing her best friend, Gangsta Pimp, get a hole punched straight through him. She manages to dash to his side, kill his killer, and hold him as he speaks his last words to her.

Kill The Ones You Love - Claus. Even after she is stabbed, screamed at, emotionally and mentally tortured by him, she still has a severe case of Stockholm syndrome when her and Jade are kidnapped by her ex-husband. He even tricks her into believing he has been returned to his normal self, and when she turns to hug him he pushes her against a wall and stabs her eye out. After a small duel, Claus (back to his usual self) begs Jo to kill him. After contemplating the life they could`ve had if not for her and telling him she loved him for a final time, she stabs him through the heart with a rusty pair of scissors.

Love Hurts - Heavily applies to Jo and Claus` relationship. It`s really just one lie and betrayal on after another until she finally kills him -- possibly the kindest thing she ever did for the poor guy.

Friendly Enemy - With Jade during Machination Enterprise.

Worthy Opponent - Jade. The Inquisitor and The Don later. And then the Mistress.

Eyepatch of Power - Near the end of Machination Enterprise, Jade gives her an eye patch so she stops covering her empty eye socket with her hand. During the time skip, she replaces it with a nice leather one.

Sympathetic Murder - Claus.

Madness Mantra - "T - That`s bullshit! BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT!"
"This is stupid!! Stupid, stupid, stupid!!"
"I`m so fucking stupid... Stupid, stupid, stupid..!"
"I-I`m fucked... so, so fucked..."
(Has a tendency to repeat herself in moments of emotionally vulnerability)

Villainous Breakdown - Has quite a few of these, considering how easily it is to push her over the edge. Most notably after being kicked out of Paladin by her best friend, Henry -- she starts out yelling at him in a mantra of curses, and then he tells her she killed two Paladin officers, which she wasn`t even aware of. She proceeds to rant about how much better she is than Paladin, her main point being that the Inquisitor managed to escape and smuggle a blimp into the city. She does that all while breaking down into a sobbing mess and literally trembling and hyperventilating in fear that The Family will mutilate her and give her a dishonorable death, seeing as she invoked their wrath. As if that wasn`t enough -- she acknowledges that she`s losing Henry`s friendship, immediately making the connection between him, Jack, and Claus in that they were all gone and she has no one to blame but herself. She`s such a huge mess at this point -- the second she feels Ryder of all people touch her in the slightest, she pleads him not to hurt her. (Which is kind of given, considering immediately following Ryder`s attempts to calm her down, Bunny aims a gun at her head).
TLDR; Jo breaks. Jo breaks a lot.

Gibberish of Love - Jo and Ryder. Jo and Ryder. Jo and Ryder.

The First Cut is the Deepest - Jo and Ryder again. They`re seriously two of the most romantically traumatized individuals ever and they somehow ended up with each other.

She Cleans Up Nicely - Apparently so during the Kingpin`s banquet. Despite her rather unfeminine muscles and ever apparent eye patch, she pulls off a fitting gown quite nicely. She at least looked nice enough to turn a trained assassin into stone and a feared gang leader into a blushy mesh of feelings.

Break the Haughty - Constantly.

Chronic Hero Syndrome - In the end of the day, all that drives Jo is her desire to help people and make the world a better place. She`s disillusioned herself into believing she could commit such a feat.

Sympathy for the Devil - Before killing the Inquisitor. This doesn`t last long, though, considering she smashes his brain to bits with her foot afterwards.

A Mother to her Men - Specifically Ivy, Elliot, and to an extent - Ryder. She feels responsible for Vulture Team as a whole and has a habit of babying some of them often.

Honor Before Reason - Constantly. She is the queen of bad decisions.

Didn`t Think this Through - The Inquisitor took advantage of this constantly.

Start My Own - The reason she made Vulture Team to begin with was to rival Conqueror Worm and bring them down.

Amazonian Beauty - Although incredibly muscled and masculine in her interests and behaviors, she manages to attract quite a few people.

Badass Normal - Applies to quite a few NML characters, but Jo hasn`t really been upgraded once since the beginning of the rp. She`s always just been about guns and CQC. Basic military things. She still kicks quite a bit of ass.

Made of Iron - Oh my god. Just give up, Jo. This shows especially in all three of her battles with the Inquisitor, all three times she bleeding to death as she proceeds to fight him. Particularly in the last battle with him.

Badass in Distress - She would have died at least six times over already if not for Jack, Ryder, and even Jade saving her life on several occasions. She`s still a kickass ex-Paladin officer who won`t hesitate to kill anyone who looks at her funny.

Adult Fear - Dying. Her fear is dying is especially prominent as the war begins to weigh in on her mind. She is absolutely petrified of attending the Kingpin`s gala at first, fearing he would make an attempt at her life there. Ryder manages to calm her nerves.

Turn In Your Badge - When she is evicted from Paladin by Henry after attempting to steal three trillion dollars worth of cybernetics from The Family.

To Be Lawful or To Be Good - She picks 'To Be Good'. Despite her way of doing this being to become a powerful crime lord, you can`t deny that she at least has good intentions. Even if she isn`t on the highest moral ground.

She Who Fights Monsters - Her character development. She begins as a Paladin officer on a mission to destroy a greater threat, but after Machination Enterprise, she`s pretty much plunged into full on crime lord status. She`s like that for a while -- she terrorizes other prisoners, sends a bag of heads to Conqueror Town, and is basically completely blinded by this urge to just end the war and massacre anyone in her way. From the Armageddon battle on, she slowly reverts into her old bad-joking making self, though the damage done is clearly permanent.


~* Buddi *~

Ax Crazy - Buddi is decidedly much more lacking in the sanity department compared to some of the other No Man's Land criminals. At least, he seems that was on the surface.

Added Alliterative Appeal -In psychology, alliteration without logical association is often indicative of clanging, a symptom of schizophrenia. Unsurprisingly, Buddi is quite fond of this. It`s possible he`s seen V for Vendetta at some point: ("Pitiful people prepare, plead plentifully plentiful platitude phenomenal patriot pounds, poundingly perverse puppets pulping, pleasantly, putrid pasties!")

Attack, Attack, Attack! - His usual battle strategy. As a melee user, it suits him much more to be constantly attacking whilst in battle.

Awesome, but Impractical - All of Buddi`s skills. He honestly ends up hitting himself more with his Buzz axe than he does other people.

Chainsaw Good / An Axe to Grind - His weapon, called the Buzz Axe, is actually a large mix of a chainsaw and an axe. He doesn`t really know how he got it, but he`s had it for so long that it`s all rusty and full of blood, completely dyed from it`s original colors.

And I must Scream - He used to be a much saner, smarter, more moral sort, possibly some kind of militant or soldier. Now? Thanks to Black Dragon`s experimentation, he's a mass-murdering (of criminals & the deserving) psychopath with all the insanity and Ax Crazy-ness that implies. And his original personality is a Split Personality, completely aware of the horror of his dominant personality and his actions.

Angrish - He is easily frustrated, kind of like a child. Particularly in battle when an opponent won`t die immediately. That just befuddles him.

The Beserker - Given what he is, this is a given.

Body Horror - He was an experiment of some sort, and still has numerous scars, stitches, and various hoses all over his body.

The Big Guy - He is said to be larger than even Kraven. He`s incredibly musclebound, and tall. Most of his strength is in his upper body, though.

Gentle Giant - Usually ends up being this out of combat. Despite his terrifying appearence (which doesn`t get a lot better when he takes off the mask), he`s easily frightened and quick to fall for any women who shows the slightest bit of kindness to him. He`s also dangerously protective of any friends he gains.

Catch Phrase - Kind of. He says Nipple Salad a lot. His inner personality has "...Close enough", usually said in annoyance after telling the dominant personality to say something and he instead shouts some psychotic nonsense.

Cool Mask - Wears a special mask made of steel, which is designed to look like a gas mask but doesn`t really function like one.

Cloudcuckoolander - Much of his dialog is generally nonsense involving meat or blood in some way.

Death Seeker - His inner voice will occasionally comment "I deserve this" when Buddi either bashes himself in the face or is set on fire. Buddi has periods where he becomes especially self-loathing and depressed, and this usually only comes about when his sane side manages to take dominance.

Eyepatch of Power - While not exactly an eyepatch, his mask has his right eye covered by one of the belts that fastens his mask to his face. Strangely enough, that eye seems to be fully functional when he takes off his mask.

Hearing Voices - Although, Buddi is only hearing his old personality most of the time.

Heroic Willpower - The original personality is able to exert some level of control over the dominant personality. Most of the time.

Walking Shirtless Scene - Buddi seems to not be one for a shirt.

I am a Monster - Buddi often tries to shout down his inner voice and declare that he is a monster, and he loves it.

Jekyll and Hyde - In this case, the Hyde personality is the dominant one while the Jekyll at least tries to make sure that the former only kills evildoers.

Laughing Mad - He has quite the variety of maniacal laughter.

Poor Communication skills - He has no idea how to talk to people. When being introduced to Gari, his sane side wanted to tell her how he felt lost and he wanted her to save him. What came out was decidedly less eloquent. ("I`m the conductor of the poop train!")

Never Hurt an Innocent - The voice in his head tries to direct Buddi's rage towards "the deserving" and even swears that if he ever kills an innocent person that he will take over and commit suicide.

Split Personality - Besides his "default" Ax Crazy self, he has a (much) saner, (much) more moral voice in his head who ensures that he only kills "the deserving". They do not get along. This is in fact his original personality.

[ wip !! ]

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Re: No Man's Land Tropes Contest!

Post  Not Manchee on Mon Jul 15, 2013 7:08 pm


Steven Ulysses Perhero - Her real name happens to be easily shortened to Ivy, which she has adopted, and relates to her obsession with plants as well as how she uses a lot of what she gets from plants as weapons.

Mad Scientist - She has a PhD in biochemistry and most of her crimes were science-related; she's obviously crazy and uses her scientific knowledge for destruction.

Delinquent Hair - The bright green hair tends to call people's attention, and the fact that she's also a criminal is just a coincidence...OR IS IT?

Improbable Weapon User - From a severed mannequin leg to an oversized plant, Ivy refuses to stick to normal weapons.

Anti-Villain - Ivy may have done bad things, but she's far from evil, just..confused. She honestly thinks that people will thank her for coming up with great plant mutations or super strong acid, even if she had to blow up a building to get the things she needed in order to do this.

Insistent Terminology - Ivy insists on calling things by names that they are not, and if she is asked about, for example, Kraven, she will immediately correct the person who addressed her "You mean Apocalypse, right?"

Do Not Call Me Paul - She REFUSES to go by her birthname, having actually forgotten it by now and only going by "Ivy".

Talking to Plants - Ivy does this a lot...She is absolutely convinced that she can understand plants and plants understand her, and she'll constantly get into conversations with some of the plants she carries around, as well as any that she encounters.

Suddenly Fluent in Gibberish - Ivy tends to suddenly be able to understand not only plants, but also inanimate objects such as computers that make weird noises.

Genius Ditz - Biochemistry is her thing. NO ONE knows more about plants and chemicals, or both of those things combined, than Ivy, but she seems to be an airhead when it comes to anything other than that.

I Can Still Fight - She gets hurt...a lot. But somehow she continues to fight, though this is probably due to the fact that people (*cough* Gangsta Pimp) push her into it as well as the fact that she doesn't seem to notice terrible injuries like other people do, most of the time she won't notice she's bleeding out.

Conspiracy Theorist - Ivy is absolutely sure that Gumby, whoever that may be, is constantly out to get her, and that all the bad things that happen in No Man's Land are because of some weird conspiracy led by this mysterious nemesis.

Heterosexual Life Partners - With Duda! She would give up her life, or anyone else's, for her dear Duzão, and they have an almost sisterly bond.

The Scrappy - Let's be honest here, there aren't many people that don't find Ivy an annoying little green fuck. So that's where this comes in: her constant hyperness and insanity makes most other people in NML really REALLY dislike being around her.

Cloud Cuckoolander - Ivy's rarely in the real world. She's always thinking about her plants or Gumby or anything other than the important stuff going on around her. She also uses her own logic in conversations, logic that makes no sense to anyone else, except sometimes Duda and Ryder, who then find some way around it so she won't go out in the middle of a shoot off since she says she's bulletproof.

Nigh Invulnerability - Only to a small extent, since she seems immune to the effects of acid, going as far as to drink it like most people would drink alcohol. She also doesn't seem to notice wounds as much, even mortal ones, when she's her normal insane self, though they take a toll on her body like they would on most people, she doesn't seem to register them unless they keep her from actually doing things, like her recent leg wounds.

Major Injury Underreaction - I guess this onés better for explaining that stuff above.

Evil Laugh - She does this when she explodes things. It's more like HUEHAHEUHAHAHAHUE!

Motor Mouth - If you let her, and well, even if you don't, Ivy will  talk forever and ever about a lot of useless shit.

Confusion Fu - One does not simply predict what Ivy's gonna do in a fight, unless that prediction is that she'll yell a lot. From acid, to explosions, to licking your face, her fighting is as crazy as she is.

Stuff Blowing Up - She makes sure this happens as often as possible!

The Knights Who Say Squee - This is mostly for whenever she's around Kraven, since she's constantly fangirling over his SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, and wanting to be his friend and whatever, even if she's getting tortured...

Funny Schizophrenia - Her randomness, which I guess is funny (RIGHT!??!), is because of how crazy she is, so yeah.

Leeroy Jenkins - Strategy? What is that? Ivy always prefers to blow things up first, plan things later. That or acid.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - For example when she tries telling Kraven how cool he is: she gets tortured. She tries to help Duda: she's almost killed by a big guy with a kitchen knife, also known as Chef.

Odd Friendship - With mostly anyone that can be considered her friend...She's adorably socially awkward, which sometimes makes the most unlikely people grow to kinda sorta like her.

Psychopathic Manchild - She's naive and childish, but still fucking insane, which can sometimes be pretty dangerous.

The Scream - Screaming is just so much fun, Ivy likes doing it all the time, though hers is more of an ear-piercing shriek.

Sitcom Arch Nemesis - FUCK YOU, GUMBY!

Talkative Loon - She just talks SO MUCH. About the randomest stuff...

Too Kinky to Torture - Or just too insane... Kraven went crazy trying to find a way to torture Ivy, she seemed to not mind, or even encourage some of it! Though in the end, the burning of plants was her downfall...

Technicolor Eyes - They're purple...probably a mutation from being born next to a nuclear power plant.

Implausible Hair Color - The green is weird, as was mentioned before, but what most don't know is that she doesn't actually dye it or anything...perks of being a Chernobyl kid?

Berserk Button - The weirdest things will set Ivy off...She's normally nice and adorably crazy, but when her plants are hurt, she'll go absolutely crazy in the BAD way, blowing up stuff, corroding it with acid, all that stuff.

Catch Phrase - "FUCK YOU, GUMBY!" is used enough to be considered a catch phrase!

Dark and Troubled Past - No one knows exactly WHAT happened to Ivy in the past, but it was bad enough to drive her crazy and make her erase all the memories...

Heroes Want Redheads - WAIT WHAT?! Ivy's too naive to understand WANT, but she definitely seemed to care about Bunny almost dying, and it's not secret that Ryder is basically her idol/big and little brother at the same time.

Older Than They Look - Most people assume Ivy's in her mid-to-late teens, since it doesn't help that, on top of the childish appearance, she ACTS like she's way younger than she actually is.

Acquired Poison Immunity - In this case it's acid, not poison, but she basically doesn't react to acid anymore, her skin being used to it already.

Always a Bigger Fish - So I always thought Ivy was the craziest character ever....then Kraven happened. That is all.

Beware the Silly Ones - You never know when all that plant and acid knowledge might go from endearing to terribly destructive and evil.

Buffy Speak - Very often, Ivy will just give up on trying to sound smart and just go with "Oh oh oh it's that one guy with the things, and and and the stuff, yeahhh..."

Bomb Throwing Anarchist - Combine Ivy's "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO" and "Wanna blow some shit up?", and this is what you get.

Hollywood Acid - Go Ivy's magic acid, go!

(maybe, possibly more to be added...if I find any....)
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Re: No Man's Land Tropes Contest!

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